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41. Literature for Today's Young Adults,
$61.00 $46.75
42. Literature : An Introduction to
$7.50 $5.69 list($10.00)
43. Le Petit Prince (French Language
$60.20 $35.95
44. Literature: An Introduction to
$70.00 $37.95
45. An Introduction to Poetry (10th
$45.95 $19.92
46. Writing Essays About Literature:
$69.75 $64.30 list($73.85)
47. The Norton Shakespeare: Based
$44.00 $35.00
48. Children's Literature, Briefly,
$71.00 $49.90
49. Worlds of Fiction (2nd Edition)
$166.97 list($130.00)
50. A Commentary on Horace: Odes:
$64.33 $44.00
51. Short Fiction: Classic and Contemporary
$69.80 $36.75
52. Literature and Ourselves: A Thematic
$16.32 $12.00 list($24.00)
53. Madame Bovary's Ovaries : A Darwinian
$59.40 $42.00
54. Writing, Reading, and Research,
$52.00 list($130.00)
55. The Cambridge History of American
$18.95 $14.88
56. Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic
57. Lexique De LA Prose Latine De
$9.99 list($19.99)
58. Lewis Carroll: The Complete, Fully
$11.53 $8.50 list($16.95)
59. More Book Lust: Recommended Reading
$13.59 $6.97 list($19.99)
60. Breaking The Da Vinci Code : Answers

41. Literature for Today's Young Adults, MyLabSchool Edition (7th Edition)
by Kenneth L. Donelson, Alleen Pace Nilsen
list price: $99.20
our price: $99.20
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0205451195
Catlog: Book (2004-12-22)
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Sales Rank: 24583
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42. Literature : An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, Compact Edition (4th Edition)
by X. J. Kennedy, Dana Gioia
list price: $61.00
our price: $61.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0321245504
Catlog: Book (2004-03-10)
Publisher: Pearson Education
Sales Rank: 20665
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Literature, Compact 4/e, the concise edition of the most popular introduction of its kind, is organized into three genres—Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. As in past editions, the authors' collective poetic voice brings personal warmth and a human perspective to the discussion of literature, adding to students' interest in the readings.An introduction to a balance of contemporary and classic stories, poems, and plays. Casebooks offer in-depth look at an author or clusters of works, for example “Latin American Poetry.” Authors Joe Kennedy and Dana Gioia provide inviting and illuminating introductions to the authors included and to the elements of literature. Coverage of writing about literature is also included.For those interested in literature. ... Read more

43. Le Petit Prince (French Language Edition)
by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
list price: $10.00
our price: $7.50
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0156013983
Catlog: Book (2001-09-04)
Publisher: Harvest Books
Sales Rank: 3863
Average Customer Review: 4.66 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

In 2000 Harcourt proudly reissued Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's masterpiece, The Little Prince, in a sparkling new format. Newly translated by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Howard, this timeless classic was embraced by critics and readers across the country for its purity and beauty of expression. And Saint-Exupéry's beloved artwork was restored and remastered to present his work in its original and vibrant colors.

Now Harcourt is issuing uniform full-color foreign language editions. The restored artwork glows like never before. These affordable and beautiful editions are sure to delight an entire new generation of readers, students, children, and adults for whom Saint-Exupéry's story will open the door to a new understanding of life.

... Read more

Reviews (35)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Story For All ages
Le Petit Prince is a great story for adults and kids alike. Kids can read this book and see it as only a story about a little boy from another planet who wants to find somone who understands him. Adults can read this book and see deeper meanings to what is happening. If you dig into the story you find things in this book dealing with issues we have to face. It's a great book and I would recommend it to any of my friends but I would have to tell them to get the English version. I would prefer to read the French version.

5-0 out of 5 stars Magnifique
I was given this book to read for a high school French class, and I'm so glad I did. (If you're by some fluke reading this, Coop, thanks so much for introducing me to "Le petit prince"!) It may be classified here as "children's" literature, but it's so much more. This is a beautiful, moving story of the little prince and his journeys through planets and on Earth. It contains some incredibly deep philosophy and will make you appreciate the simplicity and innocence of childhood... and make you want to regain that outlook on life. I know that I'm trying to see the world as a child again.

...Et si vous pouvez lire ce livre en français, c'est beaucoup plus beau. Le livre en anglais n'est pas mal, mais il n'y a pas l'élégance.

4-0 out of 5 stars Open ended
It's a strange little book that defies classification. My husband and I both read it and went away with very different interpretations. The book is part whimsy, part satire, and part philosphy. Its deceptive simplicity defies classification on greater examination.

5-0 out of 5 stars life lessons
I read this book a year ago with my French 4 Advanced Placement class. It is still sitting on the head of my bed, because I have read it multiple times and refer to it often. I have never been more inspired, nor more changed, by any one novel. The lessons that are meant to help children grow into admirable adults can teach us adults so much more. I looked at everything differently once I finished reading this book. I learned so many invaluable lessons that I will carry with me forever. I am absolutely sure that I will read this to my children someday. The lessons I learned, from not judging someone by what they look like to getting my priorities straight, have forever changed the way I treat people and the way I live. I believe I am more mature now because of the impact this book had on me.

