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$10.87 list($15.99)
1. Warriors: The New Prophecy #1:
$10.87 $6.99 list($15.99)
2. Kitten's First Full Moon
$10.19 $7.25 list($14.99)
3. Who Loves Me?
4. Skippyjon Jones In The Doghouse
$10.85 list($15.95)
5. So, What's It Like to Be a Cat?
$5.39 $2.20 list($8.99)
6. The Cat in the Hat
7. Warriors: The New Prophecy #2:
$11.53 list($16.95)
8. Cool Cat, Hot Dog
$11.19 $10.70 list($15.99)
9. Skippyjon Jones
$11.19 $10.25 list($15.99)
10. Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour
$11.53 $10.49 list($16.95)
11. Cat Heaven
$11.53 $11.08 list($16.95)
12. Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection
$8.09 $2.98 list($8.99)
13. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
$10.87 $10.19 list($15.99)
14. Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path
$5.39 $3.97 list($5.99)
15. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
$5.39 $3.00 list($5.99)
16. Warriors #3: Forest of Secrets
$3.99 $2.03
17. Baby Einstein: Cats (Baby Einstein)
$10.19 list($14.99)
18. Little Spotted Cat
$6.30 $4.25 list($7.00)
19. Feathers for Lunch
$6.29 $3.95 list($6.99)
20. Six-Dinner Sid

1. Warriors: The New Prophecy #1: Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy)
by Erin Hunter
list price: $15.99
our price: $10.87
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060744499
Catlog: Book (2005-06-01)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Sales Rank: 91235
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

2. Kitten's First Full Moon
list price: $15.99
our price: $10.87
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060588284
Catlog: Book (2004-03)
Publisher: Greenwillow
Sales Rank: 822
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

What a night!
The moon is full.
Kitten is hungry
and inquisitive
and brave
and fast
and persistent
and unlucky . . .
then lucky!
What a night!

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Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars My baby loved it!
I started reading Kitten's First Full Moon to my daughter when she was 3 months old, and she has since been captivated by the beautiful black/white illustrations of kitten and her quest for the little bowl of milk.

5-0 out of 5 stars Here Kitty, Kitty
The cover shows Kitten in a dazzling night garden. The lettering is silvery and the colors of the entire book are grays, black, and white. Kitten sees the moon and thinks it is a bowl of milk. The story shows Kitten (in very clever illustrations) trying and trying to get at the "bowl of milk". Kitten chases after an impossible goal and in the end finds what it was searching for was waiting for it all along at home. Fun for everyone, but cat lovers will really enjoy this book. ... Read more

3. Who Loves Me?
by Patricia MacLachlan
list price: $14.99
our price: $10.19
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060279761
Catlog: Book (2005-05-01)
Publisher: Joanna Cotler
Sales Rank: 11452
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

A wise cat knows the answer to her big question. And before the girl can drift off to sleep, she needs to hear about the family and friends who care about her. This tender ode to unconditional love and reassurance by Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan is brought to life by Amanda Shepherd's beautiful illustrations. It is a bedtime ritual to share again and again.

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Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars very sweet
As a little girl gets ready for bed she ask her kitten an important question.She asks it "Who Loves Me? " The kitten tells her of all the people and animals that love her and why.From the mouse to her cousins and friends animals and humans alike have their own special reason for loving the little girl!

When you read it aloud it sounds almost like a song.

This story would make a great bedtime tale.All kids need to be told who loves them each and every day!

... Read more

4. Skippyjon Jones In The Doghouse
by Judy Schachner, Judith Byron Schachner
list price: $16.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0525472975
Catlog: Book (2005-04-07)
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Sales Rank: 524506
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

5. So, What's It Like to Be a Cat?
by Karla Kuskin
list price: $15.95
our price: $10.85
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0689847335
Catlog: Book (2005-06-01)
Publisher: Atheneum
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

6. The Cat in the Hat
by Dr. Seuss
list price: $8.99
our price: $5.39
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 039480001X
Catlog: Book (1957-03-12)
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Sales Rank: 442
Average Customer Review: 4.34 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

He may be an old standby, but he never lets us down. When in doubt, turn to the story of the cat that transformed a dull, rainy afternoon into a magical and just-messy-enough adventure. There's another, hidden adventure, too: this book really will help children learn to read. With his simple and often single-vowel vocabulary, the good Doctor knew what he was doing: hear it, learn it, read it--laughing all the way. The Cat in the Hat is a must for any child's library. ... Read more

Reviews (109)

5-0 out of 5 stars This Cat's ALL THAT!
"In a world gone horribly wrong,full of giant mutant cats attired in fancy costumes,baring boxes full of horrendous oddities,and overly dictative talking fish...a young boy and his sister Sally,find themselves trapped,and under the spell of the want to do bad things!".....that's how the movie trailer would read anyways. In reality....this is the classic book that nearly every child,and adult should read,or have read to them. Two children left at home by their mother,on a boring rainy day,and told to behave. Enter the Cat In The Hat....who's goal in life,seems to be doing anything but behaving! The childrens goldfish is the voice of reason,but he is easily out voted,by the want to have "fun". But as we learn,fun that is without boundries,is fun that causes trouble! I remember this book as a child,and we all delighted in a Cat in a Hat,but how soon we would wish we were as smart as a fish! A great read for ALL,and a must for any childs library.

5-0 out of 5 stars One Classic that should be in every parents' collection.
As a parent of a toddler, I occasionally find myself losing interest in some items in our collection, especially in those that my child wants me to read over and over. Not that I won't acquiesce, mind you, but some five-page works that are perhaps less imaginative than others are harder to approach with a high degree of enthusiasm. This book is not one of those.

