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$9.74 $8.26 list($12.99)
141. Baby Danced the Polka
$14.41 list($16.95)
142. Multiplication Unplugged (Unplugged)
$11.53 $11.01 list($16.95)
$14.95 $9.50
144. Scribble Art: Independent Creative
$13.98 $13.95 list($19.97)
145. No Way Out (Adventures in Odyssey)
$4.99 $2.80
146. Theater Shoes
$10.17 $9.85 list($14.95)
147. Picasso and the Girl With a Ponytail:
$23.10 $22.17 list($35.00)
148. Elements Of Pop Up : A Pop Up
$11.86 $7.74 list($16.95)
149. The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place
$12.59 $11.42 list($17.99)
150. You Can't Take a Balloon into
$9.71 $4.74 list($12.95)
151. Dog Food
$9.74 $8.55 list($12.99)
152. Painting on Rocks for Kids
$8.96 $6.15 list($9.95)
153. START EXPLORING(tm) Masterpieces
$8.06 $5.70 list($8.95)
154. Much Ado About Nothing for Kids
$4.50 $2.81
155. The Story of Walt Disney : Maker
$5.36 $1.34 list($5.95)
156. Electric Gadgets and Gizmos: Battery-Powered
$9.95 $6.43
157. Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book
$8.99 $6.66 list($9.99)
158. Ed Emberley's Picture Pie 2 :
$4.95 $2.99
159. I Can Draw People (Playtime Series)
$10.87 $5.97 list($15.99)
160. Eyewitness: Perspective

141. Baby Danced the Polka
by Karen Beaumont, Jennifer Plecas
list price: $12.99
our price: $9.74
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0803725876
Catlog: Book (2004-03-01)
Publisher: Dial Books
Sales Rank: 3640
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

It’s nap time on the farm, but one un-sleepy baby has a different plan...
Will Baby do the cha-cha? Will Mama flip her wig?
Will Baby dance the polka with a polka-dotted pig?
Perfect fun for young children who like lively stories, this happy tale invites all to join in and dance along. Read, sing, lift the flaps, do a little jig-and-twirl! It’s a toe-tappin’, no-nappin’ good time when baby starts to boogie.
... Read more

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful book!
I have two-year-old twins, and they are absolutely entranced by this book! After reading it to them the first time, they became and have remained simply delighted to shout out the animal names as we flip open the pages. Our copy is a library book; I'm ordering it right now and plan to see if this author has others. Again, great book! ... Read more

142. Multiplication Unplugged (Unplugged)
by Sebastion Hergott, Sara Jordan, Sebastian Hergott
list price: $16.95
our price: $14.41
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1895523753
Catlog: Book (1996-08-01)
Publisher: Sara Jordan Publishing
Sales Rank: 73417
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Catchy melodies, drill and student involvement make multiplication tables to twelve very memorable. A complement of self quizzing music tracks allows students to quiz themselves. ... Read more

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely the best multiplication resource I've ever tried.
I purchased this for use with my third grade class and I have to say that we played it so much I had to replace the tape! This collection of songs was put together with a great deal of thought. Each melody is different, very musical and very catchy. NOT the usual rap sounds that I had expected to hear. As a matter of fact, the tunes are so catchy they almost have a hypnotic effect. Even adults find themselves singing the times tables after class. (Looks a bit crazy, I know!)

What I especially like about these songs is that they also teach skip counting. The chorus of every single song is actually skip counting. So, not only do students learn all of their timetables, they can count by 6's, 7's, even 12's with no problem! The use of skip counting makes this tape perfect for grade three students as a primer and for grade four students as a resource and review.

The flip side of the cassette allows for students to test themselves.

I have had many students tell me that they do well on their tests because of these songs! I often recommend this cassette kit for home use as a fun way to review. ... Read more

by Bruce Blitz, Foreword by Bill Keane of "Family Circus" Bruce Blitz
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.53
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0762409398
Catlog: Book (2001-01-01)
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Sales Rank: 8393
Average Customer Review: 4.83 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (6)

4-0 out of 5 stars A Healthy Dose of Cartooning Fun
This book by Blitz is a combination of several smaller books. It is full of wonderful ideas and techniques for putting your cartooning characters on paper. The price is great and it's worth the purchase. I would definitely recommend. :o)

5-0 out of 5 stars BRUCE BLITZ CARTOONING
Absolutely the most "checked-out" book in our 6TH GRADE art-class library.
I have two copies, and will buy more.
Kids can't get enough of this book!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Cartooning Book I Have Ever Seen
This book shows you everything from the basics of cartooning to how to sell your cartoon. It shows you how to do many cartoon face features and even draw people you know. Bruce Blitz makes it easy and fun to learn how to cartoon. THIS BOOK IS GREAT!

5-0 out of 5 stars Big Book of Cartooning
Bruce Blitz Big Book of Cartooning is terrific! The methods used are simple, easy to follow and entertaining. His ideas and experience are a must for people in the cartooning business. I am using his book as a number one reference for my cartoons.
It is a must buy book if you want to succeed in cartooning.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellente
Simple to understand, but heavy with content. Suited for tweens to teens who have a desire to learn cartooning. ... Read more

144. Scribble Art: Independent Creative Art Experiences for Children (Kohl, Maryann F. Bright Ideas for Learning.)
by MaryAnn F. Kohl, Judy McCoy
list price: $14.95
our price: $14.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0935607056
Catlog: Book (1994-11-01)
Publisher: Bright Ring Publishing
Sales Rank: 18041
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Easy Art for Anyone
Easy discovery art for everyone, no matter what age. This book has been around for awhile, but the ideas are still classics.