5-0 out of 5 stars great in its original language
I have read TPP in Spanish, as a child; in English and now in French. The French is 100 times better than any translation. If you have been raised in a romance language, you know that the charm and sonority of French or Spanish is completely lost, even in a good translation. If you have read TPP in translation before, read it in French. It is easy to understand and a great book for those, like me, who want to develop reading skills.
Regarding the story, it is indisputable that TPP is a classic full of wisdom. ... Read more

44. Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Compact (2nd Edition)
by Edgar V. Roberts, Henry E. Jacobs
list price: $60.20
our price: $60.20
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0130978027
Catlog: Book (2002-06-13)
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Sales Rank: 91221
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45. An Introduction to Poetry (10th Edition)
by X. J. Kennedy, Dana Gioia
list price: $70.00
our price: $70.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 032108764X
Catlog: Book (2001-07-25)
Publisher: Longman
Sales Rank: 223042
Average Customer Review: 4.67 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

While embracing the canon, An Introduction to Poetry, Tenth Edition includes an impressive collection of contemporary poems for a culturally diverse representation of authorship and a richness in range of style.Writer's Perspectives sections give commentary on the craft of writing and revising from authors, which provide insight and a more human perspective on literature and the writing process. Writing Critically sections expand overage of composition with accessible and pragmatic suggestions on writing. Critical Approaches to Literature section provides three essays on every major school of criticism with sections on gender criticism and cultural studies. New poems have been added to the Tenth Edition, along with a new Glossary of Literary Terms and an expanded chapter on translations.Casebooks on Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes present both poets in depth. For anyone interested in poetry. ... Read more

Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars This Is A Textbook?
Maybe I shouldn't have even used the term "textbook". After all that word generally connotes a book that is tedious, dry and full of obscure jargon. This is a different book, however. It is indeed a sprightly introduction to poetry that informs and entertains. It has sections on Irony, Tone, Words, Metaphors, Sound, Rhythm, Form, Symbol, Myth, and Narrative, just to mention a few.

The discussion of each topic is illustrated by the provision of relevant poems. The poems are generally analyzed, and the reader is asked pertinent questions about them. I can't praise the authors enough for their choice of poems. Most are relatively brief works, but they are excellent examples of the topic at hand.

What could be a better poem exemplifying Irony than this little classic deploring child labor written by Sarah N. Cleghorn in 1917:

The golf links lie so near the mill/That almost every day/The laboring children can look out/ And see the men at play.

There are many other goodies in this book:

1. A chapter that provides poems and brief critical essays on the works of Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickinson.
2. A section that provides brief but informative biographies of many of the poets represented in the book.
3. A large chapter of more poems for reading and enjoying. These are very accomplished poems that are generally very accessible to the general reader.
4. A section on literary criticism. Yes, I know that is a dreaded term, but the authors do a good job of clearly presenting the material -even when deconstructionism is the topic- and provide brief extracts from noted literary critics.
5. At the end of the book is a convenient glossary of literary terms.
6. For those who become enthused about writing poetry there is a chapter covering this topic.

There are other introductory books on the market (such as "The Poetry Reader's Toolkit", by Marc Polonsky, and the venerable "Understanding Poetry" by Cleanth Brooks), but this is a truly astounding work. It's a big book of over 700 pages that is guaranteed to make any reader a poetry lover..

4-0 out of 5 stars Good variety!
This book offers a great collection of poetry and background information on many poets. Walks through poetry lingo with the reader, great educational source for teachers of literature!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Poetry clearly explained by poets
A very usefull text for any level of student from Middle School to Phd- clear explanations of terms and traditions followed by excellent, provocative examples and follow up questions make the book work in the classroom (and as a means to teach yourself) what you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. ... Read more

46. Writing Essays About Literature: A Guide and Style Sheet
by Kelley Griffith
list price: $45.95
our price: $45.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 015506617X
Catlog: Book (2001-03-15)
Publisher: Heinle
Sales Rank: 261911
Average Customer Review: 3 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Widely used in introductory literature courses as a style guide or as a supplement to anthologies, this text provides students with valuable guidelines for interpreting literature and writing essays. ... Read more

Reviews (1)

3-0 out of 5 stars A guide to college writing
This is an well-organized book that offers advice to a writer in a college level course, or as a reference tool for other writing classes. Although the book is somewhat dated in content, it is still a good source for information. Each chapter is subdivided into different categories, which make it easy to reference material. The beginning chapters deal with choosing a topic and how to analyze literature. The analyzation of material is split into different categories such as literature, fiction, drama, and poetry. Under each section there is a division that helps in the definition of 'good literature.' For example, the literature is split into sections of literature as language, aesthetic, fictional, true, expressive, and affective. Under each section in the chapter there is a description of what the section entails and how the writer can distinguish whether the work in question applies to the rule or doesn't apply. Chapter seven contains a list of the different types of criticisms that are usually used in literature, such as Historical Criticism and Biographical Criticism. This chapter has a description of what the type of criticism means and how it is applies to literature of different genres. Chapter eight helps in the evaluation of literature on the basis if it answers some of the 13 questions listed and described in the chapter. The next two chapters help in the production of good essay content. There is, as in most books, a section on how to document sources, how to handle quotations, and the format of the paper. The last chapter contains six sample essays for the writer to look at and see how all the parts of this book are contained within a single piece of writing. Overall, I found this book to a helpful guide or source book. If unsure of something, it is an easy guide to look back at and find a definition and how to apply it to a paper. Although it is not the only book that provides this information, I believe that it presents it in such a way that it is user friendly for beginning writers. ... Read more