Thank goodness there is nothing in this book (written decades ago) that can in any way be deemed "politically incorrect." While my experience is solely with a two-and-a-half year old, I assume that this book would be interesting for older children, and is also geared to those learning to read. I can remember the animated feature that used to run on CBS every year (probably thirty years ago), but the book is far better.

It is the tale of a cat who attempts to provide entertainment to a couple of children on a rainy day. A terrible mess is made in the process, but the Cat in the Hat "always picks up his playthings," and I believe parents can get some use out of this desirable character trait evident in the titled feline.

The Suess rhymes and rhythms are terrible fun, and I have have yet to tire of them. It keeps the attention of my two year old, which is pretty good for a book of this length. The pictures, while a bit bland, are amusing. I recommend the purchase of this classic.

1-0 out of 5 stars Satanic Undertones! Buyer beware!
I cannot believe that there are still parents out there who havent figured out the simple underlying theme to this book! Clearly the "cat in the hat" represents a satanic creature or symbol, whose sole purpose is the corruption and temptation of the children. He is DEMONIZING them! The fish represents reason and sensibility (God), and the author has made the cat satan... so look at this: Cats EAT fish! (...)Suess has basically said in his story that Satan will eventually devour all that is good and will corrupt all of his children while he watches helplessly from his glass prison. Parents BEWARE!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Cat in the Hat
A book from my childhood - who could forget - it is Dr. Seuss, gang - you will love it I bet!

5-0 out of 5 stars Cat in the Hat - a hard-hitting novel of prose and poetry
"The Cat in the Hat" is a hard-hitting novel of prose and poetry in which the author re-examines the dynamic rhyming schemes and bold imagery of some of his earlier works, most notably "Green Eggs and Ham", "If I Ran the Zoo", and "Why Can't I Shower With Mommy?" In this novel, Theodore Geisel, writing under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss, pays homage to the great Dr. Sigmund Freud in a nightmarish fantasy of a renegade feline helping two young children understand their own frustrated sexuality.

The story opens with two youngsters, a brother and a sister, abandoned by their mother, staring mournfully through the window of their single-family dwelling. In the foreground, a large tree/phallic symbol dances wildly in the wind, taunting the children and encouraging them to succumb to the sexual yearnings they undoubtedly feel for each other.

Even to the most unlearned reader, the blatant references to the incestuous relationship the two share set the tone for Seuss's probing examination of the satisfaction of primitive needs. The Cat proceeds to charm the wary youths into engaging in what he so innocently refers to as "tricks." At this point, the fish, an obvious Christ figure who represents the prevailing Christian morality, attempts to warn the children, and thus, in effect, warns all of humanity of the dangers associated with the unleashing of the primal urges. In response to this, the cat proceeds to balance the aquatic naysayer on the end of his umbrella, essentially saying, "Down with morality; down with God!"

After pooh-poohing the righteous rantings of the waterlogged Christ figure, the Cat begins to juggle several icons of Western culture, most notably two books, representing the Old and New Testaments, and a saucer of lacteal fluid, an ironic reference to maternal loss the two children experienced when their mother abandoned them "for the afternoon." Our heroic Id adds to this bold gesture a rake and a toy man, and thus completes the Oedipal triangle.

Later in the novel, Seuss introduces the proverbial Pandora's box, a large red crate out of which the Id releases Thing One, or Freud's concept of Ego, the division of the psyche that serves as the conscious mediator between the person and reality, and Thing Two, the Superego, which functions to reward and punish through a system of moral attitudes, conscience, and guilt. Referring to this box, the Cat says, "Now look at this trick. Take a look!" In this, Dr. Seuss uses the children as a brilliant metaphor for the reader, and asks the reader to re-examine his own inner self.

The children, unable to control the Id, Ego, and Superego, allow these creatures to run free and mess up the house, or more symbolically, control their lives. This rampage continues until the fish, or Christ symbol, warns that the mother is returning to reinstate the Oedipal triangle that existed before her abandonment of the children. At this point, Seuss introduces a many-armed cleaning device which represents the psychoanalytic couch, which proceeds to put the two youngsters' lives back in order.

With powerful simplicity, clarity, and drama, Seuss reduces Freud's concepts on the dynamics of the human psyche to an easily understood gesture. Mr. Seuss's poetry and choice of words is equally impressive and serves as a splendid counterpart to his bold symbolism. In all, his writing style is quick and fluid, making "The Cat in the Hat" impossible to put down. While this novel is 61 pages in length, and one can read it in five minutes or less, it is not until after multiple readings that the genius of this modern day master becomes apparent. ... Read more

7. Warriors: The New Prophecy #2: Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy)
by Erin Hunter
list price: $16.89
our price: $16.89
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060744537
Catlog: Book (2005-08-01)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Sales Rank: 18358
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

8. Cool Cat, Hot Dog
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.53
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 068984946X
Catlog: Book (2005-07-01)
Publisher: Atheneum
Sales Rank: 43938
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

9. Skippyjon Jones
by Judith Byron Schachner, Judy Schachner
list price: $15.99
our price: $11.19
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0525471340
Catlog: Book (2003-09-01)
Publisher: Dutton Children's Books
Sales Rank: 11180
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Move over, Eloise and Olivia. Make room for SkippyjonJones, a Siamese kittenboy who can't resign himself to being an ordinary cat. Having a time-out in his room, he resorts to his imagination. Taking on the superhero persona of the great Spanish sword fighter Skippito, he has the adventure of his life, and readers are invited along. Zany, wild, and over-the-top, this utterly original book truly begs to be read aloud.

