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$16.47 list($24.95)
1. Evidence of Harm : Mercury in
$6.75 $4.89 list($7.50)
2. The Gift of Fear
$10.17 $3.00 list($14.95)
3. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival
$16.96 $16.95 list($19.95)
4. Crisis Preparedness Handbook:
$8.96 $7.15 list($11.95)
5. Protecting the Gift : Keeping
$10.50 $2.00 list($14.00)
6. Tom Patire's Personal Protection
$229.95 $129.99
7. Practical Guide to Clinical Data
$10.17 $9.47 list($14.95)
8. Krav Maga : An Essential Guide
$15.63 $3.42 list($22.99)
9. Death By Prescription : The Shocking
$6.00 $5.98
10. the ACLS Pocket Survival Guide
$14.95 $9.49
11. The Stretch Deck: 50 Stretches
$105.00 $80.80
12. Safety and Health for Engineers
$15.63 $4.99 list($22.99)
13. First Strike : TWA Flight 800
$12.89 $12.53 list($18.95)
14. Home Safe Home: Protecting Yourself
$5.95 $3.89
15. Lonely Planet Healthy Travel Africa
$16.47 $14.67 list($24.95)
16. Camping & Wilderness Survival
$11.01 list($12.95)
17. DAN Pocket Guide to First Aid
$27.95 $13.99
18. First Aid and CPR Essentials
$29.95 $15.00
19. Computer-Related Risks
$10.36 $3.10 list($12.95)
20. What Every Home Owner Needs to

1. Evidence of Harm : Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy
by David Kirby
list price: $24.95
our price: $16.47
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0312326440
Catlog: Book (2005-04-01)
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Sales Rank: 210396
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

2. The Gift of Fear
list price: $7.50
our price: $6.75
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0440226198
Catlog: Book (1998-05)
Publisher: Dell
Sales Rank: 3404
Average Customer Review: 4.74 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

True fear is often a signal that can save your life.Are you listening?

  • The baby-sitter you've just hired makes you uneasy--what should you do?
  • You sense you are being followed --do you confront the stranger...or run?
  • A fired employee says "You'll be sorry"--should you take him seriously?
  • A person in the elevator you are about to enter just doesn't look right--do you wait for the next car?

    A date won't take "no" for an answer.The new nanny gives a mother an uneasy feeling.A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers unsolicited help.The threat of violence surrounds us every day.But we can protect ourselves, by learning to trust--and act on--our gut instincts.

    In this empowering book, Gavin de Becker, the man Oprah Winfrey calls the nation's leading expert on violent behavior, shows you how to spot even subtle signs of danger--before it's too late.Shattering the myth that most violent acts are unpredictable, de Becker, whose clients include top Hollywood stars and government agencies, offers specific ways to protect yourself and those you love, to act when approached by a stranger...when you should fear someone close to you...what to do if you are being to uncover the source of anonymous threats or phone calls...the biggest mistake you can make with a threatening person...and more.Learn to spot the danger signals others miss.It might just save your life. ... Read more

    Reviews (171)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Common Sense Tactics
    The Gift of Fear does take an in-depth look at the pitfalls of celebrity life as well as addressing the dangers of American society. DeBecker paints a grim picture of violence in America, but also states that the media is largely responsible for our anxieties and fears. We hear and see so much violence on television that we are almost desensitized. Our basic instinct is eroding to the point where we can no longer distinguish the difference between real fear and worry. He offers scenarious which illustrate the differences between these two emotions.

    He also states that we have a better chance of hurting ourselves than someone else doing it for us. How? We ignore our basic instincts when someone approaches, whose behavior is questionable. The Gift of Fear not only addresses the signals these people throw at us, but tells us how we should handle that person.

    In his book, he fictionizes his cases to illustrate how women put themselves in a situation where they beaten, raped, stalked, and murdered. At the end, he summarizes how they could have avoided their snag. He points out that the police and judicial system offer little to help these women once they are in this situation. I, myself, have heard about this scenario many times.

    What got to me was a thirteen year-old boy, named Eric. He and his mother had their luggage stolen while on vacation. The hotel manager was very helpful and 'nice'. He was so nice that he made a special trip across the country to see this boy. In short, he was a sexual predator. Fortunately for Eric, his mother was put off by this man. Out of all the stories recounted in this book, this one gave me chills.

    Again, DeBecker lists the danger signs that we should watch out for and the common sense tactics of avoiding these criminals. At the back of the book, is a list of agencies who help battered women and children cope and survive. I would recommend this book for everyone.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A book that dispells crime prevention myths
    Few crime prevention experts emphasize intuition. Instead, they talk about staying alert to crime. Sometimes crime prevention experts generate more fear than they alleviate.

    Gavin deBecker, on the other hand, makes intuition and freedom from fear the focus of his philosophy. Instead of imagining the bad things that could happen, he says, live without worry of crime.

    He also says to stop watching the news. It only generates needless worry and gives one a distorted view of the world. I have been teaching these same concepts for years as a black belt in karate, so it was refreshing to read them from someone else. I avoid newspapers and TV news--it only darkens our view of the world. It only makes crime seem worse. Give up news for two weeks and notice how your outlook improves.

    As a teacher of women's self-defense, I've heard many stories of intuition. Some people call it the "back ground music," because it is like the music that plays in a movie before something bad happens.

    As deBecker writes, act upon your survival signals (run, search your house in the middle of the night, stay away from an individual, etc.), even if you feel foolish doing so.

    Shed the fears in your life, because fear clouds the survival signals. Those who live in fear of crime are already victims.

    Some of the book is difficult to read, such as chapters on child abuse. But the book is still worth it. Buy copies for yourself and friends. If you spend time worrying about crime, this book could change your life.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Realistic look at crime that can benefit you
    THE GIFT OF FEAR: AND OTHER SURVIVAL SIGNALS THAT PROTECT US FROM VIOLENCE by Gavin de Becker is a helpful, engaging quick read (it's a trade paperback of around 380 pages). His premise is that fear is a means of survival and that if we listen to it and follow it, we can save our own and others' lives; however, for various reasons, we often discount our intuition about danger or we don't listen to our fear and put ourselves unnecessarily at risk.

    The book begins with a "true crime" story about Kelly, a woman who was raped in her apartment by a man she met in her stairwell who offered to carry the groceries she had dropped up to her apartment. De Becker parses the incident and categorizes the methods the attacker employed to get her to do what he wanted and put herself under his control, and this section is very enlightening. But the main theme of this first chapter and the book is that men and women should follow their intuition -- intuition isn't some flighty, sixth sense; it's a call to action when your brain has become aware of many small signs that something isn't right, even if, at that moment, you cannot articulate exactly what is wrong.

    This book is not a self-defense or how-to guide, but rather makes a case for intuition and believing in oneself when one senses danger or feels fear, and the best reading in it, I think, is the examples de Becker explicates from his many years in the security and risk-assessment business (he also lived through an exceedingly violent and abusive childhood). The chapters address being in the presence of danger, how intuition works and functions, the science of violence predictors, survival signals, violent crime from strangers, high-stakes predictions, understanding threats to kill, dealing with too-persistent people, violence in the workplace, domestic violence, dating abuses and violence, violent children, public figure attacks and pursuits and extreme cases.

    I found several things particularly interesting and engaging about this book. First, de Becker states emphatically throughout the work that violence is predictable, and that no one ever "just snaps" or is just an inexplicably bad person. Second, his predictor of violence is a useful tool -- and I would think may be applicable in other assessment situations -- to make informed judgments on risk. Third, I got a great deal personally out of his comparisons of worry and anxiety with fear in which he suggest that the first two are destructive and distracting (and may prevent someone from spotting real danger signs), but that fear is what has saved many, many lives and could save your own. Fourth, his writing on people who are too persistent is very interesting, and he shows how people's attempts to deal with stalkers is often just going to keep the situation alive.

    Finally, the chapter on domestic violence was absolutely fascinating, primarily because this is a man who deals in truth and reality, not romance and excuses. He states that when assessing relationships, women often make judgments based on potential rather than on the present situation, which causes them to ignore warning signs and predictive incidents. He also says that he is in the business of safety, not justice, and that because of that he isn't a supporter of restraining orders in all cases because in some, they aggravate the offender more and can actually be a precipitating incident toward murder or its attempt.