47. The Norton Shakespeare: Based on the Oxford Edition
by William Shakespeare, Walter Cohen, Jean E. Howard, Katharine Eisaman Maus, Stephen Greenblatt, Stephen Jay Greenblatt, Andrew Gurr
list price: $73.85
our price: $69.75
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0393970876
Catlog: Book (1997-03-01)
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Sales Rank: 34449
Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

A vibrant, new complete Shakespeare that brings readers closer than ever before possible top Shakespeare's plays as they were first acted. The Norton Shakespeare, Based on the Oxford Edition invites readers to rediscover Shakespeare-the working man of the theater, not the universal bard-and to rediscover his plays as scripts to be performed, not works to be immortalized. Combining the freshly edited texts of the Oxford Edition with lively introductions by Stephen Greenblatt and his co-editors, glossaries and annotations, and an elegant single-column page (that of the Norton Anthologies), this complete Shakespeare invites contemporary readers to see and read Shakespeare afresh. Greenblatt's full introduction creates a window into Shakespeare world-the culture, demographics, commerce, politics, and religion of early-modern England-Shakespeare's family background and professional life, the Elizabethan industries of theater and printing, and the subsequent centuries of Shakespeare textual editing. ... Read more

Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars the best available complete edition
I am currently using this edition for my University undergraduate course. It is simply the most comprehensive edition available in one volume. The introductions to each play offer stimulating views using modern, contemporary criticism and the 'scene-setting' introduction to the collection, by Greenblatt, is highly informative. The text is wonderfully readable and actually makes you want to pick it up (or lay it on a table given its size) and just read. I like the thin pages, although they are susceptible to creasing, as it makes it feel as though you're reading a Bible - a suitable analogy I think. Recommendable to anyone interested in Shakespeare - this is an edition which does justice to his greatness (anyway I'd better stop wasting time on the 'Net and get back to my essay on 'Othello'!).

5-0 out of 5 stars One bard, one book
As a fervent admirer of Shakespeare, this complete collection, comprising excellent introductions to each play and helpful textual notes as well as informative writings on the history of both England and the art of acting that shaped Shakespeare's writing, was like a dream come true. While before I had to walk around trying to find a good edition of the play I wanted to read, now I can open the Norton Shakespeare and read without being afraid of not understanding words or missing the point of the play. This book's obvious drawbacks are its heft and, as mentioned, its delicate pages, but these are easily outweighed by the abovementioned advantages! Buy it and read!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Available
I am new to Shakespeare and have started to read about him, his times, his works, and as a hobby try to become fairly knowledgeable about him and his place in our literary history. Starting from the basics I have reviewed a number of books and eventually I put together a "listmania" list of about 22-25 books. I am still not an expert nor do I claim such.

Having said that, to get your feet wet there are a few good biographies and I like the Anthony Burgess book "Shakespeare" that is an easy read and just over 200 pages long. Also there are a few other books and tour guides such as the new DK guide with lots of maps and photos. Then there are books such as Boyce's book "Shakespeare A to Z".

But I think the crown jewel of the books available is the present book almost 3500 pages long with CD which rises head and shoulders above anything else on the market. It is simply an excellent book by a group of highly qualified editors using the resources of Oxford. Obviously it can be improved but as of now it is the leader.

Jack in Toronto

3-0 out of 5 stars A mixed bag
I would in fact prefer to award this 3.5 stars, but the Amazon system seems to compel one to choose between 3 and 4, and I think 4 is too generous. To begin with the text, there is no doubt that this is not the best Shakespeare to buy. It is to a large extent based on the Oxford Shakespeare, which - quite rightly, in my view - has attracted a lot of criticism for some of its peculiarities. Thus, for example, Oxford prints TWO versions of *King Lear*, the quarto text and that of the folio. Norton rightly takes issue with this, and produces the kind of conflated text that most readers would want, but adds the other two AS WELL (so we are offered THREE versions!). This kind of thing is, in truth, academic self-indulgence - it shows an undue respect for academic concerns which to most readers are not of the slightest interest. There is a similar tendency to pay scant regard to what most readers really want and need in the Introduction: that tells us a good deal about Shakespeare's time, and the material is interesting, but it is not often shown to be relevant, or necessary, to an understanding of what Shakespeare writes. The explanatory annotation accompanying the texts is not bad, but often inferior to that of comparable editions, notably Bevington's. The introductions to individual plays are usually stimulating, but not necessarily convincing. Thus Greenblatt on the one hand says about Macbeth's murder of Duncan, "That he does so without adequate motivation, that he murders a man toward whom he should be grateful and protective, deepens the mystery ..." (p. 2558), yet adds a few lines later: "Macbeth and Lady Macbeth act on ambition ...". Precisely, that IS Macbeth's motivation for the murder, as Macbeth himself points out unequivocally in 1.7.25-7 - there is, therefore, absolutely nothing mysterious about his motivation. The edition does, however, offer a number of good references to other writings about Shakespeare. All in all, I do consider 3.5 stars is a fair "grade", in seeking to assess this for the benefit of the majority of readers looking for a complete Shakespeare to buy; but I consider David Bevington's by far the best edition of the complete works, then the Riverside, and only then this one - though, with its annotations, it is certainly more useful than the Oxford edition on which it is based. - Joost Daalder, Professor of English, Flinders University, South Australia