With the jiggly, effervescent outlines she used in I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, the smudgy, tender expressiveness of The Grannyman, and a text worthy of a sitcom, Judith Byron Schachner has created a new cat character for all ages. ¡Ol&eacute!
... Read more

Reviews (8)

5-0 out of 5 stars Skippito saves the day!
Another humorous and imaginative Schachner book! Skippyjon Jones is a young Siamese cat who imagines himself to be a Chihuahua and a great bandit fighter. The text is sprinkled with Spanish words and sing along songs. The illustrations are soft, bright pastel drawings. It is fun to look at the small details in the artwork. This is a great story to read aloud.

5-0 out of 5 stars Irresistable Reading
Our six year old son was given this book for Christmas and it was the book of choice for his nightly reading for about two weeks. Everyone in our family has throughly enjoyed reading it outloud to him (especially his teenage brothers). We find it easy to quote and brings such fun memories when we do. Being a mom of six children I could especially appreciate his mother's fun names for him - "Mr. Flutternutter is still thinking".
Our son took it for sharing at school and his teacher enjoyed it so much that she recently commented on it (this being about four months later). Anyone of any age can enjoy this - with or without children!

5-0 out of 5 stars Holy Frijoles! What an adventure!
While previewing our libraries newest books, the cover illustration grabbed my attention immediately. Once I opened the book, there was no turning back. Witty, funny, tongue twisting, and wonderfully illustrated, you just can't help but fall in love with Skippyjon Jones. I do not speak Spanish, but with the help of some Spanish speaking friends, I hope I can do the story justice when I attempt to read it aloud to our students. What a delightful story!

5-0 out of 5 stars Ay, caramba! A hard book to beat-o!
"Skippyjon Jones" is so good on so many levels. It may just be the perfect children's book. No, the Platonic IDEAL of what a children's book should be...I'm that enamored of it!
First, the plot is hilarious. Skippyjon is a Siamese cat with a fantastic imagination. His mother scolds him for being so un-catlike and sends him to his room "to think about what it means to be a Siamese cat." But of course Skippyjon doesn't think for long. His imagination takes over and poof! He's a famous sword-fighting chihuahua off on an adventure in old Mexico. He defeats Alfredo Buzzito, "el blimpo bumblebeeto bandito" and wins back all the beans Buzzito has stolen from Los Chimichangos, a band of desert-dwelling chihuahuas. And of course the noise of this adventure eventually brings him back to reality, with his mother and sisters scolding him again, but in such a fond and loving way that we're left feeling only their affection for the little kitty-boy scamp.
Next, there are the pictures. Young readers and experienced readers both will enjoy the very funny illustrations, which include clues about just how Skippyjon GETS those wild ideas.
Finally, there is the diction. The language in this book is inspired. It rollicks. It rolls. It plays with the audience, teases and tickles and delights little ears. And "holy guacamole," it sure is fun to read aloud!
Thank you, Judith Schachner!

5-0 out of 5 stars Hilarious Fun for the Whole Family!
My 4-year old daughter and my husband and I absolutely love this book. It's one I never get tired of reading! It is so funny, and the illustrations are terrific. My daughter loves to play "invisible Skippyjon Jones" now! A wonderful book. My highest recommendation! ... Read more

10. Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour (Warriors)
by Erin Hunter
list price: $15.99
our price: $11.19
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060000074
Catlog: Book (2004-10-01)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Sales Rank: 2163
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

ThunderClan's darkest hour is upon them, as Tigerstar's quest for power plunges all the Clans into the most terrible danger any cat has ever faced. In order to save his Clan and his friends, Fireheart must uncover the meaning of an ominous proclamation from StarClan:

"Four will become two. Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest."

The time has come for prophecies to unfold, and for heroes to rise ...

... Read more

11. Cat Heaven
by Cynthia Rylant
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.53
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0590100548
Catlog: Book (1997-09-01)
Publisher: Scholastic
Sales Rank: 11528
Average Customer Review: 4.59 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (32)

5-0 out of 5 stars Everything you would want for your kitty is in "Cat Heaven"
Thank you Cynthia, for such a sweet, touching, loving book. I have read it many many times - although I have yet to get past the page of kitty coming back and watching her family from outside without getting teary eyed!

I also read this book with my 3 1/2 year old daughter, and it always sparks more wonderful conversation and questions about God and Heaven and angels. She is very pleased that the kitties in Cat Heaven have lots of "little pink fishes" to eat, lots of toys to play with and lots of love!

Your whimsical, wonderful illustrations are refreshing and uplifting, and although the words are simple and few, they speak volumes to anyone who has ever loved and or lost a special cat.

5-0 out of 5 stars a must-read for cat lovers
I read a review of this book in a magazine and decided to purchase it. I ended up buying 2 copies - one for myself and one for a close friend whose cat is terminally ill. She found it so touching and comforting, and her son enjoys the story as well, particularly the pictures of cats sitting in God's lap and on top of God's head. I purchased it for my own family because we too have a terminally ill kitty. I knew it would be a wonderful way to prepare my daughter for our kitty's eventual passing. Of course losing a beloved kitty is tragic and heartbreaking. But this book does provide true comfort by encouraging the readers to envision their cat in a wonderful, loving place that truly is cat heaven.

5-0 out of 5 stars A beautiful gift for the grieving cat owner
I bought this book after loosing my kitty Juliet and it was such a comfort. It is a children's book, but it also comforts the adult heart after the loss of a beloved cat.

I have given this book as a gift countless times to friends who have suffered a loss and also to adults whose children are having a difficult time understanding why their kitty is no longer with them. This is a real comfort when it comes to pet loss.

There is also a version called Dog Heaven that is equally beautiful.

5-0 out of 5 stars This will touch your heart!
I bought this book after loosing my kitty Juliet and it was such a comfort. It is a children's book, but it also comforts the adult heart after the loss of a beloved cat.

I have given this book as a gift countless times to friends who have suffered a loss and also to adults whose children are having a difficult time understanding why their kitty is no longer with them. This is a real comfort when it comes to pet loss.

