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61. Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook:
$44.00 $20.00 list($55.00)
62. Mexico : The Beautiful Cookbook
$19.95 $11.92
63. Unbelievable Desserts With Splenda:
$21.00 list($35.00)
64. On Food and Cooking : The Science
$12.21 list($17.95)
65. 200 Low-carb Slow Cooker Recipes:
$6.75 $2.80 list($7.50)
66. A Week in the Zone
$13.96 $11.97 list($19.95)
67. Super Baby Food
$16.50 $12.95 list($25.00)
68. Dishing : Great Dish -- and Dishes
$48.15 $40.99 list($76.43)
69. The Oxford Companion to Wine
$19.77 $15.60 list($29.95)
70. The Party Planner
$7.98 list($19.95)
71. BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from
$9.90 list($20.00)
$20.37 $20.02 list($29.95)
73. Special Diets for Special Kids
$11.16 $8.35 list($13.95)
74. Cupcakes : From the Cake Mix Doctor
$8.96 $6.55 list($9.95)
75. Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice
$17.13 $5.25 list($25.95)
76. Suzanne Somers' Fast and Easy:
$12.24 list($18.00)
77. Oldman's Guide To Outsmarting
$18.00 $16.77 list($30.00)
78. Jacques Pepin Fast Food My Way
$19.77 list($29.95)
79. America's Test Kitchen Live!:
$11.53 $11.07 list($16.95)
80. Eating Well After Weight Loss

61. Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook: A Real Barbecue Champion Brings the Tasty Recipes and Juicy Stories of the Barbecue Circuit to Your Backyard
by Ray Lampe
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.53
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Asin: 0312339798
Catlog: Book (2005-05-01)
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Sales Rank: 1439
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62. Mexico : The Beautiful Cookbook (Beautiful Cookbook)
by Susanna Palazuelos
list price: $55.00
our price: $44.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 000215949X
Catlog: Book (1991-08-17)
Publisher: Beautiful Cookbooks
Sales Rank: 14860
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (24)

5-0 out of 5 stars I Love this Cookbook!
This is one of the best books around. My best friend was born and Mexico, and loves the authentic recipes in this book. I have enjoyed many wonderful meals with her family, and couldn't wait to show her this book. She soon bought copies of the book for her family after reading mine. I love all of the "Beautiful Cookbooks". The photography and history of the region(s) are superb, and the recipes are delicious!

5-0 out of 5 stars The most authentic Mexican Cookbook I've ever used.
I lived in central Mexico for several years. I fell in love with the cuisines of the country, and Mexico the Beautiful is one of the most authentic and varied cookbooks I've found, and my bookshelf includes the works of Diana Kennedy, considered by most to be the authority on Mexican cooking.. My Mexican relatives and friends were wowed by the recipes I made from this book.Several actually asking me jokingly if I were sure that I didn't have any Mexican blood, because my food was so authentic. They all agreed that they were not only delicious, but good representations of the cuisines. I also found it helpful to know what region the recipe originated from, and each recipe has a corresponding photo. This is absolutely the best Mexican cookbook I've ever seen. I'm sure you won't use this as is, but feel free to change it around. This will be my second copy, as the original was destroyed in a flood. I just can't live without this book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Authentic yet simple
This book is a classic of Mexican Cuisine. It's not as anal-retentive as Diana Kennedy and more appealing than Rick Bayless. The recipes are truly authentic and I have lived in Mexico for many years, researching the cuisines of Mexico. This book contains the majority of the most common dishes cooked in homes in Mexico and a great deal of the "alta cocina" works as well. I have made 75% of the dishes in this book and have served them to Mexican friends to rave reviews. This is the real thing. Marilyn Tausend collaborated in this book and it shows. She is an unsung hero of Mexican Cooking. There are others better known, but few that can take a recipe and make it easy to follow, yet as authentic as is possible with ingredients available in the US. If you want to cook like a real Mexican chef, get this book!

5-0 out of 5 stars Review from Mexican resident: Very authentic and excellent..
I am an avid collector of cookbooks, and as far as authentic quality material, this book is the best. But it is less a book, and more a work of art. The photographs are breathtaking, the cusine authentic region by region, and even offers the new "alta cocina Mexicana"--or, Mexican haute cuisine from Mexico City...SUPERB!

5-0 out of 5 stars Cocina Autentica!
This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook, who loves REAL Mexican food or is married to a Mexican! My husband is from Central Mexico and his mother's food is one of the things he misses the most! I never tried to cook "Mexican" food before I bought this cookbook, because I knew I'd never come close. (Most "Mexican" recipes call for cans of this/that thrown together with lots of cheese on top! No one in Mexico eats like that!) The recipes are from scratch, authentic, healthy, & there's a great variety! This cookbook inspired me and it has revoltionized my marriage. It's true what they say "A way to a (Mexican) man's heart is through his stomach!" I have been able to find variations of my "suegra"'s recipes and have made them my own. Try to find a Mexican market nearby to get all the authentic ingredients - they are much cheaper that way! ... Read more

63. Unbelievable Desserts With Splenda: Sweet Treats Low in Sugar, Fat and Calories
by Marlene Koch
list price: $19.95
our price: $19.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0871319640
Catlog: Book (2001-11)
Publisher: M. Evans and Company
Sales Rank: 12846
Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Now you can create great-tasting low-sugar versions of the favorite desserts you crave--cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, muffins, creampuffs, smoothies, and more--with the revolutionary low-calorie sweetener that is made from sugar and tastes like sugar, Splenda.We're not talking pale imitations, but delectable desserts and beverages that look and taste so incredibly good that you simply won't believe they aren't full of sugar, fat or calories. What's more, Splenda contains no artificial chemicals and is safe for the entire family, including persons with diabetes. ... Read more

Reviews (19)

2-0 out of 5 stars Where are your tastebuds?
I've been cooking with granular Splenda since it became available in the U.S. and have always simply substituted it for regular sugar, measure for measure, in standard recipes, with excellent results. There never seemed to be a need for special Splenda recipes. But I thought I'd buy and try Unbelievable Desserts with Splenda to see whether specially developed recipes do make a difference. With great anticipation, I made the Pumpkin Streusel Cheesecake for Thanksgiving dinner, following the recipe exactly. The result looked like cheesecake on the plate, and it felt like cheesecake in the mouth, but that's all. The dessert had almost no flavor--no cheesecake taste, no pumpkin taste, hardly any taste of spices. Even the gingersnaps in the crust lost the flavor they had had originally. The dessert was such a disappointment that diners left pieces unfinished on their plates.
I went out the next day and bought ingredients for a pumpkin pie and then made my traditional recipe with Splenda instead of sugar, egg substitute instead of whole eggs, and evaporated skim milk instead of cream. The pie tasted delicious, and its texture was perfect. (Omit the crust if you really want to cut the calories; that works, too.)
Just about any cook could figure out how to make the substitutions in standard recipes that this book touts. Save your money on the book and spend it on Splenda. The latter is a great product. This book isn't.

5-0 out of 5 stars No Sugar - No Way
I am a chef and am more than a bit skeptical that anything that is low-fat not to mention low sugar could taste like a real dessert. Then I saw the review saying there was too much sugar so I figured the answer to the good reviews was that the author used sugar only to "call" the desserts low sugar. But because my mother has diabetes, my wife is on a diet and my chef association mentioned splenda was a good product I ordered the book. Here is what I found:
1. The desserts really do taste tremendous. In fact had I not made the "Heavenly Cheesecake" myself I would never have believed it had NO sugar and was so low in fat. My wife was thrilled at the meager 180 calories for a real piece.
2. I found MANY of the recipes actually did not have ANY sugar. The ones that did had teaspoons or tablespoons. When you bake regular dessert recipes you use CUPS. To have the appearance and taste of these with so liitle is unbelievable.
3. Portion sizes are real.
4. A few chocolate chips, a little lite topping - these are the ingredients that make these desserts taste great, not dietetic or weird like health food stuff. And still the calories are low.
Last, I have looked at many books for desserts for diabetics. Some use other no-cal sweeteners which don't taste or cook well. Some use fructose and apple juice but those are still sugar. These recipes taste great and are truly low in carb (and sugar).
I intend to use them for all my "special" clients (and me too)

5-0 out of 5 stars Truly Unbelievable Desserts
Unbelievable desserts in that they are easy to make, low-fat, low-sugar and best of all taste great. This is a wonderful cookbook for anyone trying to watch their diet. The use of Splenda really allows one to bake muffins, cheesecakes, cakes and all other types of sweets. I'm known in my circle of friends and family for my cheesecakes. I made the heavenly cheesecake recipe and no one could tell that it was low sugar and low fat.

