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1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective
$13.60 $11.50 list($20.00)
2. Now, Discover Your Strengths
$20.96 $18.20 list($29.95)
3. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual
$25.00 $2.88
4. Soul Stories
$12.21 $11.86 list($17.95)
5. The Four Agreements: A Practical
$16.29 $15.76 list($23.95)
6. The Power of Intention: Learning
$26.37 $26.14 list($39.95)
7. Emotional Intelligence : Why it
$17.00 $16.22 list($25.00)
8. Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting:
$9.75 $5.65 list($13.00)
9. Awaken the Giant Within
$16.50 $12.95 list($25.00)
10. Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step
$17.68 $9.80 list($26.00)
11. Life Strategies
$19.77 $19.60 list($29.95)
12. Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your
$26.37 $24.72 list($39.95)
13. Dr. Bernie Siegel's Audio Collection
$18.95 $9.58
14. The Courage to Be Happy: Jewish/Buddhist
$8.96 $7.05 list($11.95)
15. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:
$17.16 $11.99 list($26.00)
16. The Ultimate Weight Solution:
$18.00 $4.50
17. Joe Torre's Ground Rules : "Twelve
$9.99 list($18.99)
18. The Winning Attitude Your Key
$69.95 $24.49
19. The Iyanla Live! Collection
$26.37 $21.60 list($39.95)
20. How to Win Friends & Influence

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen R. Covey
list price: $34.95
our price: $23.07
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1883219027
Catlog: Book (2001-10-01)
Publisher: Covey
Sales Rank: 106383
Average Customer Review: 4.18 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen R. Covey presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. With penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes, Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity -- principles that give us the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates. ... Read more

Reviews (558)

4-0 out of 5 stars One of the best business/success books out there
Unfortunately, during my experience with corporate America I've had several business/success books thrust upon me. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is the only one that was worth reading.

This book, coupled with the First Things First training I received at work has had an enormous impact on me. Five years later, I still organize my life based on my mission statement, roles, and goals. I plan weekly and take time out to Sharpen the Saw. I don't always live up to the seven habits, but at least I'm going in the right direction. Periodically I pull this book out of my bookshelf and flip through it to reinforce the lessons it contains. It's also one of the few books I've ever bought someone as a gift.

My biggest criticism is that Covey has a tendency to beat you over the head with examples. Numerous times as I read the book I thought to myself, I get it, move on. My other big complaint is that this book coined the word "proactive," which is believed to mean the opposite of reactive, but actually means that the person using it is an idiot and needs to resort to using made-up words to appear highly effective.

5-0 out of 5 stars This book has definitely changed my life for the better.
This is a book that has changed my life irrevocably and forever. It required great energy, patience and time to read, one with much meaning and very deep in content. In fact, after struggling through the first two Principles outlined in this book I found myself putting it away on the shelf. For nearly a year it sat there and I didn't pick it up again until I had another reason to. The second time around I could not put the book down and took prolific amounts of notes. The third time I read it I learned even more.

This book is about self, about becoming the true you and living your life optimally. This is not a pep-rally or a psychological breakdown of "The 100 Top Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem". The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is all about understanding where you can (should) be taking yourself in your life. The influence, the support, the understanding, the energy that Dr. Stephen Covey discusses comes from within yourself; it is not an external influence that fades as soon as the source is gone. You create it; you live it; it becomes you and you become it. These principles are not subject to the whims of others. You create yourself, you build upon yourself and you become an effective person in your life through learning to help yourself and others. You learn how to graduate from dependence to independence and then even further on to a higher level: interdependence all by looking deeply within yourself and following seven sound principles that are laid out in a very logical, rational and emotionally-sound manner. The principles behind Dr. Covey's ideas are based on faith in self, community and God. He helps you to understand the philosophy, "Love Me for Me."

In The Seven Habits, Covey talks about the Personal Mission Statement. This is a project that you create, write, rewrite over and over until it describes the person you most want to be. Then you simply spend the rest of your life living those beliefs until you become that person. It is probably the easiest, yet most difficult thing you will ever do in your entire life. Why? Because you must devote your entire life, and energy to this task. How easy it is to become side-tracked and slide into old habits of comfort. But these old habits are the ones that you want to rewrite with new, better habits. This is a difficult road to follow. It is also, without a doubt the most rewarding activity you will ever do in your entire life. After all, the most rewarding things in life are often the most difficult.

Stephen Covey outlines the best strategies for maximum effectiveness in this great book. The fact that this book has remained a best seller for over 15 years should tell you something about the merits of the informmation that it contains.

Highly recommended book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Definitely a must read book
I have worked for major corporations and I have been self employed in direct sales and network marketing. Hardly a day goes by when I don't find someone who recommends and in many cases, carries The 7 Habits around with them in their briefcase.

In a world of me, me, me, me. It's great to have a noted and highly respected authority like Dr. Covey teach the concepts of "Win-Win" and "seek first to understand, then be understood."

I am also happy to see that Dr. Covey has endorsed network marketing and recommends it. easy to understand why. Network marketing is indeed the wave of the future so it makes sense that the professionals of the present and the near future will be applying Dr. Coveys techniques just as those Fortune 500 companies have been doing since the 1980's.

Great book. I highly recommend it to everyone and especially network marketers who want to significantly grow their business.

Thank you Dr. Covey for a great book.

5-0 out of 5 stars An excellent book
The way the author has deconstructed human development and potential is insightful. The author's view is that people first develop a triumvirate individual competances and skills.

1) Be Proactive.
2) Begin with the End in Mind.
3) Put First things First.

Once they have mastered this they can then accelerate the results they achieve by mastering 3 more skills that enable them to enable others.

4) Think win-win.
5) Seek first to understand.
6) Synergize.

Encompassing these 6 habits is the seventh habit which emcompasses the others is the

7) Sharpen the saw.

Though the some of the ideas are a little trite or naive together they form a good toolset. ... Read more

2. Now, Discover Your Strengths
by Donald O. Clifton
list price: $20.00
our price: $13.60
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0743518136
Catlog: Book (2001-01-01)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 147696
Average Customer Review: 4.02 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

"Most Americans do not know what their strengths are. When you ask them, they look at you with a blank stare, or they respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is the wrong answer."
-- Peter Drucker

Unfortunately, most of us have little sense of our talents and strengths. Instead, guided by our parents, our teachers, our managers and psychology's fascination with pathology, we become experts in our weaknesses and spend our lives trying to repair these flaws, while our strengths lie dormant and neglected.

At the heart of Now, Discover Your Strengths, is the Internet-based StrengthsFinder® Profile, the product of a 25-year, multimillion dollar effort to identify the most prevalent human strengths. The program introduces 34 dominant "themes" with thousands of possible combinations, and reveals how they can best be translated into personal and career success.

This audiobook contains a unique identification number that allows you access to the StrengthsFinder® Profile on the Internet. This Web-based interview analyzes your instinctive reactions and immediately presents you with your five most powerful themes. Once you know which themes you lead with, you can leverage them for powerful results for personal development, for management success, and for the success of the organization. ... Read more

Reviews (126)

5-0 out of 5 stars Mentoring, not hand-holding
I've read quite a few of these kinds of books starting way back when with "What Color is Your Parachute," through "The Acorn Principle" and "Please Understand Me." This has been a long-term process of discovering my interests, talents, abilities, skills, knowledge, preferences, and potential - always with the intention of finding my true calling in life.

But this book is not just another addition to that list; this is a superior method for focusing in on very specific talents and strengths and clarifying your own thinking about your life choices. The assessment and categories of strengths are more straightforward than taking the Meyers-Briggs or other similar tests. The book confirms some of what I already knew, but completely clarified the concept of natural talent combined with skills and knowledge creating the strengths that one can use throughout their life.

People have complained in other reviews that some of the book is "fluff" or that it doesn't tell you what job to go get. This is only true for people who want one 250-page book to answer some of the greatest of life's questions. I greatly appreciate that the authors give simple, straightforward examples and their own theories quickly and pointedly. They leave it up to ME to make decisions based on that information.

If you are prepared to do the work over the course of time and use this book as a mentor (not a nanny who tells you what to do) you will gain great insight into yourself and your path.

4-0 out of 5 stars Management, Not Psychology
As a manager, perhaps one of our greatest challenges is juggling the uniqueness of our employees. It's not our job to fix them, rather it's our job to facilitate their success.

I agree with what "First, Break All the Rules" said, in that, we should seek to build the strengths of our employees rather than fix their weaknesses. But, I walked away from that book saying "ok, that was great, but how do you determine a strength or talent?"

"Now, Discover your Strengths" gives practical insights on the strengths and inate talents of people. I was impressed by this and also by the real life examples of people displaying the stregth being discussed. The disheartening thing about the test is that it only gives your top 5 strengths when it's likely that 8-10 strenths are outwardly shown (in my opinion).

Unlike other readers, I DID NOT see this and the online test as meant to be a "personality" test. Quite the contrary. I believe it accurately measures what it says it does: STRENGTHS.

I'm looking forward to applying this information to the organizations I work with.

Since my question after reading the first book (how do you determine someone's strenghts?) was answered with "Now Discover your Strenthgs", I'm guessing that if there is a third book, it will discuss what to do with your strengths now that they're discovered.

4-0 out of 5 stars beware of used copies
An integral part of this book is the online profile. Each copy of this book comes with a unique PIN number inside the book jacket. If you buy a used copy, the PIN number may be already used, and thus will not allow you to use the online profile. However, the book is still interesting if you enjoy reading through the signature themes and guessing what your profile would have uncovered. It is also fun to read each theme and think of people you know who come to mind, and consider ways in which you can support their strengths.

I would give this book 5 stars if an unlimited number of people could use the online profile with each book purchase.

5-0 out of 5 stars A motivating speaker
I saw Marcus Buckingham speak at the SHRM Conference last week in New Orleans and it was an excellent complement to the book. Very motivating and enlightening as is the book. I also purchased the Emotional Intelligence Quickbook which I saw recommended on this page and that title is excellent as well.

5-0 out of 5 stars Take these lessons beyond the work place
Excellent read, Clifton gives clarity and tools for success. I enjoyed the online inner strength tests very much and found it fascinating. While Clifton gives us the the key to unlocking our abilities and the confidence to pursue the path, it is up to us to take the journey.
I have taken this book and its philosophies into my personal life as well, filling everyday.
Everyone has different things that can free them further.

I started singing because I had always secretly found that to be exhilerating. I bought singing lessons on CD off of Amazon,
"Voice lessons To Go" by Vaccarino- fantastic!

I also purchased and carefully followed the "New Sex Now" video by Arte with my husband- it was mind blowing for us.

Just those two examples show how much I have removed my own personal fear in life. The kind that held me back and locked my strengths in. You know the strength is there in any crisis, why not manifest them into your eveyday? How powerful is that? ... Read more

3. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
by Eckhart Tolle
list price: $29.95
our price: $20.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1577311760
Catlog: Book (2000-12-30)
Publisher: New World Library
Sales Rank: 41086
Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

The Power of Now is a guide to spiritual awakening from a man who is emerging as one of this generation's clearest, most inspiring teachers on the subject. Eckhart Tolle is not aligned with any particular religion but does what all the great masters have done: shows that the way, the truth, and the light already exist within each human being. There is no need to look elsewhere. At the heart of the book is Tolle's own story of early despair that culminated in a life-transforming experience of enlightenment at the age of 29. He emerged to share insights on the perils of the mind, the power of the present, and the accessibility of one's true nature. According to Tolle, "To regain awareness of Being and to abide in that state of 'feeling-realization' is enlightenment." ... Read more

Reviews (433)

5-0 out of 5 stars Listen to your heart, not the reviewers (including me)
I've noticed that some criticize Tolle for "expanding" the book or making it too long. But as Tolle himself notes, the book is written in a Q&A format where he tries to answer the same questions from different perspectives. Tolle also points out that the basic premise is not complicated, it just takes focus and practice. Others criticize Tolle for the impossible task of translating a mystical experience with words. Well, how else was he supposed to do it? Are there "mystical" media channels out there he should be communicating through?

I have read endless numbers of books on finding oneself, reaching enlightenment, and so on, and none have rung true like Tolle's book. I have given it to many friends as a gift and only one found it difficult to grasp, the rest were deeply moved. But don't listen to me or others, check it out at the library, listen to it or read it and judge for yourself. As Tolle notes, he isn't "teaching" you anything - he's reminding you what you already know. Give it a try - it may indeed change your life.