5-0 out of 5 stars THE book to get for the child artists in your life.
All of Mary Ann Kohl's art books are great, but if you have to start with just one, I would get this one. In fact, if you are teaching art to young children or working with your own child artists at home, this would be an ideal book to start with. Why? It covers all the mediums: drawing, painting, assemblage, printmaking, collage, sculpture and crafts. It contains open-ended projects that are suitable for almost any age. The projects allow children to explore materials and techniques and come up with their own ideas. Each page includes one project and is illustrated with line drawings. Each project is coded to show at a glance how much time/preparation is needed, what age/experience level the project is appropriate for, and so forth. My only complaint is that some of the projects call for the use of liquid starch which I have not been able to find (only spray starch and powder starch) - so I substitute watered down glue, which works. I teach art, am an art school graduate and a parent, and I have quite a few books on this subject, but this is the book I turn to most for ideas.

5-0 out of 5 stars My favorite art book.
I really like this book. The ideas work every time, and the kids love them all. I don't think you need any other art idea book if you have this one.

5-0 out of 5 stars You can do all this with crayons, glue and scissors!
There are over 100 ideas in this book for kids to create with no adult models or samples to copy. All you need are the basic art tools like scissors, crayons, glue, flour, salt, paper, tape. Try the Watercolor Salt project, if you want something amazing yet easy to win over any child to art.

5-0 out of 5 stars Author Comments on Scribble Art
When I was teaching, these were the all-time best ideas that worked every time, with all ages. Art. Kids love it. When there is no expectation about the finished product, kids absolutely thrive in art! These ideas give them a push into paints, chalk, crayon, sculpting, or construction, and off they go. You will be amazed at the depth of joy and learning that takes place. Yes, I admit it, I love this book. Gee, I'm swell. ... Read more

145. No Way Out (Adventures in Odyssey)
by Paul Herlinger, Katie Leigh, Walker Edmiston
list price: $19.97
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1589972295
Catlog: Book (2004-10-30)
Publisher: Focus on the Family Publishing
Sales Rank: 10438
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

146. Theater Shoes
list price: $4.99
our price: $4.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0679854347
Catlog: Book (1994-11-15)
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Sales Rank: 15659
Average Customer Review: 4.93 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Three orphans are forced to enter a theater school by their grandmother, a famous actress. Unable to pay the tuition, they are given scholarships from the now-grown orphans from Ballet Shoes. Will they be able to live up to their patrons’ legacies? The children are ready to run away–until they discover their hidden talents. Originally published in 1945. ... Read more

Reviews (15)

5-0 out of 5 stars A delightful companion to Ballet Shoes; don't miss it.
Sorrel, Holly, and Mark Forbes, whose father has disappeared in World War II, come from their grandfather's vicarage to live with their previously unknown grandmother, the great actress Margaret Shaw, in wartime London, and attend Madame Fidolia's school. They are "adopted" by the Fossil sisters (Pauline and Posy in California, Petrova flying in the war), and adjust to their talented cousins and new family. A vivid look at theatre life and London; delightful characters; a book that will enchant young and old. When will all this series be reprinted?

5-0 out of 5 stars Everyone needs to read at least 1'shoe' book.
Theatre Shoes was the first of Noel Streatfield's 'shoe' book that I read. After I finished it, I went straight to the library to get more. I love reading about how normal kids [poor and orphaned] can become great at something. In this particular one Sorrel, Mark, and Holly are living with their grandmother, who has almost nothing, in London. This 'shoe' book [along with the other ones that I have read] talks about their troubles and how hard they work to earn money by preforming [even though they do not want to] and how each one of them finds their own special talent. You get to know the charecters so well that you feel like you are one of them. The events in the book seem so real. I just wish Noel Streatfield had written more than just 10 of them.

5-0 out of 5 stars Theater Shoes
This book is about siblings named Sorrel, Mark, and Holly Forbes. After their grandfather dies they go to live with their grandmother because their mom is dead and their father is a sailor in the war and he is missing. In London with their grandmother they are forced to go to a stage school. At first they are upset about this but then they finds out they are part of a famous stage family. after a while they find that they have talents in the theater and start to enjoy the stage school. I really enjoyed this and thought it was really interesting. But if you don't like theater you might not enjoy it as much.

4-0 out of 5 stars Re-read it as an adult!
This marvellous book I know by the title Curtain Up, which I've had since I was about nine years old. It is a perennial favourite on my book shelf - although written for children, there is plenty in it to keep even an adult reader gripped until the last page. Noel Streatfeild's sense of humour for a start and the gritty realism of her descriptions of poverty still hold strong today. And who can't identify with Sorrel, Mark and Holly's when they yearn for an attache case, not wanting to be different from other children at school? We've all been there, to some degree or another.
There is something infinitely comforting about slipping back between the covers of a book you enjoyed as a child. A highly enjoyable book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Book For Young Dancers
I love this book! I like to dance, and I think that the girls who are interested in this book will be dancers or actresses, etc. I think that it is a good story about children my age learning to love dancing and acting as I do, and I would definately recommend reading this book! I have read this book and Dancing Shoes, and I cant' wait to read Ballet Shoes! I am not sure if non-dancers or actresses would like this book, but I sure did!
It is about three children named Sorrel, Mark, and Holly, who, after a period of time, find that talent runs in their family. But Sorrel is rivaled by her cousin, Miranda, who thinks she is better than them. But they prove her wrong! Sorrel learns to love acting, while Mark sings, and Holly dances. I'll probably read it over and over again years to come! ... Read more

147. Picasso and the Girl With a Ponytail: A Story About Pablo Picasso
by Laurence Anholt
list price: $14.95
our price: $10.17
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0764150316
Catlog: Book (1998-09-01)
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Sales Rank: 55895
Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

