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1. The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet:
$15.36 $9.50 list($21.95)
2. The Fat Flush Plan
$26.37 $24.79 list($39.95)
3. The Complete Fat Flush Program
$8.21 $5.75 list($10.95)
4. The Fat Flush Foods : The World's
$10.17 $0.83 list($14.95)
5. The Fat Flush Plan Cookbook
$13.57 $7.70 list($19.95)
6. The Fat Flush Cookbook
$7.16 $0.90 list($7.95)
7. The Fat Flush Journal and Shopping
$10.17 $4.11 list($14.95)
8. Before the Change : Taking Charge
$13.57 $5.83 list($19.95)
9. The Fat Flush Fitness Plan
$12.21 $1.96 list($17.95)
10. Ann Louise Gittleman's Eat Fat,
$10.46 $4.70 list($13.95)
11. Living Beauty Detox Program :
$10.17 $1.37 list($14.95)
12. Eat Fat, Lose Weight
$6.29 $4.37 list($6.99)
13. Your Body Knows Best
$10.50 $5.73 list($14.00)
14. Why Am I Always So Tired? : Discover
$9.71 $3.30 list($12.95)
15. Super Nutrition for Menopause
$11.87 $1.87 list($16.95)
16. How to Stay Young and Healthy
$9.71 $1.67 list($12.95)
17. Super Nutrition for Men
$10.17 $0.59 list($14.95)
18. Ann Louise Gittleman's Guide to
$11.86 $7.95 list($13.95)
19. Normal Blood Test Scores Aren't
$10.17 $6.05 list($14.95)
20. Guess What Came to Dinner?: Parasites

1. The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep them off for good
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $19.95
our price: $13.57
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0767920457
Catlog: Book (2005-04-08)
Publisher: Morgan Road Books
Sales Rank: 69
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (26)

5-0 out of 5 stars Results Driven
Well I have to say that I was shocked at the results I received even without exercise and a little cheating while on the detox track, I lost 5 pounds. Now imagine if you keep to the 11 day plan for the detox and do some mild-moderate exercise? The results can be endless!! I also noticed how much clearer my skin has been since on being on the Fast Track detox diet. I am definitely going to continue on the Fast Track!
Christina Rose~*

4-0 out of 5 stars Good Idea, but too much hype
There is one thing that I absolutely agree with Ann Luise - the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to in our daily lives is overwhelming. I think that cleansing our bodies from them ("unchemicalizing ourselves") from time to time is a very good idea. There are several other authors that pointed to this problem in the past. There are also a few who suggested better or worse cleansing solutions. My favorite to date was Mikhail Tombak who offers total body cleansing solutions (starting with the liver, via kidney, intestines, bones and joints, and ending with blood) in one of the chapters of his book Can We Live 150 Years. The other author dealing extensively with this topic in her few books is Hulda Clark. Gittleman's Detox Diet is only a good addition to the anthology. I do, however, have a problem with the "eight pounds weight loss in a day" idea. Isn't this just a little over-promising?

4-0 out of 5 stars Always interesting
Even if it's not quite an overnight diet, there's always something helpful, tips, ideas, tactics, that you can take away from one of Ann Louise Gittleman's books and incorporate into your weight loss approach.

Definitely one for my weight loss library!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars A great "non-diet" way to lose weight AND regain energy!
This is yet another of Ann Louise Gittleman's sound nutritional plans to safely and effectively lose weight AND regain health and energy. Yesterday was my last day of the 11-day Fast Track and I lost a total of 13.5 pounds!! I lost 10 lbs on the prequel, 3.5 lbs on the one-day fast, and maintained during the sequel. I'm thrilled!! I'll be Fast Tracking it every 6-8 weeks because I FEEL GREAT!!

Even during the one-day fast I wasn't really that hungry and I slept great that night and woke up the next morning feeling more rested and energetic than ever...AND 3.5 lbs lighter!! I'm totally amazed at how great I feel and how much weight I lost in 11 days because, honestly, I didn't feel like I went hungry or really did without.

I did give up my beverage of choice, coffee, and did really miss it for a few days. But now I find myself craving cranwater even more than!

I'm going into Gittleman's Fat Flush plan now to continue to lose the remaining 50 lbs I have to lose. I'll combine it with another Fast Track Detox session every few weeks to jumpstart my metabolism and add some variety. This is a very "non-diet" way to lose weight, especially when you have 50+ lbs like I do. As an added bonus is all the energy I have and the fact that I feel healthier than ever at 44!

Thanks for a great plan, once again, Ann Louise!

5-0 out of 5 stars Plateau Buster
What a great experience!I lost 4.5 lbs in the prequel and 3 lbs on the fast day for a total of 7.5 lbs in all.The best news is that was last week and the weight is still off.Thanks Ann Louise!This has helped kick start my weight loss again after being on a stubborn plateau.I plan on doing the fast again next month. ... Read more

2. The Fat Flush Plan
by Ann Louise Gittleman, Barry Sears
list price: $21.95
our price: $15.36
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0071383832
Catlog: Book (2001-12-06)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 1848
Average Customer Review: 4.42 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The keys to overweight are liver toxicity, waterlogged tissues, fear of eating fat, excess insulin, and stress, asserts nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman. Her Fat Flush Plan addresses these problems with a targeted diet.

The Fat Flush Plan, filled with nutritional analysis and detailed explanations, is not a quick read. Despite Gittleman's assertion that the plan is "as easy as 1-2-3," it is quite regimented. No white flour, white sugar, margarine, vegetable shortening, artificial sweeteners, or caffeine. The diet emphasizes essential oils (e.g., flaxseed and GLA), protein (eight ounces or more, plus two eggs a day), vegetables, thermogenic spices (e.g., ginger and cayenne), water, and diuretic beverages (eight glasses/day of diluted, unsweetened cranberry juice). In its first two-week phase, the plan is a rigid, low calorie (1,100-1,200 calories/day), low-carb (no grains or starchy vegetables) diet. Phase two lets you increase your calories to 1,500 and add two "friendly carbs." Phase three, the "lifestyle program," moderately adds more dairy, carbs, and calories. Gittleman promotes walking and recommends strength training in phase three.

The book includes 41 recipes such as Grilled Lamb Chops with Cinnamon and Coriander, Breakfast Egg Fu Yung, and Cumin Sautéed Scallops. The Fat Flush Plan is recommended for dieters willing to commit to a strict plan for weight loss. --Joan Price ... Read more

Reviews (145)

5-0 out of 5 stars Lost Weight and Stayed Off
I'd just like to say that the Fat Flush plan really works! Three months ago, I bough this book on a whim. I tried the Fat Flush plan for 1 week. I did not complete the 2 week program because I got a new job and was moving to a new place. Basically, my routine was thrown off.

The first two days were difficult, I was irritable, and tired due to withdrawal symptoms forewarned by the author. But I pulled through and on the third day, I was feeling fine again. By the end of the week, I had lost 9 pounds! I have never been able to lose this much weight in such a short time in my life. The great thing was that I did not have to miss any meals or spend 4 hours at the gym.

I still have 25 more pounds to go, but I justed wanted Dr. Gittleman to know the most amazing thing. Although I only stuck with the Plan 1 for a week, I have not gained back a single pound even though I am now keeping my diet prior to Fat Flush. It know is not the best practice, which is why I am planning to go back on the Fat Flush Plan very soon.

For those of you who are wondering if this works, please give it a try. I feel that the ingredients in the recipes promote great health and you should do it for your health, if not anything else.

5-0 out of 5 stars So Much More Than Just A Diet!
The book The Fat Flush Plan is amazing! Not only does Ms. Gittleman describe each of the three phases of her weight loss plan in detail - including sample menus, she educates the reader about how the body processes, stores, and burns fat and explains how people are sabotaging their efforts to lose weight in the chapter "Five Hidden Weight Gain Factors." In addition, Ms. Gittleman includes an exercise component, tips for eating out, a master shopping list, some recipes, a frequently asked questions chapter, and a resource section on where to find the Fat Flush ingredients. She does all of this in an easy and caring manner. This plan is so much more than a diet. It truly is a long-term healthy life-style eating plan that will ultimately make you thinner, more energetic, and feel and look younger.

In The Fat Flush Plan, Ms. Gittleman emphasizes the importance of "detox." The liver is one of the key elements to weight loss. It needs to function properly and efficiently. This is why Phase 1 of the plan is so crucial. The detox process cleans out the liver so that it can do its job better. When purging all the "toxins" from the liver and body, there may be some side effects - from mild to severe. At first the side effects may make you feel badly, but after a few days, you will begin to feel better and finally you will feel great! I was one of the lucky ones for the only side effect of the detox process I experienced was a mild headache as a result of eliminating the several diet cokes I consumed in a day.

The Fat Flush Plan can help everyone whether you have just 10 pounds to lose or if you have more than 75 pounds to lose. It has certainly helped me. I had a little bit of extra weight that I just couldn't seem to lose. To date, I have lost 12 pounds and I am back to wearing a size 4, but best of all, I feel wonderful! My sister-in-law has lost around 90 pounds down from a size 24 to a size 10. Even my 20 year old daughter has lost five pounds and reshaped her body in less than three weeks by using the Fat Flush Kit and following Phase 3 of the Plan.

Be sure to check out Ms. Gittleman's web site for additional information and support. She offers an online forum in which people post their tips, recipes, and can ask questions about the plan. To get there, go to then click on "support" at the top of the page. When the new page comes up, click on "Fat Flush Forum" on the left hand side of the page. The Forum will appear. Anyone can view it, but if you would like to participate, you must set up a username and password. It is so quote Ms. Gittleman, "There are no quick fixes - but the Fat Flush Plan comes close."

