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    $16.50 $11.97 list($25.00)
    1. The Miracle of St. Anthony: A
    $16.47 $15.50 list($24.95)
    2. Wilt, 1962 : The Night of 100
    $12.89 $6.97 list($18.95)
    3. Wooden
    $14.97 $13.20 list($24.95)
    4. The Last Season: A Team In Search
    $16.77 list($23.95)
    5. The Jump : Sebastian Telfair and
    $13.57 $11.14 list($19.95)
    6. My Personal Best : Life Lessons
    $10.46 $7.25 list($13.95)
    7. Leading with the Heart : Coach
    $16.47 $2.98 list($24.95)
    8. Five-Point Play: The Story of
    $15.57 $15.51 list($25.95)
    9. Let Me Tell You a Story : A Lifetime
    $10.17 $3.99 list($14.95)
    10. Sacred Hoops : Spiritual Lessons
    $14.95 $10.99 list($21.99)
    11. Basketball for Dummies
    $12.71 list($14.95)
    12. Blackboard Strategies: Over 200
    $14.97 list($24.95)
    13. The Carolina Way: Leadership Lessons
    $23.96 list($29.95)
    14. 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball:
    $11.16 $3.30 list($13.95)
    15. The Winner Within: A Life Plan
    $9.71 $0.55 list($12.95)
    16. I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It
    $11.53 $9.95 list($16.95)
    17. Five-Star Basketball Drills
    $1.39 list($24.95)
    18. Sole Influence : Basketball, Corporate
    $140.15 list($185.00)
    19. Surface Modes in Physics
    $10.17 $3.52 list($14.95)
    20. My Losing Season

    1. The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball's Most Improbable Dynasty
    by AdrianWojnarowski
    list price: $25.00
    our price: $16.50
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1592401023
    Catlog: Book (2005-02-17)
    Publisher: Gotham
    Sales Rank: 1827
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    The inspiring story of an inner-city basketball team and the fiery coaching genius who leads them to greatness.

    On the mean streets of Jersey City, St. Anthony High School is more than a tiny brick schoolhouse-it is a beacon of hope. Though the school constantly teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, it is held together by two feisty Felician nuns devoted to helping students overcome the scourges of poverty by preparing them for college careers and a chance at a brighter future. And each year from this student body of just over two hundred, Coach Bob Hurley forges an elite nationally ranked basketball team through hard work, his coaching genius, and the sheer force of his persona.

    In Bob Hurley's gym there are no earrings, no tattoos, and there is never any backtalk. There is only hard-nosed, old-fashioned basketball executed in its purest form, with precision passing and a relentless, swarming defense that has brought 800 victories, twenty-two state titles, and two national championships to a program that has sent over a hundred players to college scholarships. But in the fall of 2003, Hurley will put it all on the line, and fight to build a team of young men he calls "the most dysfunctional group I've had in thirty-two years" into champions, while keeping the school he loves alive to continue its educational mission at any cost.

    In The Miracle of St. Anthony, one of America's most acclaimed sportswriters, Adrian Wojnarowski, brings the stories of this coaching legend and his St. Anthony Friars players to vivid life. A four-year starter torn between what he could've been and the pull of the streets must prove to his teammates that he can lead when it really counts. a senior haunted by a family tree of drug dealers tries to redeem himself in his coach's eyes. And the privileged son of a suburban Connecticut family who has come to Jersey City to play for Hurley and feed his NBA dreams must find a way to win when his shooting stroke goes cold.

    In a dramatic narrative, Wojnarowski takes you from the explosive locker room speeches to the final whistle on the pressure-packed hardcourt at the championship final. The Miracle of St. Anthony is a stirring portrait of basketball and life in the inner city, a heartrending story of hope that is sure to become a classic. ... Read more

    Reviews (8)

    5-0 out of 5 stars awesome read
    I've coached hoops for thirty and am going to make my HS team read this book this summer.Hurley is old school, teaching the new school about class, effort, and loyalty.I wrote Coach Hurley about 10 years ago and he promptly wrote back, sending me a play I inquired about.

    The book is well written and has too many life lessons and soulful anecdotes to recognize in this space, less I write a book myself. If you coach, or have a child interested in striving for some lofty goal--regardless it be in sports--this book is a bible of wisdom and textured life journeys.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Jersey City Kids Make Good!
    In this book, first-time author Adrian Wojnarowski makes you care about Bob Hurley and his rag-tag band of basketball players long after the last page is turned.You will find yourself performing a search in google to find out what became of them all.You will care that much.

    And he makes you want to subscribe to the Jersey Journal to keep tabs on the comings and goings of everybody connected with St. Anthony's.Shoot, I used to be an English teacher and I had all I could do not to go online and apply for a job there!