4-0 out of 5 stars From genius springs both beauty and kindness
I have introduced a number of children's art story books to my 3 year old daugher and 4 1/2 year old son. This book is a particular favorite of my son. I think he finds intriguing the notion of a very shy girl getting attention by a famous person, growing in confidence in her own abilities, and then realizing a dream of her own. He is very attentive to the details in the book and points out that Picasso wears house slippers and keeps all sorts of odd things in his studio. My son particularly likes the idea of Picasso grubbing around in a rubbish bin to create art, which Anholt illustrates with various Picasso sculptures including one of a bull's head, a metal bike seat and handlebars for horns. The evolution of Picasso's work is beautifully told from a classical (realistic) pencil sketch of the girl with a ponytail (Sylvette) in profile to Picasso's final sculpture of Sylvette in found metal objects. A tenderly told tale of a girl's coming of age and an aging artist's genius mixed with kindness.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great story and pictures
This is a wonderful book that we've read to our children for years. The fact that there is a true story behind the book makes it even more interesting for the adults who have been doing the reading. This book has particularly captivated our older boy. As we read and re-read the book to him, it was fascinating to watch as his attention shifted from simply listening to the story to observing how Picasso changed his representation of Sylvette over time -- and his questions about the art captured that change in perception. Together with the Classical Kids CDs, this series by Anholt has been one of the more valuable ways that we have introduced classical Western culture to our children.

5-0 out of 5 stars The 2,000th way of saying I love this book!
I read Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail. I liked how the author put real pictures of Picasso's art work in the book. At the end of the book, I liked how the author put some more real information about Picasso and Sylvette and put a picture of Picasso painting Sylvette.

5-0 out of 5 stars great read aloud for younger children
I love this series for introducing young children to art history. We read this book aloud to our young patrons and a follow-up with an art activity based on Picasso's work.

5-0 out of 5 stars A book encouraging self asteem and art awareness
This book not only introduced the art of Pablo Picasso, but also tells a story of a young girl and her growing self esteem. As an educator, I found that this book captivated the children. The illustrations are beautiful. This book has an underlying message of courage and expression. A good book for all ages. ... Read more

148. Elements Of Pop Up : A Pop Up Book For Aspiring Paper Engineers
list price: $35.00
our price: $23.10
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0689822243
Catlog: Book (1999-10-01)
Publisher: Little Simon
Sales Rank: 23597
Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Believe it or not, the first known pop-up element in a book appeared in an astrological manuscript in 1306. During the ensuing centuries, movable mechanics were used in more and more books--but only for adults. In the 1700s a British bookseller came up with the idea of illustrating well-known children's stories with movable flaps of paper. The rest, as they say, is history. Now aspiring paper mechanics (creative engineer-artists who create dimensional and movable books, otherwise known as pop-ups) can learn the how-tos and wherefores of this marvelous craft. From tip-ons to dummies to glue knock-outs, all the intricacies of pop-up production are outlined and explained.

Readers are invited to take apart the sample pop-ups (as long as they promise to put them back together!) to determine exactly how each score folds and where each glue point is. Instructions are somewhat advanced, but the dimensional samples and the step-by-step photographic essay on how a pop-up is made will ease the journey. David Carter and James Diaz have each created many, many pop-up books, and are passionate about their trade. So blow the cobwebs out of the geometry corner of your brain, and get to work! (Ages 9 and older) --Emilie Coulter ... Read more

Reviews (11)

5-0 out of 5 stars The strength of this book lies in its website
Elements of Pop Up is one of the few How To Make Pop-Ups books that features patterns for moving parts like wheel/tab mechanisms, which is why I purchased it. However, don't expect to be able to create anything extrememly fancy with this one. The examples are made of simple shapes that expect the user to expand upon them as necessary--this can be a detriment when you're trying to figure out how to alter the pattern to make something more complicated. The most useful part of the book, ironically, isn't even in the book: it's online at, Carter's website. In the Surprise section, one can download all the patterns for making every example shown. Don't pass up buying the book, though. You'll most likely need Elements of Pop Up at your side to figure out how to assemble all your cut out pieces correctly. If you'd rather follow instructions and complete specific projects, I'd recommend Carter/Diaz's other book, Let's Make It Pop-Up! (ISBN 0-689-86508-2), which has pre-printed pictures and contains projects like Blooming Flower and Huggy Bear.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Elements of Pop-Up
Finally: A how-to book on pop-up engineering with REAL pop-ups for examples! Not only is this a how-to book for budding paper engineers, it is a pop-up collectible in itself. Authored and designed by two of today's outstanding engineers, it demonstrates with clear instructions and graphic examples (which dramatically rise from the page) the various means by which the magicians of pop-up technology achieve their almost-magical effects. This is a book for all ages, to learn from but also simply to enjoy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very Well Done
I found this book in the special archives section at my university, and was very impressed. This book is clear, well thought out, and beautifully presented. If you are at all interested in this medium, buy this book.

5-0 out of 5 stars A great book for students.
I have been teaching pop-up book design in my college 3-D Design class for about 6 years. My students have created many wonderful and beautiful projects. They not only create the mechanisms, but also fine artwork to match them. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the project is learning the specifics of mechanical design, This book illustrates in three dimensions the underlying concepts. It is very easy for a novice to gain an understanding of simple mechanics, proportions, and gluing methods.

Elements of Pop-Up is a simple book. It alone is not enough to teach high quality design. Well-done artful books are a must. There are many excellent examples such as A POP-UP BOOK of PHOBIAS, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT IN POP-UP, A VICTORIAN FARMHOUSE, THE 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS: A POP-UP CELEBRATION (by Robert Sabuda), any of the National Geographic pop-up book collection, and those by Chuck Murphy.