5-0 out of 5 stars The best of the lot.
I confess that after examining 5-6 of the top-selling complete Shakespeares I tried not to like the Norton. There are less expensive editions, there are editions with glossy pages and colored photographs, there are editions that are half the weight and bulk of this leviathan, which is far more Shakespeare than the average reader--perhaps, even scholar, for that matter--would ever require. But despite its bulk and unwieldyness, its 3500 (!) thin, flimsy pages, its sheer excess, I couldn't ignore its advantages. The small print enables the publishers to squeeze in contextual materials--in the introduction and appendixes--that in themselves amount to an encyclopedic companion to Shakespeare's works; the introductions to the plays are written not in "textbook prose" but in an engaging style worthy of their subject; and perhaps, best of all, this is the only edition that places the glosses right alongside the "strange" Elizabethan word instead of in the footnotes. You can read the plays without experiencing vertigo of the eye. So this is the edition, though you may wish to go with the smaller, bound portions that Norton publishes of the same edition--especially if you can't afford the cost of a personal valet to carry this tome from home to office. On the other hand, the complete edition is excellent for doing crunches and other aerobic exercises--activities many of us who read the Bard are abt to ignore. ... Read more

48. Children's Literature, Briefly, Third Edition
by James S. Jacobs, Michael O. Tunnell
list price: $44.00
our price: $44.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0130499242
Catlog: Book (2003-07-11)
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Sales Rank: 202803
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

This compact and conversationally-written book focuses on children's literature genres. Excellent for those encouraging young readers, it includes four highly personal booklists for each genre chapter. An accompanying CD-ROM with user-friendly programming lists more than 15,000 titles searchable by author, title, illustrator, publisher, copyright, grade level, genre, topics, description, awards, or user comments. This exceptional resource for choosing children's literature allows readers to create their own library of children's book titles. The 4-color illustration guide gives readers a variety of illustrative styles, and helpful appendices provide additional resources for exploring magazines and audiovisuals.This book highlights the authors' “best picks,” letting readers know what literature children particularly enjoy. It comprehensively covers books and their content, describing the meaning of a “good” book, categories of children's literature, fantasy, fiction, biography, informational books, picture books, poetry, multicultural and international books, and controversial books. In section three, the classroom is explored; it shows the best ways to build a children's library.An excellent resource for educators of young children, this book can also serve as a personal guide for parents who wish to build a child-friendly collection of books. ... Read more

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars It's a keeper.
The over 10,000 title database on the CD included with this book is alone well worth the price of the text. It is a welcome time saving tool for busy teachers. Not only can you perform searches to find books to match different topics, you can organize and enter information about your existing library, whether or not all of your titles are included in the database. You can add your own comments to the information stored for each title.

The book covers the different genres chapter by chapter. At the end of each chapter, the authors have compiled a very useful bibliography, including their ten favorite books in each genre. I'm glad I found this book--it's one I'll use for years to come. It won't be gathering dust on the shelf as some of my professional books have. ... Read more

49. Worlds of Fiction (2nd Edition)
by Roberta Rubenstein, Charles R. Larson
list price: $71.00
our price: $71.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0130416398
Catlog: Book (2001-07-09)
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Sales Rank: 247152
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Top Notch Anthology of International Short Stories
I used this text while teaching a World Literature Survey at the college level. The editors have done an excellent job of providing a truly international collection. Most anthologies try to include many different genres. By limiting themselves to one genre, the short-story, the editors have kept the size reasonable--I was able to cover enough of the stuff in here to not make me feel as though I was making students buy three times more book than they needed.

The selections are well thought out, with inclusions leaning heavily in favor of modern works. Some of European authors (Flaubert, De Maupassant, for example) go back a ways, but there aren't any classical or pre-renaissance texts except for a selection from Arabian Nights. The prefatory material (biographies/introductions) is brief but helpful, especially for some less familiar (to western readers) authors. If you are interested in world literature, this book is a great buffet, giving you a taste of Allende, Naipul, Borges, Achebe, Gordimer, Head, Akutagawa, Mahfouz, Fuentes, Flaubert, Camus, Kafka, Tolstoy, Langervist, and many, many others. There is a nice mix of old and new. Read a story by a master and discover which authors you like and whose books you would like to investigate. ... Read more

50. A Commentary on Horace: Odes: Book III
by R. G. M. Nisbet, Niall Rudd
list price: $130.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0199263140
Catlog: Book (2004-07-01)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Sales Rank: 848741
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

51. Short Fiction: Classic and Contemporary (5th Edition)
by Charles H. Bohner, Lyman Grant
list price: $64.33
our price: $64.33
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 013040683X
Catlog: Book (2001-06-19)
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Sales Rank: 92442
Average Customer Review: 2.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (1)