    Passion like Bob Hurley's is rare in any school, but the story of the St. Anthony Friars will warm your heart.It's comforting to know that people like Bob Hurley, Sister Alan and Sister Felicia are out there making a difference.

    I grew up in Jersey City and went to St. Mary's High School, which was the arch-rival of St. Anthony's in the late 1960s.Adrian's book brought back a flood of memories for me.Stuff I didn't even know I'd stored in my memory bank (like the fact that Nehru King was the biggest basketball star the Friars had back in 1969!).Whether you are a basketball player, a fan or just someone who cares about kids, you will be touched by this moving story of a bunch of teenager basketball players who could have gone either way and their coach who wouldn't give up on them no matter what.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Impossible to put down
    I've read what many consider to be the best sports books ever written-Friday Night Lights, A Season on the Brink, and The Last Shot-and I think you have to put this book in that mix, if not at the top. It's such am amazing story-not only do you have the "Bobby Knight with a heart" coach pushing kids to make something of their life, but you also have a Catholic school struggling to stay open, and a nun fighting cancer. Talk about drama! Hurley is a total bad ass, a former probation officer who motivates thru fear, and the dude definitaly has his flaws, including a vicious temper, which makes the book so exciting but also makes you wonder if he takes things to far. I don't know how the author managed to be everywhere while writing this book, but man did this guy cover everything. I especially liked reading about Hurley's relationships with his sons, since I remember watching Bobby at Duke and Danny at Seton Hall. I'm no critic, but all I can tell you is that this book was impossible to put down.

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the Best Books I have ever read
    This is an excellent story of the 2003-2004 high school basketball season at St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City.Its a touching story of a coach who cares about his kids and about all of them making the most of their lives.Bob Hurley gave up potentially millions of dollars to stay at home at Jersey City to keep the school alive and keep the tradition of St. Anthony's High School alive.Bob Hurley is a true hero in my eyes.This book is an absolute page turner and you will not be able to put it down.Again, I will repeat, one of the best books I have ever read.

    4-0 out of 5 stars The Miracle of St. Anthony
    I have not yet finished reading this book, but from what Ive read I can say that its a terrific book.If you are a basketball fan or not, you will understand everything that its trying to get through.It is an inspiring story about how one coach led his team to success.It wasnt an easy task but why dont you read so you can see what was done so they could get this outcome! ... Read more

    2. Wilt, 1962 : The Night of 100 Points and the Dawn of a New Era
    list price: $24.95
    our price: $16.47
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1400051606
    Catlog: Book (2005-04-26)
    Publisher: Crown
    Sales Rank: 1189
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hershey Native Reviews Wilt, 1962
    I was born and raised in Hershey, Pa., and worked as an usher at the Hershey Arena all through high school. I saw every sporting event in that remarkable little town throughout my life. But I missed that game. I was away at college, Wake Forest University, and missed the greatest night in the history of my hometown.
    Obviously, the story of this game, this player (the Warriors trained in Hershey as did the Eagles) and this town is very personal for me.
    Gary Pomerantz did an eloquent job of capturing the times, the player, the game and the town. He grasps the sensitivity of the social issues of the time (remember JFK's New Frontier was in full bloom) and the hearts and the minds of the people who lived. He describes with brilliance this innocent period and the bigger than life presence of Wilt Chamberlain, who dominated it and bent it to his will.
    This is a book of history, of sport and the civil rights movement and of a man who captured all of our imaginations until the day he left us.

    Ernie Accorsi
    General Manager
    New York Giants

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wilts As a Cultural Phenomenon
    Wilt Chamberlain was a true athletic phenomenon, as special to his sport as Babe Ruth had been to his 40 years earlier, and author Gary Pomerantz, who started his professional career as a sportswriter, does an excellent job of showing why Chamberlain was so important to the NBA.

    But Pomerantz does much more than that. He takes the reader on a tour of Chamberlain's multi-layered life, showing how he rose above, literally and figuratively, the prejudice of the time. When he played at Kansas, restaurants were racially segregated - but not for Wilt. He dated many women, and wasn't particular whether they were black, tan or white. The NBA had informal quotas but with Chamberlain's dominance, the quotas became irrelevant and fell away.

    Pomerantz uses the framework of the game itself, an otherwise obscure event between the Philadelphia Warriors in Hershey, Pa. that wasn't even covered by the New York press, to weave in his social messages.

    One of the most evocative passages describes Wilt striding through the Harlem nightclub he had a small part of, "Big Wilt's Small Paradise," among the black icons of the time and the white patrons, comfortable in both worlds but somehow apart from both as well.

    The book captures beautifully an era when life and basketball were so much different than they are today, and I recommend it highly.