4-0 out of 5 stars great, but elementary
i liked the whoile lay-out of the book...very simple, very low-key.
i would have liked to see more examples of how pop-up have been or could be used. ... Read more

149. The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place
by E.L. Konigsburg
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.86
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0689866364
Catlog: Book (2004-02-01)
Publisher: Atheneum
Sales Rank: 2715
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Twelve year old Margaret Rose Kane is incorrigible. Not only does she refuse to bend to the will of her manipulative cabin mates at Camp Talequa, she stands up to and inadvertently insults the camp director and Queen-in-residence, Mrs. Kaplan. The intimidating and cruel confrontations that threaten to break Margaret's spririt only serve to strengthen her resolve, and everyone is happy when Margaret is finally banished/rescued from Camp Talequa. Luckily for her, with her parents in Peru, this means she can spend the rest of the summer with her delightfully eccentric Hungarian great-uncles, Alexander and Morris Rose. Margaret adores her great-uncles, and loves the house at 19 Schuyler Place--especially the three peculiar clock towers (tall painted structures covered in pendants made from broken china, crystal, bottles, jars, and clock parts) that the Rose brothers have been building for as long as she can remember. For Margaret and the Rose brothers, the towers represent beauty for beauty's sake--they sparkle in the sun and sing in the wind--they exist only to spread joy. Not everyone loves the towers however, and forty-five years after the birth of the project, the city council declares the towers "unsafe," and demands that they be dismantled and destroyed. Filled with the same fiery resolve that helped her survive Camp Talequa, Margaret (with the help of a handyman named Jake, a loyal dog named Tartufo, and few other unexpected allies) launches a plan to save the towers in the name of art, history, and beauty.

A companion novel to the award-winning author's acclaimed Silent to the Bone, Outcasts is strikingly unique, incredibly interesting, and, with references to"Bartleby the Scrivener", and the rose windows of Notre Dame, exceptionally literary. In other words, The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place is vintage Konigsburg. This quirky masterpiece will be enjoyed by young fans of Konigsburg’s other erudite works, and Polly Horvath’s The Canning Season.. (Ages 10 and older) ... Read more

Reviews (12)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place
The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place by E.L. Konisburg
The story is told from the point of view of twelve year old Margaret Rose. She is an unlikely heroine for preserving a "piece of history" in the form of Two Towers that her Uncles have been working on for the past 45 years. The two uncles that Margaret stays with every summer are delightfully eccentric characters that every reader will enjoy. In attempting to preserving not only her family history but that of the of the cityscape as well, Margaret takes on city hall as well as challenging what defines art. It is the story of not only of Margaret's ingenuity, but that of the cyclical nature of urban landscape as small towns undergo development changes with, suburbs and malls and their effects on neighborhoods and individuality of the people who live in them. The ultimate gentrification of the old neighborhood where her uncles have lived for a number of years that threatens the very identity of the neighborhood and the things which it seeks to preserve are at the heart of this book. This book is at once thought provoking and humorous and is sure to delight readers ages 12 & up.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place
The story is told from the point of view of twelve year old Margaret Rose. she is an unlikely heroine for preserving a "piece of history" in the form of the Two Towers that her uncles have been working on for the past 45 years. The two uncles that Margaret stays with every summer are delightfully ecentric chatacters that every reader will enjoy. In attempting to preserve not only her family history but that of the cityscape as well, Margaret takes on city hall as well as challenging what defines art. It is the story of not only Margaret's ingenuity, but that of the cyclical nature of urban landscape as small towns undergo developmental changes such as suburbs and malls, and there effects on neighborhoods and the individuality of the people who live in them. The ultimate gentrification of the old neighborhood where her uncles have lived for a number of years that threatens the very identity of the neighborhood and the things which it seeks to preserve are at the heart of this book. This book is at once both thought provoking and humorous and is sure to delight readers ages 12 & up.

5-0 out of 5 stars AMAZING!
The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler PLace is one book that everyone should read! It is a very good page-turner for any girl 10-99.

The Outcasts of Schuyler Place is abouta girl named Margaret Kane who, after an unsatisfying time at Camp Telequa, goes to spend her summer with her two uncles at 19 Schuyler Place. Her uncles have been building 3 very unique towers for over 45 years and Margaret loves them. When Margaret finds out they are to be demolished she acts to save the towers. Can she go against the Homeowners Association and save the towers or not? Read to find out!

The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place is a very good book with a satisfying ending that I enjoyed reading very much!

4-0 out of 5 stars The dynamics and consequences of civil disobedience.
THE OUTCASTS OF 19 SCHUYLER PLACE is the follow-up to SILENT TO THE BONE by two-time Newbery Medal-winning author E.L. Konigsburg. Margaret Rose Kane tells the story of the summer when she was twelve, the same year that Sally Ride became the first American woman in space and Cabbage Patch dolls were popular toys.

Margaret is sent to summer camp while her parents travel in Peru. Shunned by the other campers, she decides to stop participating in camp activities. When asked why she won't participate, she quotes Herman Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener, "I prefer not to." It is her uncles who must come to her rescue while her parents are away.

Margaret expects to have an idyllic summer with her uncles. She looks forward to helping them with the three scrap metal towers they have spent the past 45 years building in their backyard. It is only by chance that she discovers what her parents and her uncles have been hiding from her: the towers are scheduled for demolition.

Gathering a disparate group of adults who have an interest in the towers, Margaret organizes a campaign to save the towers and learns about the history of the neighborhood her uncles have inhabited throughout the years. While the outcome is not exactly what readers might expect, Konigsburg explores the dynamics and consequences of civil disobedience, and what happens when a girl decides to start participating in life again.