2-0 out of 5 stars DISGRACEFUL number of typographical errors!
Although the selection of short stories in this anthology is excellent, presenting an array of some of the best classic and contemporary pieces of the genre, the number of typographical errors are INEXCUSABLE. This is the anthology I purchased for a short fiction class this past fall, and as a class we were increasingly astounded by each additional typo we confronted. In about half of the stories we read, we encountered at least one, and in some we noticed more than one, which was really distracting. In Conan Doyle's Red Headed League, for instance, Holmes "THOUGH as much" (as opposed to thought), and on the very next page, he "only wished to ask WHO he would get to the Strand" (as opposed to how). The fact that there was a misprint in my favorite story of those that we read - James Joyce's Araby--was the last straw for me. My professor encouraged us to write or e-mail the editors and complain, and one student did, only to receive an e-mail which defended them and declared that the errors don't really alter the content or overall effect of the stories. Ironically, instead of the monetary compensation my fellow student(unsurprisingly)requested, the person she contacted offered to send her a free book on English writing and usage. We all told her she should send an e-mail back to them, telling them to keep the book because the editors obviously needed it more than her.

It really is disgraceful, though. How could the editors possibly think that stupid errors like this don't crucially alter the story's effect on the reader? This is not the case. It is distracting and irritating, and destroys the effect for me. I can't imagine that James Joyce would have agreed with the comment that errors like this don't really damage the story. Every author whose story was massacred by these editors would shudder that their works of art were destroyed by carelessness. Isn't the editor's job to make positively sure these kinds of errors are not there? It's really hard to believe. I've never EVER encountered typographical errors in books I've read for school, and very few in the ones I have found mistakes in. Certainly no more than two! Don't buy this anthology...maybe wait for the next edition-- hopefully they will proofread a little more accurately. If the editors happen to read this-- please, this is one disappointed student who doesn't want monetary compensation--I just want another book, and I want it to be perfect! ... Read more

52. Literature and Ourselves: A Thematic Introduction for Readers and Writers (4th Edition)
by Gloria Mason Henderson, William Day, Sandra Stevenson Waller
list price: $69.80
our price: $69.80
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0321102169
Catlog: Book (2002-11-15)
Publisher: Longman
Sales Rank: 77824
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Literature and Ourselves, 4/e, is a thematically organized anthology that treats literature as a continually expanding commentary on our infinitely varied lives, helping readers make the connection between literature and their own unique life stories.Each of the six themes - Family, Men and Women, Grief and Loss, Freedom and Responsibility, Imagination and Discovery, and Quest - progress outward from the self to larger issues. Within each theme, the book provides a unique combination of traditional and contemporary works organized by genre - essays, fiction, poetry, and drama - that reflect the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up our world today. The fourth edition features new essays, poems, stories, and plays, three new casebooks (Amy Tan, Joyce Carol Oates, and Tim O'Brien), greater emphasis on writing about film, enhanced coverage of science fiction/fantasy, and new end-of-unit questions, "Writing About Literature and Film." For those interested in a personal approach to literature. ... Read more

53. Madame Bovary's Ovaries : A Darwinian Look at Literature
by DAVID P. BARASH, Nanelle R. Barash
list price: $24.00
our price: $16.32
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0385338015
Catlog: Book (2005-04-26)
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Sales Rank: 5167
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Truly Novel Approach to Literature
Don't let the fact that Madame Bovary's Ovaries is a fun read fool you; the ideas contained within will forever change the way that you read fiction.Barash and Barash have managed to cogently describe their clever new way to analyze literature.It makes so much sense, you'll ask yourself "why didn't I think of that".In fact, you'll wonder why generation upon generation of English Lit. professors failed to pick up where Darwin left off.

I think it's safe to say that just about any lover of literature will enjoy a fresh perspective of their old favorites after reading Madame Bovary's Ovaries.

5-0 out of 5 stars Witty, insightful and a fabulous read!
Madame Bovaries Ovaries was simply delightful. This is the perfect book for anyone interested in science, literature or both!

This book offers a new look at the "human condition" so often referred to as a mysteriously intangible entity by dry literary critics.The Barashes simply suggest that this "condition" is a biological one, governed by (but not limited to) Darwinian principles.

Their friendly and straightforth style makes this book a joy to read. Its more like a lively conversation than literary criticism.

Their Darwinian look at literature was never dry nor heavy handed.The Barashes provide a refreshing new look at literature in a style that is witty, casual and ironic. ... Read more

54. Writing, Reading, and Research, Sixth Edition
by Richard Veit, Christopher Gould
list price: $59.40
our price: $59.40
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0321198328
Catlog: Book (2003-07-24)
Publisher: Longman
Sales Rank: 260501
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Book Description

Writing, Reading, and Research thoroughly covers analytical reading, paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing —skills essential for developing a research paper. Each stage of the process is illustrated with examples of student and professional writing. Unlike comparable books, Writing, Reading, and Research leads off with two sample student papers in the early chapters, giving students a clear idea of the final goal as they progress through each step of the research and writing process. Includes everything one needs to know in the areas of library and internet research, using both primary and secondary sources, MLA and APA styles of documentation, evaluating sources and integrating them appropriately in a paper.For anyone needing a reference geared to writing researched papers or composing documents that are derived from sources that need to be cited and documented. ... Read more

55. The Cambridge History of American Literature: Volume 4, Nineteenth-Century Poetry 1800-1910 (The Cambridge History of American Literature)
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Asin: 0521301084
Catlog: Book (2004-11-04)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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The contributors to this volume discuss the extraordinary literary achievement of nineteenth century American poetry in its social and cultural contexts. Key contributions explore the early Federalist poets; the achievements of Longfellow and Whittier; and the distinctive lyric forms developed by Emerson and the Transcendentalists. Another chapter provides a new perspective on the achievement of female poets of the period, including emerging African-American poets, as well as the major canonical figures. ... Read more

56. Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature
by Espen J. Aarseth
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Asin: 0801855799
Catlog: Book (1997-09-01)
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
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Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Just get it
... what else is necessary to say. This book will spur so many thoughts and ideas that you will be reading it for ever after. It is a must for any serious hypertext/cybertext scholar.