    Glenn Dickey
    (...) ... Read more

    3. Wooden
    by JohnWooden
    list price: $18.95
    our price: $12.89
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0809230410
    Catlog: Book (1997-04-01)
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    Sales Rank: 2736
    Average Customer Review: 4.98 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Coach Wooden's remarkable 10 national basketball championships in 12 years at UCLA speak for themselves. In Wooden, the coach--quiet, thoughtful, and introspective throughout his distinguished career--finally speaks forhimself, and he's well worth hearing. Wooden is a modern chapbook of inspiration and good sense that reveals the hard-court philosopher behind it as a man of character, conviction, decency, and straightforwardness. There are no complex ideas, just little beams of light filtered through anecdotes that project the kinds of simple, immutable truths that in the end touch nothing but net. ... Read more

    Reviews (50)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A PYRAMID OF SUCCESS
    John was truly a team player no matter what his tasks was. He taught many to understand others, but also understand actions in every different situation.Wooden shares his personal philosophy on family, achievement, success, and excellence on every aspect of life. John shares his teachings to others and guides them with wisdom far beyond sports. This book written by John Wooden himself with Steve Jamison will pull you in, as you read a lifetime of observations and refelctions on and off the court, and how great his success was at U.C.L.A as a basket ball coach.
    I mostly enjoyed the man's passion for being a better person in life, but also teaching others. He was a man of integrity with great knowledge and wisdom, he created success. What I like most about the book is that in a way to read about John, it is also a learning experience, because you are still learning about his teachings. I most respect on how John took lessons taught as a child from his parents and continued to take them with him in life. I also like how he had a pyramid of success faith and patience were at the top. He was a man of his word, but also the "word," that being the bible.
    I do not dislike anything about this book, because there are many different teachings to value. It makes you want to learn more from life everday and how you can make your work that much better. His benevolence is proudly displayed in all aspects of life, but most importantly he also learned from his players as he coached them everday. This shows that not everyone is here to teach, but many are here to listen. As Wooden did so, he lived his life with wisdom, success, and leading to your capabilities

    5-0 out of 5 stars A "Wizard", Yes, But Also Human
    Having once coached varsity high school basketball for 13 years and having heard Coach Wooden speak at numerous clinics, I can personally attest to the authenticity of this book's contents. It correctly suggests both the man's wizardry and humanity. Jabbar and Walton have almost nothing in common except their talent to play basketball and their love and respect for Coach Wooden. He is proud of them but probably just as proud of hundreds of other players (most known only to him, their families, and friends) who are physicians, educators, artists, attorneys, public servants, corporate executives, entertainers, etc. He set very high standards, especially for himself. He prepared for each practice and each game with meticulous care. He hated losing for lack of a maximum effort but accepted defeat (after a maximum effort) with exceptional style and grace. Anyone who has any association with children, especially those privileged to coach at any level, should read this book. And may I add, anyone who feels adrift in her or his life should also read this book. The "lessons" provided helped to win so many NCAA national basketball champlionships; they also helped to develop the character of those who played on the U.C.L.A. teams which won them.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Invaluable Wisdom
    This is the kind of book I'll go back to again and again. I got it after finding out about Wooden's "Pyramid of Success" from his website ... I think what I got out of it mostly was the value of being as prepared as possible (for whatever's coming up, short and long-term), and of being industrious... but the latter is a lesson *I* need to learn right now, and others might pick up something else... their particular weakness right now.

    So I would recommend it as a valuable "life manual," right alongside books like 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Power of Positive Thinking, and Think and Grow Rich.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Read this book slowly - there's a lot to think about here.
    In my business reading this year, I find myself "flying through" the standard business fare, finding the important points and moving on. Very many business books are written that way. Although "Wooden" is not a business book, I expect a lot of the business crowd will be attracted to the book - John Wooden is mentioned in so many other books about leadership and teamwork. When I began reading this book - dare I say treasure - I realized that my brain began recalibrating to a much slower reading speed, because the content is so fresh, so pithy, and so engaging. I felt as though I was sitting in a room with this great man, listening to him talk about life and basketball. I sensed his delicate and understated humor, his love of poetry, his clarity of priorities and purpose, and found myself wrapped up in the text. This is a book that you will want to read slowly, and read again from time to time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent book for any time of sports fan
    I read this book in no time. It constantly brought up different points about Coach Woodens upbringing, work ethic and what he taught the kids at UCLA. The book shows how he was more concerned about bringing the best out of every player instead of the final score. This truly is a great book for any type of person who has in interest in sports. The book is well written and covers all aspects of Coach Woodens life. It talks about how he was just as proud of the teams that won the title in 66'-67' as opposed to the streak of 7 in a row he had because of the circumstances they were dealt with. This is a must read. ... Read more

    4. The Last Season: A Team In Search of Its Soul
    by Phil Jackson, Michael Arkush
    list price: $24.95
    our price: $14.97
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1594200351
    Catlog: Book (2004-10)
    Publisher: The Penguin Press
    Sales Rank: 120
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Nine-time NBA Champion coach Phil Jackson knows all about being in the spotlight-about high-profile, high-pressure seasons coaching gigantic personalities through adversity and controversy in the middle of a media hothouse in which every move is another headline, another installment in the soap opera. But nothing-not six championships with the Bulls of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen, not three previous championships with the Lakers of Shaq and Kobe-had quite prepared him for the only-in-Hollywood high-wire act of the Lakers' 2003-2004 season.