4-0 out of 5 stars Interesting but Perhaps a Bit Outdated
There is no question that Gittleman has an interesting plan here for weight loss. Her focus is upon purging the liver of toxins in that the liver metabolizes fat and so, if the liver is impaired or sluggish, then the body's ability to lose fat is affected. This is an interesting premise and one that many of the diet specialists who emphasize detoxifying diets strongly support. The main culprit in many of these detoxifying diets is caffeine, and Gittleman is no exception here. She states that caffeine stresses the liver and so should be eliminated--especially in the first 2 weeks of the diet, which are the most restrictive. This book has a 2002 publication date, and the question is whether new research supports this view or not. Actually, no. On May 18, 2004, researchers from the National Institute of Diabetes and of Digestive and Kidney Disease in Bethesda, Maryland and from Yale University made a presentation to the Digestive Disease Week annual conference in New Orleans that confirmed after an extensive study of 5,944 men and women at high rsik for liver injury due to excessive drinking, hepatitis B and C, obseity, or impaired sugar metabolism that caffeine actually reduced the risk of liver damage. In other words, caffeine was actually good for the liver! As the researchers pointed out, several other studies had confirmed this same finding that "people at high risk for liver problems can reduce their risk by drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages." So, so much for that part of Gittleman's fat flush program.
That said, though, she does offer an interesting diet plan that probably will create weight loss--primarily because it is fairly low in calories for the first phase (the most stringent one) and because it is jam-packed with good foods, from the essential fatty acids (EFAs) in flaxseed to the two servings of fruits a day required. That plus you can eat unlimited amounts of most green vegetables, which will keep you feeling full and also give you lots of vitamins and minerals. She also restricts your daily protein intake to no more than 8 ouces a day, plust two eggs. This limit on the amount of protein guarantees that your body will not convert excess protein to sugar (through the process of gluconeogenesis, also called glycolysis) and thus undo your weight loss regimen of fat burning for fuel. She does emphasize that you must eat 2 eggs a day every day (which of course you must prepare without butter) and avoid ALL dairy products in order to lose weight. The 2 eggs a day reduce belly fat, she says, which may have more to do with that eggs are high in lecithin, which is a fat emulsifier and thus helps break down fat. So you may wish to take lecithin as a supplement in place of the eggs or to amplify their effects. And you drink a lot of water with unsweetened cranberry juice added, and you rule out nearly all diet foods and beverages in that you can only have Stevia as your sweetener. This actually is a good idea as there are concerns about aspartame (Nutra Sweet) and saccharin (Sweet 'n Low) from numerous studies, and some new studies alaso raise questions about sucralose (Splenda). Her plan is very detailed and seems to have a good basis in fact, except for here and there. There are oddities--like she says don't eat high starch vegetables, like potatoes and carrots, and then she has one carrot a day as a possibility for your vegetable selections. Also, she is a strong advocate of using conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as a supplement, while Jonny Bowden in Living the Low-Carb Life: From Atkins to the Zone says there are concerns about CLA and don't use it. And Bowden cites new studies on flaxseeds as having an adverse effect on men's health by contributing to enlarged prostates, so Bowden encourages caution for men--but not women--in using flaxseed products. Even so, he gives Gittleman's diet a 5 star (highest) rating--so go figure. One other thing I find odd is that in the list of unlimited vegetables, Gittleman includes some that seldom make the list because they are high on the glycemic index and have quite a bit of sugar--such as tomatoes (actually a fruit) and okra. Overall, though, it appears that this diet could be a healthy one, especially for people who have lived on high amounts of sugar and processed carbohydrates. And definitely switching away from those products to more healthy and lower-calorie ones will aid weight loss, too. And because Gittleman's diet, while not actually saying so directly, is one that favors a low consumption of saturated fats, it may well find more favor with doctors and dieters concerned about saturated fats--even though the research strongly indicates that saturated fats are not the problem, but the consumption of saturated fats in conjunction with highly processed carbohydrates is. In other words, the average American diet of junk food and little else.

2-0 out of 5 stars Left me wanting more....
I needed either a lot more time or a personal chef to adhere to this diet. The recipes are tasty, but very labor intensive, and the demand for all fresh and often exotic veggies plus lots of fish, steak and chicken made this expensive. I did lose weight for the few days I was able to stay on the diet, but I was constantly hungry (and therefore grumpy) so my family made me stop the whole thing. I do like cranberry juice in my water, though.

5-0 out of 5 stars looking at it from another viewpoint
Many of the ideas in this book are good; getting off of coffee, regularly drinking an anti-oxident rich drink, etc. If it's too much for you to sustain, -do it when you can-. Unlike diets that don't focus on health, a week here and there will combine to improve your health along with a healthy weight loss. ... Read more

3. The Complete Fat Flush Program
by Ann LouiseGittleman
list price: $39.95
our price: $26.37
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0071415130
Catlog: Book (2002-11-27)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 6087
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars These books taught a fat, tired old dog new tricks ...
What a bargain these are for someone who is serious about losing weight and getting healthier. I purchased them one at a time as they came out and I lost more than 50 lbs.

In my 60s, I had long ago given up hope of having a slim, trim figure. I had given up so much that my weight had moved up to well over 200 lbs. Then I discovered Fat Flush. It not only helped me lose weight but from the beginning I felt better, swollen ankles and lots of aches were gone. I've never been on an eating plan that has been so successful.

I've now been on it 20 months, and while there are times I get a craving or so, I'm not tired of it. I've really learned to appreciate the natural flavors of vegetables and simply cooked meats. I always loved fruit. And, if you want to get fancy, there are lots of ideas in the main book and the cookbook.

The journal is handy not only to record your eating habits and feelings, but it has a concise shopping list for all phase of the plan in the back. This is an easy size to carry with you.

I've been discussing the plan on line with others who have been on it since the beginning. It works for those who have a few pounds or lots to lose, and more importantly for many, changes destructive eating habits. The supplements and special foods (cranberry juice and flax oil) are readily available in most places in the States, and really seem to kick it the plan's benefits a notch.

5-0 out of 5 stars Go For It!
I treated myself to this book for Christmas knowing it's a bad time of year to take on weight loss. It's packed with useful, sometimes little-known, information that takes more than one read to grasp. Bottom line: it works beautifully, even in January. I suggest you read the book all the way through before starting the diet regimine, locate the health food stores and check them out for items you will need frequently, and go for it. I found that if I prepared my breakfast and lunch the night before and took them to work to reheat in the microwave, I stayed true to plan. Slightly undercook the egg dishes at home and the reheat process will finish them just right. The program is expensive to start, but tapers off once you accumulate some of the items. (I justify all of it easily because I know I have treated my car better than I have treated my liver!) If you don't have the spices on the shelf, buy the smallest bottle you can until you know you will use them again and again; not to mention the freshness factor. The supplements make a huge difference...I'm OFF ZOLOF! My doctor actually prescribed it for energy instead of good nutrition. Which brings me to my last comment: Imagine, a diet book written by a nutritionist...what a novel idea!

5-0 out of 5 stars Golly!!! It really works!!!
Tomorrow I begin Phase 3 of the program, and I must say that I am blown away at the results!!! I stumbled on this book while webshopping one day, and just decided, 'What the heck.' Within the first week, I felt what I can only describe as a 'light feeling' -- as if something that was clogging my body finally was released. By P1W2 (Phase 1 Week 2) I had lost at least 1 inch in my stomach -- my problem area. By P2W1 even my co-workers noticed the difference. Clothes that I could not button or zipper up a month prior were now fitting me. By the end of P2W1, the thick allergy-related dark circles under my eyes cleared up by 75%, and overall my allergies did not bother me anywhere near the extent they used to. I just want to add that I saw results, and have not even started a fitness training program yet... I will admit that I followed 95% of the program. I used small amounts of salt just for flavor where necessary, and have even eaten some things that are not FF (Fat Flush) approved. Yet I NEVER felt terrible or felt as if I wanted to give up on the program because I STILL got results that were so wonderful that I didn't want to stop. At first it is very hard to give up the carbs, and even now I have my cravings, but the good thing about this program is that I know that I can satisfy those cravings, but in a healthy way and I can enjoy the things that I like to eat, but without going overboard and without becoming addicted again to the carbs!!! I would recommend this book/program to anyone. It was surely a wonderful addition to my life!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars My Fat Flush Plan Success Story
I do not know where to begin other than to tell you that this plan has SAVED MY LIFE!!! It has taken an overweight, tired, sick, and unhealthy woman and provided her with the knowledge and tools that have helped to transform her into a healthy, happy, energized, lucious woman.... heavy emphasis on the "healthy" aspect.

I have had a weight issue since I was 12 or 13. Always turned to food for love, for comfort, for solice, for excitement, for passion, for.... you name it! And I've done every "diet" under the sun... including, but not limited to, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, Over-Eaters Anonymous, hypnosis, behavior modification, .... basically everything except jaw wiring (which I once checked into) and stomach stapling (which I also investigated).

Last fall, while watching a football game, I overheard the announcer referring to one of the players as "a big guy.... 6'2" amd 235 lbs".... well I was 236 and certainly NOT 6 feet tall... it was, as Oprah calls it, my "lightbulb" moment. I knew I had to change my life or I was going to die. I am the mother of a 15 year old boy who needs his mother in his life and I was not going to be around long if I continued living the way I was.

I started doing the Atkin's diet, and I liked the "low-carb" philosophy that he espoused, especially liked reading his "Age Defying Diet Revolution" book. But, overall the Atkin's diet left me feeling "heavy", constipated, kind of lathargic and overall felt basically unhealthy.