5-0 out of 5 stars A spiritual Gem--Filled with depth and perception!
I don't know where to begin with this book. I will start by saying that one of the many things that makes the Power of Now a gem of a book is how Tolle has taken the core of ancient wisdom and churned out a real masterpiece without very mystical or religious concepts.
This is definately a book for someone who is into self realization..IT IS NOT A POP PSYCHOLOGY BOOK OR A NEW AGE BOOK as some in the negative reviews have claimed. That is the problem with being on a best seller list like Tolle now is, the book is being read by people who normally wouldn't read something like this and "give it a shot cause it's kind of popular now" and are faced with talk on "Ego, trancending mind chatter, enlightenment, how the past/future are only mental creations etc." This is a book for people who are willing to take a moment to understand the premise...your true nature is beyond body, mind identification/constructs. Not in a very mystical way-in very natural way, one can even say a scientific way, the science of all religions before they became organized religions--the message of true self realization.
Of course the book takes a certain EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE. We hear over and over that we are all ONE and that our true nature is beyond the body but how many of us truly get that in an experiental no nonsense way? Very few. The Power of Now's core teachings are a deep inner path not a quick-pop book.
In conclusion, Tolle has a great ability to communicate with very deep perception and the book is nothing short of brilliant.
The premise is--Suffering is due to the mind made self, the Present helps one transend the false self. Once transended...the discovery of Timeless NOW free of mental anguish...Sorry to sound weird.
Please read this book with patience and keep a Zen like mindset to get into the tone.

4-0 out of 5 stars Don't Climb the Signpost
Tolle's book is an important one... a much needed reminder that is too easy to forget. All too often people can pass entire lifetimes 'missing the moment.' One can, like the worst type of junkie, become so comfortable with-and so used to-anxiety, worry, and procrastination that to simply experience tranquility in the present becomes an impossibility. For such people, the simple and inspirational teachings that The Power of Now details can incite a revolution in one's experience of being alive. That being said, though, this book possesses flaws and confusions that must be sifted through using a keen sense of criticism (yes, this too, is an important faculty of the healthy human being).

First of all, becoming present is a practice-not a realization. I'm not sure Tolle makes this clear. Like any 'new thing' the appreciation of the present moment can seem novel and exciting but if one doesn't make it a practice and use discipline to habitualize the practice, then one will have merely another gimmick, a spiritual toy to play with for a while and then put aside. The reason why all the schools of enlightenment require masters and students and instills its practitioners with discipline and a set of methods is because nothing in life comes all at once but must be cultivated with care over a period of time. Because of this truth, I genuinely doubt Tolle's claim that after his midnight awakening he was-all-at-once-transformed, never to require further training or practice. The experience he describes at the beginning of the book might just as well be labeled a psychotic break as a religious experience. Either way, the genuine appreciation of the moment can neither be totally 'on' nor totally 'off.' It is a variable experience that can be developed but will always remain part of the organic experience of being alive. Be wary of those who seem to show no anger, no sadness, no flaw... such people are usually very good actors and nothing more. Spend time with such people, in different types of contexts, to reveal the true human being. No unidimensional personality can exist in reality. We are always part of our context and environment and no matter our training or character can be expected to occasionally fall short of others' expectations.

A guide to enlightenment, then, should teach us that enlightenment is neither a great distance away nor too near. It is thoughtful experience revealed through action and word. I have seen car mechanics who are enlightened beings when they work on cars but atrocious when with their families. I have met novelists who convey all the wisdom in the world through a pen but seem haughty and fractured in normal human conversation. And I have met spiritual 'masters' who secretly creep away to have sex for the sixth time in a day or to check their stocks on the internet. Enlightenment is a myth, and some people treat it like a commodity to purchase or sell. To live well requires the experience of the present-often-but not all the time and in all situations.

Joseph Campbell once expressed the opinion that the type of enlightenment we have become familiar with is unique to a conception of self that was once fairly common in Asia. The type of self most moderns live by, especially we very 'special' Westerners with our love for 'Individuality' and 'Self-Expression,' excludes the possibility of such an experience. Perhaps it is time, then, we drop this idea and redefine what enlightenment should mean now-and to people like us.

Use this book as a pointer and compass, not as a map. The Buddha said it best, Be Lamps Unto Yourselves. I would add-and don't hide from the dark when it comes.

4-0 out of 5 stars Yes, Good book, but..
I was inspired to make a comment here with regard to the person with the headline:"Be wary of the Master" I think this person needs to be heard. Part of the problem with the fanaticism that grows out of great works like this is the DANGER of forgetting that the "teacher" is indeed, very human,if not flawed. It is important to know where Tolle is as far as "walking his talk". If you can't demonstrate the virtues of compassion, right action, right deeds, etc. then what is the damned point? Being "CONCIOUS" or writing a brilliant book is not enough. Putting it into your deeds, is. I'm glad that person spoke up.

5-0 out of 5 stars The best explanation of conscious existence yet...
The review titled "Be wary of the Master..." reveals more about its writer than about Tolle. It is ultimately unimportant to me what kind of person Eckhart Tolle is. His work speaks for itself.
"The Power of Now" is the most brilliant explanation of consciousness and existence I have read to date. It is stated so simply and eloquently, and effectively, that, if you settle down in a quiet space before you open the book, resist the temptation to use your intellect (to rationalize, compare and contrast), and just take in what is underlying his words, you may partake of the richest experience and deepest insightful 'aha's' you've ever gotten from a piece of writing.
And do get the book: put off getting the CD or tape until you've experienced the entire book in a quiet space. You shouldn't be multi-tasking when you read or hear his words, otherwise you will shortchange your experience. Lastly, do observe his pauses. They're placed where they are for good reason. This is the moment where you let the sense of what you've read sink in more deeply.
Then you may finally 'get' how to be present, to experience the vast and powerful "being" that underlies all our busy thoughts, awaiting our conscious awareness. And then, just maybe, we can heal this world. ... Read more

4. Soul Stories
list price: $25.00
our price: $25.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0743506626
Catlog: Book (2000-04-01)
Publisher: Sound Ideas
Sales Rank: 228905
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

One of Gary Zukav's many gifts as a speaker and bestselling writer is his ability to present complicated metaphysical and spiritual themes in a way that is simultaneously down-to-earth and spine-tingling. How does he do it? Through story--the oldest and most powerful form of teaching the mind and touching the heart. As a frequent guest on Oprah, Zukav has also discovered that the American public is starved for grounded information on ethereal topics such as intuition, soulful relationships, and nonhuman teachers.

Soul Stories is a collection of true tales that speak to themes such as "Reincarnation," "A Higher Form of Reasoning," "Psychic Archaeology," "The New Female," and "Universal Humans." Some stories come from Zukav's personal experience, like his sister's auto accident and his mother instantly knowing that her daughter was hurt even though they were 100 miles apart. It is tempting to view these 52 tales of fate, coincidence, and sixth sense with an air of doubt. "You have to decide," Zukav warns. "That means thinking about it and, even more important, discovering what you feel about it. Eventually, you might find that what you feel about a Soul Story is more important to you than what you think about it." No matter what you feel about the individual tales, you will leave this book trusting that the best way to understand the meaning and mysteries of life is through story. --Gail Hudson ... Read more

Reviews (78)

3-0 out of 5 stars Some good spiritual advice
In Soul Stories, Gary Zukav (author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters and Seat of the Soul) guides the reader on a spiritual journey towards greater openess and a feeling of connection with the world and one another. The stories range from personal experiences to parables. While all of them teach valuable lessons, I was not always comfortable with the way he tells them. As another reviewer pointed out, Zukav often writes as though his audience were young children. It's one thing to put a message simply and concisely, but to put things too simply can seem condescending to the reader. For example, in the section about how "new" men and women differ from "old," he goes on at great length describing how men have traditionally been protectors and providers and women have been concerned with raising children and taking care of the home. I think most people in their teens or older are aware of this and are also aware that these roles have been changing. In one story, there is a confrontation between an "old" style man and a "new" style woman (I put these in quotes partly because I'm skeptical of such neat categories); the woman wants to go back to school and pursue a more independent lifestyle, while her husband cannot understand this. This would have seemed more dramatic thirty or forty years ago than today, though there are people who still adhere to traditional roles. Zukav also describes emotionally charged workshops where people share and explore their various feelings and relationships. His style is very much in the spirit of such human potential workshops where the goal is to evolve or expand. I am somewhat skepticalof this approach, as it can give people a certain conceit about their spirituality compared to supposedly less evolved people (e.g. the comparison between old and new style men and women). I have been mainly criticizing the book, but I also found enough in it to recommend it to anyone interested in...yes, evolving and expanding their consciousness. For example, I liked a story about a man struggling through a barren desert until he finally finds a lush land with abundant food and water. A simple parable, but effective and well told. Gary Zukav writes with quite a bit of optimism about how quickly people are changing. Looking at the world, it often seems as though we aren't changing quickly enough, but I hope he is right. And following the advice in books such as this can only help.

3-0 out of 5 stars Mental confusion
These are, in the main, interesting stories, well told. That said, it is important to remind the reader that they are stories in the sense that Carlos Castaneda's stories are stories, and J. K. Rowling's stories are stories. But while readers read with the knowledge that Rowling's Harry Potter is fictitious, and that Castaneda's Yaqui mystic is at the very least wildly mythologized, many readers are not that clear about some of Zukav's material. Why is that? It's because Zukav's material is presented as though inherently plausible.

But the central fallacy around which the tales are built is that definitions and inherited concepts are presented by the author as if they were factual reality. "Soul," "God," "reincarnation," life as path, life as school, etc., are in reality simply definitional constructs that have originated and changed over the millenia as the concepts to which these definitional labels are applied have evolved. When a life is viewed as a journey from point A through B & C to D, it can be mentally back-constructed and viewed cognitively as a "path." If D can be seen as worthwhile in relation to earlier A, B and C, then the life to which this is applied can be retroconstructed to see A, B and C as a "school" for said life regarding what happened in this life at D. The book does not help the reader realize that patterns are not just found, they are often simply unconsciously postulated and constructed from elements of wishful thinking.

Thus, these are interesting stories for fictionalized story readers, especially for those of relatively low awareness of the nature of definitional constructs as cognitive virtual reality and cognitive retromapping, but Zukav's stories are certainly not what would strike careful and knowledgeable readers as being credible accounts. This difference in types of reader-awareness and degrees of clarity may be seen as you compare other reviews here.

2-0 out of 5 stars Maybe I've read too many of these books!!!
I read this book with an open mind; however, I found it getting more and more discomforted as I read each little sound-bite anecdote. I found this book to present nothing new regarding human nature or understanding.This does not discount other readers who may find useful things here, but my fear is that they won't read the truly thoughtful works of people Like Thomas Moore or James Hillman or Joseph Campbell, or a host of other true intellectual/practioners who have a profound and innovative approach to understanding the concept of soul.Each of the mini-narrative in this book deals with common issues as awareness, jealousy, fear, relationships.There are a few koan-like truisms thrown in as though they are the last word in human understanding.This might be a nice gift for a high school student or someone with no background whatsoever in addressing quasi-spiritual ideas, but any thinking, reflective adult, I would hope, is past the stage at which these obvious parables would be of much use.Apparently, Ophrah was so taken by the author she invited him for a segment on her show, and it was expanded to a full-length Christmas program.Need I say more?

2-0 out of 5 stars Sleepy Stories
I enjoyed Seat of the Soul much more than this work, due to the repetition in concepts.The stories help explain Zukav's concepts for someone that has not been exposed to much metaphysics, but a more versed person could find it to be overly worked and lacking of inspiration.There will always be a new author on the block reworking the same concepts with new fluffy words; unfortunatly, Zukav could have left this one off the public printer.Good for bedtime reading, you'll be out like a light in no time.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not bad
This is not a bad book. I really enjoyed "The Seat of the Soul" and "The Heart of the Soul" a lot more than this one though. I expected a bit from this book than it gave. ... Read more

5. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
by Don Miguel Ruiz, Peter Coyote
list price: $17.95
our price: $12.21
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1878424432
Catlog: Book (1999-07-01)
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing
Sales Rank: 29248
Average Customer Review: 4.23 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Rooted in traditional Toltec beliefs, these four agreements are essential steps on the path to personal freedom: Be impeccable with your word; Say only what you mean; The word is the most powerful tool humans have; Don't take anything personally; Self-importance leads people to think they are the center of the universe, causing pain and injustice; Don't make assumptions. To avoid frustration and blame, ask what is meant; Always do your best. This is the surest way to avoid self- condemnation, though it is important to realize one's best is always changing. ... Read more

Reviews (351)

5-0 out of 5 stars No Hocus Pocus.
So many "self-help" books are pure rhetorical tripe. Common sense, good manners, and sensible actions regurgitated. In "The Four Agreements," Ruiz does not break new ground but the simplistic and thoughtful nature of his message make this book a winner.