    In The Last Season, Jackson tells the full inside story of the season that proved to be the final ride for this great Lakers dynasty. From its beginnings in the off-season-with the signing of the future Hall-of-Famers Karl Malone and Gary Payton and the enormous expectations it created, and the bombshell news of the felony sexual assault charges against Kobe Bryant, one of the league's marquee superstars-Jackson describes the many challenges that arose during this turbulent season. Juggling enormous egos with enormous sums at stake, managing difficult relationships and public feuds, facing injuries, contract disputes, and team meltdowns, all in the shadow of the Kobe Bryant trial-slash-media circus, Phil Jackson somehow guided his team through to its fourth NBA Finals in his five years as its coach. There, finally, his team ran out of road, a failure Jackson examines with the same deep honesty and wisdom he brings to bear on the rest of this amazing season.

    Few seasons in memory can rival this one for drama, and fewer coaches rival Phil Jackson in the ability to write about it with such wisdom and clarity. The combination has produced, in The Last Season, a book of tremendous human drama and timeless appeal, rich in lessons about coaching and about life.

    With the honesty and insight that are his hallmarks, one of the most successful coaches in the history of basketball offers his personal account of a season like no other-the extraordinary ride of the 2003-2004 Los Angeles Lakers
    ... Read more

    5. The Jump : Sebastian Telfair and the High-Stakes Business of High School Ball
    by Ian O'Connor
    list price: $23.95
    our price: $16.77
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1594861072
    Catlog: Book (2005-02-05)
    Publisher: Rodale Books
    Sales Rank: 581634
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    One of America's great sports writers follows high school point guard phenom Sebastian Telfair on his quest for NBA stardom-and exposes all that big-time sports in America has become, the good and the bad.

    Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James-all became NBA superstars without playing a day of college ball. Now Coney Island's Sebastian Telfair, anointed "the next LeBron James" by the media, is hoping to become the first point guard ever to jump straight from high school to the NBA.

    Author Ian O'Connor, who followed every moment of Telfair's senior year at Lincoln High, draws on dozens of exclusive interviews with friends, family members, coaches, recruiters, agents, and players, including LeBron James and Telfair's cousin Stephon Marbury. Under O'Connor's penetrating scrutiny, Telfair, who has already been handed a 6-year sneaker deal from Adidas reported to be worth as much as $15 million, becomes the prism through which the circus of modern basketball is explored.

    Can he succeed, or will he flame out-too young, too small, too unprepared? What is the trend toward ever-younger players jumping to the NBA doing to the athletes, to college basketball programs, to the quality of play in the NBA, and to the society at large?
    ... Read more

    6. My Personal Best : Life Lessons from an All-American Journey
    by JohnWooden, SteveJamison, John Wooden, Steve Jamison
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $13.57
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0071437924
    Catlog: Book (2004-04-09)
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    Sales Rank: 2217
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    For John Wooden's millions of fans comes a new and revealing self-portrait--the people and events that shaped his life

    Sports Illustrated declared: "There has never been a finer coach in American sports than John Wooden. Nor a finer man." ESPN selected him as the "Greatest Coach of the 20th Century." From his birth on an Indiana tenant farm, to All-American honors at Purdue, to his historic recordsetting UCLA dynasty, John Wooden is a towering figure in 20th-century sports, and his experience and wisdom an American treasure. In My Personal Best, Coach Wooden tells how he did it and the lessons he learned on his remarkable journey.

    Pairing never-before-seen photos from Coach Wooden's private collection with his personal stories and affirmations, this book encompasses the dramatic arc of Wooden's larger-than-life achievements and experiences. As he did in his perpetual bestseller Wooden, Coach offers a wealth of biographical details, personal reflections, and a lifetime of lessons. His millions of fans will cherish this definitive pictorial history of a living sports legend.

    ... Read more

    Reviews (4)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A living legend
    My Pesonal Best was a joy to read. I'm 35 yrs. old and have been a Coach Wooden fan for as long as I can remember. Success leaves clues, and Coach Wooden has left all of us pure gold with his wisdom and insight for living a successful life. He is incredibly thoughtful and cares not about glory or accolades, but about the person. I wrote Coach Wooden a letter in 6th grade expressing my admiration for him and UCLA, he responded with a full page hand written note and copy of his Pyramid of Success that I cherish to this day! Who other than Coach Wooden would have taken the time to do such a thing? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Truly...The Best....In Many Respects~~~
    While a student at UCLA in the '70s, I often stopped by the afternoon practices to watch Coach Wooden. To this day, he remains an inspiration. His coaching and teachings reach far beyond the basketball arena. His demeanor and style is one to admire.