I've also made almost all of the muffin recipes and my family loves them. They are easy to bake, easy to freeze and really easy to grab in the mornings, pop into the microwave and have a quick, healthy breakfast on the run. I love this cookbook so much, I've just bought the second cookbook Fantastic Foods with Splenda and I can't wait to try out the new recipes in that cookbook.

5-0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable Desserts With Splenda: Sweet Treats Low in Suga
The very first cookbook to showcase a revolutionary, new, no calorie sweetener that is free of unpleasant aftertaste, safe for the entire family (including diabetics) & tastes like sugar! Unlike other dietetic sweeteners, Splenda (sucralose) contains no artificial chemicals & is a natural product derived from sugar. The 75 delicious recipes include: cheesecakes (plain, lemon, pumpkin); cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chip); brownies; muffins; cakes; pies, & smoothies. Now you really can have your cake & eat it too--without guilt.
The very first cookbook to showcase a revolutionary, new, no-calorie sweetener that is free of unpleasant aftertaste, safe for the entire family and tastes like sugar!

2-0 out of 5 stars Not what I had hoped for...
I suppose it's a good book in it's own right, but I bought it with the hopes of finding some good low carb dessert recipes. Instead what I found are recipes that are low sugar, not the same thing at all. In addition to cutting the sugar out, she seems to concentrate on cutting a lot of the fat out of the recipes, which tends to add carbs in some form.

If you're on Atkins, this is not the book for you. There are a few recipes that are lower carb, but nothing that I couldn't get from straight Splenda=Sugar substitutions, and often not even with as good of results. Custard and cheesecake are 2 that pop to mind that are simple enough to do straight substitution without sacrificing flavor or texture. I didn't need to pay for this book to get those recipes.

All in all, rather a disappointment. ... Read more

64. On Food and Cooking : The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
by Harold McGee
list price: $35.00
our price: $21.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0684800012
Catlog: Book (2004-11-23)
Publisher: Scribner
Sales Rank: 23
Average Customer Review: 4.73 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking is a kitchen classic. Hailed by Time magazine as "a minor masterpiece" when it first appeared in 1984, On Food and Cooking is the bible to which food lovers and professional chefs worldwide turn for an understanding of where our foods come from, what exactly they're made of, and how cooking transforms them into something new and delicious.

Now, for its twentieth anniversary, Harold McGee has prepared a new, fully revised and updated edition of On Food and Cooking. He has rewritten the text almost completely, expanded it by two-thirds, and commissioned more than 100 new illustrations. As compulsively readable and engaging as ever, the new On Food and Cooking provides countless eye-opening insights into food, its preparation, and its enjoyment.

On Food and Cooking pioneered the translation of technical food science into cook-friendly kitchen science and helped give birth to the inventive culinary movement known as "molecular gastronomy." Though other books have now been written about kitchen science, On Food and Cooking remains unmatched in the accuracy, clarity, and thoroughness of its explanations, and the intriguing way in which it blends science with the historical evolution of foods and cooking techniques.

Among the major themes addressed throughout this new edition are:

  • Traditional and modern methods of food production and their influences on food quality
  • The great diversity of methods by which people in different places and times have prepared the same ingredients
  • Tips for selecting the best ingredients and preparing them successfully
  • The particular substances that give foods their flavors and that give us pleasure
  • Our evolving knowledge of the health benefits and risks of foods

On Food and Cooking is an invaluable and monumental compendium of basic information about ingredients, cooking methods, and the pleasures of eating. It will delight and fascinate anyone who has ever cooked, savored, or wondered about food. ... Read more

Reviews (44)

5-0 out of 5 stars On food chemistry
This is a remarkable book on why and how foods react the way they do. Though chemistry plays a large part in the understanding of food that McGee imparts (it has to), it is very basic and a short primer in the appendix tells you all you'll need to know. Because cooking and food underlie our very existence, and also because they are great sources of pleasure, the topic cannot but be fascinating. However, the mystification of food abounds, and the facts are hard for most people to verify. ON FOOD AND COOKING is a book that can be read straight through or as a reference, but will always increase your knowledge of how foods work.

It is comprehensive, historical, and scientific, and McGee's aim is to inform the reader enough so that s/he can cook, and also so that s/he can make decisions about food that are intelligent. Not only does he discuss pretty much any type of food you can think of, he also discusses artificial additives, nutrition, and digestion. And although the book was written in 1984, the advice he gives is always sound and cautious. Food is understandable. If you love watching PBS cooking shows, this book will enhance your knowledge of what the cooks are doing. If you love watching the food network... well, there is probably less to understand, but it will still enhance your viewing. In any case, if you love cooking and food, it is difficult to overlook a book of this magnitude.

5-0 out of 5 stars The bible of food science
First and foremost: this is NOT a cookbook. Do not buy this book if you are looking for casserole recipes. But, if you are interested in the science of why food does what it does, this book is indispensible. It is rather dense, and is difficult to read straight through, but if you ever wonder, say, what the difference between AA and A grade eggs is, and why the white turns from clear to opaque when you apply heat, On Food and Cooking is well organized and makes a great reference. Considering its low price, every cook should have it around. It will change the way you think about cooking. It includes some interesting historical tidbits as well.

4-0 out of 5 stars Dense, but worth the effort
I purchased this book on the tangential advice of Michael Ruhlman's "The Making of a Chef" -- it was one of the three Bibles of Cooking, if I remember correctly. As a scientist and a foodie/gastronome, I found this book fascinating and worth the effort of slogging through the tougher, denser, meatier bits.

Mmmm, collagen.

5-0 out of 5 stars A textbook on cooking
This is an excellent book on the science of cooking, for those interested in learning the reason behind cooking. If you want to a reference book for your cooking and baking, get this book. I am sure this is in Alton Brown's library. It is fascinating just to thumb through it and read various sections just for the trivia value.

4-0 out of 5 stars Essential reading
Anyone who is serious about the craft of cooking needs to read this book. Anyone else will find it dreadfully irrelevant. This book is best explored as a cover-to-cover read, in my opinion, but seeing as there's not much of a plot to pull you along (duh), only those with a keen interest in food and/or science will be able to make it to the end. ... Read more

65. 200 Low-carb Slow Cooker Recipes: Easy & Delicious Recipes For Your Crockpot
by Dana Carpender
list price: $17.95
our price: $12.21
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1592330762
Catlog: Book (2004-12-15)
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
Sales Rank: 8973
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

66. A Week in the Zone
by Barry Sears
list price: $7.50
our price: $6.75
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 006103083X
Catlog: Book (2000-03-01)
Publisher: ReganBooks
Sales Rank: 7120
Average Customer Review: 4.31 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the power of the Zone. A breakthrough approach to dieting based on Nobel Prize-winning scientific research, the Zone treats food as the most powerful drug available. Used wisely, food will take you into the Zone, a state of exceptional health familiar to champion athletes. You'll not only burn body fat, you'll keep it off. You'll also fight heart disease, diabetes, PMS, chronic fatigue, depression, and cancer. Discover the benefits of this revolutionary program in just seven days with A Week in the Zone:

  • Fundamentals of the Zone

  • How to eat in the Zone

  • How to shop in the Zone

  • A week's worth of healthy, satisfying recipes including quick and easy Zone breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

  • The Zone for vegetarians

  • How to order in and dine out in the Zone

  • How to achieve maximum success in the Zone

A Week in the Zone also contains appendices on frequently asked questions, how to calculate your lean body mass, information on Zone food blocks, a list of resources, and more. Enter the Zone and experience the dietary program that has transformed the way America eats. You'll be glad you did.

... Read more

Reviews (48)

5-0 out of 5 stars The first how-to Zone book for everyone
Finally, Barry Sears has gotten around to writing a "how-to" book on the Zone Diet. All of the previous books were somewhat technical, and aimed at medical professionals or personal trainers.

This book, his first paperback, is written in a clear, concise and easy to understand style. By the end of the first 20 pages, you will have a good idea of what the Zone Diet is about, its benefits and how it works.