    Toward the beginning of the book, de Becker writes about how men don't really understand the risk under which women constantly live, but that for women personal safety is a constant consideration. He writes, "Men are worried that women will laugh at them. Women are worried that men will kill them." I learned a lot about listening to intuition, choosing not to worry and living safely.

    I recommend this book, especially to women.

    2-0 out of 5 stars You Shouldn't Need a Book to Tell You This
    This book may be a useful read for many, but we really shouldn't need a book to tell us what he's trying to say. He just reiterates simple common sense that says, "Trust and Follow your instincts".

    The author writes with a liberal political agenda. He's anti-2nd Ammendment and pro-choice and this is displayed in the book. It would have been nice if he could have left the politics out.

    He does gets knocked down a couple of stars for his view on guns. He has let a personal experience with a psycho family member cloud his judgement. He also manages to repeat the fact that you are something like 47 times more likely to be kill with a gun if one is in your house. Which is a true statistic, ...if your whole clan is runnin' dope.

    Be sure to read Paxton Quigley's "Armed and Female" along with this book to get a balanced perspective on whether the decision to protect yourself with a firearm is right for you.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Intuition at its best
    This is a book I think every woman (and man, too) should read. I wish I'd read it years ago. The insight it gives is valuable in a great many situations. It is a fantastic resource, and a book I know I will read again. ... Read more

  • 3. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
    by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $10.17
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0811825558
    Catlog: Book (1999-11-01)
    Publisher: Chronicle Books
    Sales Rank: 1730
    Average Customer Review: 4.07 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    How to Wrestle Free from an Alligator: 4. If its jaws are closed on something you want to remove (for example, a limb), tap or punch it on the snout.

    Though it's being marketed as a humorous title--after all, it's unlikely you'll be called upon to land a plane, jump from a motorcycle to a moving car, or win a swordfight--the information contained in The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is all quite sound. Authors Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht consulted numerous experts in their fields (they're cited at the end of the book) to discover how to survive various and sundry awful events. Parachute doesn't open? Your best bet for survival is to hook your arms through the straps of a fellow jumper's chute--and even then you're likely to dislocate both shoulders and break both legs. Car sinking in water? Open the window immediately to equalize pressure, then open the car door and swim to the surface. Buried in an avalanche? Spit on the snow--it will tell you which direction is really up. Then dig as fast as you can.

    Each survival skill is explained in simple steps with helpful illustrations. Most stress the need to be prepared--both mentally and physically. For example, to escape from quicksand, you will need to lay a pole on the surface of the quicksand, flop on your back atop the pole, and pull your legs out one by one. No pole? No luck. "When walking in quicksand country, carry a stout pole--it will help you get out should you need to."

    Hopefully you'll never need to know how to build a fire without matches, perform a tracheotomy, or treat a bullet wound. But in the words of survival evasion resistance escape instructor "Mountain" Mel Deweese, "You never know." --Sunny Delaney ... Read more

    Reviews (195)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Learn to Return
    In the words of survivalist Mel "Mountain" Deweese: Learn to Return!

    Whether or not you take this book seriously (actually, some parts are downright ridiculous), the spirit of "Worst-Case Scenario" is about how to outlive or remain alive even in the most dire circumstances.

    The table of contents says it all:

    * How to Escape from Quicksand * How to Break Down a Door * How to Ram a Car * How to Escape from a Sinking Car * How to Fend Off a Shark * How to Escape from a Mountain Lion * How to Deal with a Charging Bull * How to Win a Sword Fight * How to Escape from Killer Bees * How to Jump from a Moving Car * How to Leap from a Motorcycle to a Car * How to Perform a Tracheotomy * How to Identify a Bomb * How to Deliver a Baby in a Taxicab * How to Treat a Bullet or Knife Wound * How to Land a Plane * How to Survive if your Parachute Fails to Open * How to Survive When Lost in the Mountains

    and so on ...

    5-0 out of 5 stars James Bondian Skills
    Wow, what a book. Contains all kinds of cool stuff I've always wanted to know. Heres a partial list of whats in the book:-How to jump from a bridge into a lake or river.-How to jump from a multi-story rooftop into a dumpster.-How to run on top of a speeding train.-How to leap from a motorcycle into moving car.-How to deliver a baby in a taxi cab.-How to land an airplane.-How to survive if your parachute fails to open.-How to survive machine gun fire from a passing car.-How to get to the surface if your scuba tank runs out of air.-How to escape quicksand (even if your up to your neck).-How to ram a car.-How to break down a door (exactly where to kick.)-How to break into and hotwire a car.-How to do a 180 degree turn with your car (also known as a bootleggers turn).-How to fight sharks, grizzly bears and mountian lions without any kind of weapons. -How to beat the living hell out of an attacking alligator (where to hit him that will stop him instantly).This is dead serious material. I have no idea why it would be in the humor section of the bookstore. Buy it, learn the material, weave some fantastic tales for the grand kids and become the family legend. I enjoyed this book so much I bought 3 copies for my 'very tough' beer drinking buddies.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Kill two birds with one stone!
    Turn otherwise wasted down-time into a great learning opportunity. Although there is no specific advice for how to kill two birds with one stone in the book, our bathroom guests have enjoyed learning about other survival situations while attending to their duties.

    A sturdy cover and compact size makes this book especially suited to a harsh bathroom environment. Highly recommended!

    3-0 out of 5 stars Instructions on day to day life, well maybe not day to ....
    This handbook gives the reader instructions on aspects of everyday life from how to deal with a snake bite to how to jump from a motorcycle into a moving car (something most people do quite frequently). How to hot wire a car or kick in a door is a must for any want to be criminal. Some of the things in here you're not real likely to use but it is interesting to read up on how they are done.

    Lot of things you're more likely to be taught the correct way when partaking in the activity itself by actual instructors such as what to do if your air tank doesn't work while scuba diving both for people never likely to partake in some of the activites in this book who may be interested in what if questions then this book can suffice. It is pretty unlikely you are going to whip this little book out of your pocket as you are plummeting to earth when your parachute doesn't open and things like that but this book is an interesting read on what the ideal thing to do is.

    A better book is the later version of this by one of the same authors of this book called The Action Hero's Handbook which also includes a lot of humour and acts as if the reader wants to be an action star in movies.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Danger is my business, and business is good
    In my line of work, you have to know how to survive. From fending off sharks, escaping from killer bees, treating bullet wounds, to surviving poisonous snakes, danger is my business, and business is good.

    In The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht describe step-by-step instructions with pictures on dealing with the situations above, and many more.

    This 176 page book is broken up into five chapters, each dealing with situations of a particular vein. The first chapter, Great Escapes and Entrances, includes escaping from quicksand, breaking down doors, ramming cars, and escaping from sinking cars. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have to do that...

    Chapter two titled The Best Defense gives tips on dealing with bears, mountain lions, charging bulls, how best to take a punch and winning a sword fight. I once had to deal with a bear armed with a saber, so this chapter was especially handy, as I got to combine two skills into one.

    Chapter three discusses Leaps of Faith, or how to jump from things, onto things, and into things without hurting yourself. Ever see those movies where one person is chasing another on top of a speeding train? Now you can learn how to jump from train car to train car without completely destroying yourself because you fell between the cars and got caught under the ouchy wheels.

    I found chapter four, titled Emergencies, to be quite useful as I now know how to perform a tracheotomy. Forget that foolish Heimlich maneuver stuff..."Sir, are you choking?" Also learn how to use that cool hospital machine with the paddles that people always yell "Clear!" and then slap them on some unconscious person.

    The last chapter deals with Adventure Survival. What would you do if the pilot of the plane you were traveling in suddenly collapsed? Well, with the help of this book, you can land that baby in confidence. Parachute won't open? No problem...lost in the desert? Got you covered...

    Even though I make a lot of jokes, all the techniques listed within these pages are culled from expert sources in the various fields. There is even a forward written by "Mountain" Mel Deweese, a Survival Evasion Resistance Escape instructor. (I love to take a peek at his resume') All in all, a fun, quick, informative read that may give you the tools to save yourself from a dangerous situation someday. ... Read more

    4. Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival
    by Jack A. Spigarelli
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $16.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0936348070
    Catlog: Book (2002-04)
    Publisher: Cross-Current Publishing
    Sales Rank: 11160
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    A complete guide to emergency preparedness for our uncertain times. Virtually an encyclopedia of food storage and personal preparedness, it covers topics from exactly how to design a food storage program tailored for your particular family to growing and preserving food, storing fuel, alternate energy, emergency evacuation kits, medical and dental, surviving biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism, communications, selection of firearms and other survival tools, and preparing for earthquakes.