Let's face it, experience and iteration (practice) will propel one toward their stated goals with certainty. To point, the four agreements, as simple as they may be, are tantamount to successful achievement of personal and/or professional goals:

1) Be impeccable with your word - keep your word or your reputation will fail.
2) Don't take anything personally - tough act to muster at times but possible (besides, its good for the soul).
3) Don't make assumptions - those who assume will lose the benefit of fact and learning; check your facts--learn what is necessary.
4) Always do your best - this is the most simplistic of the agreements but one that we all have a tendency, at one time or another, to allow to lapse; if you decide to undertake something, make it YOURS!

So many people who read books such as this or "Who Moved My Cheese" (self-help genre) attempt to pick apart the conceptual nature of the message whether simple or complex. Certainly, many books of this ilk are not worth the paper they're written on but when you find a message that speaks to your intellectual being as well as your soul, you'd better listen. Riuz's message is poignant; follow these simple rules and create your own happiness.

This isn't a "cure-all" book. If you read it without concurrent introspection, then you've done nothing more than read a short book espousing basic vitues. However, if one reads this book with an open mind and the congruous search for excellence, this will be a truly powerful experience. If one does not, then one has lost the message behind the words. Don't read the WORDS, absorb the MESSAGE!

Jump in, both feet. You'll not be sorry.

5-0 out of 5 stars Ancient wisdom for modern days.
What a great book! "The Four Agreements" flows with a simplicity and honesty that caught my attention. I came away from this book feeling more at ease in myself. Perhaps the most powerful passage in the book for me was "Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive -- the risk to be alive and express what we really are." I hadn't looked at this idea before, and when I checked with myself I found it to be true. Miguel Ruiz's book does a great job of describing the process through which we lose sight of our true selves. After that, Ruiz outlines the four agreements you can make with yourself to have a fulfilling life. They are simple and powerful and they can make a a great difference in the quality of your life.

Gladly enough, when I found this book on Amazon and read the reviews to check it out, I saw a review for another book which I bought as well. It is Ariel and Shya Kane's "Working of Yourself Doesn't Work: A Book About Instantaneous Transformation." This book is about having a magnificent life and nothing less. And while it seems too good to be true, I found that the three principles of transformation the Kanes talk about touched me so profoundly that I HAVE discovered my own magnificence. No kidding! Just by being in the moment, life becomes magical. By becoming aware of the mechanical behaviors that keep us out of the moment, we regain our original freedom. My work is easier and I feel more connected to the people in my life. Read this book and the presence of the Kanes will seep through and you'll feel how true and powerful their words are, and how deeply they care about people and about the often-missed possibility of living with immeasurable joy, wellness, relationship, and satisfaction.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Agreements for Life
This is a beautifully written book coming from the sincere and simple yet profound wisdom that will help many people if applied. I found this to be among the few books I have purchased where the solutions for humanity are filled with compassion, inspiration and expansive wisdom as well as compassion.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good ideas..remedial delivery...
I enjoyed the book, but it was very repetitive and a little simplistic. Lots nifty ideas with a few interesting metaphors and insights... The book doesn't provide many revelations (if any). It mostly serves to re-enforce what we already know is right and true. We've all heard a million versions of the ideas delivered in this book. Stuff like:

"Say what you mean. Mean what you say"
"Assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME"

You get the idea... Read this book as a reminder. Read it to gain an alternate perspective. I would recommend it to anyone who is on a path to self-discovery. Remedial or not, the toltec perspective referenced in this book is a valuable one...

One thing I've noticed about most of the negative reviews. They all seem a little bit angry. Perhaps too angry to be receptive to a book with such a positive spin...

5-0 out of 5 stars Not Making Assumptions
By implementing the four agreements into my daily life I have been transformed. I took back my power by being able to 'see' other peoples parasite when it was exposed to me. I have been handling every situation in my life now with one of the agreements. I also recommend reading Rat Race Relaxer: Your Potential & The Maze of Life by JoAnna Carey. ... Read more

6. The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way
by Wayne W. Dyer
list price: $23.95
our price: $16.29
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1401903150
Catlog: Book (2004-02-01)
Publisher: Hay House
Sales Rank: 9633
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
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Book Description

Intention is generally viewed as a pit-bull kind of determination propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture. In this view, an attitude that combines hard work with an indefatigable drive toward excellence is the way to succeed. However, intention is viewed very differently in this book. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. This book explores intention—not as something you do—but as an energy you’re a part of. We’re all intended here through the invisible power of intention. This is the first book to look at intention as a field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life with the power of intention.

Part I deals with the principles of intention, offering true stories and examples on ways to make the connection. Dr. Dyer identifies the attributes of the all-creating universal mind of intention as creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, endlessly abundant, and receptive, explaining the importance of emulating this source of creativity. In Part II, Dr. Dyer offers an intention guide with specific ways to apply the co-creating principles in daily life. Part III is an exhilarating description of Dr. Dyer’s vision of a world in harmony with the universal mind of intention. ... Read more

Reviews (69)

5-0 out of 5 stars Praise for the Power of Intention
Another great book by Dr. Dyer. He is a very passionate persuader. I was watching Dr. Dyer on PBS and his message sounded so simple and sincere: determination as energy, not something you do, but something you are. Lots of platitudes but never vague, The Power of Intention has inspired me to get going with my life; To overcome negative thoughts and feelings, to let go of erroneous thinking and seeing.

This is also a feel good and warm book. After you read it, you will feel uplifted for a while and if you are like me, you will strive to be a nicer and more sincere person.

As the father of some very active young children, I found myself searching for a way to teach the Power of Intention to them. I knew that they could benefit greatly from Dr. Dyers material, and I was right. I read a book by Matt Pasquinilli called The Child Whisperer a couple of years ago and I got it off the shelf and reread it after reading The Power of Intention. Although the two books are very different in scope and style, I found that they compliment each other nicely. The Child Whisperer is a step by step guide to employing concepts like the Power of Intention with children.

4-0 out of 5 stars ¿Simple Concepts, Profound Effects¿
In his book, Dr. Dyer helps us identify how we can be in harmony at all times by merging our thoughts with the creative energy that he calls intention. He does this in a very graceful way, through stories and quotes as well as lists of suggestions. He urges us to examine our usual behaviors to life and describes how the power of intention "matches-up" directly with our thoughts (according to him it is in our thoughts that we produce reality, so we have to be aware of the energy our thoughts carry). His approach is indeed very useful and inspiring, with concepts that are so simple, one some times oversees them in this fast paced world. While enjoying this book, some of the concepts Dr. Dyer touches reminded me of another book that I hold very dear to my heart and that I would like to share with you, called "WORKING ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP DOESN'T WORK" written by Ariel and Shya Kane. Through their book, the Kanes present the three principles to create magic relationships in your life, including the one with yourself. I highly recommend both of these books which pearls of wisdom continue to light up my life.

3-0 out of 5 stars The Power of Intention
In The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer he does a goof job of describing a power he calls "The Source". However, the author doesn't do a good job of explaining how to obtain it. This book is filled with nice sounding platitudes, but it is a bit overly simplified.

I have however read a book recently gave me a lot of answers concerning the inner struggles I have been battling with for years. It is laid out in a question and answer format that helped make it a quick and easy read as well. It dealt with such subjects as different religions, the Christ Consciousness, DNA, reincarnation, and much more. It is called "The Book of Thomas," by Daniel Aber and Gabreael.

1-0 out of 5 stars Dyer Is Confused
As I have indicated before, I have read and enjoyed numerous Dr. Dyer titles. However, I do feel that in this book and the previous There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, Dr. Dyer has become increasingly vague and unsure of what he wants to say. When he attempts to talk about "higher energy", he never really comes to the point, or how it might be applied to our lives. I really think he is confused. And the sources he cites, such as Hawkins and Hunt, are spurious at best.

My advice is to stick with Your Sacred Self and You'll See It When You Believe It.

3-0 out of 5 stars Dr.Dyer Repeats Himself Again
Although I enjoyed listening to The Power Of Intention it is basically the same philosophy that Dr.Dyer has sold his followers for the past 20 years.What I dont get is how Dyer and other new-age gurus express that emotions such as jealousy and anger are "low energy" emotions when Christ and other spiritual leaders they quote from poseesed these energies also as documented in the Bible,etc.etc. ... Read more

7. Emotional Intelligence : Why it can matter more than IQ
by Daniel Goleman
list price: $39.95
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Asin: 1559276991
Catlog: Book (2002-03-06)
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Sales Rank: 328237
Average Customer Review: 3.89 out of 5 stars
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Book Description

Is IQ destiny?Not nearly as much as we think.This fascinating and persuasive program argues that our view of human intelligence is far too narrow, ignoring a crucial range of abilities that matter immensely in terms of how we do in life.

Drawing on groundbreaking brain and behavioral research, Daniel Goleman shows the factors at work when people of high IQ flounder and those of modest IQ do well.These factors add up to a different way of being smart -- one he terms "emotional intelligence."This includes self-awareness and impulse control, persistence, zeal and self-motivation, empathy and social deftness.

These are the qualities that mark people who excel in life, whose relationships flourish, who are stars in the workplace.Lack of emotional intelligence can sabotage the intellect and ruin careers.Perhaps the greatest toll is on children, for whom risks include depression, eating disorders, unwanted pregnancies, aggressiveness and crime.

But the news is hopeful.Emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth, and the author shows how its vital qualities can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us.And because the emotional lessons a child learns actually sculpt the brain's circuitry, he provides guidance as to how parents and schools can best use this window of opportunity in childhood.The message of this eye-opening program is one we must take to heart: the true "bell curve" for a democracy must measure emotional intelligence
... Read more

Reviews (157)

5-0 out of 5 stars How to understand emotions and make the most of them
I read this book in 1997 and was fascinated with the content, especially information about "flooding" ie. when we are emotionally overloaded and we can't respond effectively. I was also particularly interested in Dr. Goleman's research into the components of emotional intelligence -- self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, zeal and self-motivation, empathy and social deftness. Dr. Goleman explains what happens to us neurologically when we experience emotions and why emotional intelligence is important. After reading his book, I was left with questions such as, "What do my emotions mean? How do I deal with my emotions when they occur?" These questions are specifically answered in Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self by Dr. Rosalene Glickman. Dr. Glickman explains why and how each emotion is experienced, the messages they bring, and questions to ask yourself and others to best resolve emotions and achieve emotional mastery. In my opinion, these books belong in every family and in every workplace.

4-0 out of 5 stars Why emotional intelligence wins out over basic intelligence
This ground-breaking book proposes that emotional intelligence is a learned ability that is as much or more important than basic intelligence and should be part of our schooling just as reading, writing and arithmetic. The author sets out new scientific evidence showing, step-by-step, how healthy emotions and destructive emotions control our lives. Feelings often count as much as logic, and we have gone too far, says Dr. Goleman, emphasizing the purely rational, when emotions are so powerful.

All emotions are an impulse to act; the creation of instant plans for handling a life situation. Now we know in detail how emotions prepare the body for differing responses. A human being is made up of two minds according to Goleman. One thinks, and one feels; two fundamentally different ways of knowing.

The author defines emotion as "a feeling and range of propensities to act." The principal emotions are: Anger: Fury, outrage, resentment. Sadness. Grief, sorrow, cheerlessness. Fear. Anxiety, apprehension, terror. Enjoyment. Happiness, joy, delight, amusement. Love: Trust, kindness, devotion, infatuation. Surprise: Shock, amazement, astonishment. Disgust: Contempt, scorn, abhorrence. Shame: Guilt, embarrassment, remorse, humiliation.

Various emotions have various physical effects on the body. Anger, for example, causes blood to flow to the hands; strong energy for vigorous action. Fear causes blood to flow to the legs making it easier to run. Happiness is a positive emotion that provides readiness and enthusiasm. Surprise makes it easier to figure out what's going on and create a plan of action. Sadness helps adjust to a significant loss and brings a drop in energy and enthusiasm.

When emotions are out of control, the emotional mind takes over and swamps the rational mind. Emotions have a mind of their own and can hold views independent of the rational mind. Goleman names five main domains of emotional intelligence: (1) Knowing one's emotion (2) Managing emotions (3) Motivating oneself (4) Recognizing emotions in others (5) Handling relationships.

A most important emotional lesson, of course, is anger management. As a culture, we have not bothered to make sure children are taught the essentials of handling anger or resolving conflict. These and other fundamentals of emotional competence have been left to chance, says Goleman.