A summer crush and a well-planned revenge are the book's major highlights. THE OUTCASTS OF 19 SCHUYLER PLACE may not have the same whimsy as THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER or the spirited competition of THE VIEW FROM SATURDAY, but it does share a theme common in all of Konigsburg's books: the self-reliance and resilience of young people facing the difficult task of becoming adults.

--- Reviewed by Sarah A. Wood

4-0 out of 5 stars Multiple Shades of Passionate Rose
E.L. Koningsburg has written another beautiful book. Margaret Rose Kane is truly, as her despicable yet pitiable camp directer states, "incorrigable". In one never-to-be forgotten summer, Margaret Rose grows up. She learns, among other things, something about the changing nature of art and life and people themselves. While this is told in Ms. Koningsburg's trademark lovely prose, full of flashbacks and dialogue, I was a little disappointed in both the unsatisfactory ending and the overall story- which, though a great read, was not as pungent as Koningsburg's Newbery books ("The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" and "The View from Saturday"). My verdict: good, but not Great. ... Read more

150. You Can't Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum
by Jacqueline Weitzman, Robin Preiss Glasser
list price: $17.99
our price: $12.59
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0803723016
Catlog: Book (1998-10-01)
Publisher: Dial Books
Sales Rank: 34962
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

While she's in the Metropolitan Museum with her grandmother, a little girl leaves her prized yellow balloon tied to a railing outside. But its string becomes untied, and the balloon embarks on an uproarious journey through New York City. With an ever-increasing cast of wacky urban characters in tow, it soars past a host of landmarks. Eighteen famous paintings and sculptures are reproduced in this delightful, wordless book that explores the magical relationship between art and life.


An ALA Notable Book
An American Bookseller Pick of the Lists
New York Public Library "100 Titles for Reading and Sharing"
A Child Study Children's Book Committee Children's Book of the Year
... Read more

Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars A must for all who love New York.
This is one of my favorite books of all time. It captures the spirit of New York while showcasing numerous works of art from the Metropolitan Museum in the city. Juxtaposed together, children will love the fun drawings and adults will appreciate the cleverness contained in each page. I have bought this book as gifts for friends, and also bought two copies for myself. One sits proudly on my shelf, and I have matted and framed some of my favorite pages from the other copy to hang on my wall. If you love New York, art, and/or wonderful children's books you must discover this book for yourself.

5-0 out of 5 stars Teachers will love this wordless book.
Wordless picture books have always held an honored place in the hearts (and lesson plans) of all teachers who promote a love of reading. YOU CAN'T TAKE A BALLOON INTO THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM takes that tradition to new heights with its exquisite detail, subtle parallel events, humor and excitement. It has all the elements of story: setting, lively characterization, the conflict and the chase...not to mention a most satisfying ending! But beyond all these delights, teachers of children of all ages will be drawn to this book for its potential to lead young minds on a quest for further information in many areas: art, art history, cultural tradition. It will find its place in creative writing lessons and in lessons about cultural history. And it will inevitably fix the images of a great museum in the minds of "readers," many of whom will find their way to The Met to discover these visual treasures in "real life." --Ann P. Kaganoff, PhD, Certified Educational Therapist; President, Association of Educational Therapists

5-0 out of 5 stars you can't take a balloon into the metropolitan museum
So much fun! We love it as much as our daughter does. Wonderful illustrations.

What a wonderful READ ALOUD book -- with all the words supplied by you & you & you! Children love to help tell the story, and their eyes pick out all the jokey & fast-moving characters.

I can hardly wait for a tale of Chicago's Art Institute by the Preiss sisters who burst with imagination & talent. Tripping to the museum is shown to be the treat it truly can be, and this book makes a wonderful gift for a child or grown friend.

The guard at the museum is shown in all his quirkiness, with a comparison of him and the 3-headed BRAHMA from India. I love the diversity of hair-dos & clothes, and the hat plume which shields the body of the Greek PERSEUS (from Attorney General Ashcroft's notice?)! I also enjoyed the intertwined ice skaters compared to Degas' painting: SPANISH DANCE.

I collect book dedications; the one in this book is quite fitting. Catch up with the balloon and ENJOY!

5-0 out of 5 stars MY GIRLS LOVE IT! BUY THIS BOOK!
I read my girls two books every night. We have a reasonably sized collection but let's face it, some children's books just don't stand up to repitition. When my oldest (5) goes to pick out a book from the shelf I get nervous -- if she picks out the fairy tale book I glaze over. You Can't Take a Baloon into the Metropolitan Museum is one of the books you just look forward to reading with your children. It's engaging, we see new things in it all the time, and it even gets them excited about art!! What's not to love?! We're waiting for more from Ms. Preiss-Weitzman! ... Read more

151. Dog Food
by Saxton Freymann, Joost Elffers
list price: $12.95
our price: $9.71
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0439110165
Catlog: Book (2002-09-01)
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Sales Rank: 22281
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

If you think living, breathing puppies are cute, wait until you see thisfabulous book of photographs of fruit-and-vegetable dogs. Yes, Saxton Freymannand Joost Elffers (Play with Your Food, How Are You Peeling?, One Lonely Seahorse) are back,with one of their best efforts to date. Not only are the doggies themselvesendearing and clever (the broccoli-tufted French poodle is pure genius), but thewordplay and visual punch lines are terrific as well. "Chilly dog," crafted froma potato, shivers next to a mushroom snowman. "Dog bowl," contrary to what youmight envision, is a dog made out of a radish, with a black olive on its paw,poised to topple banana-tip bowling pins. "Dog catcher," reveals a jalapeñodachshund catching a squash Frisbee in midair. "Let sleeping dogs lie" you say?There they are, sleepy, sleepy banana peel dogs at the end. The eye-poppingendpapers showcase the entire kennel of creations on a bright turquoisebackground. This immensely appealing book will be irresistible to almost anyhuman, but dog (and produce) lovers will sprout wings and zoom skyward. (Ages 4to 104) --Karin Snelson ... Read more

Reviews (4)

4-0 out of 5 stars A new twist on pet food...
Some of Freymann's doggie creations are much better than others, but this entire book is filled with very creative food sculptures of man's best friend. I showed the book to my friend's little boy and he was completely creeped out by it, so I don't think this is a book that should be given to very young children. Adults who have a whimsical sense of humor will definitely enjoy it (and you'll never look at a banana the same way after reading this book!).