There is also a version called Dog Heaven that is equally beautiful.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful for all ages
We lost our cat several weeks ago, and I bought this book to help my young daughter with her feelings of grief. *I* was the one who ended up crying while reading it aloud to her, not because I was sad, but because the words and illustrations are so comforting. My daughter and I talked after reading it, and agreed that now we can picture our beloved kitty doing all of the wonderful things in the book. Cynthia Rylant was already our favorite author (the Mr. Putter and Tabby series is fantastic, as is the better known Henry and Mudge series.) She has captured our feelings once again with Cat Heaven -- it's just perfect. ... Read more

12. Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of Favorite Stories About Jenny Linsky (New York Review Children's Collection)
by Esther Averill
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.53
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1590170474
Catlog: Book (2003-12-01)
Publisher: New York Review of Books
Sales Rank: 4456
Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

In Greenwich Village, an orphaned black cat — the beguiling Jenny Linsky — lives happily with her sea-captain master. Jenny longs to join the local Cat Club, whose members include Madame Butterfly, the fancy dancer Macaroni, and stately, plump Mr. President. But can she prove that she, too, has a special gift? Join Jenny and her friends, including fearless Pickles the Fire Cat, mascot of Hook and Ladder Company 7X, on their spirited and sweet downtown adventures and discover the wonderful world of this special feline and her friends. ... Read more

Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Cat Club is a favorite of this teacher
I was a full-time teacher for 25 years. I have been substituting in the elementary schools in two states. The book, Jenny and the Cat Club followed me in my semi-retirement from IL to MI. Children in both states, in first and second grade classrooms enjoy my reading this book, which I have in falling apart paperback.

4-0 out of 5 stars A favorite book as a kid, still good as an adult
I still have my worn out yellow paperback copy of this book with the picture of Jenny Linsky, the little black cat with the red scarf, on the cover. When a little black cat came and hid in my childhood backyard, I insisted on naming him (yes, him) Jenny. He wore a red collar, because my parents thought a scarf would drag on the ground and choke him.

I have been an ardent cat-lover as long as I can remember, and as a child I was fascinated by the stories of the Cat Club who gathered outside at night and had all kinds of adventures. Given that I was an intensely fact-driven kid, I admit to a little confusion about whether cats could actually act the way they did in the books, how Pickles would keep (or want to keep) his fire hat on, and how much of the book was real. The fact that it was based on real cats made this more confusing, and as a kid I didn't understand the idea of blending cat and human features to make an amusing but quite fantastical story. I don't remember any other kids having that particular problem with the book, though, so I'll chalk it up to my having been a weird kid.

I just pulled this book down off my bookshelf today, and after all these years it's still a book I enjoy. My favorite story is still "Jenny's Adopted Brothers", in which Jenny invites two stray cats home to stay with her. If I ever had children, I would definitely give them this book, and a number of adults would probably enjoy it as well. It could also be a good opportunity to teach the sort of kid I was about the possibilities of creatively blending fact and fiction when writing -- it was one of the few books I was willing to suspend disbelief for, because the stories were so interesting.

5-0 out of 5 stars We love the Cat Club!
Over a period of days, I read my 7 and 4 year old the stories in this lovely book. We all just loved them - the stories are such a refreshing change from more modern stories. They are old-fashioned, but still relevant and engaging to children. Jenny Linksy is charming, but has her faults. She admirably faces challenges and is willing to admit when she's wrong. My kids kept asking questions about the stories and making comments about Jenny and her friends for days after each reading. They totally looked forward to the next story. Echoing a prior reviewer's comment - Please publish the rest of the stories!

5-0 out of 5 stars Thank You Jenny!
After years of struggling with my son to interest him in reading, I came upon this wonderful book that features the one thing that I thought might make him read...A cute little black cat and her adventures. This book now has the distinction of being the first book my 9 yr old son has read by himself from cover to cover. Thank you Jenny! Hopefully the publisher will re-release the other Jenny stories as well.

5-0 out of 5 stars Jenny Linsky taught me to read.
There's a time most of us probably don't remember when we make the conceptual leap from looking at a bunch of letters on a page to reading. Jenny did this for me.

My grandmother sent me the first Jenny Linsky books before I was old enough to start school. My parents read them to me--at first. For the rest of his life my Dad said that he, too, adored Jenny Linsky because all he had to do was put me in his lap, open the book, and turn the pages. I did all the rest.

Years ago, before internet use was common, I asked a woman who owned a children's bookstore if she carried the Jenny Linksy books. She condecendingly told me that she never heard of them. No wonder that store went out of business.

Later, when I went online and tried to find the books, all I could find were rare collectors copies.

I'm thrilled to see these reprinted. I owe Jenny for a lifetime of happy reading. ... Read more

13. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books (Hardcover))
by Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel
list price: $8.99
our price: $8.09
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0394800028
Catlog: Book (1958-09-12)
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Sales Rank: 5173
Average Customer Review: 4.03 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

That behatted and bow-tied cat from Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat is back, and, not surprisingly, is up to all sorts of mischief. This time, Sally and her brother are stuck shoveling snow: "This was no time for play./ This was no time for fun./ This was no time for games./ There was work to be done." But--you guessed it--the laughing Hat Cat has other ideas, as he lets himself in to eat cake in their tub. He leaves behind "a big long pink cat ring," which he then handily cleans with "MOTHER'S WHITE DRESS!" The dress then loses its pink stain to the wall, then Dad's shoes, then the rug in the hall, until finally the Cat must call in some assistance: from inside his hat comes Little Cat A, then Littler Cats B, C, D, E, and so on, nested like dolls in ever tinier hats. With this pack of felines, Sally and her brother may get rid of those stains, but they'll likely never be rid of that rascally cat. As should be expected from the good doctor, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back provides an excellent reader (and alphabet primer) for those just learning, not to mention ample laughs for everyone else. (Ages 4 to 8) --Paul Hughes ... Read more

Reviews (32)

4-0 out of 5 stars What I thought about Dr. Seuss's The Cat In The Hat Comes Ba
The Cat in the Hat books have always been favorites of mine, so obviously I enjoyed The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. I loved all the rhymes and funny sayings in the book. Although the book is small it is full of tongue-twisting words. Another reason as to why I loved this book is the way the kids in the story handle their situation, that was funny. I enjoyed this book so much I read it twice.