Then, after telling a friend about my concerns with Atkin's, she told me about FFP in late May. Just hearing her talk about it made so much sense that I immediately went out and bought the book, cookbook and journal. (I've never been one to keep a journal, but I just started journal number five a few weeks ago.) I had seen Ann Louise Gittleman not long before that on Dr. Phil talking about perimenopause, and her newest book called "Before the Change", and sat there taking notes a mile a minute. She just made so much sense..... but I didn't put 2 and 2 together and figure out that she was that woman on Dr. Phil until I did a search of her books at the local library when initially looking for the FFP, and when I saw "Before the Change" on the list of her books, everything clicked!!

Since the first week of June, I have lost approximately 65 lbs, and still have 36 more to go.

But, far beyond the weight loss issue is the fact that I have become a healthy person. I live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am a role model for friends, family, coworkers, and even perfect strangers that I meet. I have joked that I am like a Fat Flush evangelist. I even bought 4 extra copies of the book and 2 extra cookbooks, and created my own little FFP lending library so that I can lend them out to others to get them started. I have numerous friends who are now Fat Flushing.... all of them with success.

Just as a side note.... I have purchased and read nearly ALL of her books. I especially liked "Eat Fat, Lose Weight". It all just made so much sense to me. I even bought "Super Nutrition for Men" for my husband to read. I have a little bookcase in my kitchen that I keep cookbooks and the like in, but I have one shelf devoted to my ALG books.

I am very appreciative for what the Fat Flush Plan has done for me, my life, my family, my spirit, my outward and inward beauty, but most of all, I am thankful for my increased good health and overall sense of well-being and the knowledge that I can succeed at anything I really want to do, if I have the right information and the proper tools..... as I said at the beginning of this letter... it has CHANGED MY LIFE!!

Thank you from the bottom of my bottom for everything this plan has done for me and all of the Fat Flushers around the world.

Jamie Zayach
Sandy, Utah

3-0 out of 5 stars Effective, but lots of detailed work!
I've been only able to implement a few things. And this is from someone who has lost 60 lbs in two years. I really do like the whole program. However, you need lots of time to figure it out, if not a personal assistant to set it up for you. ... Read more

4. The Fat Flush Foods : The World's Best Foods, Seasonings, and Supplements to Flush the Fat From Every Body
by Ann LouiseGittleman, Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $10.95
our price: $8.21
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0071440682
Catlog: Book (2004-04-23)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 19477
Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

The Fat Flush Foods: The World's Best Foods, Seasonings, and Supplements to Flush the Fat From Every Body

Everything you need to know about the top fifty Fat Flushing foods

The New York Times bestselling The Fat Flush Plan is helping millions lose weight, cleanse their bodies, and lead healthier lives by eating foods that flush away fat while building vitality and strength. Now The Fat Flush Foods highlights the "super" foods, herbs, spices, and supplements that help you speed up fat loss and reap maximum health benefits. The Fat Flush Foods features:

  • The Top 50 Super Foods that burn fat, boost your metabolism, and detoxify your body while controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • The best thermogenic culinary herbs and spices-including ginger, cayenne, mustards, anise, fennel, and cinnamon
  • The latest research on the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of these foods
  • Tips that make fat flushing easy, economical, and delicious
... Read more

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Really Good Book--With One Small Exception
This is an extremely helpful book whether you are using it with Gittleman's Fat Flush Program or if you use it alone for information on healthy eating. It is easy to use in that it lists foods by categories--like Fruits or Vegetables--and then alphabetizes within each category. A very good index is included so you can search for foods and topics, as well as a good section on references to articles and medical studies that support what Gittleman is saying. And of great value, too, is a section called "Fat Flush Support and Resources" that directs you to additional books and Internet sources for support groups, for products you can order, and for discussion groups.
Gittleman is a very thorough and clear writer, and so this book is easy to follow and to use. Her emphasis is upon "50 Super Foods" that burn fat and boost your metabolism and also control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. She provides a detailed discussion that includes information on what chemical components of each food do in the body and what specific positive effects each food provides. Gittelman's emphasis in all her books is upon detoxifying the liver, so nearly all of these discussions explain how a particular food affects that process.
A very nice aspect of each section on a food is that Gittleman has marked each food in terms of whether it functions as (1) a Blood Sugar Stabilizer, or (2)a Cholesterol Zapper, or (3) a Detoxifier, or (4) a Diuretic, or (5) and Energizer, or (6) a Thermogenic--or some combination of these. These designations are very helpful in that they are printed in a box under the food's name, and so if you are looking for foods that lower cholesterol, for example, you can search through and find just the foods that do that. The only small breakdown in this sytem is that occasionally a food will not have a particular designation listed in the box, but yet, if you read the description of the food and its effects that Gittleman provides, you will sometimes find that information in the description. For example, Coriander, Garlic, and Ginger do not have Cholesterol Lowering listed in their boxes, yet they are described in the text as great at lowering cholesterol. I think this is one small problem with this book, and a small disappointment, but certainly not enough of a problem for me not to recommend the book highly. However, it is especially odd with Garlic, which is one of the major cholesterol lowering foods. And one other oddity that I noticed. On the front cover along the bottom is a row of pictures of foods, including one of an avocado half. Yet there is no mention of avocados anywhere in the text or in the index. Go figure--especially since Gittleman opens her discussion of "Good Fats" in her cookbook and in several other books by talking about the great health benefits of avocados. Odd indeed. However, this is still a great book for learning about the best foods, seasonings, and supplements for flushing fat from the body, so I recommend it to you highly.

4-0 out of 5 stars Health Diet
I read the whole Fat Flush Diet books including the cookbooks. They have alot of very interesting imformation in them. I consider myself pretty healthwise and read up on new exercises, vitamins and diets plans. This one seems very healthy, but you really have to take it seriously, Plans must be made to change your bad eating habits. You have to start thinking health from the start. No more of those run in and get a quick bite at the drive thru's. I thought the "no coffee" would do me in, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad. I did try the all natural coffee they talk about. It wasn't bad, but a little expensive and again hard to keep in stock in my kitchen. I lost weight and felt very good, but I live alone and have no others to worry about when it comes to dinner time.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Fat Flush Foods
This book is excellent and a must for everyone who wants to zero in on the benefits of the top 50 Fat Flushing foods. I have been following the Fat Flush program for over 6 months now,and have lost over 67 pounds. I have all the Fat Flush books and still found this book to be a "keeper". I recommend this book to everyone, whether they are on the Fat Flush program or just want to live and eat healthy. This book is easy to read and understand. In addition, it helps me incorporate healthy food choices when preparing foods for my family.

4-0 out of 5 stars Lots of fun and good information for Fat Flushers and others
I'd give this five stars, except that it's just not that "big" of a book. But if you are a fan of Fat Flush, or just want to learn more about some foods that can make your life healthier and happier, this is well worth reading.

Good reference, too. And very easy to read. Plus lots of ideas of how to add, use, choose and keep the 50 foods described.

5-0 out of 5 stars An Awesome Companion to the Fat Flush Plan!
Ann Louise has done it again! As someone who has lost...and kept off...90 pounds with the Fat Flush Plan, I love this new book. It is full of great information about 50 of the best foods, beverages, herbs, spices and supplements to help people get (and stay) trim and healthy. The book is well organized and easy to read. It is filled with great practical tips that are helping me save time in the kitchen AND save money at the grocery store. After two years of eating the Fat Flush way, I'm picking up some great new ideas for how to be a better, more efficient Fat Flush cook.

This book would be great for anyone interested in healthy eating...even those who have never tried the Fat Flush Plan. I recommend it enthusiastically!! ... Read more

5. The Fat Flush Plan Cookbook
by Ann LouiseGittleman, Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $14.95
our price: $10.17
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0071433678
Catlog: Book (2003-11-14)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 18434
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Book Description


The popular weight-loss program now has a companion cookbook

"(Ann Louise Gittleman's) rundown of the therapeutic and culinary benefits of her favorite 25 cooking herbs makes a perfect introduction to her popular nutritional philosophy."--Natural Health Magazine

The Fat Flush Cookbook contains more than 200 recipes using fat-flushing foods and featuring the thermogenic herbs and spices--including ginger, cayenne, mustard, anise, fennel, and cinnamon--introduced in the popular diet program The Fat Flush Plan. This indispensable cookbook can be used as either a standalone volume or a companion book.

This tasty, heart-smart volume includes:

  • Time-saving, one-dish dinners
  • Packable lunches
  • Vegetarian-friendly ideas
  • Recipes with delicious and unique fat burning herbs and spices
  • An extended list of name brands suitable for Fat Flushing

In addition, The Fat Flush Cookbook shares new research explaining why certain Fat Flush staples speed up fat loss and provide profound detoxifying benefits while protecting overall health. Key ingredients such as lean proteins, phytonutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, psyllium, lemons, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, thermogenic herbs and spices, high-protein whey, stevia, cooking broths, and more are prominently featured in these delicious recipes. Cranberries, for example, which are now ranked among the best health foods we can consume, are an essential component to the success of Fat Flushers everywhere, and The Fat Flush Cookbook provides creative ways to enjoy this delicacy--along with tips on simple ways to sneak all these staples into existing favorites without making any major adjustments.

With delicious recipes, Fat Flushing information, and meal choices to suit every lifestyle, The Fat Flush Cookbook is perfect for the millions of Fat Flushers around the country.