5-0 out of 5 stars THE book on interactive narrative studies
Aristotle is alive and he is norwegian! Finally here is the lost book of Poetics. If you are one of the rare race of people that like to think about videogames rather than play with them, you will love this book. Maybe many scholars won't pay Aarseth much attention, but time will speak by itself. This is the most intelligent, visionary and interesting book available about interactive fiction/narrative/drama/or-whatever-name-you-like. ... Read more

57. Lexique De LA Prose Latine De LA Renaissance
by R. Hoven, Rene Hoven
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Asin: 9004096566
Catlog: Book (1993-11-01)
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
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Book Description

This Lexique de la prose latine de la Renaissance is the first dictionary of Renaissance Latin and continues on from the Dictionnaire latin-français of F. Gaffiot. However, it comprises 8500 words, more than 7000 of which are not mentioned by Gaffiot, while others are employed with different meanings.

It is based upon a reading of a very large number of texts by 150 authors from Western and Central Europe, including Budé, Calvin, Erasmus, Ficino, Lipsius, Luther, Melanchthon, More, Petrarch, Pica della Mirandola, Politian, Valla, Vives, and Zwingli. The compiler has paid particular attention to variety in the source texts, which cover literature, correspondence, history, law, philosophy, theology, and science.

This work has been long awaited by scholars and students and will become a standard tool not only for latinists and neo-latinists, but also for all those historians, philosophers, theologians, historians of law, and intellectual historians working in the fields of Humanism, the Renaissance, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. ... Read more

58. Lewis Carroll: The Complete, Fully Illustrated Works, Deluxe Edition (Literary Classics)
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Catlog: Book (1995-08-30)
Publisher: Gramercy
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This beautiful, 868-page leather-bound volume contains a delightfulcollection of stories from one of history's most beloved children's authors.Lewis Carroll's stories are still as fresh and appealing as when they were firstpublished more than a century ago. John Tenniel's original illustrationsaccompany the Alice stories and bring to life the wildly popular characters sowell known to us all: the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and apassel of others.

Carroll, one of 11 children, knows his audience well. His stories--clever,provocative, and bizarre--capture the imaginations of children worldwide. Thougha prolific storyteller from childhood, he went on to become a mathematician, a fact evidenced by the Tangled Tales serial, which contains amathematical equation in each installment.

Other stories included in this collection are "The Hunting of theSnark," which was composed backward, in a sense, when inspiration for thetale came by way of the last line; "Rhyme? And Reason?"; the Sylvieand Bruno books; and the original Alice story, "Alice's AdventuresUnderground," penned and illustrated in Carroll's own hand. Two never-before-printed poems, originally inscribed in two storybooks and presented asmementos to a little girl and boy, conclude this enchanting collection. ... Read more

Reviews (21)

5-0 out of 5 stars Not from the same mold
When I read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking and What Alice Saw There, I fell in love with the imagination of Lewis Carroll who could create such a world. I loved the characters and the plain craziness. As a kid, that imaginary world where nothing APPEARED to make sense was just fun. I had so much fun acting out the different parts and pretending that I was at a tea-party with the Mad-Hatter. It's a classic for kids because it lets them use their imagination without the constraints of reality. It's far healthier than sitting in front of a computer or TV. But as a book for adults, it's still a classic. Many people, understandably, just see illogical nonsense and get frustrated with that. I don't claim to understand all of it, but remember, Lewis Carroll was a mathematician. Do you realize that Through the Looking Glass is a chess game? Anyway, it's a nice change from trashy Danielle Steele novels or similar pieces of work that are like TV shows on paper. They don't allow people to think or to discuss or use their imagination. They, perhaps more than Lewis Carroll, make reading a frustrating and nonsensical activity.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Dream with Meaning
What a story! I loved Alice in Wonderland from beginning to end. It explains how some dreams can be plain nonsense to dreams that can be a lesson that you could never forget. Especially when you attend a tea party with a Mad Hatter, a March Hare, and a dormouse, or have a long conversation with a caterpillar. And also when you witness a screaming baby turn into a "handsome" pig. It is wacky, wild book, but it has some good morals. I learned that you have to be careful what you wish for, and always be ready for anything unexpected. It was exciting, hilarious, and had that wonderful touch of fantasy that makes you want to keep on reading. I recommend this book for all ages, from a forty year-olds to six year-olds. What a great book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Most complete of his complete works.
This is the only one i've found recently that has "Phantasmagoria" and the handwritten "Alice's adventures underground".