Surprisingly, the emotional mind is far quicker than the rational mind and springs into action without considering consequences that may prove to be mistaken or misguided. Scientific findings indicate we often cannot control emotions. What's more, the emotional mind takes its beliefs to be true, discounting evidence to the contrary. That's why it's difficult to reason with someone who is emotionally upset.

A familiar husband-wife emotional story: Wives, it seems, are the emotional managers and as such, are more likely to criticize husbands. Men are more likely to be stonewallers. Wives try to bring up and resolve disagreements. Husbands, on the other hand, are reluctant to be drawn into arguments. As a wife sees her husband withdraw from a discussion. she increases the volume and intensity of her complaint white he becomes defensive or stonewalls in return. She becomes contemptful, frustrated and angry; the husband feels more and more an innocent victim. As husbands stonewall, the wife feels completely stymied. The author calls this psychological impasse "flooding~~ and points out that flooding escalates, often going out of control.

There is ample evidence of growing emotional recklessness in the wortd, the author points out, and makes a strong case that it is critical to teach emotional competence to children as part of their education.

4-0 out of 5 stars Significant topic, questionable presentation
The importance of emotional intelligence was proven to me early on in this book, especially with the author's neurological explanations of the brain. Daniel Coleman used a variety of approaches to prove the importance of emotional intelligence including: neuroscience, biology, and case studies. Yet, some of the directions the author chose to take lost my interest. The case studies could have been abbreviated and maybe the classification of emotions could have been expanded on. The book demonstrated the dire consequences of not learning emotional intelligence and sometimes used extreme examples which seemed unnecessary. However, this pioneering book (albeit somewhat outdated) deserves attention.

For me the book started well with references to Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics," making a connection between the wisdom that Aristotle exalted and emotional intelligence. The book went on to explain how the physical components of the brain affect emotional behavior; here the amygdala is explained, which is the control center for emotional behavior, and is referred to throughout the book. This biology and neuroscience clarified how rudimentary emotional behavior is in the human brain.

In part three, the author showed progressive thinking in his belief that the medical profession must consider emotional factors. Since the book's publication, medical schools have agreed with him. On June 10, 2004, the Wall Street Journal reported that graduates from all 126 medical schools in the U.S. will take a standardized test that will rate "bedside manner." According to the article, this test will "gauge what multiple-choice questions cannot: a graduate's ability to communicate with patients..."

In parts Four and Five my interest waned as the author discussed how emotional training can save society. Although the author suggests key improvements to pedagogy, the case studies and extreme examples of what can go wrong with the emotional brain belabored the topic for me. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is closely analyzed, as is trauma, abuse, and bullies - all valid areas for discussion but beyond what is needed for demonstrating what emotional intelligence is and why it is important. Violence, social aggression, and certain neuroses resulting from emotional problems could have been explained in a shorter section. But the author deserves credit for offering solutions, and has an interesting theory that modernity is the cause for a worldwide trend of melancholy.

I would have liked more of the book devoted to the challenge of defining emotions. Of interest to me was Appendix A because it revealed the classification attempts made for emotions. The section considers a handful of "core" emotions with all other emotions being a blend of these; there also might be families of emotions with many nuances affecting moods and temperament.

This book reveals a big-picture outlook of the human brain and the emotional activity that is an intrinsic part of it. The thesis that emotional intelligence can be more important than IQ is well supported, but the author is not saying that it is necessarily better! (Previous reviewers of the book have created an EQ-versus-IQ contest.) Both are critical facets of intelligence that must work together and neither can be dismissed.

5-0 out of 5 stars You have to try the Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint!
I bought the book along with the recommended Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint, which is just a terrific resource! It's a complete presentation on emotional intelligence (which saved me a lot of work) but the great thing is it plays movie clips right from the presentation to illustrate each of the emotional intelligence skills. My audience really grasped the concept and was entertained enough to give me 100% of their attention for the full hour. Really great!

5-0 out of 5 stars Before it got crowded
Most of the great industrialists had one thing in common; they were able to give credit where credit was due. This is a lost art in the management of humans in today's concentrated environment that depends upon statistics and numbers.

No man or woman ever created a number that wasn't backed by the self discipline that enabled him or her to give the level of commitment that came with the desire to give that commitment. If they do, they fall upon deaf and dumb hearts, and are bound to be used for different uses than the ones intended.

Passionate commitment is the only thing that ever changed a life, or lives, and the main thing that determines success that might be predictable. Without commitment, marriage fail, even if they appear to work. Without commitment, incentives are little help to the people trying to use them to create wealth, for themselves or for others.

Negative commitment alway works worst to produce desirable outcomes because they never carry a reciprocal commitment to get the job done, and to do it well.

The pride of passion and success is the single most important component of a job well done, and a job well loved, by which great things are made possible because of the commitment brought to the job, that is felt within, and rarely without the internal commitment that defines and fuels the task to be done, often with a sense of vision for accomplishment as well as for the harmony that enables teamwork to exist that relies upon it, as opposed to the tyranny that sometimes fuels efficiency and completion of tasks that may be unpleasant but necessary to be done.

A positive outlook is essential to most quality jobs and often underestimated in its power to create powerful results. Among groups, failure to recognize credit where credit is due destroys more groups than not, and strains the ones where it is not present. Groups break down at varying levels, but almost always at the lower levels from the negligence of the upper levels to give that due credit, and to respect its presence as important to any organization. Failure is always a managerial negligence, and false rewards are immediately noticeable to the participants of any group because they deal daily with the results of performance that would be the criteria by which management determines successful performance to offer those rewards. Underlings usually know the score, and often better than management because of its isolation. Misplaced credit is as damaging to organizations as those where it is non-existent since it destroys not only faith but also integrity.

Emotional IQ is far more valuable to the organization for this reason. Maintaining the integrity of the group is crucial to its success, and sometimes, to its survival. Faith is as asset to integrity, but only a part of what makes any organization valuable since better times can be managed, or sustained, during times of hardship, but integrity forms the heart of commitment for most who are associated with, and determine the vitality of the entire organization through bad times or good. There is no replacement when destroyed, either intentionally or accidentally, and few apologies are effective to heal those deep wounds. Relationship or relational discrimination is the distinction that makes the different in any organization, and those which cultivate the image of equity generally do equity. Those that don't suffer the effects of their lack of commitment by revealing their flaws, not only to insiders but also to outsiders. Emotional intelligence often relies upon intuition to determine its presence or absence. ... Read more

8. Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings
by Lynn Grabhorn
list price: $25.00
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1574533924
Catlog: Book (2001-01-30)
Publisher: Audio Literature
Sales Rank: 105995
Average Customer Review: 4.14 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Is there a way to always have a fat bank account, or a better job, or a delightfully smooth relationship, or a better body? And if so, is it really possible to realize these dreams now, rather than at some unknown future time? Lynn Grabhorn answers these questions with a resounding "Yes!" In Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, she says that what actually molds every moment of every day of one's life are feelings. Using a candid, witty approach to a genre riddled with self-important puffery, she shows how feelings - not positive thinking, or sweat and strain, or good or bad luck, or even smarts - set the tone for people's lives. She frames her theory as a four-part plan that covers all the big topics - money, relationships, health, and spirituality - without being pompous or preachy. Grabhorn's "Law of Attraction" lets the seeker find peace and pleasure in life by feeling rather than by thinking. ... Read more

Reviews (133)

5-0 out of 5 stars Oh Yes! It does WORK!
I am a self help book addict! I bought this book a year ago..browsed it and put it back on my bookshelf. 3 months ago as I was digging for a literally fell of the shelf and hit me on the head. Okay..I got the hint. I read it and could not put it down. I immediatly started practicing what Lynn writes..Instead of thinking positive have to "FEEL" the positive emotions behind the thoughts. Example : Thought : I want a new car. Feeling: Feel the feeling of driving the new car..the smell of the new car you are soaring in good vibes as you start your engine of your new car..I think you get my drift. It sounds so easy..but by Gosh it works and within 2 weeks of reading her book, I had changes of prosperity in my life. I actually loaned the book to my sister a few months ago and want it BACK..I want to re-read it again and again.
Great book, easy and fun reading.
I am giving it 5 stars because the concept was easy to understand, she explains a very hard concept "feelings" and gives you the map/directions on how to start practicing immediatly.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excuse me, this is the best book ever!
I'm not usually compelled to write a review for a book I've read, but this one did it. Lynn Grabhorn takes the simple premise that "like attracts like" and beautifully demonstrates how it applies to our everyday experiences. Her theories behind positively and negatively projected energy are simple and make so much sense!! Composed in humorous, informal fashion, Ms. Grabhorn makes reading her book feel like a conversation with a good friend. I recommend it to anyone who is intersted in a refreshing new outlook on life.

5-0 out of 5 stars Life changing
Lynn has passed. I just went to her website on a whim ( and found out. There was no mention of a date or how it happened... I was saddened, but she would not want anyone grieving for her. Our purpose here on Earth is JOY.... it's funny - I was never moved to review her book here until now. Now I want everyone to know how life-changing it can be. It is the Law of Attraction made simple. And if you truly listen, it can mean everything to your now, and your future. If you've somehow been lead to this entry on Amazon, chances are it's syncronistic for you, and the universe is telling you to order this book! If you feel at all led to do so, then go for it. The Law of Attraction is working in your life even if you are not consciously aware of it, so harnessing it consciously can totally change things for you for the better!

2-0 out of 5 stars spoiled by bad thinking
If the book (I listened to the cassette tapes) works for people, I can't argue with that, and I can understand why it is so compelling - it tries to return people to a belief in a richer life for themselves. But to me it seemed that the book added little to what's been around for ages. Instead of just visualizing what you want and where you want to be, *feel* what that will be like. Basically that's it. My bigger problem is that it contains some of the worst and most irresponsible thinking I have ever encountered. A woman who is raped has "magnetized" that rapist to her by her fear. A child who is harmed was carrying her parents' negative feelings, or it wouldn't have happened. Minority groups, when they complain of injustice, just create more unfair treatment. Better not to complain about inequality or injustice. Not a positive vibration. Ever wonder why a tornado skips some houses? Good vibrations in there. Want to help a starving child in another country? Send her some "warm fuzzy" vibrations. Economic depression, high unemployment, discrimination, poor school systems -- none of these conditions matter -- only our vibrations. Forget politics, forget any action to change the world. If a company is pouring poisons into the water, don't complain about it, don't take action, rather imagine the water as clean, for this will be more effective. I am not exaggerating her views. Respect your life and soul, reject this thinking.

5-0 out of 5 stars The BEST I've ever read!!!!
This book, "Excuse me, your life is waiting" is the BEST book I have ever read on how to get the things in life that you want! Lynn takes what most people are taught, to think about what you want and be positive, one step further. Since I've been 'feeling' what I want, things are happening! I'm very pleased with my results!!!!! ... Read more

9. Awaken the Giant Within
list price: $13.00
our price: $9.75
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671750186
Catlog: Book (1991-11-01)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 72492
Average Customer Review: 4.19 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (16)

5-0 out of 5 stars Tony Robbins Made The Difference!
Anybody who claims Tony Robbins's teachings contradict Christianity, or are only a temporary "high" are wrong. Tony's concepts changed my life, because I had the desire to do so. He showed my how to apply my desire to change and channel that energy. People who claim it didn't work for them, did not utilize the techniques fully, because they truely didn't want to change. Like physical excerise, mental exercise requires time, patients and a lot of work. Going to the gym once will not make you buff and trim, and reading a Tony Robbins' book once will not do the same for your mind. You have to apply the information over and over to get results. As for the contradiction to Christianity, well, I don't understand that claim. Tony's philososphies are rooted in the power of a supreme being wanting us to be happy and helping us. I am a strong Christian, and the instructions I recieved from Tony only helped me to serve my fellow man better.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great ideas on how to set goals.
First off, and I can't stress this enough, you must read the book. The audio is a great modivator and a good introduction, but the book is must. keep the audio for your car just for as a reminder, but read the book. Robbins can sound silly at times, but he's brillant when it comes to modivating you and ideas of how to make the most out of your life.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good role model and beliefs
Anthony Robbins is the first person that I modeled that really changed my life for the better. Before him, I have read other books on psychology and self-improvement, but all those just ended up with lots of theories about things, but very little practical application in real life.

Robbins is the person who walks his talk. He takes what he learned and modelled from other masters like Jim Rohn, Robert Shuller, Richard Bandler, Milton Erickson, Robert Cialdini and many others, but he does something different and achieve far greater results than his teachers. The reason is that he takes all the techniques seriously and apply them faithfully to the n-th degree. Few of his very powerful beliefs he lives by that I have used to achieve impossible achievements are "There is ALWAYS a way, If I am committed to find one", "It is in the moments of your decisions that your destiny is shaped", "Manage your emotional states and you master your behaviours".