My kids gave me a copy of THE CAT IN THE HAT COMES BACK for my birthday a few years ago. I thanked them politely and that was that.

Then I started reading it again for the first time in about 30 years.

I was laughing out loud on almost every page!

I had forgotten how funny this story was. Or perhaps I just didn't get the humor when I was a kid. At any rate, this little book is now one of my all-time favorites, grown-up books included.

--George Stancliffe

5-0 out of 5 stars Learning from Experience
Researchers constantly find that reading to children is valuable in a variety of ways, not least of which are instilling a love of reading and improved reading skills. With better parent-child bonding from reading, your child will also be more emotionally secure and able to relate better to others. Intellectual performance will expand as well. Spending time together watching television fails as a substitute.

To help other parents apply this advice, as a parent of four I consulted an expert, our youngest child, and asked her to share with me her favorite books that were read to her as a young child. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back was one of her picks.

The theme of this story builds from The Cat in the Hat. In that story, two children are home alone when the cat in the hat visits, makes a horrible mess, and manages to clean it all up just as mother returns. Although the family fish warned them about the cat, the children were gullible.

In this story, the children are not gullible, but the cat takes advantage of them anyway. The children are home alone shoveling deep snow while their mother is away in town for the day. The cat in the hat goes into the house before they can stop him, and eats cake in the bath tub while bathing. They told him to get out and pulled the plug. Unfortunately, that left a long pink cat ring. A contrite, but overconfident, cat in the hat says he'll take care of everything. But he just moves the pink mess from one valuable object to another, starting with mother's white dress. He is a very foolish cat!

Soon, he needs help. In his hat are 26 little cats from A to Z who are specialists at cleaning up the messes he just made. Eventually, the outside snow is so covered in pink spots so that the whole yard is one big spot! Then he calls on Z who is too small to see, and Z finishes the job. Everything is back in order.

This beginning reader is also designed to help with the alphabet. Long before the book can be read by your child, the alphabet sequence will be helpful. The book is moe difficult to read than The Cat in the Hat, so your child will probably not attempt it unless and until that book is mastered.

There are many subtle messages here that any parent can endorse. One, you have to be careful about letting people in your house. Although the cat in the hat is not sinister, children need to understand that lesson in a nonfrightening way. Two, if you know someone is a troublemaker, you'd better keep them away from mischief. Children are very accepting of mischievous children who set bad examples. This gives you a chance to praise the good behavior of the children while questioning the appropriateness of the cat's behavior. What else could the children have done? They will have this issue with friends in years to come. Three, the smallest cat is the most powerful. That's a rare voice in favor of examining people and animals for their worth in effectiveness rather than their size. Diminutive children will like this part. Four, by being persistent in dealing with the cat, everything turns out all right. Children need to learn that persistence can overcome adversity. Five, thinking ahead can save a lot of problems. If the children had given the cat some paper towels in the beginning or knew how to wash out a bath tub themselves, the complications would have been minor. As you read the story together, you can emphasize these lessons to help your child.

When you are both done with the book, you should discuss how problems can be prevented by anticipation. This is a good way to help your child's problem-solving ability mature.


1-0 out of 5 stars guns don't belong in toddler books
We bought this book without reading it because it didn't occur to us that anything would be objectionable. We returned it the next day after stopping half way while reading it to our 2 year old. the book is dated and reflects actions that at the time it was written were probably not considered objectionable. There is a graphic 2 page spread involving the widespread use of popguns and red splotches. Hopefully, a child who is at this read-aloud level should not yet have been exposed to guns at all and if they have, every attempt should be made to limit that exposure and to make sure that guns are not presented in any validating format. Regardless of one's opinions on gun control, guns are very dangerous and should only be used under very limited circumstances and in the hands of a skilled user. They are not toys and given today's American culture and media, should not be presented as such.

4-0 out of 5 stars first one was better
i liked the first Cat in the Hat book better than this one. This one wasn't as funny as the first one was either. ... Read more

14. Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path (Warriors)
by Erin Hunter
list price: $15.99
our price: $10.87
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060000066
Catlog: Book (2004-06-01)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Sales Rank: 3205
Average Customer Review: 4.93 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (14)

5-0 out of 5 stars This is the best book in the world!
I loove this book! Kar, Sarah and I have read them all! It is about how there are new threats in the forest. First of all Fireheart's hated enemy Tigerstar, is the leader of Shadowclan. Second, Bluestar has declared war with Starclan. There is also a new and powerful threats in the forest, DOGS! Tigerstar tries to lead them into Thunderclan camp, and kills a cat with it .Who is it? Does Bluestar die? What happens to Speckletail's kit? All these questions will be answered in Warriors bk. 5 a dangerous path. You are totally crazy if you don't read this book!! I love it. Read read read! I cried on this. It was so sad.