    Dozens of detailed, expert checklists and tables with photographs and index. Extensive book and resource lists with regular and Internet addresses. An absolute must for those serious about preparing for and surviving during our dangerous times. ... Read more

    Reviews (6)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Resource Book
    Touches on every aspect of preparedness including basic checklist of things you might want to consider having on hand such as spare car parts, automotive tools, and woodworking tools just to name a few. This book really shines when you go to the back of the book where you will find 16 pages dedicated to resources where you can purchase everything from books that you might want in your survival library to sources of non-electric refrigerators-freezers, and everything in between that a self sufficient homesteader might need. Not only are the companies listed but the web addresses as well, so the minute you get your book you have instant access to dozens of web sites.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Crisis Preparation Book.
    This book is well organized, covers all aspects from food storage, Food preparation, Water supply, food production, preservation, etc. It provides lists which the reader can use to start preparing. It certainly does not contain everything you will ever need for every situation, but it provides the foundation, and references where you can learn more. I have bought many of these types of books, and this is quite simply the best if you are only going to buy just one.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A solid, fact-filled, potentially live saving guide
    Now in an updated second edition, Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide To Home Storage And Physical Survival by Jack A. Spigarelli is a solid, practical, no-nonsense, but completely "user friendly" reference for the selection and acquisition of stockpiled food and water for emergencies; growing, raising, and finding food; preserving food at home by means such as home canning and dehydrating; emergency evacuation in a crisis; and other preparation safeguards for weathering a natural or man-made crisis. From clothing issues to transportation needs and communication alternatives, the Crisis Preparedness Handbook is a solid, fact-filled, potentially live saving guide, and especially recommended reading for anyone seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones in times of local, regional, national, or international calamity.

    5-0 out of 5 stars All preparedness areas covered
    This book will help you be ready for anything no matter what the disaster. It's not just a food storage book (although food and water are quite important and it is excellent in that area), but is crammed with all kinds of pertinent facts and useful information about all areas of emergency preparedness. I especially liked the chapter on preparing for terrorism and NBC warfare considering current events. Banish fear and feel secure-prepare now! You'll be glad you did.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Title: Makes the tremendous task of preparing manageable
    If you want to be self-sufficient and capable of surviving under all circumstances, the task of preparing can seem overwhelming. This very informative and organized book lays the numerous possibilities out before you and helps you decide for yourself how much or how little preparation makes you feel comfortable. The food storage section isn't limited to "what I did" or just a list of what someone else thinks you ought to store, but it actually uses a simple step-by-step method with an example family to help you design your own food plan based on what your family really wants and needs. I also loved the question and answer section. It helped me answer the many questions we've got from family, friends and neighbors. The book shows you how to tell if a food is "bad", when you can safely re-freeze thawed food and how to use sprouts for added nutrition. It also explains how to grow your own food with a garden and how to preserve it, guides you in selecting and raising animals and even gives a "taste test" for when you aren't sure if food you've found in the wilds is good to eat. Everyone would sleep better at night if they had read-and followed-this book. Highly recommended. ... Read more

    5. Protecting the Gift : Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane)
    list price: $11.95
    our price: $8.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0440509009
    Catlog: Book (2000-05)
    Publisher: Dell
    Sales Rank: 11394
    Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Safety skills for children outside the home
    Warning signs of sexual abuse
    How to screen baby-sitters and choose schools
    Strategies for keeping teenagers safe from violence

    All parents face the same challenges when it comes to their children's safety: whom to trust, whom to distrust, what to believe, what to doubt, what to fear, and what not to fear. In this empowering book, Gavin de Becker, the nation's leading expert on predicting violent behavior and author of the monumental bestseller The Gift of Fear, offers practical new steps to enhance children's safety at every age level, giving you the tools you need to allow your kids freedom without losing sleep yourself. With daring and compassion, he shatters the widely held myths about danger and safety and helps parents find some certainty about life's highest-stakes questions:

    How can I know a baby-sitter won't turn out to be someone who harms my child? (see page 103)
    What should I ask child-care professionals when I interview them? (see page 137)
    What's the best way to prepare my child for walking to school alone? (see page 91)
    How can my child be safer at school? (see page 175)
    How can I spot sexual predators? (see page 148)
    What should I do if my child is lost in public? (see page 86)
    How can I teach my child about risk without causing too much fear? (see page 98)
    What must my teenage daughter know in order to be safe? (see page 191)
    What must my teenage son know in order to be safe? (see page 218)
    And finally, in the face of all these questions, how can I reduce the worrying? (see page 56)

    ... Read more

    Reviews (79)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Another smashing success for Gavin De Becker.....
    I almost gave this book four stars, but only because it has a few flaws, where De Becker's THE GIFT OF FEAR was not only flawless, but taught me more than any one book has ever taught me. Still, this is a powerful book. I read it without stopping for sleep, so I can assure you that it is indeed well written.

    De Becker shows parents and other adults every facet of possible victimization of children and how to avoid it. When he is teaching his readers, which is always, he uses brilliant examples that we can all relate to. Take this as an example: "I would ask which is sillier: waiting a moment for the next elevator, or placing her child and herself into a soundproof sterel chamber with a stranger she is afraid of?" Succinctly, he teaches, in that one sentence, so much. How many times have all of us pushed ourselves into an elevator with someone who made us afraid?

    De Becker's challenge is to empower us as parents, and empower us he does, just as he empowered us in THE GIFT OF FEAR. He instructs us all on using our intuition to make life or death decisions. I can still recall a time when my son, then just very small, and I were staying at a luxurious hotel. We went to the top-floor pool and walked right into a burglary. How I managed to get myself and my son out of there calmly and completely is a testament to De Becker's lessons on the incredible strength of a mother whose baby is threatened.

    De Becker teaches us all new ways of thinking and new ways of being and new ways of protecting our children and ourselves from abuse, abduction, violence, crime.

    De Becker's appendices are worthwhile, too, with listings of excellent books and important organizations.

    This is a book I would recommend to anyone who loves a baby, child, or adolescent.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Don't Procrastinate!
    I hate reading anything that makes me feel anxious and initially this book sat on the shelf for weeks before I actually picked it up. I was so glad I did because there is such valuable information in here and I actually feel better about my child's safety than I did before.

    Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe and Parents Sane is about how to teach your child to trust her instincts when it comes to safety. Since 90% of child abuse and abductions occur by people well-known to your child, teaching her to talk to strangers just doesn't work. Instead, the author gives you detailed and logical steps to take, starting as early as toddlerhood, so you'll know how to help your child learn to follow her instincive feelings about whether someone is safe or not.

    Crucial information about how to be prepared for (God forbid but we should all be prepared just in case) the event that your child may be seperated from you in public. Examples include making a daily detailed mental note of the clothing your child is wearing, keeping large photocopies of your child's picture and name in your purse/wallet so you can hand them out to security personel within seconds of your child's disappearance and an action plan for immediate implementation.

    There is SO much in this book - every bit of it worth reading so you can protect your child - and I can't recommend it strongly enough. Read it NOW and be prepared.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Powerful! Enlightening!
    The parts of this book that were hard to read were the very parts that I needed to educate myself on. I feel much more equipped to recognize danger and to teach my children how to be safe. Most importantly, DeBecker teaches us to trust our instincts. Great reading! ESSENTIAL to parents.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Amazon says "a terrifying book"??
    It's like that reviewer missed part of the point: being too fearful ADDS to danger; it doesn't reduce it. That's part of what sets this book so far apart from the others: it's not jam-packed with fearmongering horror stories. This book is the most sane, research-backed, well-written guide to keeping our children safe I have seen. It is so difficult to find the medium point between being appropriately cautious and living in paranoid fear. This book details clear, simple steps I can take to enhance the safety and wellbeing of my children- and myself- in all sorts of situations, today and in the long term. I am so thankful.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Book for Parents
    Parents,Teachers,Doctors...everyone. This is the best book to teach how to keep our children safe. Wish Someone could have read the book and kept me safe as a child. I ant to also recommend two books, Nightmares Echo and Beauty For Ashes. Both of these books are told from the sexual abused child's point of view. Each offering thier own way to survive. ... Read more

    6. Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook : Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself, Your Family, and YourAssets Safe
    list price: $14.00
    our price: $10.50
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1400049075
    Catlog: Book (2003-09-23)
    Publisher: Three Rivers Press
    Sales Rank: 51962
    Average Customer Review: 4.89 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Staying Safe—It’s in Your Hands

    There are countless reasons why bad things—robberies, assaults, accidents—happen to good people. There are also powerful and effective methods for reducing the risk that you or a loved one will become a victim, and you’ll find them all right here in this comprehensive bible of personal safety. Tom Patire’s Personal Protection Handbook is designed to let you become your own best defense, when something—or someone—goes wrong.