... Read more

6. The Fat Flush Cookbook
by Ann LouiseGittleman
list price: $19.95
our price: $13.57
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0071407944
Catlog: Book (2002-11-25)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 22083
Average Customer Review: 3.86 out of 5 stars
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Book Description


The popular weight-loss program now has a companion cookbook

"(Ann Louise Gittleman's) rundown of the therapeutic and culinary benefits of her favorite 25 cooking herbs makes a perfect introduction to her popular nutritional philosophy."--Natural Health Magazine

The Fat Flush Cookbook contains more than 200 recipes using fat-flushing foods and featuring the thermogenic herbs and spices--including ginger, cayenne, mustard, anise, fennel, and cinnamon--introduced in the popular diet program The Fat Flush Plan. This indispensable cookbook can be used as either a standalone volume or a companion book.

This tasty, heart-smart volume includes:

  • Time-saving, one-dish dinners
  • Packable lunches
  • Vegetarian-friendly ideas
  • Recipes with delicious and unique fat burning herbs and spices
  • An extended list of name brands suitable for Fat Flushing

In addition, The Fat Flush Cookbook shares new research explaining why certain Fat Flush staples speed up fat loss and provide profound detoxifying benefits while protecting overall health. Key ingredients such as lean proteins, phytonutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, psyllium, lemons, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, thermogenic herbs and spices, high-protein whey, stevia, cooking broths, and more are prominently featured in these delicious recipes. Cranberries, for example, which are now ranked among the best health foods we can consume, are an essential component to the success of Fat Flushers everywhere, and The Fat Flush Cookbook provides creative ways to enjoy this delicacy--along with tips on simple ways to sneak all these staples into existing favorites without making any major adjustments.

With delicious recipes, Fat Flushing information, and meal choices to suit every lifestyle, The Fat Flush Cookbook is perfect for the millions of Fat Flushers around the country.

... Read more

Reviews (7)

1-0 out of 5 stars The most frustrating cookbook ever written.
I was looking forward to using this book to get started on the Fat Flush Plan. Unfortunately, I now need to buy another book entitled "The Fat Flush Plan" to actually get the plan. My mistake. This book is supposed to be a cookbook filled with receipts that conform to the Fat Flush continuing program.

The problem is that, while the receipts may or may not be any good (see review from May 30, 2003), the book cannot be used for reference, as say, OTHER COOKBOOKS! Want to look up a recipe the sour cream substitute? You won't be able to find it in the index or table of contents. Want the author's recipe for yogurt dip? Good luck -- there are no listings for yogurt in the index AT ALL! How about a recipe involving nuts? You guessed it, NOTHING!

The recipes are complex and time consuming. For example, if a recipe calls for catsup, it means Fat Flush catsup you made from scratch. But if you need to whip some up in a hurry, you're out of luck. There is no listing for catsup in the index. You need to go through the entire book -- page by page -- until you find it. (I'm not joking!)

Also see review from May 30, 2003.

5-0 out of 5 stars Even with the negatives still deserves five stars ....
OK ... at the price of being whiney there are a few things that bug me starting with the name of the program or book ... The Fat Flush Cookbook ... gimme a break the toilet imagry was probably an in your face decision by the author .. Certainy sections of the book that practically describe what a knife or a wooden spoon is are over the top, trust me I don't think that this book is meant for people that are not wholly and totally comfortable in the kitchen ... the fact that as a cookbook there are no pictures to show meal presentation is a total bummer for me that's for sure ...

OK so this is not the kind of book that you want to read from cover to cover as the plot thickens, or should I say the sauce thickens .... but ... there are sections that make it worth the price alone ...

First .. chapter one and two that expalin the concept and process of the diet is very good and if you tie it in with your general knowledge of outher diet plans such of the 'Sugar Busters Diet' it is excellent ...

Then chapetr 3 is filler telling you that you'll need spoons and pots to be able to cook

Chapter four is absolutely fabulous since it describes the impotance and historically forgotten banefits of most of the important herbs and spices in your kitchen... I have a copy of that section right beside my spice rack as we speak ...

Lastly, the recepies, the reader should be very discerning and pick the one's that would be appealing and necesary... How to make sugar free catsup is super ... hot chocolate and even dishes using cardamon seeds are great ...

The book is a little pricy if you only buy it and put it on the shelf for some future project, but if you have the time and inclination to pick out what you want, well, then it's well worth it ....

5-0 out of 5 stars Get the Cookbook!
The Fat Flush Cookbook is an excellent companion to the Fat Flush Diet. Anyone who complains that Fat Flush food is bland or boring will be surprised by these tasty dishes that even your whole family will love. My husband especially liked Tangy Chicken with Tomatillos. There are spice mixes to perk up your food. Especially nice is the section on "meal in one" dishes and easy-packed lunches. There's even two pages of speedy no-recipe snacks.

1-0 out of 5 stars Does anyone edit books anymore?
Having tried the Fat Flush Plan successfully, I was excited to buy the Fat Flush Cookbook. What a disappointment! The chapters that describe the plan are not coherent, and the information contradicts and repeats itself. In several places, Gittelman refers you to Chapter 14 for information on tools and resources. However, Chapter 14 (with a different title than the references) includes none of the tools and seems to be a sales description for the company selling her vitamin package. Also the recipes need editing to confirm the right ingredients are listed and to make sure the recipe correctly describes what to do with ALL of the ingredients.

Some recipes are good, such as the mashed potates substitutes from cauliflower and some quick soups. However, I already had those recipes from another book and the web site. The new recipes I tried were a waste of time and tasted awful. Two cloves of garlic in 4 salmon cakes certainly eliminates the fish taste! The recipe for marinated shrimp involves lots of chopped vegetables for a marinade that you apparently throw away. I can get the same taste with the herbs in a crab boil mix and save an hour. And the recipe for "carrots and snow peas with parsley" is described at the top as being a great basil-flavored vegetable.

This book was obviously written in a hurry to hit the market while interest in the Fat Flush Plan is peaking.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Diet + The Cookbook = Real Weightloss!
I started the Fat Flush Diet Plan less than 30 days ago and am happy to report a weight loss of 27lbs. in that short time frame! This cookbook is essential if you wish to follow the Fat Flush Plan! This diet is not totally easy if you really value the addition of salt or butter, but really effective! Flax oil is a primary ingredient and I believe it does promote weight loss in addition to many other health benefits, but it is not at all tasty, in my opinion. Try the mock mashed potatoes, using a cauliflower puree and several of the breakfast suggestions (eggs are vital to success), plus the smoothie recipes and you will lose weight and (most importantly, inches) in a short period of time! This book contains many delicious and health smart recipes, using ingredients you may previously have discounted, and the diet plan works. After a month on the plan, I craved salt on my entrees more than anything else, but I did lose a great deal of weight and inches and truly recommend the diet plan and cookbook to anyone committed to real weight loss and helpful insights to healthy eating. ... Read more

7. The Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide
by Ann LouiseGittleman
list price: $7.95
our price: $7.16
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Asin: 0071414975
Catlog: Book (2002-12-05)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 50988
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Book Description


The Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide is an inspiring companion to help readers along the path to weight loss and healthy eating. This six-week journal:

Tracks meals, supplements, and exercise Helps people through stressful and celebratory times of the program by writing Includes daily motivational messages Has weekly reflection pages for recording progress, weight, and future goals

Following the journal is a shopping list section to help readers shop effectively for fat-flushing foods. With all-in-one checklists with foods for all three phases of the program, this companion to The Fat Flush Plan makes losing weight and keeping healthy easier than ever before.

... Read more

8. Before the Change : Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $14.95
our price: $10.17
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0060560878
Catlog: Book (2004-01-01)
Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco
Sales Rank: 131154
Average Customer Review: 4.61 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Learn How You Can head off Depression and Mood Swings, Weight Shifts, Erratic Sleep, Memory Loss, and Other Changes Leading to Menopause

Take charge of your perimenopause simply, safely, and naturally! This breakthrough book details a gentle incremental program for understanding your own changes and offers a wide range of options for taking care of yourself. By following the author's proven techniques for controlling the symptoms of perimenopause, you can continue to feel great through this vital phase of your life.

With this essential do-it-yourself program, you can say good-bye to hormone havoc and sail through your perimenopause, the period of about ten years leading up to menopause, by understanding and controlling its symptoms.

Before the Change ...

  • clearly explains the symptoms of perimenopause and offers a self-diagnosis quiz;
  • details safe and natural alternatives to hormone therapy, including healing vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural hormones
  • gives you a powerful Changing Diet, with tips and recipes for foods that prevent and alleviate symptoms

This revised and updated edition includes:

  • an expanded section on the pros and cons of soy as a natural phytoestrogen;
  • an expanded discussion of hypothyroidism and how this is connected to hormonal imbalances as well as the best natural treatments;
  • a full discussion on the ramifications of the halted Women's Health Initiative HRT study in July of 2002, i.e., how to wean yourself off of the synethetic hormones and what other herbal, lifestyle, and diet options and modifications there are for women who have had a hysterectomy, have risk factors or a history of breast cancer, osteoporosis, or heart disease
... Read more

Reviews (38)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Lifesaver!
This book was a lifesaver! Shortly after turning 47, I experienced severe bloating, severe cramps, extremely heavy flow and frequent periods. I was so bloated I could not wear my ring, could not zip up my pants and the fold in my eyelid drooped down. My uterus felt so heavy, I felt as though it hung between my knees. My period was so heavy, I could not go to work, stayed in bed on a towel and went to the bathroom every 1/2 hour to change pads and tampons. I researched the internet and found black cohosh and progesterone cream which helped a little. It was not until I went to Women and Children First, a bookstore in Chicago, and requested books on perimenopause that I found Ann Gittleman's book, "Before the Change". I immediately read it and began her recommended vitamin and herbal supplements. I began to feel like myself within 2 weeks. The bloating is gone and my periods are almost back to normal after 4 months of supplements. I recommended her book to all my forty something friends.