If you read about his story, he was 17 years old, broke and living in his VW car outside 7-11, and he joined Jim Rohn's company to start selling Rohn's educational sets. And he sold to every single person he made a sales appointment with, just by applying what he learned from Jim Rohn and others. Even Jim Rohn couldn't believe it, since nobody in the company could sell more than this 17 year old kid. And when he was broke, he set such goals as owning a castle home, big cars, being successful etc, and in 1 year he achieved them all, just by rehearsing and staying committed to his goals every day. And over the years, he achieved amazing redults just by applying the skills, beliefs, and techniques he learned. He proved to me that, if you are committed to your goals, values, and committed to doing the things you MUST do each day to be at your best,- then you can do seemingly amazing things even with simple techniques and beliefs.

This cassette is an additional companion to his book Awaken The Giant Within. Although the publisher produced this tape, which is about 60 - 90 minutes, some of the information and techniques in the book are not included here. But I love this tape as his delivery is very powerful and infectious. Get this tape, I guarantee it will help you, IF you apply them in your life. Don't be like most people who reads good books, and then say it's not good, just because they don't apply what they read. Reading and merely listening won't change your life. Applying it does! The world is filled with educated derelicts- people who know a lot of knowledge, but didn't use what they know.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not how to get rich
Funny thing about all of these motivational speakers... they're all rich. And that's one of things that makes us buy their stuff. Though they preach motivation and personal growth, the unsaid implication is that if we follow their lessons, we'll be rich, too.

Tony is no exception; he talks on this tape about how one year he was living in a tiny bachelor apartment, and a few years later he was living in a castle and flying his jet helicopter to his seminars.

But what none of these people ever talk about--including Tony--is HOW they got so wealthy. That would be a problem, since they tend to downplay the importance of money, all the while being paid millions of dollars to do so.

My hunch is that Tony makes his money by having people come to his seminars and buy his stuff. It's the same with financial guru Suze Orman--she hasn't made her money through smart investing; she's made it by writing books and doing a TV show telling us how to invest.

One of the secrets of making money is to find a niche and fill it; if you can't find one, then you invent one and convince people they need it. Arnold Schwarzenegger did this back in the 80's; he convinced people they were out of shape and came up with the whole "I'm going to pump you up" campaign. Tony, Peter Lowe, Zig Ziglar and others have done this with our minds: convinced us that we need to get control of our lives, and to let them tell us how to do it.

That's not to say Tony's stuff is a scam; if you're feeling out of sorts with the world, this tape is indeed a valuable help in focusing on how to get back with it. But for people who have a normal level of intelligence and presence of mind, it may be somewhat unsatisfying.

One thing I've learned is that sometimes the best advice someone can give you is to stop asking for advice! I think a fair number of Personal Power converts probably spend too much time and money going to seminars and studying Tony's stuff, and not enough time simply living their lives and making their own decisions. This tape is not going to tell you how to earn enough money to buy a helicopter or live in a castle. It is not going to tell you how to end up with a beautiful spouse and kids. It will tell you to follow your dream, and offers a few basic guidelines on how to do that. But you have to do the work.

N.B. The tape ends by telling us that by following Tony's advice, you'll attract the "appropriate coaches and role models." Sounds like a plug for Tony's personal coaching services. In other words, even after you've awakened your inner giant, you'll still need help! (Hint: you still need to buy more stuff!)

5-0 out of 5 stars This Joe Robbins Guy Is Incredible
A month ago I was washing my dishes in the bathtub, reusing junk mail envelopes, and buying frozen pizzas in bulk. Now I have grown a moustache and stride around confidently, feeling like I own the world. This Joe Robbins guy helps me forget the overwhelming impermanence of life, and the tragedy of focussing on personal wealth and contentment. I used to be be a Buddhist monk, but Joe helped me realize what a load of bunk that is. I can't wait to give him more money for his next book or tape or whatever! ... Read more

10. Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy For Reconnecting with Your Partner
by Phillip C. McGraw
list price: $25.00
our price: $16.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671791273
Catlog: Book (2000-02-01)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 231137
Average Customer Review: 4.51 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

With Life Strategies, Phil McGraw helped hundreds of thousands of people take responsibility for their own actions and break free from self-destructive habits and situations. Now he turns his honest, unflinching eye toward relationships -- diagnosing them, repairing them, and maintaining them. This hands-on audiobook is for people who realize their relationship is in trouble, but who don't want to give up on it. Dr. McGraw helps get relationships back on track with clear action-oriented steps for reconnecting partners.

* Diagnose the relationship
* Take personal responsibility
* Escape wrong thinking
* Embrace relationship truths
* Learn the formula for success in a relationship
* Renegotiate the relationship
* Learn to live with love and harmony

Relationship Rescue offers readers the chance for further happiness through meaningful, fulfilling relationships. ... Read more

Reviews (70)

4-0 out of 5 stars A Note from a Villanova University Senior Thesis Group Review for Relationship Rescue
Author: Phillip C. McGraw

We are a group of five college seniors from Villanova University who have spent a semester researching and reviewing best selling self-help books on the subject of relationships. We evaluated five texts after reviewing academic literature specifically on the topics of: commitment, trust, conflict, verbal communication, & intimacy. In order to make you a more informed consumer, we hope to provide you with an educated insider view of Relationship Rescue by Dr Phillip C. McGraw.

McGraw's intent is to "rescue" relationships, and get partners to reconnect by first evaluating their individual selves. He challenges readers to address the truths about themselves, and get in touch with their core of consciousness. When the individual can recognize his or her inner strength, and eliminate "bad spirits," he or she has the power to lift the partner, and get the most out of the relationship. While there are partner exercises in the end, this book for the most part is geared toward the individual. McGraw provides a "7-step process for reconnecting with one's partner", which included a series of personal inventories, journal entries, and self-evaluation. By performing these activities, and engaging in a 14-day process of self-disclosure and relationship evaluation with one's partner, one will grow toward a better relationship.

In our evaluation of five major topics, we found the following in Relationship Rescue:

Commitment - In the chapter entitled, "Reconnecting with Your Partner," McGraw addresses the personal dedication component of commitment found in academic research. This basically says that commitment includes the individual's desire to improve the relationship. He also stressed the importance of physical activity in finding commitment.

Trust - While McGraw did not address trust directly, there are some connections to be made to ideas presented in academic research. It seems to be generally understood that the disposition of the individual greatly effects trust, and an overall personal deceptive nature will negatively affect the relationship. McGraw's goal is to get the individual to remove these negative feelings. Also, a great deal of the book revolves around self-disclosure, which is imperative to developing trust. However, this all depends on how the individual approaches the exercises in the book.

Conflict - In regards to this topic, McGraw touches on the idea that conflict is inevitable. We found this to be an overwhelming theme in research conducted on the topic. Conflict can be constructive if it is done properly, and partners remain in control. He gives rules for "fighting with your partner" which focused on the environment (physical and mental) that the disagreement is taking place in. He also focused on managing one's differences, because there are some that cannot be fixed, and therefore must be embraced.

Verbal Communication Skills- McGraw makes it clear that this is not a book that addresses communication theories. Therefore, it was not his intention to lay out specific communication skills. Instead, he focuses on inner attitudes. While a great deal of the exercises involve partner communication, McGraw does not address the verbal skills necessary for effective communication.

Intimacy - In this book, McGraw affirms the idea found in research that positive regard in the sense of acceptance and confirmation is necessary within a relationship. He also points out that the presence of affection does not make a difference in the relationship unless it is communicated to the partner. McGraw motivates the reader to do, and not just say what he or she feels to achieve intimacy. In regards to intimacy, the emphasis on self-disclosure throughout the book supported what we found in our research as well. In general, McGraw promotes individual behaviors that lead to love and increase intimacy.

Relationship Rescue is best for the topic of Intimacy.

Please feel free to check out our reviews on
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Getting the Love You Want by Dr. Harville Hendrix
Dating For Dummies by Dr. Joy Browne
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray

5-0 out of 5 stars Get ready to work, BUT results are worth it!
Do not buy this book unless you are serious about examining yourself closely and acheiving real improvement in your closest relationships. Dr. Phil is no nonsense! He comes on strong and won't let you get away with blaming all your problems on your spouse. As a result, people either seem to love him or hate him. If you are not ready to face up to your own mistakes then this is probably not the book for you. He makes you admit and take responsibility for your own bad behavior first. This approach is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of work, however I have found that it has helped me tremendously. I have faced my own actions that were causing most of the problems I was experiencing in my marriage. Previously, I had been blaming most of the problems on my wife. It seems simple, but Dr. Phil continually reminds the reader throughout this book that we can only change ourselves. This simple fact has forced me to get real and to look at my relationships in a new light. I highly suggest you buy this book, but don't do it unless you are ready to make a commitment to change!

5-0 out of 5 stars WHEN NOTHING ELSE WORKS - BUY THIS CD!!!
Me & my s/o have had problems from day one but we both tried to cover it up and work through them. After a year engagement we decided to set a date and plan the wedding. Something explosive happened in our relationship and we were at our end, the wedding was cancelled. It has caused us to basically give up and seperate. This is the last thing both of us wanted to do especially with 2 young children, but we didn't know what else to do but to take a break from one another, so I am setting to leave. After watching the relationship rescue episodes of Dr. Phil on television, I said I have to get this book - this is my only hope. I'm not even done with the book and I already feel confident that my relationship will work out just fine with time and dedication. Dr. Phil is down to earth, he doesn't play any games. I listen to the CD in my car on my way home from work since I never have time to read. Make sure you buy the Relationship Rescue workbook along with it! If your partner wants your relationship to be rescued he will go through this workbook with you. The CD will lift you up in ways you can't imagine...when everything else fails - you need to buy this cd!

1-0 out of 5 stars This just in: Dr. Phil has the intelligence of a Labrador.
If Karl Marx called religion the opiate for the masses, Dr. Phil has to be the crack of America.
Don't get me wrong; a lot of people need crack. In fact, they depend on it. The problem is: the proverbial crack starts doing the thinking for these people.

If you are into secular humanism, self-help, and basic atheist or agnostic, "I'll do it myself," philosophy, you will love this book.

Temporary fixes are not only fraudulent, they can be infinitely more dangerous when unsound psychological devices built on modern culture dupe one into believing in one's actual happiness (with oneself) with one's significant other; when the reality is: the relationship or one's identity could not be corroding any faster. Just look at Opera. I do not even need to explain myself. Those who want to see the truth, see it.

This book is exactly what I would expect from Opera's lap dog.

5-0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT!
.... am I contributing or contaminating Amazon???
I'll contribute this: Dr. Phil looks like a dork, but has the sense of a horse. Get the book! ... Read more

11. Life Strategies
by Phillip C. McGraw
list price: $26.00
our price: $17.68
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671044710
Catlog: Book (1999-01-01)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 159743
Average Customer Review: 4.12 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

If you are:

  • capable of more than you are accomplishing;

  • frustrated that you are not making more money;

  • Stuck in a rut and not getting what you want;

  • bored with yourself;

  • silently enduring an emotionally barren life or marriage;

  • trudging, zombie-like, through an unchallenging career;

  • just "going through the motions" of your life;

  • living in a comfort zone that yields too little challenge;

  • living a lonely existence with little hope for change;

then hold on as Dr. Phillip McGraw takes you on a guided tour of your life to honestly label the problems and causes that control your destiny.

LifeStrategies will give you the most honest explanation of your life and how you got where you are that has ever been published. Dr. McGraw is results-based and measures success in terms of changed lives, not rhetoric. This audiobook is a plain-talk, entertaining way to learn to take control of your life, right now. In this audiobook the author describes the ten Laws of Life that every person needs to know. Learn them, use them, and improve virtually every aspect of your life, from work to home to spiritual to physical. Ignore them and you'll continue to pay the price.

With Life Strategies, Dr. McGraw tells you how to strategically control your life, rather than continue as a frustrated passenger. ... Read more

Reviews (267)

5-0 out of 5 stars What my daddy said.
When I was little my daddy would always say, "Cammy. There's three kind of people in this here world. Them's that makes things happen. Them's that watches things happen. And them's that wonders what the heck just happened. Make sure you're always them of first kind." That was good advice. Thanks, Dad.

I'm sure it was my daddy's philosophy that led me to this book. The ten golden rules, according to McGraw, are: (He calls them "life laws".)
#1: You either get it, or you don't. Become one of those who gets it.

#2: You create your own experience. Acknowledge and accept accountability for your life.

#3: People do what works. Identify the payoffs that drive your behavior and that of others.