    Developed by the country’s leading personal protection expert, here are hundreds of invaluable safety tips, as well as simple, physical moves that can be mastered by just about anybody, regardless of physical strength. Tom Patire offers methods for protecting yourself, your family, and your personal property in nearly any situation.

    • AT HOME: Burglarproo?ng your property, including how to take action if your house is being broken into, plus tips for avoiding common household accidents
    • ON THE JOB: What to do if you’re working late, why you should never ignore the office fire drill, and how to handle the threatening stranger who follows you onto the elevator
    • WITH THE KIDS: Searching for a lost child, school and playground safety, protecting your child from predators, and Tom’s Family Protection Plan
    • ON THE ROAD: How to react if your car is being followed, navigating airport security, traveling or walking in an unfamiliar area, and hotel safety

    Here is commonsense advice on dozens of topics, ranging from physical confrontations with “bad guys” to preventing identity theft, topped off with Tom’s easy-to-learn, nonviolent tactics, clearly illustrated. Whether you’re a single woman, a parent of young children, or just a concerned citizen at a time when everyday safety has become a necessity, Tom Patire’s Personal Protection Handbook is a vital reference from a trusted expert that will empower and inform you.
    ... Read more

    Reviews (131)

    5-0 out of 5 stars To Be Safe Or Not To Be Safe - This Book Has The Answers!
    Wondering how to live a safer life in a non-aggressive, low key sort of way? Asking yourself "Do I know how to be safe?" Hate those instant type black belt classes or books that do nothing but one into trouble?" Well if any of these questions has crossed your mind than one of the best books I ever read in the past 5 years is The Personal Protection Handbook!

    Finally an author who writes on the level of an everyday citizen with the idea that one does not have to be a tough guy to be safe. The book is so well written in theory and validation that kids and adults of all ages can read it with ease.

    Key areas to target into are the safety checklists, Tom's Tips, the Know and Go Child safety method, which by the way is brilliant, and most of all the different theories of mindsets because one needs to know what lurks in society now days.

    When you get done reading this book you will feel positive and confident about the theory of safety and you will know how to be more keen in awareness. I can go on and on about this great book but the key is he or she who reads it. To quote Tom Patire the author from his book "An untrained person will never be able to beat-up a bad guy, but they sure can outsmart him!"

    That is what this book does. It gives you smarts in the avenue of safety.


    5-0 out of 5 stars Brings A Clear Meaning To Staying Safe!
    Our teaching staff is in the midst of reviewing books for our High School Personal Safety course of which I was chosen to find the correct mandatory reading material for all students. The book had to be educational, thorough and empowerment based and full of retainable safety knowledge that was not fear based.

    I first look at Gavin DeBecker's "Gift of Fear" but even though a great book was a little to deep for teenage girls and in certain sections was based on societies perception of fear. After surfing the web I discovered "The Personal Protection Handbook" by Tom Patire. I actually first read his safety tips in Family Circle Magazine and found them to be refreshing innovative and different but easy to follow and remember. Just like his book!

    The Personal Protection Handbook embraces safety in a very serious and personal way. Yet it natures you though the book with short, effective stories that stimulant the reader and get you to think in a safer way. Author Tom Patire brings a sensitive incite in the book as a concerned person and centers his concerns for people of all ages.

    What make's this book work is the very well thought-out checklists on safety and the ingenious place Tom's Tips on what to do and what not to do. Also he looks at a theory of Bad Guest, Bad Guy and Bad Day in a very unique way.

    Overall I give this book a top rating and have selected it to be a must ready for our high school personal safety course. I do understand that safety is a personal choice and in many cases not the first choice for teenagers. But with the help of a good curriculum, a highly motivated teacher and "Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook" one would hope that the material is well received and that safety will be obtainable for all that attend the course.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Enjoy The Article and Loved The Book
    I was skimming through my copy of August Redbook when I noticed the article on being a victim and the expert advice from personal safety by Tom Patire. After reading the article I ordered Tom's book.

    The book was like the advice in the article but in a much broader and enlightening form. Finally some one wrote a book for people, like me, to be educated and advised on personal safety issues. The book is great in information and the safety checklists and Tom's Tips are easy to read, follow and remember. Excellent short stories on true to life events that happen to unsuspecting people. One story was similar to what happen to my neighbor when she was robbed.

    Tom Patire went against the grain on this because he picked the road of empowering people to be safe not give them false beliefs of becoming instant 'ninjas'. Apples to apples this is a unique book un to its self because it gives the A,B,C's of safety as well as basic incite and savvy into the different types of 'bad" that exist in today's society

    The book let me to order Tom's Training For Life tapes for me and my daughter so we get an idea of the type of techniques he refers to in the book.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very Good Book But An Excellent Reference Guide
    The family and I attended a party at the Jersey Shore last weekend. At night, when the kids where asleep, the adults sat down to general conversation over several glasses of wine.

    The subject was how safe are we in our own country. That is when one of the guests brought up a 'good' book! That book being The Personal Protection Handbook! So after hearing all about it, I bought it.

    I must say it was very good from all fronts. It flows nicely so it is easy to read, it triggers the thought process so it keeps you interested and it has a wealth of information that anyone regardless can use as reference material to keep safe.

    The book gives just enough for one to remember in regards to safety tips but more than that it brings to reason why things happen to some and not to others. The book has passion in it because it was written from a caring heart but it also has conviction in it because the author tells it the way it is.

    I do agree with most when stated that we are in uncertain times but I also agree with Tom Patire that safety is in our own hands. Realizing I am not a physical person this book gives me the added extra to be sharp and aware at home and on the road.

    Good Book - Period!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Safety Tips For Everybody
    Several nights ago I watched Fox News at 10 and saw the second part of "Survival School." The segment was done by Lisa Evers but featured Tom Patire and his expertise, who Fox calls their Guardian of Safety.

    The segment was on female abductions in and around vehicles. The segment was portrayed in a realistic manner and Tom Patire's advice was how to read the window of opportunity and then make your move to escape not try and beat up your attacker. That is what led me to order Tom's book. His approach and mannerism were a refreshing breath of air compared to the other recycled stuffed that is out there.

    After reading the book I sat down and thought about it. When I was thinking I got this strange feeling of added confidence on how to read my environment, what to say and what not to say to bad people, what to do when traveling on vacation and how better to train my kids to be safe.

    I must have sat on the chair thinking for about an hour and all my thoughts were based on the positive and not the negative. I grabbed the book again and re-read it and I found myself enjoying, yes enjoying, a book based on personal safety. When I spoke about it to my husband he said that he had never heard of a safety book being interesting, just scary. This led him to read the book as well and then tell me that I was right-on with my thoughts on the book. He said it was very well done!