5-0 out of 5 stars Every woman over the age of 35 needs to read this book!
I almost returned this book when, as I was thumbing through it, I saw something about evening primrose oil. I thought it might be too off the wall, then I started reading. I have tried only two of Ms. Gittleman's "Peri-Zappers" and I can't remember when I last felt this good. It's like a miracle! What I can't understand is why no educated physician would tell me my symptoms may be due to a lack of progesterone or a magnesium deficiency. Do yourself a favor ladies and BUY THIS BOOK. It is well organized and easy to read. Each possible perimenopause problem is thoroughly explained in plain language. Once you understand what symptoms correlate to which perimenopause problem, you can make a determination about your own issues. Then, Ms. Gittleman presents a solution of either diet, supplements or both. She even recommends specific products and tells you where to buy them. This book has literally changed my life. I have struggled with horrible "PMS" symptoms for years, and one week with this book and I feel like a new woman. I HIGHLY recommend it and wish you all the renewed vigor I'm feeling.

2-0 out of 5 stars Good Book, But....
I had to downgrade this book from four to two stars because of the author's frequent promotion of particular brands, such as Uni Key. Perhaps it's a pet peeve, perhaps it's just rampant raging hormones, but I've always been driven nuts by that particular practice. I also found the plugs for her other books a bit tedious.
Having said that, the information contained in this book jives with what I've read in others about perimenopause - all of which I've purchased in the past several days. (I'd highly recommend "The Change Before the Change" by Laura E Corio, MD. It does a much better job of explaining the medical underpinnings of what we're all experiencing.)
I have not yet begun the recommended regimine of supplements; it will be interesting to see if what she and others propose actually work.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Must-Read For Every Woman Over 40
This was one of the best books that I have read. Prior to reading this book, I knew my body was feeling different but did not understand some of the symptoms and was not quite sure how I would explain them to a doctor. Well, now I don't need to. I took some of the advice on the Peri-Zapper's and within days I had more energy, my mood was better and I was sleeping like a baby again. I really believe that if I had gone to see a doctor I would have been on various medications which would not have got to the root of my problems.

Ann Louise Gittleman has outlined important information that every woman over 40 should know! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and this book can be a great start for gaining the knowledge and power to take control of your health. Too few doctors have this knowledge or want it, so a woman must have it so she can discuss it with a doctor who is comfortable with nutrition and health. Dr. Edward Conley author SAFE ESTROGEN: REDUCE YOUR BREAST CANCER RISK BY 90% ... Read more

9. The Fat Flush Fitness Plan
by Ann LouiseGittleman, JoanieGreggains
list price: $19.95
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0071423125
Catlog: Book (2003-11-21)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 26585
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The Fat Flush Fitness Plan, written by a powerhouse team, offers Joanie Greggains' detailed exercise program, designed to complement Ann Louise Gittleman'sThe Fat Flush Plan. Gittleman is a high-profile nutritionist, frequently featured in the media. Veteran fitness expert Greggains, author of Fit Happens, hosted television's long-running "Morning Stretch" and leads 15 workout videos. Greggains emphasizes low-impact aerobics, weight training, stretching, more sleep, and calmer living. The eating program (you'll need Gittleman's other books for the details) hinges on Gittleman's premise that "cleansing the liver and the lymphatic system is absolutely crucial for physical health, weight loss, and an overall sense of well-being." This isn't a quick-fix program, but a long-term, lifestyle change including yoga, walking or rebounding, strength training with a weighted ball, stretching, lymphatic massage, and aromatherapy baths. Start with Phase 1: "Detox, Start Moving--and Relax"; add strength training in Phase 2: "Build Lean Muscle Mass"; increase cardio and change the strength routine in Phase 3: "Lymph-Fit/Compound Strength and Stretching Plan." All phases present a step-by-step, clearly illustrated exercise program. The book is nicely designed, with clear photographs, boxed tips, write-in questionnaires, pledges, and a sample journal.--Joan Price ... Read more

Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars If you HATE to exercise, this book's for YOU!
Ya hafta love a book (Fat Flush Fitness Plan) that advises you to take a long, scented, therapeutic bath three times a week as an aid to appetite suppression! (I'm sooooooooo there!)(page 165)
And dry skin brushing! I mean, who knew?! Since starting this regimen, my skin is soft as silk AND I have the added smug knowledge that this routine aids the lymphatic system in flushing fat!
Add to these activities some yoga, stretching, rebounding, and cardio workout and you have a varied, supportive exercise regimen that seems more like fun than a chore. (Let's face it, there's no such thing as a too tight [rear]!)
Bottom line: this is a smart book. You NEED this book! You WANT this book! You DESERVE this book!5-0 out of 5 stars Not only the best fitness book but gives you so much more!
This book was well written and easy to read. Finally a fitness plan that works in harmony with your body and your total overall health. I like that the book not only goes in detail (including pictures ) about the fitness plan but also includes important information about cleansing our lymphatic system, reducing stress, eating well and giving us the knowledge and tools to create a healthy body from within as well as being fit on the outside. It complements my other book the fat flush plan,lost 45 lbs. Thanks for turning my size 14 body to size 5!

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally an exercise book that makes sense!
As a fan and successful follower of the Fat Flush Plan, I've been awaiting this new fitness book, with trepidation. Exercise doesn't come easy for me but this plan is sensible, measured, balanced and totally do-able.

What I really appreciate are the detailed explanations of why certain types of exercise work best with the plan. There are also good descriptions of the exercises, with illustrations. I won't go into detail about what's in the book, as the descriptions above cover that.

I look forward to adding this to my eating plan to continue with my weight loss and unbelievable health improvements. ... Read more

10. Ann Louise Gittleman's Eat Fat, Lose Weight Cookbook
by Ann LouiseGittleman, AnnCastro, ClaudiaKrevat
list price: $17.95
our price: $12.21
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0658012207
Catlog: Book (2001-03-27)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 163682
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Ann Louise Gittleman’s Eat Fat, Lose Weight Cookbook--the companion to the bestselling Eat Fat, Lose Weight--includes 150 recipes for delicious dishes which will not only speed up the metabolism but will also help lower the risk of heart attacks, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, breast cancer, even PMS. The robust flavors and heady aromas of the recipes included in this groundbreaking book will delight the palate and put the pleasure back into healthy eating.

... Read more

11. Living Beauty Detox Program : The Revolutionary Diet for Each and Every Season of a Woman's Life
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $13.95
our price: $10.46
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0062516280
Catlog: Book (2001-05-01)
Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco
Sales Rank: 28651
Average Customer Review: 4.64 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

SPRING -- time to rejuvenate. Leafy green vegetables, dandelion root tea, dill, mint, and chlorophyll-rich parsley cleanse the system, balance energy, and aid digestion.

SUMMER -- an active season. Rose hips tea, garlic, cayenne pepper, and oregano, along with the Living Beauty Elixir, promote vitality, make the heart strong, and increase nutrient absorption.

AUTUMN -- time for inward reflection and preparation for the darkness of winter. Fenugreek tea and warming foods and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg protect the lungs, aid in elimination, and boost the immune system, leaving you with vibrant skin.

WINTER -- a season of stillness and rest. Getting enough sleep and eating cooked or warm foods spiced with ginger sustains body heat and immunity.

... Read more

Reviews (14)

5-0 out of 5 stars Time for Living Beautifully!
I read The Living Beauty Detox Program and began the outlined programs approximately two months ago. I start every day with the "Living Beauty Elixer" and fiber cleanse supplement recommended in the book. This book establishes specific detox and diet programs for every season as well as an overall system detox called the Fat Flush. This program has been extremely successful for me and I continue to feel better every day without any major detoxification side effects! The Living Beauty Detox Program is an excellent read and is complete in its recommendations and how-tos. A definite MUST READ for anyone concerned with their well-being and overall health.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Living Beauty Detox Program
What a valuable and exciting book to learn how to have beauty from the inside out. There are so many helpful ideas to look prettier and become healthier at the same time. I love the simplicity of the detox diet plans. I have started the one for Spring and I already look five years younger. I have had the opportunity to meet Ann Louise on several occasions and she is a living example of this program - she has flawless skin and looks about 25 years old. Ann Louise is a gifted author with a knack for finding the latest and best information to help me stay healthy. This book is a must read and must do. I am telling all my friends about it.

1-0 out of 5 stars Disappointed
This is not a detox plan! I am very disappointed in this book, I gave up reading half way through, so my comments do not relate to chapter 8 onwards.

My main concern with this book is I cannot see how a detox plan could include eating meat and eggs, that being one of the main causes of heart disease and possibly linked to cancers such as colon cancer. Yes, of course everyone needs to eat the correct amount of protein every day but does everyone need that high dose of cholesterol found in all meat/poulty? (...)I believe that the author's concern is that a diet low in animal protein would not contain enough zinc (to counteract high estrogen levels) - it is perfectly possible to get enough zinc from a no animal protein diet, eat plenty of asparagus, collards, corn, mushrooms, okra, peas, spinach, aduki beans, etc. (...)I believe the reason this book is popular are that the author has cleverly tailored her detox diets to suit everyone without them having to make too many radical changes - she makes you think you are detoxing, I think the results you will see will be largely psychological.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great book
I tried this book in an effort to get back on track. There is a diet for each season and a fat flush diet. I lost inches in weeks on the fat flush. Believe me and try it, I have no reason to lie this book truly worked for me.