#4: You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Get real with yourself about your life and everybody in it.

#5: Life rewards action. Make careful decisions and then pull the trigger.

#6: There is no reality; only perception. Identify the filters through which you view the world.

#7: Life is managed; it is not cured. Learn to take charge of your life.

#8: We teach people how to treat us. Own, rather than complain about how people treat you.

#9: There is power in forgiveness. Open your eyes to what anger and resentment are doing to you.

#10: You have to name it before you can claim it. Get clear about what you want and take your turn.

As you can see my daddy was right on the money. For an uneducated man he was pretty dang smart.

Daddy said it. Lee Ann Womack sang it in her hit song "I Hope You Dance", "...And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. Dance . . . I hope you dance." And now Phillip McGraw writes it. Be proactive, rather than reactive. A great book for anyone who is searching to take charge of their life. Cammy Diaz-Lawyer

5-0 out of 5 stars Ultimate Food for Thought
Each of us has the power to make those decisions which ultimately determine the course of our precious lives. We have the power of choice....a power that must be used wisely.

"Life Strategies" is one of those rare finds, a self-help book that does not wallow in big words or esoteric concepts. Mr. McGraw outlines his steps for success in life in simple, direct, yet engagingly written chapters. The organization of the book is excellent throughout and reflects an author who has had extensive experience in dealing with people from all walks of life. He deals with concepts such as self-reliance, individual responsibility and similar notions often downplayed (or ignored outright) by other authors seeking to play into the culture of victimization. You will find none of that in Mr. McGraw's book; his main theme is that we are responsible for our own lives and we do not have to allow ourselves to be knocked about like a punching bag on a windy day.

Once you pick up the book, it is difficult to put down; you will find yourself nodding your head at what you have always known in your heart, but do not always acknowledge in your daily life. This book is well worth the time.

5-0 out of 5 stars Not as easy as it looks on tv
Dr. Phil's life strategies seem easy, but they take a true commitment to implement. His advice makes some readers angry, but that is probably an indication that the message of the book is getting straight the the point. As Dr. Phil would say, "You either get it or you don't!" I also found Rat Race Relaxer: Your Potential & The Maza of Life by JoAnna Carey full of practical, easy to implement tips for getting what you want out of life.

5-0 out of 5 stars Get Real!!!!
This is a great audio book. Eventhough I had this book for years but I didn't read it until I got the audiobook. I enjoy Dr. Phil's texan accent!
There are somethings that I do not agree with, like everything that happens in life is your own responsibility, but generally it is a constructive book.

4-0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good Advice
The subtitle hints of the practicality of this book: "Doing what works/Doing what matters." Time is a key element in the process of accomplishing what you set out to do. Dr. Phil writes, "I design plans to help get people what they want in life."

There are some places in the book that are...shall we say they reveal things about him that he didn't intend. For example he's quite obsequious toward Oprah. Perhaps because she catapulted him to fame. On the other hand he's condescending to other people. He doesn't realize he comes across this way in the book, quite obviously. His arrogance is alarmingly apparent in places.

But there are some insights to be found in spite of these weaknesses. For example, he encourages you to "focus on results, not intentions." Do people ever need to hear that! A similar insight is found when he points out people fear rejection, but need acceptance. That means life is a risk.

I particularly liked this sieze windows of opportunity discussion in chapter six. Again time is the relevant variable, i.e., certain opportunities have a limited window. Sieze the day or miss the chance forever.

To sum it up, I felt the book started weak but grew in substance. After the self-promotion and sense of having all the answers in the first few pages were over he developed some substantive thought on significant issues. ... Read more

12. Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential
by Caroline Myss
list price: $29.95
our price: $19.77
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1564559351
Catlog: Book (2001-12-01)
Publisher: Sounds True
Sales Rank: 123147
Average Customer Review: 3.51 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

On Sacred Contracts, Dr. Myss helps listeners take the next step in their personal evolutions, through the use of archetypes as tools for self-transformation. First identified by the legendary psychiatrist and author C.G. Jung, archetypes are symbols for unconscious energies and potentials held in common by all of humanity. Dr. Myss identifies a "tool box" of 12 major archetypal patterns, and explains their roles in the "alchemy of spirituality." Listeners join this respected medical intuitive as she explores how we can identify our personal archetypes, uncover their higher purpose, and then work with them for self-understanding and spiritual development.

Shared with her hallmark humor, honesty, and intelligence, Sacred Contracts is a welcome resource for fans of Dr. Myss everywhere. Original adaptation of the book by the author. ... Read more

Reviews (77)

5-0 out of 5 stars Multiple Mirrors to See Your Soul and Its Commitments!
Sacred Contracts engages you in an extensive, self-exploring expedition to unearth the core ingredients of your unique, spiritual identity. Because there are so many assignments to do in the book and it is so detailed, I suggest you get the hardcover version rather than one of the audio versions.

Of all the many books I have read about finding and following the dictates of your own true self, Sacred Contracts is by far the most unusual and detailed. The author calls upon major religious traditions, Eastern ideas about energy centers in the body, Jungian psychological archetypes, and astrology among other sources as context for seeing yourself as unique. Although few of these references are ones that I relate to very often, I was impressed by the way that they centered my focus by helping me see what life roles are not important in my life, as the contrast for seeing what is important. In my past experience with increasing self-understanding, the focus was on what was important. Cutting away the unimportant makes those important areas stand out much more clearly.

This is a book that can help you learn for the rest of your life. Unlike many books that are aimed at helping you find "the answer" and then getting you off working with "the answer," Sacred Contracts is designed to help with new challenges and issues in the future . . . as well as the ones you have today.

I found myself particularly enriched by reviewing the very long list of potential archetypes that are developed in the book. These are explained by stories of individuals, references to popular books and movies, and examples of how one archetype differs from other, similar ones. As a result, the archetypes and my own reactions to them came into much clearer focus in my mind. When I had read about these in Joseph Campbell's work, I often found them to be distant. Here, they are immediate.

Sacred Contracts focuses on "what is our mission in life?" This includes both "where am I going?" and "who will go with me?" The answer is unique for each person to each of these questions. A sacred contract is "your overall relationship to your personal . . . and spiritual power." The contract is "a plan to help you develop your divine potential." This is to fulfill "an agreement your soul makes before you are born." As I read these concepts, I found them to be most closely identified in my mind with the beliefs of Buddhism as they relate to the reincarnated soul. The author takes care to show that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam also contain these points of view.

The book contains a lot of material to help you absorb the context of these perspectives. In that sense, I felt a little like I was reading a condensed version of The Golden Bough.

After you understand the archetypes and their manifestations, you are directed how to engage in an extensive mental dialogue with and write about the positive and negative forms of each important archetype for you. These will include the four universal ones (child, victim, compromised person, and saboteur) as well as your selection from dozens of others for the ones that seem most important to you (such as addict, angel, bully, gambler, Midas, poet, and thief). For example, you will ask, "Why did I choose this archetype?" "In what way do I feel the archetype serves my Contracts with other people?"

The focus of all this remains on keeping "your attention on reaching your highest potential." To do this, you must "surrender to self."

Most people will find the list of what to think about and the exercises to do to be a bit intimidating. I certainly did. The work is based on a successful seminar that the author has been developing over many years. So it is intended to take quite a bit of time to do and implement. I suggest that you find blocks of time of at least two hours in length to work on these assignments when you will not be disturbed. If you are single, you might go someplace where you can be alone but see the splendor of nature. If you live with your family, early morning or late at night would probably be the best time . . . while others are at rest. Naturally, if you like what you read here, you could also consider doing a seminar with the author. I'm assuming that that is much more expensive than working with this book on your own. Some people might find it helpful to find someone to do this with, so that you share your results with one another. This could help provide the discipline to keep working on discovering your sacred contracts.

May you fulfill your highest purpose in ways that bring great joy and benefit to you and all whom you meet! God bless you.

5-0 out of 5 stars Sacred Contracts is a brilliant!
Sacred Contracts is a brilliant synthesis of spiritual insight and psychology. Presumably based on the author's well known workshops of the same name. Sacred Contracts takes Jung's concept of archetypes beyond anything Jung himself might have imagined and brings the notion squarely into the 21st century.
The author developed an enjoyable and ingenious process for deciphering your own Contract using a new theory of archetypes that builds on the works of Jung, Plato, and contemporary thinkers. This book is genuinely transformative in understanding the why and what of your inner self.

I bought the audio version after reading the written version. Really use both. When I work I use Neurosync behavior modification software to make other improvements. I enjoy self improvement and self enlightenment and I highly recommend both the book and audio versions.

5-0 out of 5 stars Feeling at home with yourself.
I found Caroline Myss' "SACRED CONTRACTS" to be a warm and insightful guide to investigating one's purpose in life. Myss writes with a great generosity of heart. She describes her book as "a product of my wanting to share with people my insights about our individual and collective life purpose over nearly two decades of working with the energies of the human spirit." Myss explores the idea of archetypes, or energies, that are aspects of our personalities intricately involved in the fulfilling of our purposes.

The book functions as a guide to help you identify the key archetypes in your life, so that rather than getting lost in the drama of your life, you can step back and experience yourself as more centered in the big picture. The tone is light and often playful, and Myss sprinkles her discussions with many gems, such as: "real creativity is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and discipline." Her chapter on the "Wizard of Oz" as a symbol of personal transformation is moving and mesmerizing. I had never considered the difference Dorothy made to the lives of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion before I read this chapter. Myss repeatedly underlines the importance of living in the moment: "Fulfilling your highest potential actually means acting on your highest or deepest truth each moment of your life." As an excellent companion book on your road to personal growth, I strongly recommend "WORKING ON YOURSELF DOESN'T WORK" by Ariel and Shya Kane. (Their audio CD's and tapes are brilliant as well.) This simple and practical book is an indispensable guide to living fully in the moment and discovering joy and satisfaction with a consistency beyond your wildest imagination.

1-0 out of 5 stars dizzying
I have been on a spiritual path for 20 years, and agree that a certain amount of self-discovery is necessary. However, this convoluted,complicated book encourages a level of introspection that can not be healthy. I can't imagine anyone taking this book seriously as coming away anything but self-absorbed, with no real interest in other people, as they have found themselves so archetypically interesting.
A great investment for true narcissists!

5-0 out of 5 stars Life Altering
This is the first book I have ever read that even comes close to explaining what I believe the afterlife to be, or rather the beginning of life on earth. Except for a few minor differences this is right on. Have you ever heard things that you know the meaning of the words, but until someone enlightens you the meaning of the words is missed. This book turned on the light in my head about sooooo many things, that it is hard to believe. Enlightenment comes in slow subsets, and this book has connected many subsets for me. ... Read more

13. Dr. Bernie Siegel's Audio Collection
by Bernie S. Siegel
list price: $39.95
our price: $26.37
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0694520365
Catlog: Book (1998-09-01)
Publisher: HarperAudio
Sales Rank: 241688
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

The Dr. Bernie Siegel Audio Collection Includes Prescriptions For Living, Peace, Love & Healing and Love, Medicine & Miracles. ... Read more

14. The Courage to Be Happy: Jewish/Buddhist Teaching Stories on Gratitude, Compassion, and Mindful Awakening
by Sylvia Boorstein
list price: $18.95
our price: $18.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1564557405
Catlog: Book (2000-02-01)
Publisher: Sounds True
Sales Rank: 515833
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

15. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams/Audio Cassette
by Deepak Chopra
list price: $11.95
our price: $8.96
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1878424165
Catlog: Book (1995-01-01)
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing
Sales Rank: 113466
Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Deepak Chopra’s best-selling guide to creating abundance and prosperity is now on CD and read by the author. Based on seven natural laws that govern all creation, this book shatters the myth that success results only from hard work, exacting plans, and driving ambition. Deepak Chopra offers a life-altering perspective on attaining success: Once we understand our true nature and learn to live in harmony with these natural laws, well-being, good health, fulfilling relationships, energy and enthusiasm for life, and material abundance can be achieved. Simple yet profound, the book’s timeless wisdom and practical steps can be applied with surprisingly quick results. "A must-read for anyone who missed The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran." — The New York Times ... Read more

Reviews (126)

5-0 out of 5 stars "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success"---- " revisited"
Knowing how to be spiritual is going to be our quest, for our future understanding depends on it. It's going back to our roots so to speak...from where we came...remember? If "Healing Society" by Dr Seung Heun Lee requests a spiritual awakening to accomplish our goal of "playing well together" to accomplish our higher purpose of peace on earth... who better than a wise and compassionate teacher, we know as Deepak Chopra, to tell and show us how to be this? Deepak generously leads us to a beautiful place where all we have to do is "be." Spirit is what we are... and love is who we are... and where we come from and then return to. What more can we desire? Maybe to revisit that perfect state from which we came,perhaps? Maybe everything is possible and simple. Maybe we should return to our innocence. In innocence we are fearless in our thoughts and actions...totally in tune with our inner self. Let's be beautiful spirit shared from our hearts where God lives. Read or reread "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of your Dreams and Deepak will give you the gift of your inner you...your "self"...dare to be beautiful!