    Grab this book!~ Read it! Learn from it! It is the type of lifestyle you want to replicate, follow, and nurture to all.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Coach Wooden is a teacher for yesterday, today, and tomorrow
    I think I've read all, or at least most, of the other books by or about Coach Wooden. This one is, by far, the most personable and unique. You get a quick, but in depth, look into Coach's past, his theories on life, and his love of basketball and people. Having had the opportunity to learn from many great coaches, both in person and through reading, I still feel, and will probably always feel, that Coach Wooden is THE BEST. Thankfully, John Wooden and many of his co-authors and collaborators are leaving a rich source of inspiration for future generations. One day we will wake up and the morning newspaper will report the death of a true leader, teacher, and friend. The world will weep. Coach Wooden, may you continue to educate and inspire those smart enough to open their minds to your wisdom.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This book about Coach Wooden is a must read!
    My husband and I truly enjoyed reading "My Personal Best" and learning about the important people in Coach Wooden's life who inspired and taught him. He shares with us these lifelong lessons he learned from them. All of us can use this in our own lives.

    We highly recommend this book to parents, coaches and teachers. What Coach Wooden teaches us in this book is exactly what we need to teach our children.

    Inspirational! Great book! Really enjoyable! Coach Wooden's wisdom is invaluable! ... Read more

    7. Leading with the Heart : Coach K's Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life
    by Donald T. Phillips, Mike Krzyzewski
    list price: $13.95
    our price: $10.46
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0446676780
    Catlog: Book (2001-03-01)
    Publisher: Warner Business Books
    Sales Rank: 5677
    Average Customer Review: 4.16 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    "Now Coach K reveals his personal principles for leadership, from dealing with adversity in life or on the basketball court, to taking responsibility for your actions, to learning how to trust your heartfelt instincts in times of trouble. The result is a book that shows how you can be successful in any leadership challenges you face.

    LEADING WITH THE HEART chronicles Coach K's background in a Polish Chicago neighborhood, where he was guided by parents who demanded honesty and integrity. From his days at the U.S. Military Academy playing under Coach Bobby Knight, Krzyzewski first learned that coaching meant more than showing players what to do and how to do it. It meant building an emotional bond of trust that gives his players the confidence and freedom to succeed both on and off the court. From his tenure as the Duke head coach, Coach K illustrates his leadership insights and shows you how to:

    Summon the courage to endure adversity and critics--follow through with your plans and commitments, even when everyone else is saying you can't do it.

    Learn how to think on your feet--a leader has to come in with a great game plan but must know when to improvise and make adjustments.

    Take responsibility for how your team performs--if you're a stickler for excellence, then winning will be a natural by-product.

    Give your players time and attention--commit to giving them 100 percent of your focus and they'll commit 100 percent of their effort. An inspiring look into the heart and mind of an extraordinary leader, LEADING WITH THE HEART is about bringing out the best and demanding the best--from ourselves, from those around us, and from any organization that is playing to win today." ... Read more

    Reviews (44)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Steps to a Dream
    My stepdaughter decided she wanted to go to Duke at the age of six, when she fell in love with Bobby Hurley's vibrant playing style. As a result, we've watched the growth of Duke's men and women's basketball programs over the years. Recently, we took my stepdaughter, now sixteen, to see the campus and what do you know; there in Cameron Indoor Stadium was Coach K with about 250 young men for basketball camp. We bought the book on the way out and I read the entire book in one day.

    This book appeals on several levels. For a teenager, it can be a road map to help reach a dream. Coach K describes what he looks for in prospective players and his combination of talent, respect for authority and coachability clearly distinguish any promising athelete. However, they are equally hallmarks of the best entry level professsionals in business.

    Coach K's use of the phases in a season work very well as a framework to build his ideas on. The analogies to business situations, which he makes from time to time, are inescapable for anyone who leans to team based leadership styles.

    In our work, this book will become the basis for a team building exercise to help launch a new team and a new business.