Then, the rest of the book gives Sears' simplest yet version of the diet (for example, instead of "40-30-30" the new restatement uses "1-2-3").

The Zone Diet, by the way, is primarily a health diet, although it is also effective for weight loss. The idea is to keep your blood sugar and hormone levels as even as possible, by balancing what you eat in each meal. The result is a number of health benefits, especially in the areas of diabetes (demonstrated by a clinical study) and heart disease (Sears started the research due to the high mortality in his own family tree), but also in other areas like allergies, joint pain, headaches, stomach acid, and many others, all of which are aggravated by our modern unnatural eating habits.

Unlike almost all other eating plans, this diet is based on an investigation of how food affects our bodies' mechanisms, and the result is simply better functioning.

4-0 out of 5 stars A fantastic introduction to the Zone
A friend lent me her copy of "A Week in the Zone," and now, five months later, I have lost 36 pounds and feel great.

I noticed one reviewer mentioned "high cost of the plan," I experienced that also in my first week or so, but once I realized that I did not need to buy lots of exotic foods, my food costs returned to normal.

Please read the book for details, but as I read Sears' writing, essentially, you eat protein (lean meat, fish, soy, etc.) at each meal. That serving should be no bigger than the palm of your hand, and about the same thickness. Also, each meal should include carbohydrates, about twice as much carbos as protein. The carbos should be fruits or vegetables for the most part. Also thrown into each meal is a "smidgen" of fat. And that's it.

Sears also encourages two snacks a day. I seldom feel hungry on this plan and it is simple to follow. What more can you ask.

1-0 out of 5 stars Jack of All Trades...
I hope the information dispensed by Dr. Kotz is better than what she expounds on the Atkins website. Her advice on that site suggest that you read the label of regular brewed beers for carbohydrate information.

"A 12-ounce can of beer contains about 12.5 grams, but you have to read the label since carbohydrate content varies from brand to brand," says the doctor.

Unfortunately, carbohydrate counts are NOT given on regular brewed beers. Makes you wonder if she's ever drank a beer in her life if that's the kind of "accurate" info she pens. Equally suspicious is the fact that she's contributed as an "expert" to Weight Watchers, The Zone, Slim-Fast, and Atkins. Suprised she hasn't jumped on the South Beach Diet bandwagon too.

5-0 out of 5 stars Is it possible to eat more protein with the Zone
This book is very easy to understand but I have one question I am hoping someone can help me. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner there is a 10 gram fat , 20 gram protein, and 30 gram carbohydrate. Is it possible to just use the information on carbohydrates and just eat a meal of 90 carbs a day. I'm very useless in the kitchen and there seems to be so many low carb products out in the market that seem to have the right amount of carbs but a slightly higher number of protein and I was wondering I could still stay in the zone even if the protein goes over 20 grams. ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE SO HELPFUL AND APPRECIATED.

5-0 out of 5 stars great introduction to the Zone
this is a great introduction to this eating plan, and will probably be all most people will need to understand and implement the Zone. clearly written and easily read and understood.

the zone works! by the way. i have lost 40 lbs in 6 months and lost weight through the holidays and cheated a bit every once in a while. very worth doing. ... Read more

67. Super Baby Food
by Ruth Yaron
list price: $19.95
our price: $13.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0965260313
Catlog: Book (1998-06)
Publisher: F. J. Roberts Publishing
Sales Rank: 693
Average Customer Review: 4.02 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Ruth Yaron cares deeply about what your baby is eating--so much so that her bestselling Super Baby Food is encyclopedic in both scope and size. Ounce for hefty ounce, this manual/cookbook/reference guide is worth its weight in formula, packed as it is with detailed information on homemade baby food, nutritional data, feeding schedules, cooking techniques, recipes, and other invaluable feeding tips. Yaron builds her compelling argument for making baby food at home on the simple premise that food profoundly impacts health, especially when an infant's developing digestive tract is involved. Parents will learn why babies should start out on rice porridge, bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes before advancing to more difficult-to-digest foods such as wheat cereals and milk products. While Yaron's passionate stance and vegetarian bias may turn off some parents, others will be grateful for her strict attention to potentially harmful additives and chemicals. No matter what their eating philosophy, most parents will appreciate the economy and surprising ease of making baby food at home. This is not gourmet cooking; all you have to do is learn how to boil water and operate a blender. For veggies, simply steam some vegetable chunks and blend. For baby porridge, just grind some whole grains in a blender and boil. It's that simple. And when you're feeding your baby, simple is best. --Sumi Hahn ... Read more

Reviews (348)

5-0 out of 5 stars My super baby is now a toddler!
I used this book to make my own baby food starting when my son turned 6 months. The suggestions for how to prepare and store the different foods was invaluable. I then looked each new food up in my New Whole Foods Encyclopedia. It was a wonderful opportunity to really increase my knowledge of nutrition and implement it not only for my baby, but for my husband and I as well. Being a vegetarian, the protein complementarity charts were very useful. I made use of the homemade diaper wipe solution a lot! My son is now over two! I still use the book for recipes for snacks occasionally and for the party and craft ideas. Liam loved his super porridge... I don't know why I ever stopped feeding it to him. Now I have a very picky toddler eater and WISH he would get a full day's supply of nutrients at breakfast, his best-eaten meal of the day! I'll get use out of this reference for years to come!

5-0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive, invaluable resource guide!
Wow! Where to start? First, I bought this and The Healthy Baby Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel at the same time. While Karmel's book is "prettier" and has some interesting looking recipes, this one far outweighs it as a resource tool, which was what I was looking for. I admit, I was intimidated at first by the sheer volume of information contained in this book, but after reading the author's suggestion on how to read the book, I felt that I had a better handle on it. The book is very well organized, from when to introduce specific foods, to how to prepare and store them (one of my favorite sections!), to the recipes, which I really haven't gotten to yet. Yaron doesn't make the reader feel guilty about having a few jars of commerical baby food on hand, so in this sense, she's not militant about doing Everything from scratch.

The only area which I feel is a bit weak is the very short chapter on meat, which she states she added for the "readers who (no matter what I say!) have decided to feed it to their babies." Yaron is very obviously a vegetarian, which is fine, however, I (and many other moms) are not. This does not stop me from enjoying her book, and I probably will start preparing more grains-and- legumes meals as a result of what I'm learning, for variety, if not for the health benefits.

This is definitely the book to own if you can only buy one!

2-0 out of 5 stars Additional Note on Microwaving
This is supplemental to a review already posted. The info presented doesn't reflect recent research on how microwaving destroys nutrients (see below), so when preparing or reheating food, try to avoid using the microwave; otherwise you might be better off using commercial organic baby food.

"PARIS, Oct 22 (AFP) - Cooking by microwave is the worst way to preserve a key nutrient in vegetables, while steaming is the best, according to a Spanish study reported in New Scientist.

Researchers from the national scientific research council CEBAS-CSIC measured antioxidants, a compound believed to protect cells from damaging reactive chemicals called free radicals, in broccoli that had been either steamed, pressure-cooked, boiled or microwaved.

Steaming the veggies left the antioxidants almost untouched, but microwaving virtually eliminated them, probably because this heated the broccoli from inside and generated too high a temperature."

2-0 out of 5 stars Good Information buried in layers of eccentricity
Here's the process of using the book..."OK, let's make some healthy baby food...Right, what chapter [flips through book}, six months Chapter is on page 250...complimentary proteins..on Page 400...[flips through book]...what's she on about super baby 350..[more flipping]'s freaking out from hunger...right, sod this for a game of soldiers." [Opens a jar of organic commercial baby food].

There is good information in this book, but it is poorly organized, and buried in a lot of eccentric verbiage.

Plus, the author has a lot of bizaare beliefs - that there are 22 amino acids (which will surprise a lot of molecular biologists), and that you should stand away from blenders because of EMF radiation. It's harder to take the author seriously when she espouses some quack beliefs. And harder when she doesn't realize that working parents don't have the time to wade through her idiosyncratic ramblings to get to the information we need (how much should I feed, what foods should I mix with each other, etc).

Frustrated, I bought the Fresh Baby Kit, which, though more expensive, presented the information needed in a short cookbook + 1 card (!).