    All in all Tom Patire brings a new meaning and a new way to personal safety and I would recommend this book everyone regardless. As Patire states in the book "Safety is in our own hands" so it is up to us to take the initiative to educate ourselves with updated material such as this book. ... Read more

    7. Practical Guide to Clinical Data Management
    by Susanne Prokscha
    list price: $229.95
    our price: $229.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1574910434
    Catlog: Book (1999-01-31)
    Publisher: CRC Press
    Sales Rank: 155127
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Clinical data management (CDM) has changed from being an essentially clerical task in the late 1970s and early 1980s to a highly computerized, highly specialized field today. And clinical data manages have had to adapt their data management systems and processes accordingly.Practical Guide to Clinical Data Management steers you through a basic understanding of the role of data management in clinical trials and includes more advanced topics such as CDM systems, SOPs, and quality assurance. This book will help you ensure GCP, manage laboratory data, and deal with the kinds of clinical data that can cause difficulties in database applications.With the tools this book provides, you'll learn how to:·Ensure that your DMB system is in compliance with federal regulations·Build a strategic data management and databsing plan·Track and record CRFs·Deal with problem data, adverse event data, and legacy data·Manage and stor lab data·Identify and manage discrepancies·Ensure qulatiy control over reports·Choose a CDM system that is right for your company·Create and implement a system valication plan and process·Set up and enforce data collection standards·Develop test plans and change control systemsThis book will be your guide in finding the most successful and practical options for effective clinical data management. ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pharmacist
    This book gives a good knowledge about drug development, Clinical data management. I suggest this book for budding pharmacists who want to be a clinical pharmacist. I have gone a lot of books and find this is best for Clinical Data Management. ... Read more

    8. Krav Maga : An Essential Guide to the Renowned Method--for Fitness and Self-Defense
    by David Kahn
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $10.17
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0312331770
    Catlog: Book (2004-09-06)
    Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
    Sales Rank: 60497
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Master the moves of krav maga--the international self-defense and fitness sensation

    Increasingly popular around the world, krav maga is the renowned hand-to-hand defense system designed by the Israeli military forces. Swift, powerful, and simple, it is an effective method for fending off any kind of attacker--and it is also an amazing workout.

    Regardless of size, strength, and fitness level, anyone can master the essentials of krav maga--and reap the rewards of increased safety, confidence, and conditioning. With moves you can learn in as little as five minutes, or train and practice for long-term success, Krav Maga will show you how to:

    *Protect your body's vulnerable targets
    *Use an opponent's momentum to fuel your counterattack
    *Escape all kinds of grips and holds
    *Combine training punches, kicks, and other moves into a powerful conditioning workout---to lose weight, increase core strength, and improve muscle tone
    *Use specially designed drills and a 12-week training program to become a kravist---a smart and prepared fighter

    Written by one of America's foremost krav maga experts, this exciting new guide opens the door to an empowering and important set of skills that you or anyone can master.
    ... Read more

    9. Death By Prescription : The Shocking Truth Behind an Overmedicated Nation
    by Ray D. Strand, Donna K. Wallace
    list price: $22.99
    our price: $15.63
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0785264841
    Catlog: Book (2003-10-02)
    Publisher: Nelson Books
    Sales Rank: 23314
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Did you know…

    • The leading drug problem in the U.S. today is not the use of illegal drugs—it is the use of legal drugs.
    • The fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. is properly prescribed and administered medication. By adding improperly prescribed medication to that equation, it becomes the third leading cause of death.
    • There are over 2 million hospital admissions and 180,000 deaths each and every year in the U.S. due solely to adverse drug reactions
    • When the FDA approves a medication for use by the general public, less than half of the serious drug reactions are known. You—the patient—become the final clinical trial.

    If you aren’t aware of these facts, and you don’t have the tools and information to counter them, you are at risk.

    Experienced family doctor Ray Strand writes his patients prescriptions every week, but he also believes that prescribing drugs should be a last resort in most medical cases—not a first choice. In Death by Prescription he provides simple guidelines to help readers protect themselves and their families from suffering adverse reactions to prescription medication.

    ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Balanced Examination of Drug Use
    This is an important book for anyone who takes prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs or herbals. The first part examines the relationship between drug companies and the FDA, which has changed significantly since the early 1990's. Much of the funding for new drug review now comes from the drug manufacturers. The approval process is faster and testing time shorter. The author details how the public increasingly plays a role in "testing" in the form of "post-marketing surveillance" and that the adverse drug reactions encountered are under reported. Marketing includes massive distribution of "free sample" to physicians, many of whom may not be familiar with precautions -- and hence do not alert patients to warning signs and symptoms. Also, advertising of prescription medications has increased greatly in the last few years, which has greatly increased drug use and pressure on physicians to prescribe medications.
    Other sections of the books discuss similar concerns with nonprescription medications (many of which recently required prescriptions) and with herbal medications.
    The book is "spiced" with case histories that are real page turners. The author has done a real service to the public by describing the scope of the adverse drug reaction problem (#3 killer), and by describing several of the reasons why this has become such an overwhelming concern.
    This review is written from the perspective of someone who has been in nursing for over 20 years and who has seen lots of people on lots of medications. The author, a physician, is not suggesting that people stop taking medications that may be important to their health. But he provides guidelines and tools to help individuals evaluate what they need, including the use of a pharmacist and internet resources. ... Read more

    10. the ACLS Pocket Survival Guide
    by Todd Rothenhaus, Thomas Masterson
    list price: $6.00
    our price: $6.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1588080560
    Catlog: Book (2002-09-01)
    Publisher: International Medical Publishing, Inc.
    Sales Rank: 38548
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    The ACLS Pocket Survival Guide is a concise intellectually-ergonomic approach to the 2001 American Heart Association Resuscitation criteria with the 2002 corrections. This book is not a text, but a reminder of what physicians and other healthcare providers have committed to memory. ... Read more

    11. The Stretch Deck: 50 Stretches
    by Olivia H. Miller, Nicole Kaufman
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $14.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0811833704
    Catlog: Book (2002-08-01)
    Publisher: Chronicle Books
    Sales Rank: 16190
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Stretching is one of the most effective ways to enhance overall fitness. This easy-to-use tool by the author of the best-selling Yoga Deck addresses key body regions-neck, shoulders, back, legs-in a handy portable format. Slip it into a gym bag and supplement any workout or use it any time to promote flexibility, prevent injury, and release tension. ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good Basic stretches with good instruction
    I picked this up the the other day so I could explore some other stretching options. I like the basic illustrations on the rear of each card that demonstrate how the stretch is to be done. The front of the card contains information on how to do the stretch, how many times you should do it and a tip that might be who the stretch is good for, or a referral to another helpful stretch. You can pick several cards for each stretching session.

    The pamphlet that comes inside describes the benefits of stretching, how you should approach stretching and some pre-defined stretching groups of cards for specific lifestyles, i.e: office workers, golfers, etc. . . ... Read more

    12. Safety and Health for Engineers (Industrial Health & Safety)
    by Roger L.Brauer
    list price: $105.00
    our price: $105.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 047128632X
    Catlog: Book (1993-11-18)
    Publisher: Wiley
    Sales Rank: 446796
    Average Customer Review: 3.33 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Safety and Health for Engineers Roger L. Brauer Today’s engineer faces a moral and legal responsibility to build safety into products and environments. Today’s engineer also works in an economic system that requires enterprises to be competitive. Here’s a guide to help engineers reconcile these safety and economic concerns, using the latest cost-effective methods of ensuring safety in all facets of their work. Safety and Health for Engineers addresses the fundamentals of safety, the legal aspects, hazard recognition, the human element of safety, and techniques for managing safety in engineering decisions. The book provides you with a broad range of topics and examples, as well as detailed references to information and standards. Here you’ll find in-depth coverage of the many aspects of achieving safety through engineering-

    • the duties and legal responsibilities for which engineers are accountable
    • an exploration of all types of hazards, and engineering controls for them
    • the latest safety regulations, and agencies responsible for their enforcement
    • an enlightening discussion of human behavior, capabilities, and limitations
    • instruction on how to analyze equipment and processes, identify hazards, and present the need for controls to managers
    -plus the latest legal considerations, new risk analysis methods, system safety and decision-making tools, and today’s concepts and methods in ergonomic design. Abundant reference figures and tables, and carefully crafted review questions and exercises are also presented by this leading reference. For engineers, plant managers, safety professionals, and others, the absence of academic instruction in safety engineering is now no excuse for simply living with the risks involved in engineering practice. With Safety and Health for Engineers, you’ll do a better job providing society with technological solutions that improve lives, are legally prudent, and are also safe. ... Read more

    Reviews (3)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Safety and Health for Engineers
    I just passed my ASP and this book was an excellent introductory text. While it is understood that many other reference have to be used, I recommend this book as one of the first you review.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Good idea, but flawed execution
    Although this text does cover a wide range of safety topics, it is somewhat dated and contains a farly large number of typos. Therefore, the reader has to be careful. The book needs to be updated and the typographical errors corrected. If that were to be done, it would definitely be a five star book.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Essential for preparing for the CSP exam.
    If you're going to purchase one book to prepare for the Certified safety Proferssional (CSP) exam this is it. ... Read more

    13. First Strike : TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America
    by Jack Cashill, James Sanders
    list price: $22.99
    our price: $15.63
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0785263543
    Catlog: Book (2003-03-05)
    Publisher: WND Books
    Sales Rank: 8530
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    September 11, 2001, did not represent the first aerial assault against the American mainland. The first came on July 17,1996, with the downing of TWA Flight 800. This book looks in detail at what people saw and heard on this fateful night.