5-0 out of 5 stars You'll Never Go Back
I found "The Living Beauty Detox Program" while searching for another detox book that my friend recommended. In the spirit of seasonal detox-ing, I purchased this book in lieu of the other. I was only planning on going through a program during the month of March since, according to some nutritionists, spring is the ultimate time for detoxification. Ann Louise, however, has introduced us to detoxification for *every* season, ie each season has its own appropriate diet. I've been on this program for 3 weeks (2 weeks detox, 1 week maintenance) and have never felt better. I'll be perfectly honest and tell you that I have not followed this diet to a "t" -- that simply is NOT my style! I'm a Pisces! I did feel sluggish at first during times when I would normally hit the sugar. So, I have allowed myself one half cup of black tea every day. Also, instead of the dandelion root tea (blech), I take dandelion root pills. Ann Louise doesn't hit you over the head with recipes and planners -- you are in charge. I'm not very familiar with the Pritikin diet, but the author has extensive background with it and I suspect much of her ideas carry over from Pritiken. I liken it to the caveman diet: lot's of protein, greens, and fruit. Say goodbye to pasta and cheese. To be honest, I can't even look at cooked cheese anymore, it makes me so sick. That's a good thing. ... Read more

12. Eat Fat, Lose Weight
by Ann LouiseGittleman
list price: $14.95
our price: $10.17
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 087983966X
Catlog: Book (1999-03-11)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 73329
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Ann Louise Gittleman, bestselling author of Beyond Pritikin and The 40/30/30 Phenomenon helps us establish which fats are good for us, how much we need and which ones we should eat daily to help us burn fat and keep weight off.An easy weight loss and maintenance program to balance our diets naturally and safely is included.

... Read more

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars She knows her fat!
Ann Louise Gittleman is right on the money. I found this book the most important book about dietary fat I have ever read.

I, too, used to subscribe to the "fat-free" lifestyle in sad, desperate attempts to lose weight. After finding out just how much the body needs fat, especially the right kinds of fat, I realized that I was really "abusing" my body by ignoring it's needs for essential fatty acids. I have added flaxseed oil to my daily regimen and have started to incorporate dietary changes. I do feel much better.

I also appreciate the scientific evidence that supports her claims. She sheds new light on the body's need for protein and fat, something that flies in the face of traditional nutrition advice. Since I've started to give myself more protein, I feel fuller longer and my sugar cravings are much reduced.

If you have been living the "Fat-Free Lie," you owe it to yourself to read this book. I was so engrossed in the thing that I finished it in a day. It is truly breakthrough.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Book
I really like this book. This is more of a nutritional book than a diet book, although weight-loss is the added benefit. I found her advice sound and logical. I highly recommend this book to people who are interested in their health, especially women. I look forward to reading more of her books!

5-0 out of 5 stars Sound Advice
I have read numerous nutrition books and most of Ms. Gittleman's books as well. I think she is one of the most thorough and knowledgable nutritionists around. Her insight into our dietary needs is accurate. This book and her "Get the Sugar Out" book have changed the way I eat and feed my family. We like our results! I believe the american people are being mislead with misinformation and half truths. We have limited choices and inferior products available in most of our restaurants and grocery stores. I hope people educate themselves and find their own good health. I highly recommend " Eat Fat, Lose Weight" as well as any other book by Ms. Gittleman.

5-0 out of 5 stars An excellent introduction offering sound nutritional guides.
Nutritionist and author Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S. and C.N.S., is currently a consultant to numerous professional organizations. Dina R. Nunziato, C.S.W., is a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders and weight management. They've teamed up to write Eat Fat, Lose Weight: How The Right Fats Can Make You Thin For Life. Their book is essential reading for anyone wanting to know the true role of dietary fat in weight control. Gittleman starts with the premise that Americans have done themselves more harm than good by banishing all fats from their diets. She says that "all fats are not created equal. In fact, certain fats boost the body's metabolic rate and protect the heart and nerves." She adds that "certain fats are essential to the health and vitality of every human being, regardless of age, gender, or current weight." The authors describe each kind of fat and what it does in the body. They cite statistics showing that since Americans became obsessed with low-fat and fat-free diets obesity has increased significantly, the incidence of diabetes and heart disease has increased, depression has become common, and immune system disorders are "rampant." People obviously need some fat in their diets, but "it's the type of fat that counts." They also discuss the role of carbohydrates and protein in the diet, and relationship between those nutrients and fat. Gittleman and Nunziato devote several chapters to the healthy fats and how to include them in your diet. They finish with the "Eat Fat, Lose Weight Eating Plan," and include sample menus and suggestions for items to keep stocked in your pantry for when you don't have lots of time for food preparation. They describe their book as being "about health, about achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, as well as healthy percentages of body fat, lean muscle tissue, and strong bones. It is about living well and being well throughout your lifetime." Readers will find that Eat Fat, Lose Weight lives up to the author's promises. -- Sandra I. Smith, Reviewer

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderfully educating book!
I highly recommend this book to anyone who has tried a low-fat diet and failed. This book goes into many specifics regarding EFA's, Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s and how eating the right fats can make you thin for life by jump starting fat burning systems in your body and also by assisting the insulin energy storage system in the body to help burn more fat. It may be as simple as eating the recommended foods and taking the proper supplements. I really liked that this book wasn't just about weight loss, but overall health and how the American diet has deteriorated so that it has promoted many diseases in the last 10 years. It's a wonderful change of pace from your average diet, this is one that just might be livable for LIFE. ... Read more

13. Your Body Knows Best
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $6.99
our price: $6.29
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671875914
Catlog: Book (1997-02-01)
Publisher: Pocket
Sales Rank: 159648
Average Customer Review: 4.17 out of 5 stars
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There's no one-size-fits-all diet, says author Ann Louise Gittleman (Supernutrition for Women, Beyond Pritikin). That's why some people will drop 25 pounds on fad diets while others will actually gain weight, and why some folks thrive on an ultra-low-fat diet while they make others feel like collapsing. Gittleman says there are some foods that everyone should avoid, such as refined sugar, margarine, and white flour products, but figuring out which foods are good for you is a bit more complicated. She's drawn upon her extensive nutritional background and found that three factors combine to determine which customized diet you should follow. One of these factors is heritage; those with a Scandinavian, Irish, or Welsh ancestry need more essential fatty acids than others, such as those found in cold-water fish. The other two are metabolic rate (some people just burn food more quickly than others) and blood type (type O is the oldest blood type, and therefore folks who are type O should avoid dairy foods and other items introduced late in the evolutionary scheme of things).

She includes a questionnaire to determine how fast you metabolize food, and a week's worth of sample menus to guide you along the appropriate eating plan for your particular profile. Gittleman also debunks the "fat is the root of all evil" diet myth by explaining how fat actually boosts immune function and aids weight loss. There's also extensive supplement information and helpful explanations of the often-misunderstood roles of protein, fat, and carbohydrate, along with resources for everything from amino acid testing for vegetarians to home-study courses in nutrition. This is a fine book for anyone looking to lose weight--not fall victim to the latest dieting fad. ... Read more

Reviews (30)

3-0 out of 5 stars Interesting but could be better organized
I took the metabolic type test in this book which determined that I am a fast burner. Since I am also blood type B and of northern European descent, my eating plan should include red meat and full-fat dairy products to keep me satiated for a longer period of time (than eating pure carbs would). However, I found that eating this way didn't really make me feel any fuller. I think the author's ideas are refreshing (that one type of diet isn't right for everyone, and that you need to experiment to find out what's right for you), but I thought the book could be better organized, especially in the section where the three eating profiles are listed.

3-0 out of 5 stars I think the idea is good, but needs alittle work
I would have like more indepth information regarding the menu planning. Can you mix some of the foods together, will you get the same result?? What, some of the ideas were vague.

1-0 out of 5 stars You would starve
I was shocked to discover that according to Gittleman I am supposed to exist on 4 - 6 oz of protein a day! Is she kidding with this? If you actually adopted her eating guides you might survive, but you would wish you were dead. Save your money, this is an extremely restrictive diet! Very unrealistic!!

3-0 out of 5 stars Not a bad read, but incomplete
I recently read Ann Louise Gittleman's book "The Fat Flush Plan" and followed the program for a month and half with very good results. I liked her style and her approach. She's not just another nutritionist or lean person writing a book about something she never had to experience - she knows what it means, to be on a diet thinking that it's the healthiest possible and seeing fail on you, she knows what it means to be on the search for "the perfect weight loss plan" or "the healthiest diet". So when I heard about this book, I was positively thrilled.

Creating a taylored regimen utilizing a combination of different approaches that have been developed through the years is a brilliant idea - after all, metabolic typing and the blood group diet seem to have worked great for a lot of people, but they too were inperfect plans. So combining the two of them and adding the data about ancestry and body needs developed through one's "family tree" seemed like the best idea of all. But a work like this would go into very many aspects and peculiarities, since each approach has its own flaws and supposedly these could be sort of fixed by jumping in with a different approach. In other words, a book like what this book promises would have be much thicker and go into each "tool of personalization" much deeper than this book actually does. It does contain some useful info, and anyone who can fit into the categories very specifically will find it helpful. But in my case, this book didn't tell me anything that could help me taylor my food regimen to my needs - I happen to be of the blood group AB, which is the newest and least common one, so I am told to find a balance between the A group diet and the B group diet. No tayloring on that aspect. Then we come to consider the metabolic typing, and I seem to be a fast burner, except I have some key characteristics of the slow burner, like a passion for cakes, sweets and pastries, and a feeling that no meal is complete without a sweet fix. So that also puts me kind of in the middle.