2-0 out of 5 stars Book better if 1/2 the size & covered 2x the range of food
I purchased this book because I, like the author, care deeply about what our children eat. However, she could have given all of her fabulous ideas about food portions, prep and storage techniques, and nutrition in about 1/4 of the amount of text. Even better if it had been without dizzying cross-referencing, moronic "tips" after every other paragraph (can't believe an editor even glanced at this book) and morbid horror-stories meant to "warn us" about choking and burns. The book is also very unbalanced by assuming that everyone is open to excluding meat and giving their child supplements like brewer's yeast and dessicated liver on a regular basis in order to achieve the "perfect diet". ... Read more

68. Dishing : Great Dish -- and Dishes -- from America's Most Beloved Gossip Columnist
by Liz Smith
list price: $25.00
our price: $16.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0743251563
Catlog: Book (2005-04-05)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Sales Rank: 1649
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

This juicy extravaganza of a book is at once a star-studded memoir, a mouthwatering reminiscence about great food and great meals, and a very special kind of cookbook by Liz Smith, bestselling author and surely America's most beloved gossip columnist (indeed, perhaps the only gossip columnist ever to be universally beloved). Here, great dish and great dishes are artfully blended with anecdotes and spiced with Liz's inimitable sense of humor, instinct for a great story, and joie de vivre to produce a life-loving, sometimes bawdy, and always utterly captivating read.

As everybody knows, nothing goes better with a good meal than a little juicy gossip, and no one puts the two together better than Liz Smith, the acknowledged grande dame of gossip, who traces here her gradual education in haute cuisine, as well as her unashamed taste for down-home, stick-to-the-ribs cooking.

When it comes to food, Liz Smith has seen it all (and eaten much of it). She has watched Nicole Kidman devour a basket of bread before a full dinner at New York's glamorous Four Seasons restaurant and not gain an ounce. She has eaten al fresco off the hood of a car with Mike Nichols. She has been tempted by fattening cookies sent by Renée Zellweger. She has talked biscuits and gravy with Julia Roberts and eaten Elizabeth Taylor's trademark Jailhouse Chili and Chipped Beef à la Krupp Diamond.

No food snob, Liz Smith revels in such dishes as Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich (peanut butter and banana) or Frito Pie (you'll love both these once you've tried them). But she is equally fond of haute cuisine, of four-star restaurants, and of great gourmet experiences. She shares with the reader all this and much, much more, eating, as she puts it, "high and low on the hog," from her favorite Chicken-Fried Steak recipe to Deep-fried Turkey (real men deep-fry a turkey, they don't roast it) and her classic Lobster Rolls recipe, with a pause for her advice on how to make the perfect margarita to wash it all down. From Kate Hepburn's brownies to pigs' feet, Liz not only names names but shares their most treasured recipes, as well as taking the reader on a gourmet tour of great meals.

As Liz herself says, "Reading about food is the next best thing to eating it. People seek companionship, comfort, reassurance, a sense of warmth, and well-being from food. Maybe they can get some of that from this book." ... Read more

69. The Oxford Companion to Wine
by Jancis Robinson
list price: $76.43
our price: $48.15
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 019866236X
Catlog: Book (1999-12-01)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Sales Rank: 3112
Average Customer Review: 4.81 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Hailed byFrank J. Prial in The New York Times as "a required reference for anyone who is serious about wine," and by Anthony Dias Blue as "one of the definitive reference books on the subject," The Oxford Companion to Wine won every major wine book award, including the Julia Child and the James Beard awards. Now, Jancis Robinson has completely revised this masterpiece, adding over 500 new entries and thoroughly updating most of the rest.

Lavishly illustrated, with over 200 black and white pictures, 31 full color plates, and 31 maps of every wine region in the world, the Companion is the only wine volume to combine science, history, geography, wine varieties, social and cultural information, and much more. Ranging from Abruzzi and armagnac to Zimbabwe and Zinfandel, from Dionysian revels in ancient Greece to today's leading wine research centers, its 3,400 alphabetically arranged entries explore all aspects of wine, including the latest advances in viticulture and enology. There are in-depth discussions of the climates and grape varieties of great wine regions of the world, and numerous biographies ranging from Dom Perignon to Robert Parker. The book discusses vintner's terms, business and legal aspects, and related topics such as distilled and fortified wines. All technical terms are fully explained, and the hundreds of useful drawings and photographs illustrate key processes. New features include a complete guide to geographical names, a vintage chart, an overview of recent wine prices and investment, and a navigation chart to the Companion.

The ultimate reference on wine and wine-making, The Oxford Companion to Wine is the perfect volume to enhance a lifetime's enjoyment of this intoxicating topic. ... Read more

Reviews (16)

5-0 out of 5 stars FROM VINE TO WINE ------- A MINE OF INFORMATION

Thirty years ago this book could not have been written. With the increasing ascendancy of the New World wine makers and in particular the influence of the Davis campus of the University of California, viticulture and oenology are now rigorous, scientific and commercially oriented professions. This is reflected in the "Oxford Companion to Wine" which has to be the most comprehensive, authoritative and accessible resource dealing with all aspects of the world of wine.

Jancis Robinson who edited this encyclopedia of wine is a highly respected wine writer and educator. She is also very well credentialled, holding the prestigious title of "Master of Wine".

The real power of this book as an information source is the very effective use of cross-references. Its great fun to see how far one reference will take you on subjects of particular interest to the reader. It would be good to see this book published as a CD-ROM. Hyper-linking all the cross-references would make it even more powerful.

The changes in the wine business over the past generation have seen the previously exclusive, "clubbiness", almost snobby world of fine wine appreciation opened up to everyone. It is books like this that have provided the sources of knowledge which give people the confidence and curiosity to pursue their interest and enjoyment of wine.

France is the traditional home of fine wine. The French approach to wine making is still dominated by practices and methodologies that go back centuries. It is interesting to see in the "Oxford Companion" the strong contrast between the empirically rigorous New World (particularly USA and Australian) methods and the mystery (or mystique) that even today, shrouds much of the French industry.

One of the best illustrations of this dichotomy in the Companion is the entry on "Terroir". This French term encapsulates the mystique that defines a particular vine growing area. It goes well beyond the issue of soil and microclimate but instead embraces everything that makes a particular wine unique.

In the "Companion" the terroir debate seems to come down on the side which believes the term is used to cover vagueness and explain characteristics that are otherwise difficult to explain. This allows sometimes ordinary wine to be passed off as something special.

Compare this to the innovative, scientifically supported approaches used in the New World. A good example is the development of "Canopy Management" the varying techniques used to optimize the yield and ripening characteristics of a grapevine.

Similarly we have see the arrival of "flying winemakers" from Australia into regions like the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France. They have introduced stainless steel fermentation vessels, temperature control and meticulous cleanliness, to what was previously a very rough and ready local business. They are now producing some of the some best Merlots, acknowledged by even the French.

This book will no doubt become the definitive reference book on all matters to do with the world of wine. It will be of the highest value to both the wine professional and the enthusiastic wine lover.


5-0 out of 5 stars *The* reference for anyone who enjoys wine
Some reference books sit on the shelf, forgotten, hoping to be used someday in the future when someone has a desperate need to know how to calculate the third log value of an arctangent.

This book is as far removed from that fate as a Petrus is from a White Zinfandel!

At least once a week I have opened up this gorgeous wine tome and looked up the answer to a question, or read more about a particular wine I was enjoying. With over 3,000 entries to choose from, you can explore the ancient roots of wine in Iraq and Egypt, or learn about new vine-growing techniques winemakers are using in Washington State. The information is clearly written, well illustrated, and not overly technical.

Jancis Robinson, the editor of the tome, is well known in the industry for her knowledge and fluency in wines of all types. Combine her amazing knowledge with fantastic photographs of each wine region, and even reviews of various personalities in wine, and you have a book that you'll keep on the coffee table and actually read often! Be warned - you can lose guests in its pages for hours.

The book is great for a beginner. Confused about Beaujolais Nouveau? Want to know how a White Zinfandel differs from a Red Zinfandel? The Oxford Companion to Wine has clear, concise descriptions of all wine types, explaining their histories, their characteristics, and where they're found now.

The Companion is also a boon for experienced drinkers. It goes into the fine details of how wines are grown, and how various winemakers use different techniques to bring out the best in their particular grapes. There are maps of wine regions, and insights into what makes certain wines unique.

Great as a gift for your favorite wine drinker, but buy one for yourself, too! The book is a wonderful reference tool to have around the house. With its lovely photos of France, Italy, and Spain, it serves as a wine-lovers guide to places to visit or dream about, and wines to drink while doing so. Highly recommended as the only wine book you should ever need.