5-0 out of 5 stars Practical and very fulfilling. A must read!
I have been going through a major turning point in my life and this book has allowed me to deal with my life's challenge in a very self fulfilling way. This is a must read for anyone wishing to find true inner peace and happiness. I wish I found this book 20 years ago! Read it every day and make it a fundamental part of your life. Self fulfillment will come when you practice the "Seven Spiritual Laws of Succcess". This book truly illuminates the heart, soul and mind

5-0 out of 5 stars "This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds."
It is always nice to find someone out there that thinks the same way you do, however express it much better.

In "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", by Deepak Chopra, he describes the fundamental principles of the universe and how we as part of the universe can be successful. Throughout the book he has to slow sown and explain how he is using many of the words as we usually give them different meaning. Then there are a few times that he has to turn to Indian words instead of making up new ones. Many say he is based in Ancient Vedic concepts yet if you did not know of them you would relies these are concepts of the now.

He hits the deck running with this book so if you have not been exposed to these concepts before you may need to re-read the book several times. And this book was not meant to jus be read you need to practice the concepts to understand them. This book is based on "Creating Affluence" and does not have the size to contain a lot of background reasoning for drawing conclusions. Your practice off the laws will do that for you.

The concepts are too simple to give the titles any meaning however here they are.
1. The Law of Pure
The source of all creation is pure consciousness...
2. The Law of Giving
The universe operates through dynamic exchange...
3. The Law of "Karma" or Cause and Effect
Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind...
4. The Law of Least Effort
Nature's intelligence functions with effortless ease...

5. The Law of Intention and Desire
Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment...
6. The law of Detachment
In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty...
7. The law of "Dharma" or Purpose in life
Everyone has a purpose in life...

On a personal note it is so eerie that many of the things he talks about especially in the seventh law was the way me ad my siblings were raised. However I was 20 years old before cutting throw my first Veda

Be sure to also listen to the audio to here how he emphasizes.

5-0 out of 5 stars Applying these laws has helped many...
...myself included.

I first read this book about 4 or 5 years ago when I began my journey towards discovering my Higher Self. This book is a great read no matter what religion (if any) you belong to. Honestly, the fundamental laws that lead to success in the game of life along all lines--health, wealth, peace of mind, love/relationships and true expression--are very simple but few of us are lucky to happen upon them. Then, for those who do, applying these laws consistently is something that even fewer of us do.

My favorite nugget of wisdom from this book is the follow:
"That which doesn't multiply through giving is neither worth giving nor receiving." (pg. 30)

I try to keep this insightful idea in mind when I consider not only finanacial and material concerns but my relationships and interactions with people as well.

I have read 3 of the author's books and this one is thus far my favorite.

4-0 out of 5 stars Spiritual Laws Made simple
Chopra has manage once again to bring a lot of Eastern Philosophy to the west with a certain simplicity.He makes it easier to follow these principles in our everyday lives.Spirituality is everyday living and This book allows us to practice that!
Thank you Chopra for these insights ... Read more

16. The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom
by Phillip McGraw
list price: $26.00
our price: $17.16
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0743526708
Catlog: Book (2003-09-09)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 52383
Average Customer Review: 3.86 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description


in a way that you have never been challenged before. We both know that the endless string of fad diets has done nothing but leave you heavier than before. The Ultimate Weight Solution is an audiobook that is the product of thirty years of working with overweight patients and figuring out what really works. Giving you the real tools to permanent weight loss will change your life and its quality. I am determined to get you immediate results and do so in a way that will last a lifetime. Permanent weight loss is about changing many things in your life, and the The Ultimate Weight Solution will help you do just that -- change yourself, change the way you think about dieting, change the way you think about food, change the way you think about your health. The 7 keys that are in this audiobook will open doors to a new life for you.
-- Dr. Phil

You know all too well that the "diet" experience can be bitterly disappointing. The Ultimate Weight Solution will change the way you behave and think about food, weight loss, and, ultimately, yourself. In this landmark audiobook, Dr. Phil delivers an action-oriented plan to give you immediate results. You'll get the real reasons you've lost control of your weight, with tools to identify what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and why you eat when you don't want to.

Congratulations! When you picked up The Ultimate Weight Solution, you took the first important step down the road to weight loss freedom. It's your health, it's your life, it's your decision. ... Read more

Reviews (207)

4-0 out of 5 stars One of The Best ! !
Dr. Phil's "Ultimate Weight Solution" is one of the best weight loss books I've read in a long time. I'm giving this book four stars because weight loss should encompass the full gamut of an individual including spirit, soul, and body. Dr. Phil covers the soul and body beautifully, but neglects the spiritual aspects of weight loss.

Keys one and two deal with the soul which is our thoughts, will, and emotions. Keys 3-6 deal with the body and flesh, and key 7 deals with the soul. It is critical to include the missing spiritual aspect of a complete weight loss program.

Dr. Phil does an excellent job of dealing with the seven keys included in this book. There are lots of nuggets to glean from.

Two of my many favorite golden nuggets of truth in this book are:

1. "If you believe with utmost certainty that you will fail and never, ever, be able to manage your weight, then failure is what your personal truth dictates to you." Pg 11

2. "When you weight train, its like taking a little chisel to your body. Off comes blubbery thigh fat, gone is the jiggly butt. There's muscular definition to your arms you never knew you had. You're firm all over, and smaller, and better proportioned too." Pg 222

The inclusion of the questionnaires such as the "Nutritional Assessment," the "Behavioral Audit," and the "Personal Environment Audit" are powerful ways of getting the reader to personalize this book and their own personal weight loss program. The interaction leads people to draw closer to the words on the pages and to internalize the keys.

There is so much good material in this book that I really wanted to include a dozen nuggets of truth, but you'll just have to read it yourself and pick out your own favorite nuggets.

I thank Dr. Phil for writing this book. It was a combination of this book coupled with his Monday television program that motivated me to get started on my own weight loss journey.

Thank you Dr. Phil!

5-0 out of 5 stars Hello, this book is about reality (self help not diet)
I can not believe the negativity of some of these reviews. Dr. Phil may not be super thin but the book is about a get real weight not a doctor's chart weight. It is the pursuit of the model thin body that has contributed to both obesity and eating disorders in this country. I do not think that Dr Phil is fat. I think that he is about average for a man of his age (remember televison adds weight). Anyone picking on Dr. Phil's weight is part of the problem ( it really is OK not to look like a super model in this country, it doesn't make you worth less) Also, so what if he is a psychologist and not a psychiatrist. That just means in private practice he would not prescribe meds. It does not mean he is not qualified to talk about the psychological issues surrounding permanent weight loss. Anyone questioning the qualifications of Dr. Phil are just jealous of the impact he has on people.

So it is not brain surgery. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist? They always shift the focus back on you. You ask why do I do that, they say, I don't know why do you?. Because for permanent change the self control and motivation must come from you. This book tackles the fact that we are eating emotionally not just for sustenance as we should be. It tries to resolve some of these issues if not at least bring them out into the open. It has several excercises for this. We all know that to lose weight we must eat less than we need for energy. The real question is why don't we? What is the emotional reason that you as an individual keep overeating? This is the first diet book that tackles overeating from a psychological perspective. Perhaps people would feel like they got their money's worth if the book said to stand on your head 10 minutes after eating and eat as much as you want. That would be new wouldn't it?

Dr. Phil talks in a plain and simple language that really appeals to his fans. IN both self matters and this book he puts things in such a way that it cuts through the bull. If you don't like Dr Phil's style, you won't like the book. Since the book has sold 7 million copies so far he has an opportunity to make a real impact on the weight loss problem in this country. Imagine that !! Millions of overweight americans finally looking inside themselves and saying, "I am the one making the decision to be fat. I do it for the following reasons. I can change my mind and live a healthier lifestyle". "It is not because I ate a bread product with a piece of fruit and messed up a combination or magical formula, It is because I eat more than I need to, to survive. This is not normal and thanks to Dr. Phil I have an action plan to change my behavior." It puts control back in the hands of the individual. Simple or not, if he can get that message across and through his star power effect change, all the more power to him.

1-0 out of 5 stars He's good at stating the obvious. That's about it.
Why is Dr. Phil popular? Because he tells people what they already know. He just throws a few "I'm a good ol' down-to-earth no-nonsense Texan" sayings into the mix.
I bought this book because I was a huge fan of Dr. Phil. I watched his show, bought his "Relationship Rescue" and his Food Guide, and I was ready to overhaul my life just like he said. I started into the book, made goals and worked hard, and followed his food guide implicitly. He said I wouldn't be hungry. I was. He said the plan wouldn't be restrictive. It was. After the first days of excitement were over, I was miserable.
This book is all about telling you to work hard at losing weight, which I am all for. But then he tells you it's not about will power. Of course it is! It's not only about will power, but you do have to have some self-control in order to reach your goals.
This book is a paradoxical mixture of in-your-face drill sargent with telling 'em what they wanna hear.
Let's just say that the more I see Dr. Phil's milk-mustached face on billboards and watch his appearances on the likes of "Extreme Makeover", the more I start to doubt his sincerity about helping people and suspect him of milking his popularity for every penny he can.

4-0 out of 5 stars at last............
What Dr. Phil's book plainly and simply points to is that there is no quick fix to weight loss.
One person wrote about how scary it is that Dr. Phil's book content is common sense. Yes it is and it is high time someone put it in blunt, plain language.
The trouble is the diet industry has been harping on easy loss forever and loves to woo the mentality "I lost 15 pounds in one week!". If you lost 15 pounds in 7 days, it is NOT fat, it is fluid, and more troubling, lean tissue, something that no one can afford to lose. It is called starvation in many sectors of the world.
You simply cannot fool the body. If it does not get what it needs it cannibalizing itself to get it.
The diet industry also makes us believe in 'dieting' not in making behavior changes for a lifetime in what we eat and how much time we spend moving our bodies. When we diet we think about when it is all off I can let up. Well they are wrong. It is a lifetime of effort and Dr. Phil let's his reader know that.
I am perfectly happy with the thought that finally someone has had the intestinal fortitude to spell it out plainly how much we have been duped by the 'diet' industry.

5-0 out of 5 stars Changed my life!!!!
Most people think I'm crazy when I tell them that this book has changed my life, but it has. My eating habits have completely changed and I'm not even finished reading the book. I have lost 6 pounds in about 2 weeks. The book doesn't make you lose weight. It's the information inside that gives you the tools to lose the weight. I strongly suggest that anyone buy it. I bought it at a store full price and was a little leary of spending the money, but it was WELL WORTH IT! ... Read more

17. Joe Torre's Ground Rules : "Twelve Keys to Managing Team Players, Tough Bosses, Setbacks, and Success"
list price: $18.00
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Asin: 0671045512
Catlog: Book (1999-09-01)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 470826
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Book Description

Since joining the Yankees in 1996, Joe Torre has quickly reestablished the team as one of the great success stories in all of professional sports. But Torre has not only shown his outstanding managerial talents by leading the Yankees to two championships in three years. He's also survived the pressure-cooker of big-market media, established a calm, effective working relationship with George Steinbrenner, and cultivated clubhouse harmony on a team packed with distinct personalities. That harmony, together with Torre's emphasis on steadiness, optimism, serenity, mutual respect and responsibility, paved the way for his team's record-shattering 125-win season and 1998 World Series sweep.

In Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners, the Yankee manager reveals the twelve keys to his phenomenally successful management philosophy -- keys directly applicable to business and to life. Drawing from his years of experience in the corporate microcosm that is professional baseball. Torre shares his wisdom of the universal concerns of managers -- handling tough bosses, dealing with both setbacks and success, earning the trust and respect of your team players and bringing together a diverse group of individuals into a cohesive unit with a willingness to make the sacrifices necessary to win. Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners is a comprehensive guide to the management techniques that Torre has refined, illustrating his methods with vivid, colorful stories from his years in professional baseball.