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing - every dog lover should have this book!
This is the cutest book ever! I just received it for my birthday. I brought it in to my work and showed a few co-workers; everyone wanted to know where I got it. It just makes you smile every time you flip through the pages. Very original. A must have for young and old alike!

5-0 out of 5 stars Doggone Good.....
Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers are playing with their food again, and you'll never look at fruits and vegetables in quite the same way. After great success with How Are You Peeling, One Lonely Sea Horse, and Gus and Button, Elffers and Freymann have moved on to the dog house with a kennel full of edible surprises. Each bright and fun-filled page features doggy phrases and expressions... dog tired, let sleeping dogs lie, puppy love, doggy bag, dog eat dog, dog tag... accompanied by creatively constructed canines made entirely from fruits and vegetables. Take a look at "dog bowl" as an expressive, red radish dog complete with black olive ball on his paw gets ready to knock down banana pins, or "chilly dog" where a shivering hound made from a potato stands next to a mushroom snowman. With a marvelous parade of the entire canine cast on the endpapers, and a list of ingredients included on the back cover, Dog Food is a captivating and humorous feast for the eyes, and just perfect for dog lovers of all ages.

5-0 out of 5 stars Delicious Book!
This book is wonderful and so entertaining! The pictures are really amazing and the captions are very clever. Everyone I've showed it to has loved it, and if you are a dog lover, it's a must! ... Read more

152. Painting on Rocks for Kids
by Lin Wellford
list price: $12.99
our price: $9.74
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1581802552
Catlog: Book (2002-06-01)
Publisher: North Light Books
Sales Rank: 123104
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Lin Wellford, the original "rock artist" shows kids how to create amazing creatures, incredible toys and wild gifts for their friends and family.All it takes is some paint, a few rocks and a little imagination! Easy-to-follow pictures and instructions show kids how to turn stones into everything from racecars and lizards to teddy bears and flowers!

They'll learn how to draw each design on a rock with a pencil, then paint the details in whatever colors they choose. Kids can decorate their rooms, make doorstops or bookends, or just paint something for fun. They can make each project look just like the real thing or wild and wacky. The choice is theirs-and so is the fun! ... Read more

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent book for beginning or low-skill painters!
This is a great book for people who aren't really very good at painting. Of course the ideas, patterns and methods would work for anyone, but it also shows you step-by-step which color to use, what to draw on the rock, etc. The little rock cars and rock town are darling and the lizards are cute and very realistic. This would be a fun summer project to do with your kids!

5-0 out of 5 stars How shall we say... NOT JUST FOR KIDS!
This book is perfect for beginning painters of all ages! Painting on Rocks for Kids could be especially useful for teachers, Scout leaders, youth activity directors and anyone who enjoys helping children explore their own emerging creativity. If you think about it... Rock painting provides an inexpensive and exciting art activity that builds painting skills. If you wanted to... you could even sell them. (like I do!)

Something I like especially in this book are the lizards... they are not shown on the cover of the book but they are the cutest... I would have bought the book even if the only thing it taught you was the lizards... (the lizards really look like they are sitting on the rock! This book is worth several times what is charging. You will love it... be careful though... people have a bad habit of borrowing this book and forgeting to return it. YES, this book is that GOOD! ... Read more

153. START EXPLORING(tm) Masterpieces - A Fact-Filled Coloring Book
by Steven Zorn, Illustrated by Mary Martin Steven Zorn
list price: $9.95
our price: $8.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0762409452
Catlog: Book (2001-03-01)
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Sales Rank: 44936
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (4)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent
If you are an art teacher, this book is worth the buy. I have used it over and over again! I found it by way of another art teacher. It can be used in primary and secondary art classes. I reccomend this book all the way.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful resource for any art teacher
This book is a great resource for any art teacher. I am an elementary (k-6) art teacher and I use these coloring book pages for my students to help re-enforce the art history lessons that I use in the classroom. It is great for them to see and color a copy of a painting that they have learned about at the end of the lesson, and they have a masterpiece to take home with them. I have used them with all my students, and all age ranges. Some of them are a little difficult for the kindergarteners because the pictures are very detailed...but it is a great way to help develop those fine motor skills for the little ones. My students love to color their own masterpieces after we have discussed the actual painting in the classroom. I use this at least once a week, and the interesting facts that accompany every painting are well written and concise.

5-0 out of 5 stars You Can Make Your Own Masterpiece!
I have just received my coloring book of masterpieces and I was very happy at the kinds of paintings that were put into the book. They are some of the ones i have studied in humanities and art history. They are really neat to copy onto a canvas and paint them. I like the information they include on the artists and what time period they lived in. I hope they come out with a second book of just more masterpieces to color.

4-0 out of 5 stars Start Exploring Masterpieces
This is a great coloring book! It is a fun, kinesthetic method of learning and enjoying 500 years of great paintings. The drawings are not overly detailed, enabling you to use your imagination in coloring with just enough detail to do justice to the painting.