5-0 out of 5 stars Big and Good
This encyclopedia is extensive and very good. It is also very heavy. You may want to get a primer on wine (e.g., "Wine for Dummies") before getting this as a reference, but this is one for your shelves. It covers many aspects of wine and to a great deal of detail in some areas, which is welcomed. Almost all of the information is current. What little is not current is insignificant in size and importance. Take at a good look at this reference.

5-0 out of 5 stars full of info
Tells me more about wine than I really need to know, but it's nice to have it handy.

5-0 out of 5 stars THE wine enceclopedia
For a novice like me with long but limited wine knowledge this is a perfect companion. I consider this THE enceclopedia for all wine related questions. It would be hard to find a more comprehensive compendium on wine. Equally recommended for the beginner or evryone who needs answers to his questions regarding wine. KEEP IN MIND: This is an alphabetic enceclopedia type of book. ... Read more

70. The Party Planner
by David Tutera
list price: $29.95
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Asin: 0821261657
Catlog: Book (2005-04-27)
Publisher: Bulfinch
Sales Rank: 9032
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Book Description

David Tutera is a highly regarded event designer whose clients have included Elton John, Barbara Walters, Star Jones, and Susan Lucci. He is also the host of a new one-hour, twice-daily program on the Discovery Channel, Party Planner with David Tutera, that debuts in January 2005. On the show, Tutera lends his expertise to people looking to throw an unforgettable party on an everyday budget. Tutera brings a fresh, original twist to holiday parties while retaining time-honored traditions. He demonstrates novel and affordable--yet utterly sophisticated--approaches to special occasions, holiday and cocktail parties, and dinner parties.

In this heavily illustrated book of the same name, each chapter covers a different party that will also be aired on the show. Tutera emphasizes addressing all five senses--the taste, the look, the sound, the scent, and the touch--of every event. Also included are "Tutera Tips" for invitations, entertainment, decor, menu ideas, table settings, and floral arrangements.

David Tutera is already a noted name, but THE PARTY PLANNER will bring his reputation and signature approach in entertaining to a broad new audience. ... Read more

71. BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America
by Steven Raichlen
list price: $19.95
our price: $7.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0761120157
Catlog: Book (2003-04-01)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Sales Rank: 3567
Average Customer Review: 4.42 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Steven Raichlen, a national barbecue treasure and author of The Barbecue! Bible, How to Grill, and other books in the Barbecue! Bible series, embarks on a quest to find the soul of American barbecue, from barbecue-belt classics-Lone Star Brisket, Lexington Pulled Pork, K.C. Pepper Rub, Tennessee Mop Sauce-to the grilling genius of backyards, tailgate parties, competitions, and local restaurants.

In 450 recipes covering every state as well as Canada and Puerto Rico, BBQ USA celebrates the best of regional live-fire cooking. Finger-lickin' or highfalutin; smoked, rubbed, mopped, or pulled; cooked in minutes or slaved over all through the night, American barbecue is where fire meets obsession. There's grill-crazy California, where everything gets fired up - dates, Caesar salad, lamb shanks, mussels. Latin-influenced Florida, with its Chimichurri Game Hens and Mojo-Marinated Pork on Sugar Cane. Maple syrup flavors the grilled fare of Vermont; Wisconsin throws its kielbasa over the coals; Georgia barbecues Vidalias; and Hawaii makes its pineapples sing. Accompanying the recipes are hundreds of tips, techniques, sidebars, and pit stops. It's a coast-to-coast extravaganza, from soup (grilled, chilled, and served in shooters) to nuts (yes, barbecued peanuts, from Kentucky). ... Read more

Reviews (12)

5-0 out of 5 stars For the BBQ enthusiast
I very rarely read cookbooks from cover to cover, especially those the size of BBQ USA, but this is one I couldn't put down. A thorough mix of recipes, restaurants and BBQ lore this is more than a cookbook, it is a culinary history of America.
You may be wondering why you should buy this book, especially if you already own some of Raichlen's other books. (Barbecue Bible, How To Grill, etc.) This book has two advantages over his previous books.
First, this book is about barbecuing as much as it is about grilling. In his typical manner the author does cover techniques for how to grill just about any food that can hit the plate. This is interesting but I am just not sure that I need that many grilled dishes. Instead I like to work on the art form that is American BBQ - taking a worthless hunk of meat and through the judicious application of smoke and fire turning it into a scrumptious meal that will draw friends and neighbors to you backyard. This book finally has a good coverage of traditional American BBQ. For example, this book has five recipes for pulled pork. Each one is a regional variation with different ingredients and cooking methods. There is good discussion on the benefits of each of these variations leaving the home cook with information that he can use to create his own recipe. You will find the same thorough treatment given to ribs, brisket, etc.
Second, this book is about the USA. Now I don't mean to be ameri-centric but BBQ is one of those things that is part of our national personality. Our BBQ shacks and backyard pit masters are a part of our heritage, a heritage that should be appreciated and passed on. BBQ USA is a storehouse of the history, importance and meaning of BBQ to those who make it and those who eat it. It is a call to get together with friends and share time over good food and good conversation.
By the way, this book is not an introduction to grilling. If that is what you are looking for try How To Grill.

5-0 out of 5 stars Making a good grillmaster great
It is obvious from reading some of the reviews that this book goes beyond most peoples comfort level with a grill. And thats the point. If your idea of grilling is tossing a burger or chicken breast on the coals for dinner, then this book will overwhelm you. If however, you are already a fairly accomplished grill jockey, and are truly interested in the sport, then it is an outstanding encyclopedia of recipes, techniques and history, to educate and expand your horizons. I highly recommend that you first read "How to Grill", which goes into great detail on all of the nuances of advanced grilling techniques, and is perfect to introduce the reader to mops, sauces, wood chips etc. BBQ USA is not for the beginner, but for the intermediate grill jockey. It blew me away!!. I have cooked several recipes, and in true Raichlen fashion, they are showstoppers!.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Barbeque Guide and Regional Recipe Book
BBQ USA is an awesome guide to barbeque throughout the United States (and even a few places outside of the US). This book highlights what is similiar and what is different about how people barbeque in different regions. Organized by food type (ex. beef, poultry, fish, etc) the guide gives various examples of how a food would be handled in different areas. Ribs may be, for example, done with: dry rubs, marinades, smoked, rotisserie, boiled, or jerked, just depending on where you go. This by-food-type organization is a boon to the barbequer who may catch a good deal on a particular food at the store, but isn't sure what they want to do with it.

The discussions of regional barbeque is fascinating. With some pictures thrown in of restaurants and barbeque stops around the country, this is not just a recipe book, but a tour of the US through a different lense. The fact that there are a whopping 425 recipes for barbeque from around the country will keep pit-masters busy for many weekends to come. With this book in hand, there will never again be reason for any ambitious barbequer's family to complain of food boredom!

As a recipe book, this one is great. There is variety for every palate, great instructions, and helpful tips. The only thing that some may not like is that there are only a few pictures of the foods in the recipes. Given the size of this tome, with it's 425 recipes, this is understandable. For the new barbequer who needs pictures, or to those that just prefer them, a better book might be Steven Raichlens' "How to Grill", which gives awesome instructions in equipment, technique, and beautiful glossy photos on every page.

5-0 out of 5 stars What A BBQ Guide Should Be
Want more out of BBQ? This is surefire one stop source! 774 pages of BBQ source that is, with info and recipes and techniques and history, with all the regional tricks and traditions covered, explained and recipes provided.

There is grillin under bricks, on a rotisserie, in a pit, smoked, and rubbed and pulled and flamed seared, with hog or beef or oysters,corn, beans, even meatloaf. Then there's brats and burgers and every fixin that goes so well with these.
They're all here. This is truly a source for them all. One doesn't have to travel all over to discover them, just pick and choose on a BBQ journey around the country cooking through this one. Or if you desire to visit a site or region, this even provides the places and addresses to find personally.