5-0 out of 5 stars Clearly the best book I have ever read!
Out of all the Warriors books I have read, I have to say, this is by far the best of her books I have read. There are so many new things happening in this book. New warriors, new apprentices, the return of an old friend, great evil leading a clan, quite a few deaths, a new and great threat in the forest where the hunters of the forest are being hunted, and the rising of a new great leader. Bluestar now understands what Spottedleaf ment when she said "Fire alone will save our clan,"
One thing I have been waiting for a long time in this series since like the 3rd book is that it is begining to be more obvious that Sandstorm and Fireheart are falling in love. This is something from the book, which I consider my favorite part:

Fireheart felt too full of emotion to answer. he strecthed out his head to press against her flank, and to his delight she did not move away. Instead she looked up at him again, and he felt as if he were drowning in the depths of her green gaze. "I'm sorry, Sandstorm," he murmured. "I never meant to hurt you." His voice barely more than a whisper, he added, "I love you."
Sandstorm's eyes glowed. "I love you too, Fireheart," she whispered.
Now, if you want more excitment, then read the book! But if you haven't read any 1,2,3, or 4 yet, read those first, or you won't understand a thing! ^_^

5-0 out of 5 stars This book was awsome, it's the best one yet!
Tigerclaw is the new leader of Shadowclan, and Bluestar's confidence is fading. She believes that her cats are traitors, and Fireheart is finding it hard to keep his clan from falling apart! But there is a new threat in the forest, one more terrible than Thunderclan has ever seen. Innocent cats are dying, and Fireheart must stop it before it's too late!
I loved this book, I couldn't put it down until I had finished it!

5-0 out of 5 stars Very engrossing!
I, too, seemed to read this book at light speed, due to its incredibly engrossing narrative and completely believable characters and space opera situation that puts it up there with: "Stranger in a Strange Land", "Puppet Masters", "Foundation", "2001", "2010", "Rendezvous with Rama", "Ringworld", all the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" books, "Advent of the Corps" and others.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow! I read this in less than 24 hours- now thats good!
Tigerclaw has now earned a great new rank in the forest as ShadowClan leader. Bluestar is growing weaker and weaker and belives that her clan is made out of traitors. Fireheart is doing the best he can to do things for his clan, even if it means going behind his leaders back (for her own good). Mistyfoot and Stonefur have now finally found out the truth of their real mother and Greystripe returns to his home clan. But there is a new danger that ThunderClan must face. Dogs. This book is full of action and probably the best book yet! Please keep wrighting, Erin! ... Read more

15. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
by Judith Viorst
list price: $5.99
our price: $5.39
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0689712030
Catlog: Book (1987-09-30)
Publisher: Aladdin
Sales Rank: 24429
Average Customer Review: 4.41 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

My cat Barney died this Friday. I was very sad. My mother said we could have a funeral for him, and I should think of ten good things about Barney so I could tell them...

But the small boy who loved Barney can only think of nine. Later, while talking with his father, he discovers the tenth -- and begins to understand. ... Read more

Reviews (17)

5-0 out of 5 stars An educational tool for the coping skills dealing with loss
This has been one of my favorite books, for myself, my friends, and for use in my work with children. The story is simple, touching, and gives a beautifully positive way to cope with any loss--remembering the good things. The story specifically deals with the death of a young boy's cat and the funeral that follows, as well as the concept of the circle of life. The mother in the story asks her son to think of ten good things about the cat. This task helps him remember the things he liked about his cat and takes his mind off the pain he feels. The concept of concentrating on good memories about someone who is gone is excellent, and an easy way to begin the healing process and encourage a child to talk about his feelings. I've even used the idea when I've had to separate from the children I've worked with. I tell them the ten good things I will remember about them. Outstanding book--timeless!!

5-0 out of 5 stars A Book About Death from the Point of View of a Little Boy
The little boy who is the narrator of this book has just had his pet cat Barney die. He can only think of nine good things about Barney, until the day after the funeral, when he spends the day in the garden with his father. The plot is extremely simple and spare, but the book depicts grief very well, and so we understand just how broken-hearted the little boy is, and how much he loved his cat. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney is an excellent springboard for families of every religious persuasion (including agnostics and atheists) to discuss what they feel happens after we die. My bright, perceptive and sensitive four-year-old has been asking a lot of questions lately -- about birth and death -- and I used this book to explain death to him. The book was extremely powerful for him, and helped him to put into words many questions that he had, and helped me to answer them for him as best I could. The writing is excellent, and perfectly captures the voice of a young boy, and the illustrations are elegant. It's a classic book, and belongs in every library.

3-0 out of 5 stars You don't wanna know the 10th good thing
I finally read this book after years and years of hearing it hyped as the perfect book to help a child deal with the loss of a pet, so I expected a lot.

It's not a bad book. I've always liked Judith Viorst's wry voice that seems to capture children's unsure moments so perfectly, and "...Barney" has a lot of that.

The particular details of the story are even good -- I love that the boy's mother wraps Barney in a piece of cloth before they bury him. I love that the boy's best friend attends the funeral to hear him recite the nine best things about Barney. I love the little argument they have after the funeral, about whether Barney is really in heaven, or if he's just in the ground.

But the book takes a jarring twist when the boy decides what the 10th good thing about Barney is. The 10th good thing is basically that Barney is dead and rotting. OK, OK -- dead and rotting and therefore helping flowers to grow. Life will come from his death, and yes, that is the message.

But really. Basically the 10th good thing about Barney is that he's dead and rotting. I'm a fairly morbid person, very interested in the process of death and decomposition, but I think the ending of this story is too morbid to present to young children at the end of this otherwise sweet, sentimental story. It doesn't seem to fit.

1-0 out of 5 stars Nothing good to say about the 10th good thing....
I work in a school library and as a cat lover am always seeking out the cat books. This one caught my eye and I was expecting something wonderful. I found the story to be hopeless and defeating. How sad the only comfort the father has to offer is composting tips and the last memory the child has to hold is that of a decomposing cat. I'm no censor, but two thumbs way down. Also, if you are looking for something wonderful for pet loss, try Cynthia Rylant's, Cat Heaven!