In short, this book is based on an excellent idea but it barely touches the tip of the iceberg. In order to be truly helpful and complete it would need to go much more into each approach and include research on the "exceptions".

A good read for anyone who doesn't have much knowledge of the field of nutrition, mainly an interesting read, but not very useful, for anyone else.

3-0 out of 5 stars A Good Effort...
I found a lot of the information in Your Body Knows Best to be very informative, however, it doesn't compare to Eat Right For Your Type. This book came out a few years before ER4YT and doesn't have the same scientific background as Dr. D'Adamo's book. If you want a brief distillation on how blood type and metabolism relate to what you should eat, this is the book for you. However, if you want to take a much more comprehensive look at how our ancestry affects what foods we benefit from eating, I suggest you read either Eat Right For Your Type or Live Right For Your Type. I give this book three stars, because it is a good introduction to the blood type theory. It just doesn't go far enough. ... Read more

14. Why Am I Always So Tired? : Discover How Correcting Your Body's Copper Imbalance Can * Keep Your Body From Giving Out Before Your Mind Does *Free You... ose Midday Slumps * Give You the Energy Break
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $14.00
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0062515942
Catlog: Book (2000-01-01)
Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco
Sales Rank: 63886
Average Customer Review: 3.97 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

"This may well be a seminal book--a courageous eye-opener that could fundamentally alter our approach to the treatment of chronic fatigue."
-- From the foreword by Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.

Answering the question on the minds of 75 percent of Americans, Why Am I Always So Tired?, leading nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman shows us how we canbe more alert and active by eliminating excess copper in our diets and increasing our zinc intake. The time-tested formula points out which culprits steal energyfrom us--namely trendy, low-fat diets--that make otherwise healthy people feel drained.

This revolutionary book offers Gittleman's insights into how we can modify our diets and lifestyles to increase our energy and prevail over the chronic fatigue thatplagues us with symptoms such as: anxiety, insomnia, skin problems, frequentcolds, and roller-coaster emotions. Using her research and breakthroughfindings, Gittleman helps us eliminate these problems and access the energywe didn't know we had.

... Read more

Reviews (34)

4-0 out of 5 stars Worth spending a few coppers on... (sorry, couldn't resist)
In this book, Ms. Gittleman suggests that excess copper is a common cause of fatigue and other chronic health problems, especially among women. Many popular foods, such as tea, nuts, beans, avocados and whole wheat, are high in copper. Even if we don't consume excess amounts, other factors (including stress and the Pill) can cause it to build up in our tissues instead of being excreted.

It's true that the author doesn't have a lot of evidence from peer-reviewed medical journals. Still, the idea makes sense, and her profile of the typical person with excess copper, especially the "physically tired/mentally overactive" part, describes me quite well. It also describes a good friend of mine to a 'T'. (She even has the characteristic orangish hair color.) I can't say I'm a true believer, but I figure it can't hurt, so I might as well try it. The suggested eating plan seems healthy and simple enough, and the optional supplements - B6, C, zinc, manganese - aren't expensive or dangerous.

I agree with some other reviewers that this book is a bit light on content: it's less than 150 pages, with a fair number of anecdotes and some repetition. Also, the useful material is scattered all over the book; an index would be greatly appreciated. But if it works, it will be well worth the price.

5-0 out of 5 stars thorough job of explaining cause, symptoms, and treatment
Thank you Amazon Books for recommending this book in your recent e-mail. Three weeks earlier, my doctor gave me the news that my hair analysis showed a copper level so high that it was off the chart. Ms. Gittleman does a thorough job of explaining the cause, symptoms, and treatment of this condition. Her facts and advice are right in line with my doctor's explanation and treatment plan. I highly recommend this book to women who have received a medical diagnosis of CFS, yeast infection, SAD, PMS, and similar illnesses. Read the book and have the hair analysis done. You just might discover, as I did, that your illness is caused or aggravated by a copper overload.

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally, an answer to my problems!!!
After suffering for many years from acne, dry skin, hair falling out, anxiety disorders, occasional insomnia and hormonal problems like bad pms, I have finally found what the causes of all these problems were; Copper toxicity! After reading Gittleman's book, I had a hair mineral analysis done and my copper levels were 5 times the normal limit! I have been following the advice in this book for 3 months and I feel like a totally new person. A very overlooked problem that could be the cause of many health problems especially for women. Go buy the book!

5-0 out of 5 stars Combat CFS & Fibromyalgia--Read this book...
To Melissa Diane Smith and Others....

This was an exceptional book! What you have written makes so much sense that anyone complaining of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia would be wise to buy this book and read it. I am a certified physician assistant and a candidate for the doctor of naturopathy degree for healthcare professionals and I have referred several people to this book, Syndrome X and Going Against the Grain.

I think that all three of these books feed on each other and would be quite helpful to anyone, not only people suffering from chronic diseases.

These books give options for self-improvement without the use of multiple medications. The American people of today need to take a closer look at their treatment plans and get back to basics and fundamentals of natural health.

The medications and foods we eat are our biggest problems and these three books address those problems and methods of correcting them that are essentially easy, but will take determinated and an adjustment of will power....

Thank you to the writers for giving us such eye-opening books in an easy-to-read format.

Marge Cook
Physician Assistant Certified

5-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!
Love her! Copper overload will not be everyone's reason for fatigue, of course, but it's possibly true for many people. She explains why the copper/zinc becomes imbalanced and what to do about it. My hair analysis of 8 years ago showed this syndrome, but no one knew what it meant. In fact, it was not considered "abnormal" nor did it merit any red flag whatsoever. I'm feeling better since implementing Gittleman's advice. Easy to do on your own. Copper can be like a toxic heavy metal for some of us. I'm less anxious, noticeably more relaxed. This was great just in itself, even if the fatigue does not improve (but it has, slightly, too). If you think this could be you--Try it! ... Read more

15. Super Nutrition for Menopause
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $12.95
our price: $9.71
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0895298775
Catlog: Book (1998-12-15)
Publisher: Avery
Sales Rank: 36374
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

An all-natural cure for hot flashes and other midlife blues, this book shows women how to create their own form of hormone replacement therapy, using natural methods to restore the body's mineral balance and make menopause a more comfortable experience. ... Read more

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars A great follow up to Before the Change
I have become a real fan of Ann Louise Gittleman's work. I first learned of her through her book Before the Change and picked this one up shortly thereafter. A great follow up because Super Nutrition for Menopause deals with concerns of the older woman like diabetes and osteoporosis. I think this book would make a good Mother's Day or Birthday Gift because it is a gift of health.

5-0 out of 5 stars Offers a safer, more natural approach to managing menopause
This easy to read and user friendly book is a wealth of helpful information especially for those of us making this next transition in life. The book explains in understandable terms what menopause is, what its most common symptoms are, and the different ways it may be experienced.

Especially helpful was the recommended Vitamin E dosage and the natural progesterone cream which greatly helps hot flashes. Thank you Ann Louise Gittleman for another outstanding and timely book! ... Read more

16. How to Stay Young and Healthy in a Toxic World
by Ann LouiseGittleman, Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $16.95
our price: $11.87
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0879839074
Catlog: Book (1999-05-11)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 233283
Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (4)

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Basic Detox Book
I really liked the way this book was organized. It make it very easy for me to identify my most toxic personal areas to work on like sugar and heavy metals. I have lost over 10 pounds and am having my fillings changed PLUS I no longer take aluminum-filled antacids thanks to Ms.Gittleman's wonderful book. I hope to read her others.

5-0 out of 5 stars Easy to Read and Very Enlightening
Sure I didn't want to face my sugar cravings, parasite fears, heavy metal woes or radiation concerns but Ann Louise Gittleman sure has a way of making it all palatable and readable. Somebody's got to sound the alarm so we can stop aging and feel better in the process.

5-0 out of 5 stars SIMPLY OUSTANDING

2-0 out of 5 stars How To Stay Young and Healthy in a toxic world
I was not please with this book. It's views and the things it tells you to do are too radical for the average person. The book has some good points to make about our environment and how it affects our well being. However, if you follow everything in this book you will not be able to be a normal person. ... Read more

17. Super Nutrition for Men
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $12.95
our price: $9.71
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0895299542
Catlog: Book (1999-08-13)
Publisher: Avery Publishing Group
Sales Rank: 214397
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Different diets work for different people. Otherwise, how could people advocating a Pritikin-type diet of high carbohydrates and low fat claim success when Atkins-diet followers also claim success with high fat and low carbohydrates?

Gittleman is in the more recently minted 40-30-30 camp. That is, she recommends a diet of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat for most men. Practically speaking, given the average diet of American men, this means eating a little less fat, a lot fewer carbohydrates, and a lot more protein. Still, she acknowledges that some guys will feel better and control their weight more easily with a different nutrient balance.

Much of the nutritional advice here falls into the haven't-we-heard-this-somewhere-before? category, including advice on eating foods in their least processed state and substituting some saturated fats for unsaturated ones, while altogether avoiding some fats, such as the hydrogenated, heart-clogging trans fats in margarine. Once past these basics, though, Gittleman looks at the major health problems facing men--prostate enlargement, heart disease, weight gain--and offers nutritional advice to combat them. For example, the section on heart health contains an illuminating discussion of cholesterol. She lists lots of factors that cause it to rise, but notes that eating eggs and other cholesterol-rich foods isn't among them--something many men don't realize.