I like to try different stuff that I've never had before, so for me thus far I've tried: "Alabam BBQ Chickens with White BBQ Sauce." Who has ever heard of WhiteBBQ? But this is soo good! The horseradish, vinegar sauce is a hit, a triple at least! Also into the ribs, so a marinated in apple cider, with a "Magic Dust" rub really caught my eye and mouth, and you've just got to try the "Apple City Championship Ribs". And finally, a Tuna "London Broil" with Wasabi Cream Sauce. This is fantastic dish with a dry rub, and the contrasty taste of seared tuna with cream sauce is rich and superb, even for squeamish sushi avoiders. And what BBQ is there without dessert, say "Smoked Alaska." This is a treat, not as hard as one would think.

This is such a thorough book it will take many years of grilling to explore all its varieties and offerings, but many of us will and should! There is outstanding bibliography and sources. Join in the fun!

5-0 out of 5 stars Authority on Regional Barbecue, and why Barbecue is Great
It is a little intimidating to take on the task of reviewing a 774 page book by the generally accepted foremost expert on grilling and barbecue in the country, especially since Steve Raichlens does such a good job of looking the part of barbecue expert. The job is doubly intimidating since I am among those poor 15% of all Americans who own no grill whatsoever. I don't even have the excuse of living in a cramped city apartment or, having once been a rather accomplished Boy Scout, having no expertise around an open fire. All of these in the face of Raichlen's claim that barbecue / grilling is the very best way to cook. Thus, in the face of the increased cost, skill levels, and inconvenience imposed by barbecue / grilling, I embarked on justifying to myself the accuracy of Raichlen's claim.

Before I do this, it is important to characterize exactly what barbecue is. As any more than casual viewer of Bobby Flay and other Food Network shows, it should be clear that the meaning of barbecue is very different depending on the traditions of different regions in the country. Regionality is so strong that barbecue even has two very different meanings in the North Carolina low country versus barbecue in the western hills.

One thing is certain. Even though cooking over an open flame is about as old as the taming of fire, the technique called barbecue, and the word 'barbecue', did originate in the New World, first discovered by an early Spanish conquistador and published in Spain in 1526. From this simple American origin, the meaning of barbecue has expanded to the point where it is almost impossible to pin down with a simple definition. Some sources would say that it is not barbecue if there is no smoke coming in contact with the food. Others may connect barbecue with the use of rubs, marinades, or mop sauces, but by the author's including both baked goods, soups, and salads in a book on barbecue, I'm certain he does not limit the sense of the technique to any of these techniques. So, how can one characterize barbecue in a way which demonstrates why one may claim that it is the most desirable way to cook.

The first element one needs to barbecue is an open fire that may be fueled by wood, charcoal, or hydrocarbon gases. The second element is that the barbecue grill places the food above the fire on a grill in such a way that the food may be covered and that the heat may be applied to the food with cover in place or cover removed. The third element is that the grill is capable of creating smoke with different flavors by either adding aromatic wood directly to the fuel or to a stage where it can be heated by the gas flames. Barbecue involves hot smoking. Cold smoking used to create bacon is not part of the barbecue lexicon. The fourth element is that the grill is capable of creating cooking zones with low, medium, and high heat, and one can move the food from one area to the other very easily. Sauces, rubs, and marinades may characterize meat cookery, but they are not relevant to applying the barbecue techniques to baking, soups, or some vegetables. So, why is the barbecue technique so great, if, as some like me may be inclined to view it as a pain in the neck?

First, one can achieve cooking temperatures that may cause a meltdown in your kitchen Hotpoint oven. Second, with skillful maintenance of fuel, these high temperatures can be maintained consistently. They will not cycle as the oven's thermostat turns the heat source off and on to maintain a certain temperature. Third, it is (or at least should be) easy to move cooking food from one temperature to another. Fourth, the cooking method may add the flavor of smoke and cook at the same time, unlike indoor stovetop smokers or cold smokers. Varying the wood providing the smoke may vary this flavor. Fifth, a grill and supplementary equipment adds techniques for applying indirect heat, modified direct heat, and rotisserie cooking. The last thing I can think of is that the technique can be used for really large jobs such as a whole pig, deer, lamb, or other large animal carcass.

The other side of the coin is that in order to achieve this advantage; you need some cooking skills that you do not need on your trusty Hotpoint. That is where Steven Raichlen's book comes to the rescue. The book leaves no subject untouched. Chapters cover Salads, Breads and Pizzas, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Picnic Fare (burgers, hot dogs, and sausages), Poultry, Fin Fish, Shellfish, Vegetables for Vegetarians, Vegetables for the Rest of Us, Side Dishes, Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Desserts. The best part of this galaxy of recipes and techniques is that virtually all of them are traditional American recipes, for which Raichlen gives the source along with lots of sidebars and tips. The very best part of this lineup is that it pretty much covers all the different senses of 'barbecue' in America.

While there are several expert sources on barbecue and grilling technique such as Bobby Flay and Chris Schlesinger, both of whom are credited in the book, I simply cannot see anyone choosing any other book as a starting point to take up barbecue. The information you need to get started at a low initial cost is complete and, need I say it, authoritative.

Very highly recommended. ... Read more

by Jess Cagle, Dorothy Letterman
list price: $20.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671000608
Catlog: Book (1996-05-01)
Publisher: Atria
Sales Rank: 86655
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Reporting from the snows of Lillehammer, David Letterman's mom and The Late Show's 1994 Olympic correspondent Dorothy was the ultimate good sport-and her wry comments and deadpan humor won th hearts of millions of viewers. Now Dave's mom tops her tour-de-force television debut with this irresistible, one-of-a-kind cookbook. Filled with delicious recipes straight from AMerica's heartland, as well as special dishes gathered from her family, friends,and The Late Show staffers, Dorothy's culinary delight contains other surprises as well: lively anecdotes about her children, Jan, David, and Gretchen, when they were growing up, practical kitchen tips, witty asides, and dollops of Dorothy's gentle wisdom for living. With specially selected photographs from the Letterman family album and photos of Dorothy back home in Indiana, there's no treat as satisfying as...


Memories of Dorothy's own mother cooking over a coal stove are interspersed with recipes for Uncle Earl's Creamed Chipped Beef on Tater Tots, Chicken Noodle Soup (with homemade noodles), Cheese Straws, Friendship Tea, and Lemon Fluff (from Dorothy's personal trainer). Here are the secrets for Dave's favorites: Hot Baloney Sandwich and Sour Cherry Pie, which she overnights faithfully to him each year for his birthday. Dorothy's got terrific techniques for canning and freezing vegetables, helpful household hints including Dorothy's homemade window cleaner, and dozens of recipes, featuring fun foods, soups and salads, meats, sauces, and unforgettable desserts. "Make sure, if you're using fresh persimmons for Chilled Persimmon Pudding, that they are ripe enough. Otherwise you just pucker up until you can't stand it." She solves the mystery of flaky pie crust: "You can't make a crust without the fat."

"I never thought of this in my wildest dreams," Dorothy told Newsweek about her print debut. HOME COOKIN' WITH DAVE'S MOM is her labor of love, spiced with down-home humor, warm-hearted advice, and great-tasting food. ... Read more

73. Special Diets for Special Kids
by Lisa Lewis
list price: $29.95
our price: $20.37
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1885477449
Catlog: Book (1998-01-01)
Publisher: Future Horizons
Sales Rank: 8807
Average Customer Review: 4.64 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Understanding and implementing special diets to aid in the treatment of autism and related developmental disorders. ... Read more

Reviews (14)

5-0 out of 5 stars Important Autism Resource
My eight year old son went on the gluten-free/casein free diet a little over a year ago. A member of my support group had highly recommended _Special Diets for Special Kids_ by Dr. Lisa Lewis. I'll always be grateful that she did! My little boy immediatley showed more awareness. Before going on the diet, we were unable to get him potty-trained; within two weeks of starting the diet, he achieved toileting control on his own. He increased some in expressive language, but in receptive language he improved tremendously. Dr. Lewis clearly explains the testing options available to help parents make an informed decision about whether the diet might benefit their child. She emphasizes that this diet is not a guarantee or cure but could possibly improve a child's life. Reading her book is like talking to another mother of a special-needs child who is offering the experience of what worked for her. After going on the diet, learning definitely become easier for my son. Dr. Lewis also lists every imaginable resource to help in the appendices. After reading the book and trying to properly implement the diet, we continue to receive support from ANDI, the group co-founded by Dr. Lewis. This group offers the latest information and new recipes to help with dietary intervention. The procedure has not always been easy, but seeing my son emerge as he has, has made it worth the extra effort.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Resource To Implement A Gluten- & Casein-Free Diet
I disagree tremendously with the negative review listed for this book. The author never implies the diet will work for everyone and is the sole therapeutic answer. In my opinion, if you are even THINKING of implementing a gluten-free, casein-free diet for your child, this book is a must. Not only does the author provide a thorough review of the literature & studies done on relevant treatments for autism, & defines many of the terms so readily used, she offers a ton of GREAT, KID-FRIENDLY recipes (great for ANY kids that need to be dairy- and gluten-free, regardless of the reason). The author presents the information without bias, allowing the reader to form their own conclusions whether the diet would be helpful. And while, yes, the diet may be difficult to implement (since casein and gluten are so pervasive in our foods), it offers a SAFE, alternative approach that we have seen work for MANY, MANY people in conjuction with other therapies. And as a medical professional, I was more skeptical than most that there could be any link with food & behavior before I heard and saw it for myself over and over and over first hand. If I had a child with autism I would CERTAINLY TRY this. I would have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