    I strongly recommend reading the book and sharing it with your team and your kids. It will be a great discussion source for both groups you need to communicate with.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent book in all regards
    I graduated from Duke in 68 and am an avowed fan of Coach K.However, I've hit a rut in my reading recently, can't find anything that seems stimulatiing or interesting.I was afraid this book would just be another of those "smaltzy" rah rah type of books that coaches(and usually someone else write), but I was happily surprised. It is really worth everyones attention, whether to motivate a business person or anyone on how to live ones life. The usual blah blahing about excellence is pretty much left out, thank goodness, and the book is full of very helpful aphorisms about what priorities to put first and how to lead a wholesome and successful life,even if you don't have a jump shot.Coach K comes across as really honest and sincere.I can't stand phonies and really was pleasantly surprised by the book. Lots of real life anecdotes about games, players, situations and how to take defeat.Truly inspirational from a superb leader. For sports fans, look what he did with the team of mostly freshman this year, way beyond anyones expectations.He uses his heart a lot, but also his head.You can also read and skip around in the book, its not like a novel.Again, his repeated emphasis on how to deal with defeat and failure shows true wisdom, far beyond that of most college coaches. I remember the tonge in cheek defintion of a college basketball coach by a player once."you have to be a little bit crazy to base your career on someone else's jump shot." Coach K is crazy like a fox.

    3-0 out of 5 stars More about basketball and coaching than leadership
    As one who is interested in leadership development, I was disapointed in this book. For those of you who are coaches of athletic teams this book will be usefull. For those who are looking at leadership for business, government etc, there are likely better books out there that cover the subject minus the glory of the Duke basketball team.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very Motivational!
    Let me first preface this by saying I'm a huge Duke fan...
    now, let me tell you that if you are in any position of leadership, this is a must-read! Coach K's outlook on leadership is very positive and easy to work into any type of job. I even found things to use while teaching 2nd graders!
    If you are anti-Duke, you may be put off to references to past players, but the leadership ideas are so valuable! If you have ever read Pat Riley's book on leadership and enjoyed it, you will definitely enjoy this one!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Simply phenomenal
    One of the few "good guys" in college basketball, Coach K always seems to have two things in common that are usually mutually exclusive in college sports - a superlative record of winning & more importantly, a superlative family atmosphere. Too many times in both college and in business we hear of two types of coaches and managers - the overly soft players coach or the motivate by fear authoritarian type. Seldom have we seen a coach succeed at such a high level who, through a tireless work ethic, has engendered such indelible values as trust, personal responsibility, honesty, teamwork, the ability to laugh at one's mistakes, selflessness, & a genuine love for those on your team as if they were your family.

    This is, as opposed to a memoir, a leadership book - one that everyone who has followed Duke would enjoy and learn from. Coach K reveals his secrets to motivating players, his core values, how to deal with adversity, how to maintain a level of excellence, & what it takes to get to the top - in sports, business, and in life. Coach K chronicles humorous and educational anecdotal stories with his players such as Chris Collins, Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Jeff Capel, Danny Ferry, Trajan Langdon, Wojo, Johnny Dawkins, & Shane Battier to name a few that helped mold them into not only great players on the court, but more importantly, great leaders off of the court. The audio version is especially poignant and well read. ... Read more

    8. Five-Point Play: The Story of Duke's Amazing 2000-2001 Championship Season
    by Donald T. Phillips, Mike Krzyzewski
    list price: $24.95
    our price: $16.47
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0446530603
    Catlog: Book (2001-11-19)
    Publisher: Warner Books
    Sales Rank: 45756
    Average Customer Review: 3.82 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    A young, inexperienced team. Insurmountable odds. And the visionary coach that brought them to victory.

    During the 2000-2001 college basketball year, Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) guided a very young and inexperienced Duke University team through a turbulent season filled with unexpected turns. Faced with everything from broken bones to humiliating losses, Coach K still managed to revamp his dispirited team and win the national championship. FIVE POINT PLAY is the story behind the winning season-the players, coaches, and motivational techniques utilized by Coach K, along with the players' feelings throughout this challenging time. Coach K proves that hard work, honesty, courage, and true teamwork can lead to the ultimate triumph.

    With his record of back-to-back NCAA championships, seven Final Fours, and one of the most successful basketball programs in the nation, Coach Krzyzewski is easily one of the most respected and recognized figures in all of sports. ... Read more

    Reviews (17)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Must Read for any Duke Fan!
    Five-Point Play is the perfect companion to the 2000-2001 Basketball Season. I received the book from Amazon two days ago, and managed to read it in just a couple of hours. The book is a blow-by-blow account of how the Blue Devils grew and matured during its championship run. Five-Point Play is written in the same style as the ESPNMAG article that was written from Coach K's perspective.