    First Strike explains how a determined corps of ordinary citizens worked to reveal the compromise and corruption that tainted the federal investigation. With an impressive array of facts, Jack Cashill and James Sanders show the relationship between events in July 1996 and September 2001 and proclaim how and why the American government has attempted to cover up the truth.

    ... Read more

    Reviews (22)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent!
    While hundreds of Long Island residents prepared for their evening cookout with friends, and some were enjoying those last few hours out on the water before dark, the passengers and crew of TWA Flight 800 were boarding for a routine flight to Paris. Little did the residents of Long Island or the passengers and crew of Flight 800 know that their lives would become inexorably entwined on the evening of July 17, 1996.

    Their story and the case against the federal investigatory process are the subjects of a new book, First Strike.

    For the record, First Strike is not a conspiracy book. It is, first and foremost, a book about people: What they saw, what they did and what they didn't do.

    In a perfect world - where everyone does the right thing - this book would not have needed to be written. But, because of the people involved, it had to be written.

    Authors Jack Cashill and James Sanders expertly fill in the blanks of the massive disaster that befell the passengers and crew of Flight 800. The evidence presented against the Clinton administration and the federal authorities- whose job it was to find and then tell the truth to the American people -is factually detailed in a dispassionate orderly fashion.

    Important as well is the authors skill in placing the reader into the lives of the defenseless: the victims and their surviving families, the eye witnesses, and the technical experts that - still to this day - challenge the government's conclusions.

    Without question, airplane disasters are not pretty. They are grisly, painstakingly detailed work that should have one goal in mind: to find out what happened.

    But in the case of Flight 800, the investigation (and the investigators) and the subsequent government conclusions were missing a key element - the truth. Moreover, they went out of their way to invent new ones to explain away what was obvious to most.

    For example, a FAA radar tape is usually a useful tool in the investigatory process of airline crashes. Usually.

    "When Ron Schleede of the NTSB first saw the data, he exclaimed, 'Holy Christ, this looks bad.' He added later, 'It showed this track that suggested something fast made the turn and took the airplane.'"

    That was Schleede's reaction on the night of July 17, 1996. On July 18, the New York Times reported that an "unnamed government official revealed that air traffic controllers did pick up a mysterious blip that appeared to move rapidly toward the plane just before the explosion. The officials and the Times linked the radar to eye-witness sightings to a missile attack.

    However, "By July 19, the government had gotten its story straight." In the end, what was obvious to everyone (radar experts, eye-witnesses and even the New York Times) was explained away.

    Throughout the book the authors use of federal investigator's own words, official reports, and the curious behavior of administration operatives draws the reader into the political maze of the Clinton administration's refusal to publicly acknowledge what it knew about the demise of Flight 800.

    Equally important, the book brings home the message that qualified experts (decorated war pilots, honest law enforcement personnel and experienced mariners) are not to be trusted where politics and approval ratings reign supreme.

    In the end, the politics of the day dictated how an airplane disaster of this magnitude was to be investigated. The truth about Flight 800 was secondary to expediency, and the surviving families derived little comfort from the far-fetched explanations of the federal government. The authors come to the entirely damning conclusion that had Clinton told the truth on July 17, 1996, September 11, 2001 would have been just another day.

    First Strike is the tale of the people who perished, of the people who watched them perish and of the people who refused to acknowledge the truth.

    It was, after all, an election year.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good Book, Wrong Ending.
    First Strike provides an excellent synopsis of the TWA800 crash investigation and its cover-up and proves beyond any conceivable doubt that the crash was caused by missiles and covered-up by the government. Unfortunately in the last chapter the authors stray from fact to fiction with less supporting documentation for their theory than the NTSB has for the 'self exploding fuel tank'.

    Chapters 1-13 cover some well-plowed ground as the authors recount all the problems with the investigation. These included the withholding of 750 eyewitness interviews by the FBI, the disappearing evidence, the explosive residues, the red herring dog training exercise, the found, then missing and then found again Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder, the spurious zoom-climb and the CIA video, the persecution of alternate voices and the continuous stonewalling by the government in releasing data under the Freedom of Information Act. Most importantly, they do an excellent job of tracking the evolution of the 'message' from the early days in 1996 until the public hearing in August 2000. By juxtaposing the early media reports from insiders pointing to a missile and away from a mechanical cause with the final NTSB position that 'there is no evidence of a bomb or missile, so it must have been a mechanical cause', it is very clear how the investigation was manipulated.

    The last chapter is simply unsupported by the evidence. For more information try a Google search on "TWA Flight 800 Investigation".

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pluasable - Possible
    If you have ever wondered about the circumstances surrounding the downing of TWA Flight 800, this book brings up some rather scary scenarios.

    The authors work together to show the amount of circumstancial evidence that compiled together seem to point to the obvious. But you will have to read the book to find that out.

    I have a lot of questions though. Why was the point to suppress this information if true? Why is an investigation not in the offing? Look at the book American Jihad, it states much the same about the US not exposing what was terrorist activity, simply calling occurrences criminal activity.

    This book is well researched, footnotes are easy to follow and they have some done a lot of work to bring together this information. You need to tell your friends about this book. Whether true or not, what happened that day? Did we get the full truth?

    1-0 out of 5 stars Selective outrage
    I wonder how many of the people who get up in arms about this airline accident get up in arms about the United State Navy shooting down an Iranian civilian airliner, then lying about it, then decorating the murderers who gave the order to shoot and the order to lie about it? Not many, I bet. I suppose some of you call yourselves Christians, too.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Terrorist plane theory not well researched.
    The evidence for a shoot down is strong in the case of Flight 800, but evidence for the bizarre idea that a terrorist aircraft was in the area is not.

    Cashill ignores a fax accidentally sent to "Mrs. Dee Muma" that exposes the FBI trying to identify drone remains. Instead he theorized that an explosive laden private plane in the hands of terrorists was over sea in search of a land target. Hmmm?

    1) NO typical 6 passenger plane can carry a 1000lb payload + fuel + passenger(s)

    2) The operating ceiling is typically 10,000 feet for these craft. Jack's hypothesis is that the craft dove in from above Flight 800 and then led a missile towards Flight 800. 800 was at 13,000 feet when it was struck.

    3) We know from 9-11 that the President has to authorize a shootdown of civilian aircraft. The timing of this event makes such an authorization seem unlikely. Navy ships will defend themselves w/o authorization however.

    4) Standard procedure is to intercept aircraft with Fighters BEFORE a shootdown to determine what's going on with the off course craft. We do it every day to SMUGGLERS.

    5) If this aircraft was really after a land target why was it over sea? Where did this craft originate? Why has it not gone missing?

    I emailed Cashill these discrepancies and his response was (paraphrased in my words) "Hey, I just put these ideas out there for other people to examine - I'm not an aviator and don't know much about planes - I'm only 80% sure it's what happened." I heard him on a radio interview say he was 90% sure of his theory.

    So, as long as you take the terrorist aircraft idea with a grain of that salt, then fine - enjoy the book.

    But if Cashill wants anyone to take seriously this bizarre new appendage to James Sanders solid investigation of Flight 800 he'll have to do the same as Jim - actually investigate it. ... Read more

    14. Home Safe Home: Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Everyday Toxics and Harmful Household Products in the Home
    by Debra Dadd-Redalia, Debra Lynn Dadd
    list price: $18.95
    our price: $12.89
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 087477859X
    Catlog: Book (1997-06-01)
    Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher
    Sales Rank: 103365
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (7)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great book.
    Great book. Don' stay home without it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars There's no place like home
    After experiencing numerous home accidents a friend of mine gave me this book and what a great book it is!
    It is chocked full of useful advice. Here are a few tips of my own that I've learned over the years:
    1. Never bring a plugged in radio into the bath with you.
    2. If a substance has a skull and crossbones on it do NOT drink or other wise ingest.
    3. If you have children don't leave toxic substances in areas that they have access to.
    4. Don't use a fork to get that piece of burning toast out of the toaster.
    5. Don't let the kids play spaceman with plastic dry-cleaning bags.
    6. Never stick your hand in the garbage disposal.
    7. Asbestos is bad for you.