5-0 out of 5 stars Simple and sensitive, for all ages
Beautifully simple and sensitive portrayel. Could be a comfort for all ages. Keep it in your library to read and reread. Similar to BOOMERANG - A MIRACLE TRILOGY, which is also a tale for all ages about dealing with the pain of pet loss and grief. ... Read more

16. Warriors #3: Forest of Secrets (Warriors)
by Erin Hunter
list price: $5.99
our price: $5.39
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060525614
Catlog: Book (2004-10-01)
Publisher: Avon
Sales Rank: 11897
Average Customer Review: 4.87 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Tensions are still high among the warrior Clans that roam the forest, and as allegiances shift, it becomes harder than ever to know whom to trust.

Fireheart is determined to find out the truth about the mysterious death of the former ThunderClan deputy Redtail. But as he searches for answers, he uncovers secrets that some believe would be better left hidden ...

... Read more

Reviews (15)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Most Awesome Book Ever.
This book is so awesome its Mad and Hairy. I read it in a total of 2 days. Its the Kind of book that when you read it you get sucked into and cant put it down because its neato keen. If you disagree with me your a kind of wierd, period. I`ve read book 1,2,3,4 and 3 is the best. I`ve got two words to describe it "Flaming Awesome!" It`s pretty cool and supring with Fireheart and Sandstorm I mean she had been pretty mean to him before now she is rather nice to him. Tigerclaws still a jerkface, And there is a suprise between Silverstream and Graystripes romance. So I suggest you to by this book because its really good.

5-0 out of 5 stars This book is INCREDIBLE!
This is the BEST Warriors book so far, PEOPLE READ THE WARRIORS SERIES!!! I swear, you get sucked it, and your just there. But before you read this one, read the first two before it. You will not regret it! I promise! In the very end, i cried so much becuase of what happened to Fireheart and Graystripe... i literally threw the book at the wall, cried a bit, then went and apologized to it then continued reading. Call me crazy, but i cant help it. READ THESE BOOKS, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING! ITS THE BESTEST EVER!!!! and believe me, i dont give praise lightly. They should make movies out of this series, i already know what the soundtrack would be.

5-0 out of 5 stars fire alone will save our clan...
i found this book to be very exciting, and full of action. at some parts, i cried, they were so sad! Erin Hunter has done a great job with this book, it is action packed and full of twists and turns. so many different characters play a part in this book, it can be hard to keep track of them. I read this book in approximitly three and a half hours. it really drew me in, and i could not put it down. i would, only to get up, turn the light on, and start reading again. that shows just how suspenseful it is!!!!!!! i do not want to give too much away, so read the book for yourself and find out how Graystripe and Silverstreams relationship goes, along with how the many diferent subplots start or end!

5-0 out of 5 stars a book full of surprises
Fireheart and the gang are back in another adventure, so far sides are shifting. Windclan and Shadowclan have teamed up and Riverclan is in bad shape. fireheart searches for answers on the death of redtail but on the way, he learns dark secrets. this book will jump you with startaling truths some so big that you might have a heart attack and the end will have you begging for more.

4-0 out of 5 stars Forest of secerets
I found it really good and intruiging, but it is so much sadder than all the other books! IF you love cat fantasy, you'll love this series! (this is the 3rd book) But this was definatley the saddest one yet, although #5 and #6 are yet to come out. I loved it and would have given 5 stars but it was just so sad, i wont give you a description though, as that would give it all away. Read it! you'll love the series!!!! I can't wait for 5 to come out! ... Read more

17. Baby Einstein: Cats (Baby Einstein)
by Julie Aigner-Clark
list price: $3.99
our price: $3.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0786808403
Catlog: Book (2002-04-02)
Publisher: Baby Einstein Co
Sales Rank: 4059
Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (11)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great for babies enchanted with cats
We have a dog and cats for pets, so I bought the baby einstein Dogs and baby Einstein Cats board books for her when she was a bit younger. She has always liked these books, and I think having cats on each page enforces the idea that there are different looking cats, and cats do different things. She likes to point at the pages and say "ga!" (or sign "cat") on each page.

This book was one of her favorites for quite awhile. I think the small size, which made it easy for her to look at by herself, as well as the familiar topic helped a lot. The pictures on the pages are great as well.

However, now that she's 17 months old and knows 35 baby signs, this book is a bit "rudamentary" for her, and she is clearly showing a preference for more complicated books. I would definitely get this book for a younger baby, as well as the Dogs board book and the Neighborhood Animals (baby Einstein) board book.

3-0 out of 5 stars Disappointed...
I missed the dimensions of the book when I ordered it so I was surprised to see how tiny it was. I expected it to be the same size as the other Baby Einstein books (Shapes, Counting etc.). The other disappointing aspect is the illustrations. Some of the pictures are reproductions of artwork (rather than photographs of cats) and for a baby it's hard to see in those pictures where the cat is. (For example, a woman holding a cat on her lap). My son (14 months) likes the first page (child's drawing of a cat), the page showing the Baby Einstein calico cat (from the Neighborhood animals book) and then 3 pages that show the photographs of real cats. He doesn't like the artistic cats much at all. And on the last page it's hard for even me to find the cat in that painting. My son doesn't stay interested in the book very long and rarely picks it out himself to read. I was going to get the Dogs book, too, but not after seeing this one. I prefer the larger Baby Einstein books like Neighborhood Animals. My son loves to read those!