2-0 out of 5 stars Better for a child
I read this book recently because I never had as a child. I love the disney movie and through the looking glass film, so I decided that I needed to give the book a shot. I am 21 now, and the book was a bore to me. Those two films were very similar to the book, I recomend them instead (which is something I don't usually do.) It could not keep my interest because there was to much going on to fast. I do believe a child would get a kick out of it, but as for me, nope.

5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT BOOK!!!
Alice, a young girl who follows the White Rabbit into his hole where there are many unexpected thing that Alice never thinks of it before. Here Alice will shrink or grow depending upon her drinking or eating. First shrinking occurs when she drinks a labeled bottle "drink me", but when she eats the cake that noted, "eat me", she grows up. Moreover, she still meets the Mouse and other animals that are swimming away from the large pool of tears that Alice created while she grows up. When all arrive the shore, they try to get dry by a Caucus-race that suggests by the Dodo. Then, Alice continues to chase the White Rabbit. Now he returns and commands Alice to find him a fan and groves in his house. Here she drinks from an unlabeled bottle that causes her growing until fill up the house. She is getting into a trouble, however, she can escape by eating a small piece of cake, and runs into the woods where she meets a hookah - smoking Caterpillar who teaches to shrink or grow by eating a mushroom. Next, she goes to the Duchess house where she and a baby pig escape together by helping from the grinning Cheshire Cat. After leaving the baby pig, she stops at the March Hare's house, where she gets involved in the Mad party with the March Hare, the Hatter and the Dormouse. Not so long, Alice leaves and comes to the hall and finds a little golden key. Now she can open the door enter to the beautiful garden where she has to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts who often shouts "off with her o/ his head". It is a dangerous game. Then, the Queen leads Alice to meet the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle who tell her the story of the lobster quadrille and the school experiences. At the end, Alice becomes a witness, and also is accused in a trail in the case of the stolen tart. She wakes up before judging and finds all are dream and finds herself on the riverbank where starts the story.

The readers are able to guess easily what the story is about from the tile. But, when the book is read, it could hardly know what will happen next. That is because the whole book is full of unexpected things. However, the children or the adults can read it with enjoyment according to the fit imaginations that the author expresses through the written characters and the pictures to the reader. ... Read more

59. More Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason
by Nancy Pearl
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Asin: 1570614350
Catlog: Book (2005-04-13)
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Sales Rank: 2060
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Book Description

The response to Nancy Pearl's surprise bestseller Book Lust was astounding: the Seattle librarian and winner of the 2004 Women's National Book Award even became the model for the now-famous Librarian Action Figure. Readers everywhere welcomed Pearl's encyclopedic but discerning filter on books worth reading, and her Rule of 50 (give a book 50 pages before deciding whether to continue; but readers over 50 must read the same number of pages as their age) became a standard MO.

Once again organized by topic, this sprightly follow-up includes an array of titles in nearly 150 eclectic categories, including Plots for Plotzing (highly unusual storylines), Animal Love (in which humans fall in love with animals), The Autobiographical Gesture (memoirs about complex lives), Child Prodigies (child characters who are called on to perform great and sometimes heroic acts), Nagging Mothers, Crying Children (true tales from the frontlines of parenting), and Libraries and Librarians. Both a valuable reference and a vastly enjoyable read, More Book Lust offers a wealth of enthusiastic, quirky reading recommendations. ... Read more

60. Breaking The Da Vinci Code : Answers to the Questions Everybody's Asking
by Darrell L., Ph.D Bock, Francis J. Moloney
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Asin: 0785260463
Catlog: Book (2004-04-21)
Publisher: Nelson Books
Sales Rank: 2895
Average Customer Review: 2.44 out of 5 stars
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Book Description

Many who have read the New York Times best-seller The Da Vinci Code have questions that arise from seven codes—expressed or implied—in Dan Brown’s book. In Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone’s Asking, Darrell Bock, Ph.D., responds to the novelist’s claims using central ancient texts and answers the following questions:

  • Who was Mary Magdalene?
  • Was Jesus Married?
  • Would Jesus Being Single be Un-Jewish?
  • Do the So-Called Secret, Gnostic Gospels Help Us Understand Jesus?
  • How Were the New Testament Gospels Assembled?
  • Does Mary’s Honored Role as Apostle Match the Claims of the New School?
  • What Is the Remaining Relevance of The Da Vinci Code?

Darrell Bock’s research uncovers the origins of these codes by focusing on the 325 years immediately following the birth of Christ, for the claims of The Da Vinci Code rise or fall on the basis of things emerging from this period. Breaking the Da Vinci Code distinguishes fictitious entertainment from historical elements of the Christian faith. For by seeing these differences, one can break the Da Vinci code. Ultimately, though, there is another code lurking behind the pages of this novel. Most readers of the novel have no idea that this other code is there. In fact, Bock didn’t notice it at first himself. Breaking the Da Vinci code, though, will lead readers to discover why this novel has become something of a public phenomenon and why the issues it raises are worthy of careful study and reflection.

... Read more

Reviews (45)

5-0 out of 5 stars People Hear What They Want to Hear
I've read some of the Amazon reviews of Bock's "Breaking the Da Vinci Code" and I'm shocked. I think they all miss the point entirely.