Gittleman uses an eclectic array of sources to make her various points--including literature from the Balance Bar company, which makes nutrition bars with the 40-30-30 formula. Once that bias is accounted for, though (she cites studies that show world-class athletes performed better on the 40-30-30 diet), the information in Super Nutrition for Men will be useful to regular guys. --Lou Schuler ... Read more

18. Ann Louise Gittleman's Guide to the 40-30-30 Phenomenon
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $14.95
our price: $10.17
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0658016598
Catlog: Book (2001-10-29)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sales Rank: 190678
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

A leading nutritionist offers a safe, effective, and proven alternative to yo-yo dieting

The nation's recent fat-free "health" craze has resulted in obesity levels up 30 percent, unchanged heart disease rates, an increase in diabetes, and a sugar consumption rate of 150 pounds per year per American! Anne Louise Gittleman's Guide to the 40/30/30 Phenomenon offers a more effective approach to healthy eating and permanent weight loss.

The 40/30/30 diet provides a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat devised to make the best use of the body's hormonal responses to food, thereby regulating blood sugar, reducing stored fat, and preventing hunger and cravings. Time-tested, this user-friendly approach to restored health can be adjusted to fit an individual's biochemical makeup, including blood type.

Highlights include:

  • Latest research on essential fats and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Glycemic index of more than 100 food items
  • Up-to-date information on carbohydrate-connected disorders including diabetes and Syndrome X
  • 21-day 40/30/30 program for various caloric needs
... Read more

19. Normal Blood Test Scores Aren't Good Enough!
by Ellie Cullen
list price: $13.95
our price: $11.86
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0971628300
Catlog: Book (2002-02-28)
Publisher: Yfh Pr
Sales Rank: 48399
Average Customer Review: 4.17 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

A complete guide to understanding preventive blood testing.

In this informative, easy-to-understand guide to the chronically misunderstood subject of preventive blood testing, Ellie Cullen, a Registered Nurse with over 24 years of hands-on, clinical experience, teaches you how to use simple blood tests to learn your body's current-and future!-state of health.

This one-of-a-kind health companion also contains 20 fascinating case studies detailing how the health secrets contained within helped real-life sufferers of heart disease, cancer, obesity, arthritis, even infertility!In addition, a comprehensive guide to over 60 specific blood tests make this book an invaluable tool in taking charge of your personal health today!

Foreword by Ann Louise Gittleman, ND author of the USA Today Best Seller The Fat Flush Plan and Introduction by Betty Kamen, PhD author of Hormone Replacement Therapy: How To Make an Informed Decision. ... Read more

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars Totally new concept
This book is helping me look at my bloodwork, and my health, with a totally new thought process. I had never before stopped to think about the fact that "sick" bloodwork doesn't just look sick overnight. . . and by knowing what your blood looks like when it's healthy, you may notice important changes earlier, before symptoms. What a concept! I can't believe I had never heard about this before.

Beyond this concept (which is apparently the basis of Cullen's company), the book is just a flat-out great bloodwork manual. If you've had bloodtests and want to know more than just the standard "blurb" about each test, this book explains them in layman's terms. Minimally, it would be a good reference manual.

1-0 out of 5 stars Beware of this book!
I bought this book thinking it would explain about blood testing and how I can learn more about what each blood test means.

Well, after reading the book, I realize now that it's function is really a marketing tool to sell the YFH services that the author supplies.

5-0 out of 5 stars An Easy to Understand Guide to Improving Your Health
This book is an incredibly impactful and easy to understand guide to taking control of your health. It does a great job of presenting the details of blood testing and preventative medicine without getting too technical. The case studies were compelling and the reference material in the back is a very helpful guide to blood testing. I read the entire book in one sitting and found myself wanting to tell everyone I met about it. Definitely read this book if you are interested in learning how to become more proactive in maintaining or improving your health.

5-0 out of 5 stars Taking control of your health
Great book. There's so few options for actually taking control of your health and "preventive medicine" options which give you useful information. The book makes a strong argument for why you need more information than you get with a test from the doctor. There's also great information on some of the symptoms which could be the result of deficiencies in certain nutrients. Some of them hit home. I love being in control of my health and I'm ready to take the next steps and obtain the tests detailed in the book.

4-0 out of 5 stars Unique and Time-Tested Prevention Solutions
Modern medicine tends to use blood tests only to confirm the presence of disease. "Normal Blood Test Scores Aren't Good Enough!" makes it crystal clear how valuable they can be when used preventively. Find out why you shouldn't (and often can't) have your MD do preventive blood tests. Health, happiness, the avoidance of serious or life-threatening disease, and peace of mind can be the result of a good preventive plan. Ellie Cullen (the author and a registered nurse) also talks about some vitamins, minerals, and diet changes (including the blood-type diet) that have achieved miracles. The only imperfection is that the book has been more or less self-published, so the layout, photos, and editing are not the best. But, in a way, this just adds to the genuineness and personality of the message. ... Read more

20. Guess What Came to Dinner?: Parasites and Your Health
by Ann Louise Gittleman
list price: $14.95
our price: $10.17
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1583330968
Catlog: Book (2001-07-01)
Publisher: Avery Publishing Group
Sales Rank: 292350
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

With more than 60,000 copies sold, a newly revised and updated edition of an authoritative book on parasitic infections-their detection, treatment, and cure.

Once relegated to poor third-world countries, instances of parasitic infections are on a dramatic rise in the United States.In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of Guess What Came to Dinner?, health expert Ann Louise Gittleman informs readers about the role of parasites in many ailments, from allergies to chronic fatigue syndrome and bowel disorders. The book offers practical advice to parasite-proof your food and water and explains breakthrough methods of detection, anti-parasitic treatments, and herbal cures. Notes. Index.
... Read more

Reviews (8)

5-0 out of 5 stars parasite paranoia
I enjoyed the information in this book. It points out the numerous ways we are getting parasites inside our bodies, what they are doing to us, and how they affect us in so many ways.

What the author doesn't realize, however, that you can get rid of these parasites using minerals. Take one tablespoon of copper in the mornings, and in the afternoon you will take one tablespoon of zinc and one tablespoon of silver. These minerals must be angstrom sized, in liquid form, or it wont be effective. Copper kills parasites and makes them want to leave the body. Zinc and silver escort the dead carcasses out of the body for a complete "cleanse". It works as I've done this and I know many other people who have done this. Parasites have NO place in your bodies. They are destructive and you don't want them around!

5-0 out of 5 stars Guess What Came to Dinner Saved My Life
All I can say is God Bless Ann Louise Gittleman. If it were not for this book that I brought with me into my physician's office, I would have never discovered that I had a chronic case of giardia. My doctor was dismissing my symptoms for the longest time and finally when I found Ann Louise's books, I realized that a parasitic infection can be misdiagnosed as flu, IBS, or even gall bladder disease. Now that I have taken the prescribed medication and am using Ann Louise's suggested natural herbs from Uni Key as a follow up, I am a new person. This book should be Mandatory reading for every high school student, college student and health minded individual in America.

5-0 out of 5 stars Superb Coverage of a Disturbing Topic
I thought Ann Louise Gittleman did a wonderfully thorough job of exposing parasites in terms of where they come from, who gets them, and what we can do about it to prevent them. Her dietary information was right on in light of the current concerns about sugar and processed foods plus the herbal and homeopathic remedies really work. I think the overly sensitive reviewer from San Franciso should get with the program - This book tells it like it is and specifically states that parasites know no boundary regardless of gender, race, or economic level.

3-0 out of 5 stars Disturbing paranoia.
This book contains some interesting statistics and information on the varying types of parasites. However I was disturbed by the glaring insensitivity to minorities, gays, and just about anyone not white and from America. This book seems to point the finger at anyone born abroad or perhaps has alternative sexual preferences. After trying to get past the offensiveness/paranoia it then became clear that all one has to do is to follow the ideas of the many other doctors who write simply about modifying our diets given the social and economic pressures to prevent such disease.

5-0 out of 5 stars Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!
This topic, affecting so many millions without their knowledge, and without treatment, certainly has to be one of the few unexplored areas in the public media. Most public media will not "touch" this news. The effects on health are myriad. Gittleman has acknowledged the problem with parasites, both large and gross, and small and microbial. Everytime one comes in from outdoors, digging in the soil, cleaning up after pets, pulling weeds, etc., one must wash doubly, and clean under and around fingernails. The thought of pets kept indoors, being let outside, then going back in and climbing on the furniture, the beds, walking on the countertops, eating from human family dishes, etc., makes my skin "crawl". We are living in a parasitic nightmare, similar to the most abject, filthy slums, here in our arrogant, smug, current style. The image of classy, high-toned people being kissed and licked by their pets, immediately after the pet just licked and kissed its street friends is amusing, isn't it? What do we see in nearly every prime-time TV ad? A pet, licking a child, or "kissing" an adult. Everytime one pets pets of any kind, or grooms them, or cleans up after them, it is safest to assume parasites are there, ready to infect the human. Organic food of every kind may be full of nematodes and other parasites, especially if it has been fertilized with barnyard manure of any age, composted or not. Wash your food, or soak it in mild detergent in water, or even put it in water with a single drop of chlorine, then rinse very thoroughly. Did you know that many herbal treatments for cancer are the same ones used to treat parasitic infection? And you all want to cut down those precious and useful black walnut trees? Gittleman and others, unpopular messengers in a public wholly ignorant about this problem, are doing us a tremendous service with their research and their well-founded advice and simple, effective treatments. The least we can do is read their books, take the cures, and find out their truths by feeling better, and enjoying good health. Parasitic infection could be the background cause of many, many human ills. THANK YOU, Ann Louis and Anne L.Gittleman! ... Read more

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