    There are many other similar suggestions in this book that most of us would never think of.
    This sage advice is too late for me. I am no longer able to leave the house because of my hideous disfigurements, iron lung and inability to control my bowels. So I would recommend you get this book NOW before the only job you will be able to get involves traveling with a circus side show.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Covers all important topics and a super resource book
    This is a must book for every home! All areas of potential toxins are covered, and there is a huge index of resources of where to purchase healthy products, with phone numbers addresses and websites! I bought a lot of great products that I would never have known about this way, and I am very greatful for all the practical advice in the book. I never could pinpoint what was making me sick, but after reading this book, I didn't wonder "why" I had a headache after standing in a newly painted room, etc.!

    I literally planned my house around the advice given in this book! On many subjects, different views are given, and you are left to weigh the pluses and minuses and decide for yourself. This book is easy to read, fascinating, and not at all preaching. The author is also not bound by any predisposition to follow any specific views (i.e. she is not completely conventional or completely alternative) and just presents the facts straightforwardly.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Home Safe Home- A BIG help
    I read this book when I moved into my new Northern California home because I wanted know that my 2 month old would not be exposed to harsh chemicals when I was cleaning my house. I found not only did this book make me feel safer when cleaning my home but, it made my entire family feel better. My husband and my five year old child, who both have allergies, stopped sneezing and coughing when I started to use the remedies from this book. I would highly recommend this book to everybody.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent book that gives easy remedies.
    I had no knowledge of all the toxins in my home, and while reading this book became appropriately horrified. This book is quite thourough. What makes this book excellent is that in the face of potentially overwhelmingly disheartening information, the author's solutions make changing your house easy and manageable. The author not only tells you what's dangerous and explains why, but then gives you practical advice on how to get along without that toxic product: what to substitue for it, and how to make or where to find the substitute. So, the reader can just make a list and, with a few phone calls and trips to various stores, can significantly reduce the levels of toxins in their home. And the options involve both making products or buying them, so if you are like me and want to live more safely but don't have time to create your own dishwashing liquid or furniture polish, you know where to buy them. I'm really glad I came upon this book and I highly recommend it. ... Read more

    15. Lonely Planet Healthy Travel Africa (Lonely Planet Healthy Travel Guides Africa)
    by Isabelle Young
    list price: $5.95
    our price: $5.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1864500506
    Catlog: Book (2000-01-01)
    Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications
    Sales Rank: 30879
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Getting the most out of your travels means staying healthy. Healthy Travel Africa is a user-friendly guide to minimising health risks for travellers to all parts of Africa, including Egypt. Written by Dr Isabelle Young, with a team of travel health experts, Healthy Travel Africa provides advice on planning your trip, staying healthy while travelling, and what to do if you run into problems.

    • tailored advice for travellers of all ages and needs
    • clear guidelines on treating common travel illnesses
    • how to avoid wildlife hazards, from insects to hippos
    • safety tips for outdoor action, including safaris and trekking
    • comprehensive first-aid section
    ... Read more

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Africa book yet!!
    The most consise, clear account of what you need, and what you need to do to get ready for Africa. I loved the book. Even though it is entitled " Read this first" it is the only guide book I am taking in it's entirety , to Africa.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Must Purchase For Travelers To Africa
    If you are planning to travel anywhere in Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa this small, handy book is a must. With the number of infectious diseases prevelant in Africa it is foolish to take unneccessary risks, but most people are probably not familiar with the health risks and options open to them. This book contains comprehensive information on what do to before you go, how to stay healthy, and what to do when you get back. It also has a substantial list of symptoms, diseases and treatments just in case you do get sick (or injured from outdoor activities). It works for outdoor adventurer's, resort go-ers, and urban-only businessmen. Plus its minature size makes it convenient to carry. ... Read more

    16. Camping & Wilderness Survival
    by Paul Tawrell
    list price: $24.95
    our price: $16.47
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1896713009
    Catlog: Book (2001-01-28)
    Publisher: Falcon Distribution
    Sales Rank: 19132
    Average Customer Review: 3.88 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Everything you need to know, and more, can be found in this ultimate outdoor book! This is the MOST thorough book available to assist you in acquiring skills to enjoy the adventures of the outdoors. With over 3600 illustrations and pages of information, it tells you how to travel, make a camp, understand your environment, and choose equipment. In the case of an emergency it will help you find water, food, shelter from the weather, and care for yourself if you are sick or injured. Topics such as signals, animals, and weather; applied specifically to such special activities as summer hiking, desert travel, water travel and car travel. Learn individual skills such as maps and compass, first aid and mountain climbing. Ensure a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment by building a foundation of knowledge. This is a book that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Camping & Wilderness Survival is "the fullest and finest work in the field". You won't find a more complete guide in today's market. Prior preparation warrants enjoyable adventures in the outdoors! ... Read more

    Reviews (16)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Book! Just wish it came in a spiral version!
    I have used and used this book. I live in Alaska and this is the handiest darned book I think I have ever bought. I just wish it came in a spiral version with laminated pages. It is a MUST for anyone who likes to be outdoors...even in your backyard. It has emergency information on survival shelters, how to build fires and cook, and how to keep your head in case of an emergency. This book doesn't just cover the skills or info needed in the Northwest, it has information on how to survive in tropical areas, desert areas, and even on the open seas. It has some historical info about Native American habitats, and information about game animals that could be used for food. It has lots of great tidbits to digest whenever you have a few minutes to pick up the book. I recommend getting two for the back of the toilet and one for your nightstand!

    5-0 out of 5 stars A very Good Book
    I also believe that the reviewers are being a bit too critical of the book; it is a guide to outdoor survival. It is not a textbook on magnetism nor the science of burning wood. What this book offers is sound advice that covers a broad and diverse range of topics. Using illustrations rather than vast amounts of text, I believe the author has provided more information than I need. This is, I believe, I positive attribute in comparison to most texts of the "survival" genre.I do agree, though, that the editing is the poorest aspect of this book. It seems, at times, that the book was edited too hastely. Verb tenses are often in disagreement and the text seems just end mid-sentence. Although I find this is often the case in these types of books, it is nonetheless bothersome.

    I would, however, reccomend this book for both individuals who are recently interested in camping and wilderness activities and those who are more experienced in camping. It is, I believe, one of the best in the area of survival and cmping.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Ultimate Outdoors Book - Really !
    This book contains a little bit of everything for the camper & camp site. No, it's not the see all end all with total detail on every subject, but it is a great overall camping book, touching nearly every subject a camper might be interested in. It is a great book to carry on a family trip, taking the place of multiple books.

    I have just purchased my third copy to give as a gift & I highly recommend it, especially for family campers!

    5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT FOR THE SCOUT LEADER
    This book is loaded with information on every topic! It has illustrations and explinations that are perfect for Scouts. They are informative but not overwelming. The section on compass reading for example not only showed the skills in using a compass but how to make a magnetic compass and a moon compass. It also gives examples of finding direction without a compass using sun shadows, moon shadows, constellations, and trees and plants. This book is an exellent rescource for any scout leader.

    5-0 out of 5 stars large and famous.
    One of the best outdoor references(aka Coffee Table size),to prepare for the Great Outdoor Experience. It has it all inside....First Aid; Survival; Hints and Tricks for the unusual situations that one encounters outside. I have my well read copy next to the sofa; and although its next to the sofa; the knowledge gleaned from its informative pages sticks inside the mind and is a great tool for coping when one does "Strike Out" into the Great Outdoors. If you love the Wilderness...Buy It! It will always be a treasured copy to review... ... Read more

    17. DAN Pocket Guide to First Aid for Scuba Diving
    by Ron Cordes, Bill Clendenen, Guy De L.Dear
    list price: $12.95
    our price: $11.01
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 193167616X
    Catlog: Book (1997-03-01)
    Publisher: Pocket Guides Publishing
    Sales Rank: 31624
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Know exactly what to do for all scuba diving first aid situations.