5-0 out of 5 stars OK peoples ! If you have a child on the spectrum - its time!
Parents of autistic children, ADD or ADHD kids - you have to do the GFCF Diet thing! IT IS TIME.
This book by Ms Lewis is a great how to get on this diet with excellent practical advice and good tested/yummy recipes for all the favorites including: CHICKEN NUGGETS, breads and food planning.
This GFCF Diet is not a fad and it is not a gimic but an excellent way to you help spectrum child feel, do, be the best they can be.
It all starts with proper nutrition and certain ingredient avoidances. Give it a shot! I highly recommend it and have seen enormous changes in my autistic son so much so that his ATEC went from 89 to 9 and he is now in kindergarten! I highly recommend this book (and Special Diets for Special Kids II!)

What are you waiting for????

4-0 out of 5 stars Good resource for starting the gluten/casein free diet
This was an excellent start to understand the gluten/casein free diet for children with autism and other special needs. The background information was a little complicated for people who are not in the medical field. However, the basic steps were concise and easy to follow. I especially like the recipes in the back of the book and use them often. There is also excellent resources and contact information in the book. These dietary interventions should be tried by every autistic person. It has changed my son (and my)life! Thank you Lisa Lewis!

5-0 out of 5 stars the must-have book for the gf/cf diet
There is so much information in this book I studied it for a year before my boys started the diet. I use it daily for all of the recipes. This book makes the diet more do-able than it sounds and much less scary. ... Read more

74. Cupcakes : From the Cake Mix Doctor
by Anne Byrn
list price: $13.95
our price: $11.16
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0761135480
Catlog: Book (2005-04-18)
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Sales Rank: 1534
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

The cupcake is America’s darling. It’s celebrated in upscale bakeries, on Sex in the City, on the cover of Gourmet, and in thou-sands of classrooms—where every day, it seems, a parent has sent in a batch for the kids to share. The very word conjures up whimsy, coziness, pleasure, nostalgia. Not to mention the fact that their diminutive size means you can eat a lot of them.

Once upon a time, a family had only two recipes for cupcakes—chocolate and vanilla. Not anymore. Now Anne Byrn brings them to the next level. And who better? Recognized as the master of cake-mix baking, Anne is the author of The Cake Mix Doctor and Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor, which have a total of over 1.8 million copies in print. In Cupcakes she offers 135 tempting recipes for children and grown-ups, for special days and everyday, lunch bags, holiday festivities, and an unexpected dinner party dessert.

You’ll never believe these artful little cakes started with a mix. Coconut Snowballs, Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes, Kiss Me Cakes, Warm Chocolate Cupcakes with Molten Centers, Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Peppermint Cream Cheese Frosting. There are surprising additions (tuck a chocolate kiss orpiece of cookie dough into the batter). Creative toppings and easy from-scratch frostings (whipped cream spiked with Kahlua; miniature M&Ms; a creamy malted frosting with crushed malted milk balls).Terrific decorating ideas, from glittering golden dragees or elegant chocolate curls to yellow peeps for an Easter cupcake or—for Groundhog’s Day—a groundhog’s face made out of chocolate frosting and jimmies. Includes a 16-page full-color opening essay.
... Read more

75. Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book
by Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield, Nancy Stevens
list price: $9.95
our price: $8.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0894803123
Catlog: Book (1987-05-01)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Sales Rank: 607
Average Customer Review: 4.74 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (76)

5-0 out of 5 stars Add an ice cream maker for a great wedding present
This is a terrific book, and it solved my perpetual problem of what to give people I know well enough to go to their wedding but not well enough to drop $800 on a wedding present. The recipes in this book make great ice cream. Toss in a decent ice cream maker, and you have a present that no one else will think of, that the receipients will appreciate, and one that they will use over time. (For what it's worth, I usually give the Donvier hand-turned machine because it makes dense, smooth ice cream that reminds me of gelato.)

Anyway, about the book and what makes it so great: Ben and Jerry tell you how to make their most popular ice creams, and a bunch that I never saw before. They provide multiple recipes for chocolate ice cream, and write clearly about how they are different. A friend of mine once made all the choclate ice creams and had a tasting party. It was interesting to see how different they really were. (And this book taught me the secret to great chocolate ice cream taste: a pinch of salt--really!)

If you are worried about using eggs, you will want to use a pasteurized egg product in place of the raw eggs. Other than that, this is a terrific book. Lots of good ideas, excellent recipes, and enough discussion about how to create new flavours to encourage even the most reluctant recipe-inventor to go hog wild.

I wish there were a sequel.

This is a great ice cream book, full of simple no cook - no wait recipes with ample illustrations to keep your mind alert. The author's sense of humor makes it a very enjoyable read, but the recepes themselves are the stars. They share such favorites as Cherry Garcia, Mocha, Health Bar Crunch, Orange Cream, Kiwi Sorbet, Cantaloupe and Oreo Vanilla.

My only problem with this book is because it was written awhile ago, they are still using raw eggs in their most popular/recommended ice cream base. Substitute with a pasterized egg product (Egg Beaters/Better N Eggs) if you aren't sure of the freshness/safeness of your eggs.

5-0 out of 5 stars Entertaining and Delicious!
This is a fun recipe book, which will give you all kinds of confidence to make "designer" ice creams, with your home made ice cream maker. The story of Ben and Jerry is funny and endearing. They explain that it's almost impossible to make a truly "bad" batch of home made ice cream, and that has been my experience, too. The recipes are simple and include many of the Ben and Jerry's all time favorites. (Cherry Garcia, Dastardly Mash, Heath Bar Crunch, etc.) There is also a good explanation of the properties of ice cream - butterfat content, air introduction, sweeteners, etc. From this one ice cream recipe book, you'll be on your way to making the best ice cream you've ever tasted, and dreaming up flavors you *wish* you could get at an ice cream shop.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great book, but update is needed
I received a Cuisinart ice cream maker last Christmas and, while I have come up with some great ideas on my own, I was looking for some new ideas to try. This book fits that bill admirably. I have found LOTS of good inspiration here. My only complaint is that it is a bit dated in that nearly all of the recipes call for raw eggs. I wouldn't want to substitute Egg Beaters since my favorite part of the egg (and the part that adds the richness of flavor) is the yolk, which is what EB leaves out. I'm considering cooking the base to make the base a custard-base in order to get around this problem. I will use this cookbook a lot, I am sure, but hope they eventually come out with an updated version!