The stories are brief but entertaining. You are given information about the painting, including the nationality and style and date of the author as well as where the painting is now located. This is very useful in searching for more information on the painting.

Highly recommended to anyone who would like to expose their children (or themselves) to great art in a fun and relaxing way! A great springboard to learning. ... Read more

154. Much Ado About Nothing for Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun)
by Lois Burdett, William Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare, Denzel Washington
list price: $8.95
our price: $8.06
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1552094138
Catlog: Book (2002-03-01)
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd
Sales Rank: 86201
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

"What, my Lady Disdain, are you yet living?" These famous lines from Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing delightfully shows the verbal sparring between the reluctant lovers, Beatrice and Benedick who are happily brought together at the end by the schemes of their friends. And, no story is complete without at least one evil character, Don John, who unsuccessfully tries to tear apart the wedding plans of Hero and Claudio, the other lovers in this sparkling tale.

Written in rhyming couplets, Much Ado About Nothing, the eighth book in this successful series, captures all the exciting elements of the original story, and is truly a delightful read for both adult and child.

Lois Burdett has been a teacher at Hamlet Public School in Stratford, Ontario, for over twenty years and her expertise in bringing Shakespeare to life for children as young as seven is reflected in the children's clever insights and wonderful drawings which complement the play.

Her success has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for workshops as far afield as Europe and Australia where she instructs educators on how they too can familiarize young children with Shakespeare. ... Read more

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Book of the Year!!! I'd give it 10 stars..
This is one of those series that is so well done you can't imagaine EVERYONE not knowing about it! Have you always been a bit out of the loop or intimidated about Shakespear? Or are you good with it but don't know how to show/share that love with your family and students. This series will do it!! It's good for ALL ages, my middle school students found it fun and informative yet... really young (4ish) children could learn from it too. Save your self the upgrade and buy it in hardback, this will be one that you keep for generations and get the "WHOLE" series, each one is just as good as the other! ... Read more

155. The Story of Walt Disney : Maker of Magical Worlds (Yearling Biography)
list price: $4.50
our price: $4.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0440402409
Catlog: Book (1989-11-01)
Publisher: Yearling
Sales Rank: 123584
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

156. Electric Gadgets and Gizmos: Battery-Powered Buildable Gadgets That Go! (Kids Can Do It)
by Alan Bartholomew, Lynn Bartholomew
list price: $5.95
our price: $5.36
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1550744399
Catlog: Book (1998-09-01)
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Sales Rank: 114572
Average Customer Review: 2.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

3-0 out of 5 stars Meets expectations
Considering what we paid for this book, it meets our expectations. A bit difficult for a 8yr old. But helps to increase awareness about electricity amoung childrens.

2-0 out of 5 stars Nicely illustrated instructions, Little else
I was anxious to get this book for my son who is a precocious builder. However, I was disappointed to see that the gadgets you can build were not described at the beginning of the instuctions. The gadget is named, then the building instructions begin. There is no description of what the gadget does, or how it works.

I was pleased to see that most of the items need to make the projects are easy to find, since my son already experiments with electricity. However, starting from scratch will mean a trip to the electronics store for most people.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good for young inventors
This is a great book for a simple introduction to electronic gadget building. My son is always building and designing and this is giving him a way to do it with electronics.

1-0 out of 5 stars Sorry, didn't like it.
The things in this book just didn't work for us. The gadgets look great in the book and my son was really excited to make them. But when the battery pack (which is the prerequisite for most of the other projects) didn't work, we started shopping around for another book.

4-0 out of 5 stars lots of fun
I like it. It's a pretty tough book. I'm eight years old and I've been able to make almost everything in the book on my own. There's a supply list in the front and we've found most things at Radio Shack. The instructions are kind of easy to follow. It's hard work, but it's worth it. ... Read more

157. Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book Vol. 3
by Monique Mandali
list price: $9.95
our price: $9.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1560445858
Catlog: Book (2001-01-28)
Publisher: Mandali Publishling
Sales Rank: 147591
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

The third in a series of popular coloring books, this volumefeatures 22 new mandala designs by the therapist Monique Mandali. Color these mandalas for pleasure, to reduce stress, or as a meditationexercise.Equally appropriate for children or adults. ... Read more

Reviews (4)

5-0 out of 5 stars Engaging the Center
I purchased the whole series and look forward to coloring or painting them all. They are deeply engaging, neither too simple nor too complex; calling me into a calm center where hope and healing not only feel possible but just seem to happen. A very thoughtful and creative bonus from the author that I've not seen in other Mandala books is the wide perforated margin at the center binding in every book so you can actually remove and display your favorite mandalas afterwards. This rare feature also makes it especially friendly to those of us who are left-handers!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Everyone's Mandala Coloirng Book Series
Author, artist, transpersonal psychotherapist and business person all describe what Monique Mandali is, but do not tell you who she is. I've been privileged to meet Monique and I know that she is a seeker traveling her path. Her walking stick is her love for all, especially children. Ms. Mandali offers a series of four coloring books for children and adults. There are three different delights in the original Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book series, each consisting of 22 designs. While the original three books in the series contain designs by the author, the latest (and perhaps greatest) has 25 peace mandalas from children all around the world. The Peace Mandala Coloring Book is very special because the mandalas are designed by children unencumbered by the pressure of adult living. Further, they bring a variety of spiritual as well as geographical cultures to bear.

Monique Mandali has given us something special. Not only do we find drawings to color that can aid in health and serenity...Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book Series is additionally special because they represent the best part of Monique Mandali, her love!