The main point that Darrel Bock makes, (and I happen to completely agree with), is that Dan Brown has a very clear political agenda behind his famous novel "The Da Vinci Code". I have no doubt of that. The great irony is that Dan Brown attacks orthodox Christianity for having an agenda, when in reality, it is Dan Brown who is distorting historical fact for a political agenda.

Dan Brown's "theory" (if one can call it thus), is utterly meaningless and unprovable unless one thing should happen: and that's if someone discovered the Holy Grail (or Sangreal). There never has been any proof that a Holy Grail exists, or if it ever did, and there isn't even any agreement on what the Holy Grail would be if it did indeed exist. Until that day comes, Dan Brown's book is pure speculation at best, or revisionist history at worst.

Darrell Bock explains in simple language what happened in the 1st through early 4th centuries and clearly shows where Dan Brown has his "facts" wrong in several cases. The flimsiest case is made by Dan Brown that the historical Jesus must have been married because he was "a Jew". Read Darrell Bock's insightful book and you'll agree how weak Brown's argument is, and how little biblical research actually went into such claims.

I found Brown's claim that Constantine the Great was a sun worshipper to be completely unfounded by any knowledge we have of the man. Typically, oponents of Christianity accuse St Paul of deifying the "historical" Jesus of Nazereth throughout history. Now, Dan Brown claims it happened in the early 4th Century by Constantine as a political ploy, when clearly the letters of St Paul speak of Jesus as a divinity of sorts. So when was Jesus of Nazereth diefied, with St Paul or centuries later with Constantine? Clearly Dan Brown's case is weak at best.

Maybe Darell Bock's criticism is non-conclusive, but at least he is a scholar who understands Gnosticism and has read and studied the ancient world's works and its many diverse religious sects, whereas I am doubtful that Dan Brown has. If Darrell Bock makes assumptions then Dan Brown makes preposterous assumptions with no basis on historical or scientific research.

1-0 out of 5 stars meaningless...
Nothing in this book proves anything... If Da Vinci Code is wrong about Magdalene and the conspiracy, this book is not right either... faith is very hard to argue and everybody believes what they wanted to believe...

1-0 out of 5 stars Dismissing The Da Vinci Code
This book is a hoax, it has nothing to do with breaking the Da Vinci Code. The name was simply used to tie it to Dan Brown's book so that this shallow attack on Dan Brown would sell more copies. The book dismisses everything contained in the Da Vinci Code - in most instances simply stating that the views contained therein cannot be proven and must therefore be wrong, even though there is no proof to the contrary. Bock is more concerned with protecting the status quo than he is with exploring the issues brought up by Dan Brown. Why doesn't he address why Da Vinci placed Mary Magdalene on the right hand of Jesus at the Last Supper? My guess is that he can't explain it - and thereby would be promoting the mystique he is trying to suppress. Dan Brown's book is fiction and I never accepted it as fact, but Bock is about as convincing in defense of his views as the Inquisition was in condemning Galeleo's view that the Earth revolves around the Sun. In the end, I was left wondering if there is more to the Da Vinci Code than I had previously believed. My advise is to skip this book and buy "Holy Blood, Holy Grail."

2-0 out of 5 stars Minimal, hurried, shallow, and not very convincing!
The arguments the Author presents are so air-tight that he feels compelled to repeatedly tell the reader that the code is broken. Its intended audience is obviously the Sunday head-nodder with little interest of any serious discussion. The book gives you the feeling that the author felt a real need to hurrieldy puplish this work as if to address a serious threat to the faithful. Just imagine what may happen if Christians start reading the history of their own church for a change.
Although the Author selectively references ancient documents, he mainly uses the N.T. to prove his arguments. It is as if you are listening to a Republican quoting Bush to prove a Republican point. My favorite was quoting Acts 1:15-26, listing the qualifications of an Apostle (male, be with Jesus, & a witness to the ressurection) to prove the Biblical limitaions of the role of women. The very same text can be used to prove that the men who gave us this text meant to limit the role of women for no other reason than being a woman. Twelve men casting lots to pick a replacement for a man that betrayed Jesus, stipulating that the replacement has to be a man. The very same point that the Da Vinci code tried to make.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best protestant response to Brown's nonsense
Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code" is one of the best selling novels in the country. It is also poorly written, with 1 dimensional characters and dialog, and a barely believable story line. So why does it sell so well?

The answer is that it attacks Jesus Christ and the church. Attacking the church is one of our country's favorite pastimes, but this is nothing new. What is new is this wonderful and scholarly book by Dr. Bock.

I have read much of the anti DaVinci code literature. This book is by far the best one written from a protestant perspective. This author is a scholar of serious weight, and he has produced a popular and accessible book that is well researched and fair minded. Dr. Bock is a serious Christian, and thus, he does not hate. This book is far better than the truly awful "Cracking Da Vinci's Code" by Garlow and Jones. (stay away from this one... its just as much a pathetic anti-Catholic diatribe as the Da Vinci code itself)

I must admit that I found "The Da Vinci Hoax" by Olson and Miesel to be the best of the bunch in terms of its research and excellence. (However, this one is from a Catholic perspective and I may be biased... I am a Catholic)

This book is strongly recommended as a gift for anyone you know, especially protestants, who have been entrapped by Dan Brown's propaganda, and for yourself so you can understand why the Brown's "facts" are so very untrue. Dr. Bock has given all of us a great gift with this book.

God Bless ... Read more

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