Torre's invaluable insights will provide listeners with the tools they need to develop a winning outlook, and to get the most out of themselves and their colleagues, whether in sports, business, or life. ... Read more

Reviews (17)

4-0 out of 5 stars Not an average Joe
I've only heard audio portions of this book so far and I've enjoyed it immensely. I'm a huge Yankee fan and I love the way Joe manages them - and George Steinbrenner for that matter; calm, clear, focused, patient. However, I just wanted to respond to Bill from NY, who said that Joe Torre can not write andthat the book wasn't very "inciteful".
Note to Bill: buy a dictionary before you "right" off a review in haste.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Advice
This book offers good advice for managers of most professions. It may be simplistic to say that the baseball industry strategies will apply to all areas, but one of the first things you learn IS that it will apply to most areas -- because it deals with one long-time commonality -- people. Joe Torre shows that his insight and respect for others really does work and that it is NOT just money.

4-0 out of 5 stars Useful examples that can be applied to many situations
SETBACKS, AND SUCCESS by Joe Torre with Henry
Dreher . . . Torre, in case you're not a baseball fan, is the manager
of the New York Yankees . . . this book tells how he has
applied commonsense principles to become perhaps the
sport's best top skipper . . . nothing overly profound here,
but it all did make sense to me . . . and I liked how he related
baseball examples to business, family and life situations.

There were several passages I particularly enjoyed; among them:
* In any business, workers up and down the hierarchy want nothing
more than to be treated fairly, to feel that they aren't getting
the short end of a manager's stick. My second baseman in 1966,
Mario Duncan, once was quoted as saying about me, "He doesn't
play favorites. All twenty-five guys are his favorites." It was kind of
him to say, and I believe that it's true. Managers who make it
their business to keep personal preferences to themselves, to
show regard for all employees, and to be scrupulously fair about
opportunities, promotions, and perks, will be rewarded with a
bunch of highly motivated team players.

* During my eight years as a player with the Braves, I was fortunate
to hit behind baseball's all-time home run king, Hank Aaron. One
day, Hank and I were talking about batting slumps when he made
a comment that's stayed with me ever since: "Each at bat is a
new day."

* "I hang pictures," is a phrase I've used whenever I start a new
job. . . . When I first managed the Mets in the late 1970s, Boyer,
then the Cardinals' manager, visited me in my clubhouse
office. Kenny noticed all the personal pictures I had hanging on
the walls. "Wow," he exclaimed. "You expect to be here for a

"When I start working somewhere, I just assume that I'm going
to be there forever," I said. "It's the only way I can do my job."

4-0 out of 5 stars Torre Uncovers Winning Attitude for Success
Coaches not only bring winning teams to victory, but they influence the team and individual to aspire to their highest potential. The art of coaching sculpts people into personal success with the clay of trust, encouragement, insight into individual psychology, and a thorough knowledge of the activity coached. Joe Torre, the manager of the New York Yankees baseball team who brought the players to championship at the World Series, weaves together these factors to show how business people can reach the same level of personal success. His wisdom applies to any activity that relies on an individual's extra push to succeed.
"How do you make it happen? As an individual, you work relentlessly on the fundamentals of the game-whatever you game may be," he notes in the book. The mechanics of the game or business lay the groundwork, but the variables of talent, interaction with coworkers, attitude and relationship skills count even more. "In order to build teamwork, you must acknowledge each individual's worth, letting him know that this role, no matter how seemingly minor, is a vital cog in the team's efforts," he writes.
In today's work environment, where getting to know fellow workers may be subordinate to getting the job done, and where the focus is on production rather than people, Torre's ground rules of knowing the people who work with and for you may seem radical. But, he says, they are essential.
His blend of common sense, experience and psychological insight make this book a productive and instructive use of time for managers or anyone wanting to succeed in business. He shows how the complexity of mind, emotion, heart and talent work together to build success, and he emphasizes the power of the mind and attitude on performance. The dreams and goals deep within the individual can win out, he insists. He encourages bravery and persistence to carry on in a world that can make it easy to douse the flame of a dream for the banality of safe routine. In the end, success in business and in life have meaning to the individual because of the struggle to get there. "(O)nly you know how many small triumphs and snarls went into that big victory, how many months, years, or decades of sweat and sorrow preceded that breakthrough. That's baseball, and that's life," he notes.
And that's Torre's attitude in a book worth reading.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Good Read!
Joe Torre distills his management and "team player" philosophy into twelve keys. These insights elegantly deal with ways to inspire critical qualities, including trust, commitment, optimism, resilience, excellence, patience, integrity, respect, leadership, teamwork, and camaraderie. Torre illustrates his beliefs and advice with pertinent anecdotes told in a detailed, witty, heartfelt style. Torre, who has won four world series titles as manager of the New York Yankees, draws on his experiences as a player, manager, and leader. He includes the lessons he learned when he reported to a demanding team owner. The book delivers what it promises and offers an engaging behind-the-scenes look at professional baseball. We [...] recommend this book to executives, managers and employees at all levels in any kind of business. Since it never relies on macho clichés, both men and women will find it satisfying and worthwhile.
... Read more

18. The Winning Attitude Your Key To Personal Success
by John Maxwell
list price: $18.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0785273050
Catlog: Book (1996-02-27)
Publisher: Nelsonword Publishing Group
Sales Rank: 415602
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Struggling with an ingrained negative attitude? There's real hope for you! In The Winning Attitude, John C. Maxwell shows you how you can change and become a winner. You can develp the attitude of mind which brings peace, courage, and success!

... Read more

Reviews (13)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Resource for an Attitude Adjustment
Maxwell has written an excellent book encouraging readers to change their attitudes so they may experience more personal success.While the book is admittingly from an evangelical Christian perspective, anyone can benefit from the material.

Among the points covered include:

1.7 aspects fo attitudes and how they can affect your life.
2.God thinks more of us than we do ourselves.
3.Do not allow your attitude or others to put you in a box and limit your potential.
4.4 rules to remember when you have attitude problems.
5.Failures can be the road to our success - it is impossible to succeed without failure.
6.4 outward causes of attitude problems.
7.8 choices we can make to improve our attitude.
8.5 types of opportunities we have to change our attitude.
9.3 strengths we have for change.
10. 5 things to learn from prayer in Psalm 25:1-10.

Earlier reviewers are put off by Maxwell's "preaching".What do you expect?He was a preacher when he wrote the book!!!It still amazes me that people are still so hypersensitive to whenever Christianity and the Bible are mentioned in a positive light in a book.Perhaps those same reviewers are the very ones who need an attitude adjustment the most!!!

Read, enjoy, and be encouraged to know you have the Lord ready to help you when you need an attitude change.

Highly reccomended.

5-0 out of 5 stars attitude is leadership, leadership is influence
Attitude creates the difference between mediocre performance and exceptional results.Its not good or bad circumstances, but how and how often we handle circumstances that will determine where we will be.I dont know how John Maxwell puts it all together but its amazing how this book is overflowing with the right information for those who want to learn, change, overcome and move ahead in whatever they are doing.
Amitabh Parasher

5-0 out of 5 stars Nice mix for the open minded
I'm a Christian. However, most books touching on Christianity really turn me off, mainly because some Christians come across as if their beliefs are the only right way to think. It's seems to me that Christianity is not the only game out there, and it certainly isn't the oldest. Isn't the goal to believe what Christ believed, and so act as He? Nuff said.

Maxwell's book is terrific. Many authors tell how to have a great attitude, but Maxwell explains that we need more than just directions... We need guidance, and at times, we need help.
Maxwell reminds us that when we need help, there is a power greater than ourselves which can do for us what we can't do for ourselves. Yes, the book does contain Christian references. However, what is built upon that foundation is pure right thinking and common sense.

My greatest challenge has been my thinking, and Maxwell provides a solution.

1-0 out of 5 stars a let down - written by a preachy pastor
a word of warning to those for whom a warning is in order.
this book is written by a christian pastor, who quotes
from the bible approximately every other page.i didn't
want this kind of book, and want to make it clear to people
out there like me, who aren't looking for subliminal
evangelism, that this book has a subtle tendency to proselytise.
None of the amazon reviewers made this clear enough,
I thought.

5-0 out of 5 stars Attitude is Vital!
Only an overcomer can write the kind of things John C. Maxwell writes. You can tell if a person has paid his dues and its evident Maxwell has. It's all a matter of focus. Maxwell says "A hardened attitude is a dreaded disease" and the way to overcome that is to focus on God's power and not the problem.

Maxwell has a gift for putting truths into a fresh framework. For example consider what he says about one's life being affected by attitude, "Our attitude and action toward life help determine what happens to us." In other words, he's about to go into a discussion of self-fulfilling prophecy. He goes on to talk about how attitude affects relationships and other areas of life.

He issues a challenge that I want to someday try myself. He says for the next week, treat every person you meet as the most important person on earth. Imagine the results!

This book is packed with goodies. Maxwell's advice leads to living a quality life because it is solidly based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. ... Read more

19. The Iyanla Live! Collection
list price: $69.95
our price: $69.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0743506960
Catlog: Book (2001-01-01)
Publisher: Sound Ideas
Sales Rank: 366172
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

20. How to Win Friends & Influence People
by Dale Carnegie
list price: $39.95
our price: $26.37
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671043218
Catlog: Book (1998-10-01)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Sales Rank: 136780
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

This grandfather of all people-skills books was first published in 1937. It was an overnight hit, eventually selling 15 million copies. How to Win Friends and Influence People is just as useful today as it was when it was first published, because Dale Carnegie had an understanding of human nature that will never be outdated. Financial success, Carnegie believed, is due 15 percent to professional knowledge and 85 percent to "the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people." He teaches these skills through underlying principles of dealing with people so that they feel important and appreciated. He also emphasizes fundamental techniques for handling people without making them feel manipulated. Carnegie says you can make someone want to do what you want them to by seeing the situation from the other person's point of view and "arousing in the other person an eager want." You learn how to make people like you, win people over to your way of thinking, and change people without causing offense or arousing resentment. For instance, "let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers," and "talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person." Carnegie illustrates his points with anecdotes of historical figures, leaders of the business world, and everyday folks. --Joan Price ... Read more

Reviews (371)

1-0 out of 5 stars Buy friends and coerce people
This is a very funny book. It's not meant to be, but the ideas it tries to put across are machiavelian, childish and short sighted. The underlying theme is that one should do favours for others in order to receive the same from them: hardly a theme to build friendships on.

If you are currently paying people cash to be your "friend", you might find significant financial savings from the ideas in this book: you could be paying them in plenty of other ways.

It makes a great gag gift: you will find yourself passing this around to read out loud at parties.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Charter Member of My Self-Help Collection
here are a number of KEY books that helped me to develop
the best aspects of myself as a man and as a person. This
book is one of those cornerstones of who I am. It is timeless,
universal, and comprehensive in its coverage of the subject

Other books and self-help products which are on par with this book are:

NEW SEX NOW: Life's Ultimate Pleasure DVD
Giant Steps
Think & Grow Rich
Self Matters
7 Spiritual Laws of Success
Ageless Mind, Timeless Body
The Power of Concentration

I believe that anyone who wants to be a great person would do well to study all of the above very sincerely.

5-0 out of 5 stars It won me over.
Just a joy to read, this book is truly a classic. With its timeless stories the author uses to illustrate the principles of getting along with others, this book should be requires reading for all human beings. Other self-help books I liked include "The No-Beach, No-Zone, No-Nonsense Weight Loss Plan, A Pocket Guide To What Works."

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the first how to social skills books
Well, this is the grand dady of all social skills how to books from business to love and romance.I have the old fashioned politically incorrect version and have to re-read it to pick up the important points.

Some people understandably don't like this sort of book.It could make one so superficial to do things by rote all because you want something - but Carnegie himself points this out and scorns selfish motives.

It is ultimately about survival in a tough, competitive world and being genuinely nice to people - which naturally works.Especially good if you want to deal with Americans as Americans already know the lessons of this book and have studied it compared to continentals.

No book can necessarily help you get a top job or win the love of your life, no matter how much they promise to - especially if you mechanically try and follow instructions supplied in them.But for general principles this book is so important.

After all etiquette is something taught by Confucius, the Buddha and many historical personages - and this book has looked at all the greatest books before it came up with its strategies and rules of thumb.

The original book was based on so much research (and I don't really want the update) - that it would repay study.

5-0 out of 5 stars Carnegie is the founder of emotional intelligence
I'm a big emotional intelligence fan, and when I read this book I can't help but see the parallels between Carnegie's thinking and the modern emotional intelligence works. This book, despite it's age, speaks to some of the core truths of how people work and provides excellent strategies for how to connect with other people. Carnegie has a keen understanding of what motivates people and I really enjoyed how succinctly he is able to sum things up and give me a useful way to approach my own life.

My favorite "modern" emotional intelligence book is "The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book" because it includes a free online test where you can measure your own EQ and learn how to better connect with people. ... Read more

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