    Although I don't think one has to read "Leading with the Heart" to enjoy this book, I do think that one's enjoyment is definitely elevated by doing so. A lot of what Coach K emphasizes in Five-Point Play has distinct echoes from his previous book. Such important lessons as communication, trust, collective responsibility, caring, etc. are big themes that he re-emphasizes to the team. However, the primary difference is that in this book, Coach K follows the season in chronological order, with descriptions of practices and in-game situations. There are also several quotes from the players, coaches and staff that are inserted during these situations that further illuminate the different perspectives on the team. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the book describe, in great detail, the team's psyche when Carlos suffered his foot injury and the team's subsequent shift in offensive and defensive strategies. In reality, there was a signifcant amount of doubt that the team would be able to be competitive by practically everyone on the team-- including Coach K! Fortunately, the Duke Blue Devils overcame this obstacle (among many others) and surged towards the National Championship.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Inside Scoop of Duke's Success
    In Five Point Play, Coach Mike Krzyzewski tries to teach the 2001 Duke basketball team about not only basketball, but life too. By setting examples for the team, Coach shows his players the results of communication, trust, care, responsibility, and pride, the same points that helped them win the national championship. "Coach K" has a crew of talented coaches and players that include Shane Battier, Jason Williams, Carlos Boozer and many more. I like the way that Coach Krzyzewski put this book together, by explaining every pep talk, describing every huddle, and giving the details of every game. Although I wouldn't recommend this book to a North Carolina fan, I hope that every other basketball fan gets a chance to read Five Point Play.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Self indulgent egotistical tripe.
    I was going to flush this book down a toilet; however, I began to think that flushing the book would be disrespectful to the floating excrement. The only true way to enjoy this book is to rip out the contents, page by page, and then burn each one in effigy. I want to hear about Duke's championship season like I want to hear about a terrorist attack. He opens the book by name dropping, then name dropping some more, followed by name drops. I couldn't make it past the third page before my gag reflex kicked in and I started to salivate. I would soon lose my Chalupa. If you are still interested in reading this book, keep an extra bottle of Kaopectate on hand, as well as an apology letter to your dry cleaner.

    1-0 out of 5 stars duke Cheats
    I am sorry to admit this book is a fake. The national championship is a Fake also. dook cheated and still cheats to this day. In our team meetings we voted on a team mvp - The Officials. Thanks guys. Thanks Hess, Edsell and the rest of you guys.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Skip it...
    Honestly, it's just a bunch of blather about how supereme Duke is and how despite everyone being injured the team overcomes impossible odds to win the title. Honestly, I don't recall this team being all that injury ridden. If you're a Duke fan, buy it. Everyone else, don't bother. ... Read more

    9. Let Me Tell You a Story : A Lifetime in the Game
    by Red Auerbach, John Feinstein
    list price: $25.95
    our price: $15.57
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0316738239
    Catlog: Book (2004-10-26)
    Publisher: Little, Brown
    Sales Rank: 144
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Americas favorite sportswriter teams up with Red Auerbach, the most successful and admired coach in basketball history, to tell the best stories of a legendary life.

    Living legend Arnold "Red" Auerbach led the Boston Celtics to nine NBA championships--eight of them consecutive-- during his 17-year tenure in Boston from 1950 to 1966. The fiery coach is a unique personality--brash, opinionated, and unfailingly accurate. As a coach he never stood still along the sidelines, and in retirement he remains a lively part of the game, still consulted by coaches, players, and general managers at age 86.

    For years, John Feinstein has met regularly with Red Auerbach and his friends, drawing out Reds life story in a raucous series of unforgettable sessions. From those smoke- and laughter-filled rooms come these colorful reports about all the players and coaches Red has worked with and played against over the years. Bob Cousy, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Sam Jones, Bill Russell, and Michael Jordan--you name them, the basketball greats are all here. Red Auerbachs incredible experiences in sports and John Feinsteins unparalleled skill as a sports storyteller make this one of the greatest books to come out of the game of basketball.

    Red Auerbach has come across all kinds of characters throughout his years in sports and has opinions to offer and amazing stories to tell about all of them.

    A book about a true sports legend by an extraordinarily popular sportswriter will appeal to all sports fans.

    John Feinstein has written two of the bestselling sports books of all time, A Good Walk Spoiled (over 756,000 combined copies sold) and A Season on the Brink (over one million combined copies sold), and has regularly landed on the bestseller lists during the past two decades. His most recent book, Caddy for Life, was published in April 2004. ... Read more

    10. Sacred Hoops : Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior
    by Phil Jackson
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $10.17
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 078688200X
    Catlog: Book (1996-11-07)
    Publisher: Hyperion
    Sales Rank: 5662
    Average Customer Review: 4.52 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior

    "Not only is there more to life than basketball, there's a lot more to basketball than basketball."

    -- Phil Jackson

    One of the most successful coaches in NBA history, Phil Jackson provides an inside look at the higher wisdom of teamwork with Sacred Hoops -- Jackson's philosophy of mindful basketball and his life-long quest to bring enlightenment to the competitive world of professional sports.