5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect size for little hands!
I bought this book and Baby Einstein "Babies" for my 3 month old daughter. I placed them in a corner of her crib and when she began to roll around, she'd pick one up and play with it. Now she's 9 months old and she often plays with them after her nap or first thing in the morning. I've even caught her holding it open in her hands and looking at the pictures!! These books are a perfect size for my daughter to hold by herself and explore their shape and their pages.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent for beginning bedtime reading with babies
I just ordered both this book and the Baby Einstein Dogs book. They arrived today and I was a little surprised by how small they were but I figured they were still good for my purposes. I have a newborn daughter (3 weeks old) and would like to start reading to her at bedtime. Most of the books I have are way too old for a little baby (better for 2 to 4 year olds). Board books seem to be much more appropriate. At any rate, these books are recommended for 1 month and up. Like I mentioned my daughter is only nearly 3 weeks old, and I doubt if she really understood at all what was going on or was able to focus on the pictures, but the fact that I was reading to her was soothing enough to put her to sleep. These books are an excellent way to start the habit of reading to your child at night.

5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome Pictures
I bought this book when I was an education major. The first thing I really noticed were the pictures. The text is very simple, but the pictures; paintings, photos and drawings; really caught my eye. These are standard children's book illustrations. Each picture has different colors and different visible textures. Some have movement, some are still.

The best way to encourage a child to read is to have books in the home. ... Read more

18. Little Spotted Cat
by Alyssa Capucilli, Dan Andreasen
list price: $14.99
our price: $10.19
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0803726929
Catlog: Book (2005-04-21)
Publisher: Dial Books
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

19. Feathers for Lunch
by Lois Ehlert
list price: $7.00
our price: $6.30
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0152009868
Catlog: Book (1996-03-29)
Publisher: Voyager Books
Sales Rank: 108252
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great bird book
This is a wonderful little book for children to learn some common American birds and their calls. The story is about a cat trying to catch a bird for lunch but the bell on the collar keeps giving him away, hence "feathers for lunch" but the illustrations are almost all birds such as the Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Morning Dove, House Wren, Northern Flicker, etc... My little boy actually likes Ehlert's "Top Cat" better, but this story has seen many readings. My boy can tell the difference between several birds that he sees in his backyard. Recommended for the little birders.

5-0 out of 5 stars Terrific Book
This book, along with TOP CAT by the same author, are my kids' favorite books (ages 6,4 and 2). And I love them, too! I never tire of reading them out loud, although both of my older children can recite the book and "read" it themselves now. We checked it out from the library and kept renewing it over and over because the kids loved it so much. We finally bought our own copy and I know the kids are going to fight over who gets to take it with them when they move out 15 or so years from now. :) It is a delightful story and I love how Ms. Ehlert labels everything. I especially like the details provided at the end regarding the birds shown throughout the book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Continues to be a favorite
Entertaining, colorful, informative --- what's not to like? I have to admit, however, that I feel sorry for the cat.

5-0 out of 5 stars A must-have for young children
This wonderful book was the first favorite book of both my children; now the 5-year-old chants along from memory when the 18-month-old demands her daily reading(s). My only complaint about Feathers for Lunch is that it isn't available in a board book form--ours is held together with tape!

5-0 out of 5 stars A practically perfect childrens book!
Bright, bold, uncluttered illustrations and a jaunty rhyme make this a perfect book for children ages 1-4. Toddlers and older can also learn to recognize some common North American birds. -One of our daughters' favorites. ... Read more

20. Six-Dinner Sid
list price: $6.99
our price: $6.29
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671796135
Catlog: Book (1993-04-01)
Publisher: Aladdin
Sales Rank: 25926
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Six-Dinner Sid is a Smarties Prize Winner and a NCTE Notable Children's Books in the Language Arts Selection. ... Read more

Reviews (9)

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best
This is the only kindy library book that my preschooler has found that we do not already possess! And it is fantastic. We had to order it from Granny in the UK cos its out of print in Australia. Who would be a kids author if something this good goes out of print! The black cat Sid lives at 6 different houses, has 6 different owners, 6 personalities in order to get 6 dinners! But the owners don't talk to each other so they don't know about this! Then he gets a cough and has 6 visits to the vet and 6 doses of medicine. The vet dobs him in to the owners and they are cross because they didn't know about it so they put onto 1 dinner rations. But Sid is a six-dinner-a -day-cat!! So he moves (from Aristotle St. to Pythagoras Place - nice touch) into 6 new houses and the new owners do all talk to each other and know about his little ways and don't mind.

We love this book to bits - lovely pictures and easy print for a learner 4 year old reader. A classic.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great book
This is a wonderful children's story. Young children are able to relate to the main character. A good book to accompany this is Charlie Anderson. Well illustrated.

5-0 out of 5 stars A family favorite
My daughter brought this home from the school library, and we instantly fell in love with it. We have a number of pets, including cats, and have our own "Six-Dinner Madeline" to boot. This book is wonderful reading for elementary school children, and anyone who loves cats.

5-0 out of 5 stars You'll want Sid to move in with you!
If you like cats, you'll appreciate how this one's personality comes through. SIX-DINNER SID is a black cat who gets whatever he wants -- most of the time. It's a simple, funny story you can read over and over. The illustrations are marvelous, with bright and pastel colors, and lovely detail in the flowers, etc. You can even see the cat's individual hairs and whiskers. The streets look somehow European (the book was originally published in the UK, so I suppose that's where it's set). I love the street scene on pages 3 and 4 so much I'd like to frame it! As for the wonderful cat, the pictures really capture his personality, the angles cats love to contort into, and the idiosyncracies of catdom. How fun!

5-0 out of 5 stars Great book - Theme is knowing your neighbors...
Sid lives at six houses so that he can get six dinners every day. People in the neighborhood don't talk to each other, so no one knows... It works out well until Sid gets a cold and goes to the Vet six times. The Vet tells the six "owners" that they are sharing a cat and they get very angry. Sid solves the problem in a happy ending. This is my favorite children's book! ... Read more

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