    High-tech laser printing on hard vinyl sheets make this pocket-sized "how to" guide virtually indestructible and completely portable. Waterproof. Dirtproof. You can even mark up pages with a grease pencil then wipe clean. Spiral binding allows you to fully open the book anywhere and lay it flat. Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions. Index-tabbed pages allow you to quickly access the information you need. "What you really need to know, when you really need it!"

    Tabbed sections include: Emergency Assistance Plan, Dive Injury Information Form, Safety Assessment, Injured Diver Assessment, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Bleeding, Physical Assessment, Field Neurological Exam, Positioning of the Injured Diver, Oxygen First Aid, Bone and Joint Injuries, Carbon Monoxide Toxicity, Decompression Illness (DCI), Subcutaneous Emphysema/Mediastinal Emphysema/Pneumothorax, Seafood Poisoning, Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest, Seizures, Spinal Injuries, Squeeze/Barotrauma, Seasickness (Motion Sickness), Oxygen Toxicity, Allergic Reactions, Thermal Injuries and Marine Animal Injuries.

    Pocket Guides are jam-packed with critical information from field experts. World renowned Pocket Guides have had an international almost cult-like following for over ten years.

    Virtually indestructible and completely indispensable, Pocket Guides are perfect for enthusiasts and gift giving. Join the experts and carry Pocket Guides. Select from 28 Sports/Hobbies, Fishing and Emergency Assistance titles.

    POCKET GUIDES: The Biggest Little Books You'll Ever Need. Finally, you can take it with you! ... Read more

    Reviews (5)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A must for all divers...
    As an EMT I found this book very educational and a great reference. All divers should have this in their dive bag. It is small and very duarable (pages are plastic). My only wish is that by owning it you could qualify for lower life insurance premiums!!!!

    Stay wet...


    5-0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive quick reference for first aid procedures...
    The guide consists of spiral bound plastic (PVC?) pages that are printed with large easy to read text. The guide measures no more than 3.5 by 4.5 inches so it's handy enough to leave in your first aid kit, or even in a BC pocket (yes, it's waterproof).

    The guide uses indexing tabs so that key areas of information are easy to find. The text is divided into two sections. Section one outlines first aid procedures for injured divers, while step two outlines common illnesses and injuries that may afflict divers.

    Section one includes: Emergency Assistance Plan, Safety Assessment, Rescue Breathing and CPR, Bleeding, Physical Assessment, Field Neuro Exam, Injured Diver Positioning, and Oxygen First Aid.

    Section two includes: Bone and Joint Injuries, Burns, CO Tox, Shock, DCI, Lung Overpressure Injuries, Seafood Poisoning, Heart Attack, Seizures, Spinal Injuries, Squeeze and Barotrauma, Seasickness, O2 Tox, Allergic Reactions, Thermal Injuries, and Marine Animal Injuries.

    The guide is very comprehensive. However, don't expect lengthy explanations. The guide provides only an outline of steps with regard to *what to do* in these instances. Which in an emergency is what is really needed. For the explanations, you'll have to refer to another text, or better still take a First Aid course.

    All in all, great content, great execution, does exactly what it's designed for.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Using the DAN Pocket Guide
    I bought the DAN Pocket Guide hoping that I would never have to use it. Unfortunately, I was present when a serious diving accident occurred. The guide was handy, because it was attached to my slate (being able to be taken underwater) and it proved invaluable to the first aid providers. It helped define the type and extent of the DCI and reassured the (non-professional) attendants that they were doing everything they should to help the patient. And the patient survived with no lasting ill-effects (after recompression in a chamber).

    5-0 out of 5 stars scuba diving . tech.diving
    diving scuba fýrst aýd ... Read more

    18. First Aid and CPR Essentials
    by Alton L. Thygerson, National Safety Council
    list price: $27.95
    our price: $27.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0763713244
    Catlog: Book (2000-12-15)
    Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
    Sales Rank: 265543
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Includes the latest CPR guidelines. First Aid and CPR Essentials, designed for continuing education or a one-credit hour course, provides students with the vital information needed to: recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children, and infants, identify and care for life-threatening bleeding, sudden illness, and injuries. Una versión básica está disponible en español aquí. ... Read more

    19. Computer-Related Risks
    by Peter G. Neumann
    list price: $29.95
    our price: $29.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 020155805X
    Catlog: Book (1994-10-18)
    Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co
    Sales Rank: 154763
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Bible--For the Real Professionals
    Neumann, founder and moderator of the Internet Risk Forum, is the pope of the legitimate computer risks community. This is the bible.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Adds a new dimension to the subject
    This book is manages to be entertaining while discussing an important subject. The author's experience as a moderator of the risks forum provided him with authoritative knowledge, which is put to good use. The reading can light at times when the subject is catatrophic. Nevertheless, once you read this book, you'll understand that it's us - humans - that are at the center of all problems. ... Read more

    20. What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Mold and What to Do About It
    by VickiLankarge
    list price: $12.95
    our price: $10.36
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0071412905
    Catlog: Book (2003-03-21)
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    Sales Rank: 226699
    Average Customer Review: 4.33 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    The complete guide to dealing with mold in your home--the asbestos of the new millennium

    Toxic mold infestations in the home have been brought to the forefront of public awareness. Erin Brockovich's struggle to fight this health crisis and Ed McMahon's experience of this problem in his own home have further publicized the fact that mold has been linked to a host of serious health problems.Yet there are no standards for acceptable indoors mold levels and no laws requiring home sellers to disclose mold problems.

    Written by award-winning reporter Vicki Lankarge, this is the first complete home owner's/home buyer's guide to dealing with mold. Clearly and concisely, Lankarge acquaints readers with the latest findings about mold infestation and arms them with everything they need to know to:

    • Successfully detect the presence of mold
    • Prevent, control, or eliminate mold
    • Deal with mold-related health problems
    • Understand mold's legal implications
    • Work with insurance companies on mold-related cases
    ... Read more

    Reviews (12)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Robert Bruss rated this book a 10
    On May 9, 2003, nationally syndicated real estate columnist Robert Bruss wrote: "If you own a house or condo, or are a real estate agent, reading "What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Mold" by Vicki Lankarge will reveal what you should know about household mold and what you can do about it . . . The book's best chapter is "Mold and Your Insurance Company." It explains which mold claims are insured by homeowners insurance and which are not. . . Without becoming too technical, this book is a superb resource for homeowners and realty agents to learn about household mold. . . On my scale of one to 10, this superb book that should be read by every homeowner and real estate agent rates a solid 10."

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great info whether you're having a mold crisis or not!
    We are in the middle of a mold crisis: a contractor's shoddy workmanship has led to a wet basement and a bad growth of mold in our home. The information Vicki has provided is a real Godsend! 60 days ago we were ignorant of the problem of mold; thanks in great part to Vicki's book, we have a plan of action to remediate the mold. And most importantly, we have invaluable insight into protecting our family's health.

    Whether or not you have a current mold problem in your home, you owe it to yourself to spend a few dollars on this book. Mold problems are going to be the "asbestos of the new millenium." You could be affected and not even know it.

    Good work, Vicki!!

    2-0 out of 5 stars More like a short story paperback.
    Book reads like a short story paperback, not an analytical text with charts, diagrams and pictures. Maybe the publisher did not have these additional features available at time of print. Other texts do show microscopic examples with COLOR print. At least that was my hopes in this book.

    How are you going to know what mold looks like from just words. Maybe a few good pictures would help the cause. Right?

    1-0 out of 5 stars Bad information in the book!
    I am a Mold Inspector and work with Remediation firms on a daily basis to remediate molds in homes, offices, etc.
    I have read this book and it should be revised to correct the FALSE information given about using common household bleach to clean-up mold. Bleach is ONLY good to clean-up mold on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as glass and plastic. It is obvious that the author did NOT due her homework on the best mold remediation products available. To find out what product should be used to remediate mold, buy another book about mold, such as Black Mold - Your Health and Your Home. This book reveals the problems with using bleach products and correctly informs the homeowner on an environmetally safe and readily available product to clean-up minor mold infestations in the home.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellant Book!
    Easy to read and understand for the average person. Very helpful in dealing with this serious problem. A must buy! ... Read more

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