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Book!
Bought this book based on reviews on the Cusinart ice cream maker! Wow, have tried the Sweet Base and the Choc. ice cream (Jerry's) so far. Excellent results! Sweet Base recipe uses heavy whipping cream. Have to say it was yummy but leaves a slick coating on the top of your mouth. Think I will adjust the heavy cream or just use whipping cream which the choc. recipe used. Didn't leave that feeling at all. Also, I used Egg Beaters in both recipes. Can't wait to try another recipe! ... Read more

76. Suzanne Somers' Fast and Easy: Lose Weight the Somersize Way with Quick, Delicious Meals for the Entire Family!
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Asin: 1400046432
Catlog: Book (2002-12-03)
Publisher: Crown
Sales Rank: 15147
Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
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2-0 out of 5 stars Fast and Easy...Most of the time....
I purchased this book in 12/02 and followed the "Somerisize" eating plan for the past few months. For those unfamiliar with the plan, Somersizing is a hybrid of controlling carbs and food combining.
THE GOOD: The food is delicious! There are outstanding recipes for onion rings, flourless pancakes and Coq Au Vin (chicken in wine.) The food is diverse and full of flavor.
THE BAD: Cooking these fantastic dishes is not cheap. Eating fresh meat, chicken and seafood really adds up. Also, without a deep fryer, the onion rings aren't as good. The Coq Au Vin will take hours without a pressure cooker. You could make her ketchup from scratch (over an hour of cooking time) or buy two bottles from [the website] for [$$]. There are plugs all over the place for everything from Somersize marinara sauce to Somersize coffee ice cream. Without her pricey products, the cooking is not nearly as Fast and Easy. It is the book's biggest flaw.
THE UGLY: I followed the plan quite strictly for two months. I jogged four times a week. I lost less than 8 pounds. I found for myself, eating tons of eggs, heavy cream, olive oil and beef was too many calories for my body. For many people like myself, the only way to lose weight is to take in less calories than are expended. It's not as chic as Somersizing but it has been a thousand times more effective.
That said, this book has helped lots of people lose weight. I'd never say it's not for everyone. I firmly believe there's no single path to dropping pounds. If you've been thinking about cutting sugar and starch from your diet this may be for you. Just be careful, you could really put a dent in the family food budget making a lot of these treats.

5-0 out of 5 stars A fabulous addition to her somersizing series
I am very impressed by this book. As usual, the plan is laid out very well. It's made easy to understand, and the most up-to-date medical information supporting Suzanne's plan is included.

But best of all, the recipes are MUCH better than her last books. In her last books, the recipes were more gourmet and "haute cuisine". They were good, for the most part, but my husband really didn't want to eat chicken stuffed with goat cheese - no matter how elegant the presentation - and my budget didn't allow for the expensive ingredients in most of her previous books.

These are recipes that families can enjoy, and she's tried to make most of them fast & easy to prepare. I am soooo happy!

She's included fabulously "somersized" recipes for a shake & bake type mix, ketchup, barbecue sauce, tartar sauce, chicken nuggets, "fries" made from zucchini and "tater" tots made from cauliflower. She's got chili, ribs and even a recipe for "Green Eggs & Ham." She's got boston cream pie, "pink kiddie" ice cream and chocolate cupcakes. (my toddler is in heaven already!) There's even cinnamon bread with an orange icing so I can make cinnamon buns!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Suzanne! This really is food families can eat!

5-0 out of 5 stars I was surprised that this is such a good book
When I see Suzanne Somers I just see Chrissy from Three's Company and all that snorting and dumb blonde-ing! I never paid any attention to any of the Suzanne Somers books because I figured this was just another celebrity attaching their persona to something. My library happened to have this on the shelf and since I had some time to kill while waiting for my daughter to pick out her books I decided to flip through the recipe section since I knew it was a low carb type of diet and I do atkins. I was very interested at what I saw so I checked it out. I have been totally shocked at how easy and terrific her ideas are and in fact her philosophy is quite interesting too. I am really impressed. I have a totally different viewpoint now of Suzanne Somers. I love this recipe book so much I had to buy it so I"d have a copy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great book, great recipes!!
My husband & I just started the South Beach diet. Since Somersizing is a very similar concept (similar to Atkins too), I thought I'd check out these recipes. The book explains the concept of cutting out sugar & sugar forming carbohydrates (anything containing white flour). I looked into the other somersizing books & this one really has the best recipes. So far I've only tried a few & they were very delicious. The cream cheese pancakes & balsamic dijon chicken are yummy. I also bought Somersweet, some of the recipes call for it, but you can use Splenda or other sweeteners instead. All of the recipes in this book are appealing as well as healthy. And they are fast & easy to make.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not inspiring
Although I am a big fan of Suzanne's 3 previous cookbooks (not her dessert book) I've been disappointed with this one. Everytime I look through it for possible recipes, nothing gets my attention. If you haven't tried her other cookbooks, get them instead of this one. ... Read more

77. Oldman's Guide To Outsmarting Wine
by Mark Oldman
list price: $18.00
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Asin: 0142004928
Catlog: Book (2004-12-31)
Publisher: Penguin Books
Sales Rank: 3193
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Book Description

For the thousands of people who know nothing about wine and want to rectify thatswiftly and painlessly, Mark Oldman—the "Naked Chef" of wine—is here to helpwith the kind of information readers can use right now:

• Australian Shiraz is the most instantly likable red under $15
• Drink slightly sweet wine with spicy food
• Judge a wine shop by whether it has homemade shelf signs
• Don’t store unopened wine in the refrigerator for more than a week

Loaded with his personal recommendations—including the top 100 wines less than$15—Oldman’s Guide also includes the wine picks of an eclectic mix ofcollectors, from Le Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni to Morley Safer of 60Minutes. This is a wine guide like no other and is sure to be savored byanyone who wants their wine without the attitude. ... Read more

78. Jacques Pepin Fast Food My Way
by Jacques Pepin
list price: $30.00
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Asin: 0618393129
Catlog: Book (2004-09-01)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Sales Rank: 117
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Over time, in his cookbooks, and on his TV series, Jacques Pépin has taught people how to cook simple, fully flavored dishes--food that reflects his French training while embracing American informality. Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way takes this approach one step further by providing 100-plus recipes for a wide range of delicious, meant-to-be fast dishes. These include Stuffed Scallops on Mushroom Rice; Chicken Breasts on Mashed Cauliflower with Red Salsa; Pasta, Ham, and Vegetable Gratin; and Apple, Pecan, and Apricot Crumble. The "my way" of the title can mean the use of time-saving tools (Pépin uses pressure cookers to achieve easy stews like his beef short-rib, mushroom, and potato dish) and convenience foods (canned black bean soup or sweet potatoes for new soup versions). Generally, though, the Pépin approach emphasizes the use of foods that are themselves quickly cooked, like chicken breasts or beef fillet and that can be made flavorful with equally fast-to-fix accompaniments, like his salsa mayonnaise or his tomato-olive sauce.

Fast is, of course, a relative term, and readers will find more than a few dishes in the book that may require more time or attention than they're willing to spend on a daily basis. But overall, the book offers enough easily made recipes, and super-time-saving formulas, like Instant Vegetable Soup, to make it a true cooking resource. --Arthur Boehm ... Read more

79. America's Test Kitchen Live!: The All-New Companion to America's Favorite Public TelevisionCooking Series (America's Test Kitchen)
by Cook's Illustrated, John Burgoyne, Daniel J. Van Ackere, Carl Tremblay
list price: $29.95
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Asin: 0936184825
Catlog: Book (2004-11-30)
Publisher: Boston Common Press
Sales Rank: 3613
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80. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat, High-Protein Recipes to Enjoy in the Weeks, Months and Years after Surgery
by Patt Levine, Michele Bontmpo-Saray, Meredith Urban-Skuros
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.53
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1569244537
Catlog: Book (2004-07-01)
Publisher: Marlowe & Company
Sales Rank: 7169
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

A Whole New and Completely Delicious Way to Eat after Weight Loss Surgery

After her weight loss surgery in 2003, Patt Levine knew she would have to stick to a very restrictive diet, but there had to be something better than the "totally tasteless mush" her post-op food guidelines recommended. Levine put her cooking skills to work and now, in Eating Well after Weight Loss Surgery, she and collaborator Michele Bontempo-Saray offer over 140 original, low-fat, high-protein recipes that taste just as delicious pureed and chopped as they do served whole, so you can enjoy flavorful, satisfying meals through every stage of your post-op eating program and cook for your family and friends—all at the same time. These mouth-watering dishes, which cover everything from breakfast to dessert, include:

Crustless Spinach and Cheese Quiche * BBQ-Baked Chicken * Asian Turkey Dumplings * Cider-Glazed Pork Chops * London Broil with Horseradish Cream Moussaka * Salmon with Creamy Lime-Dill Sauce * Scallops Provencale * Orange-Ginger Tofu * Vegetable Frittata * Southwestern Tomato Soup * No-Noodle Zucchini Lasagna * Basic Cheesecake * Apricot and Strawberry Smoothie

Complete with advice from a certified nutritionist, helpful tips for stocking your pantry and refrigerator, and nutritional analyses for each recipe, Eating Well after Weight Loss Surgery is guaranteed to make eating a true pleasure and help you maintain your weight loss for years to come. ... Read more

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