5-0 out of 5 stars The designs and the story make these unique!
My love affair with these coloring books has only intensified with the publication of Volume 3! The author's experiences and "story" which inspired this volume are infectious in their appeal. What continues to amaze me is that fact that, depending upon the day, the moment, whatever, individual designs leap out at me. A design that draws me to it one time is rarely the same design that attracts me so forcefully another time. Ahhhh - mandalas. After being exposed to them by Monique, I now see them every where! Hurray! They make the world a better place! Plus, I'm never at a loss for a good gift! I give them to people of all ages who all love them! Keep them coming, Monique!

5-0 out of 5 stars Another wonderful mandala coloring book by Monique
Monique's third book may just be my favorite. I really like her personal story in the preface (check it out on her website). I love how she ties East and West together in these mandalas. Monique: don't stop now. When are you coming out with Volume 4? ... Read more

158. Ed Emberley's Picture Pie 2 : A Drawing Book and Stencil (Picture Pie 2)
list price: $9.99
our price: $8.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0316234583
Catlog: Book (1996-04-01)
Publisher: Little, Brown
Sales Rank: 137942
Average Customer Review: 4.83 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars Picture Pie 2
I keep having to order copies of this book! My grandchildren enjoy it so much that I end up sending my current copy home with one them. The many animal pictures keep them busy for hours. Now that they all have a copy I can order one to use in my classroom. The clear directions for preparing materials present excellent oportunities for me to teach fractions. The sequenced step-by-step pictures allow for exact duplication, but munipulation of the pieces encourages creativity. The original PICTURE PIE is good too, but I found this book to be more popular with the little people.

4-0 out of 5 stars We loved it, but...
Within minites of receiving this book, my son(6)was cutting out shapes & gluing them together.... with enthusiasm! I always thought all kids love art, but it took this book to get my son interested. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is the book binding was very poor. The binding (very loosely with only 4 strings) was falling apart after only one use. This is a book for kids, but I was the one using the stencils (I drew the shapes & kids cut them out). I shudder to think what shape the book would be in if I had turned them loose on it! Also, the book would probably hold up better if the stencil detatched from the book (a little pocket for storage in the flap would have been a good idea).

5-0 out of 5 stars My kids LOVE this book!
I bought this book a few weeks ago and have really ejoyed it. I just cut out a lot of the shapes, grab a couple of glue sticks, get my kids and they have hours of fun. The shapes and directions make it so easy for my kids (ages 4 & 6) to be successful in their art endevors. This is a good book to have in your collection if you work with kids at school, in your church or just have a child/children in your home.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Teacher Who Loves This Book!
Picture Pie 2 is a wonderful book that is fun for children and adults. While children make incredibly bright, fun and professional looking animals (bears, butterflies, cats, birds etc.) out of construction paper, they are learning all about fractions and geometry. Simply a must for every home and classroom.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great for Scrapbookers
If you're a scrapbooker wondering how to use your circle cutter this is the book for you! There are so many great projects in this book that can easily be adapted to use in about the animals for a day at the zoo page, or the train for Christmas or baby pictures? The bugs and flowers are great for spring and summer layouts. You can use the stencils that come with the book, but I like the results I get with the circle cutter better. Great for kids, too. Overall, I love this book and highly recommend it! ... Read more

159. I Can Draw People (Playtime Series)
by Ray Gibson, Amanda Barlow, Fiona Watt
list price: $4.95
our price: $4.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 074603704X
Catlog: Book (2000-01-01)
Publisher: Usborne Books
Sales Rank: 9083
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars terrific for small and older children
The wonderful , colorful illustrations inspire children in an easy step by step non-intimidating way. Even the 5th graders at the school I teach art at love this book and so do I.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good for beginners
Even young budding artists can learn to draw with this simple and colorful book. Easy, step-by-step instruction and vivid crayon and marker illustrations are enticing to young children. This was a great tool for my 6-year-old daughter who loves to draw, as she could easily complete the drawings in the book. I highly recommend this one for beginners! ... Read more

160. Eyewitness: Perspective
by Alison Cole
list price: $15.99
our price: $10.87
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0789455854
Catlog: Book (2000-03-01)
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Sales Rank: 152917
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Discover the theory and techniques of perspective, from the Renaissance to Pop Art.

Since the principles of perspective were first shown in Renaissance Italy, the depiction of depth and space has held a central place in Western art. Artists have endeavored to represent three-dimensional images that are as close as possible to what we actually see. Not until the 20th century were these principles rejected in favor of a distorted viewpoint. See the impossible triangle and other perspective puzzles, and famous masterpieces accompanied by explanatory diagrams. Learn how abstract art conveys depth, how the invention of oil paints made it possible to capture atmospheric effects. Discover what archery has to do with art theory, and what a camera obscura is. ... Read more

Reviews (2)

4-0 out of 5 stars Visual delight - but not a workbook
Like all of DK's Eyewitness Series books, this guide to understanding perspective is richly illustrated, and its subject matter is presented clearly, with fascinating coverage from an historical perspective (no pun intended). It covers aspects of perspective few other books on the subject delve into, such as curvilinear and aerial perspective and anamorphosis.

The book does not, however, include methods of implementing perspective in one's own drawings. For that, you need Norling's _Perspective Made Easy_ or Metzger's _Persective Without Pain_.

5-0 out of 5 stars A visual treat
Eyewitness Art: Perspective is a history of the development of perspective in art. It's profusely illustrated with drawings, with photographs of instruments that artists used to cope with perspective and also with photographs of famous paintings from the Italian Renaissance, the Northern European Renaissance and later.

It's intended for children from 9 to 12, but any adult interested art will enjoy spending time with this book. ... Read more

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