    A new paradigm of leadership based on Eastern and Native American principles, Jackson's approach flies in the face of the egoistic, winner-take-all attitude that has changed the face of American sports. Rather than winning through intimidation, Jackson -- who describes himself as a Zen Christian -- stresses awareness, compassion and most of all selfless team play. Filled with stories about Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc and other members of the Bulls, Sacred Hoops reveals how Jackson directs his players to act with a clear mind; to respect the enemy and be aggressive without anger or violence; to live in the moment and stay calmly focused in the midst of chaos, so that the "me" becomes the servant of the "we."

    In Sacred Hoops, Jackson takes us inside the mind of the thinking man's coach as he builds one of the greatest teams of all time. Not just for sports fans, this inspiring memoir is for anyone interested in the potential of the human spirit. ... Read more

    Reviews (46)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Thorough Review of Sacred Hoops
    Phil Jackson's autobiography Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior, can inspire all people on every level. It illustrates mindfulness along with Jackson's Zen technique of living in the "NOW". He gives true-life examples from his experience of coaching the famous Chicago Bulls to six championships in the 1990s. His details of coaching such players as Michael Jordan and others bring excitement to the novel, while also intertwining spiritual and mindful lessons with the action. Jackson teaches ways to broaden and strengthen one's mind, and he explains his truly unique gift of using your maximum potential everyday. His book focuses on the strength of the mind when it is clear and not bogged down with unhealthy emotions like anger, frustration, and hate. He shows that you can make everyone around you better by having calm emotions and working with each other to make everyone more successful. He speaks on a very deep and symbolic level which is sometimes hard to understand and comprehend, but his basketball similes and metaphors clear a path to understanding his true meaning. This National Bestseller demonstrates truly thought-provoking reading which proves the importance of control and mindfulness.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderfully entertaining, interesting, and informative.
    Whether you are a basketball fan or not, this is an extremely enjoyable book about Phil Jackson and his coaching approach. We know that, despite his uniqueness, Phil has proved that his methods of coaching are successful. In this book, you get a peek at what he was doing and thinking while coaching the Chicago Bulls, before and immediately after Jordan's first retirement. He is quite candid also about his past as a child, a basketball player, and as a coach before he got to the NBA. He explains the evolution of his personality and personal philosophy over the span of his life. It's fascinating. I loved it, and couldn't stop reading.

    Review by: Evan Finer, author of "Effortless WellBeing"

    5-0 out of 5 stars Into the Mind of a Great Leader
    When a person picks up Phil Jackson's "Sacred Hoops" for the first time and reads the first few chapters, he or she will find it very difficult to categorize. Is it a sports biography? Is it a guide to Zen and Native American spirituality? Is it a manual on leadership? The answer is that it is all of these things and much more.

    I read "Sacred Hoops" through the lens of how it could make me a more effective leader in a school setting. I found anecdotes in this story applicable to the classroom, the athletic field, in the boardroom, and my personal life.

    While "Sacred Hoops" does chronicle Phil Jackson's numerous triumphs as a player, a CBA coach, an assistant coach, and eventually as the head coach of the 3-time World Champion Chicago Bulls, the most important elements of this text are not the accolades won, but rather the means by which they were achieved. The two primary lessons of Jackson's that can be directly applied to the field of leadership is to teach one's employees/players/students about the essential nature of awareness and selflessness to the success of the organization. Of course, these two tenants were a difficult sell in the NBA during the Michael Jordan era just as they are today in the age of Kobe and the Lakers.

    By educating his players on the basic Zen Buddhist principles of visualization and awareness, Jackson is able to create a workforce that is better at communicating with one another, more creative and innovative even under highly stressful situations, and more solidly unified in a "sacred" cause that they are personally and collectively invested in. A manager who could instill these values in his or her workforce will become the leader of an extremely successful and efficient organization.

    It is no coincidence that Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal did not win their first NBA titles until Phil Jackson became their coach. Phil's second major theme of "Sacred Hoops"--the concept of selflessness--is the key that enabled two of the game's greatest players to finally reach "the promise land." He instills in his superstar player through the 11th and 12th man on the bench that "The power of We is stronger than the power of Me." Coach Jackson's discussion of the numerous team-building techniques that he has used over the years is the most valuable facet of Sacred Hoops for me. His schooling of his players to learn how to play with compassion instead of fear, and to reconnect with their pure love of the game of basketball is absolutely inspiring.

    Reading this book in June of 2004, it is hard to imagine how torturous it must have been to work with the Los Angeles Lakers during this year's NBA Finals. The attitude projected by his star players--Kobe and Shaq--is the antithesis of the principles of awareness and selflessness that this book so passionately endorses. It does not surprise me in the least that Coach Jackson and the Lakers have now parted ways. Perhaps he will have some more time to relax in Montana and pen another insightful and spiritual tome like this one.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome!
    I could not put this book down. I read it in one sitting it was so amazing, then I reread it becuase I was afraid I missed something I read it so fast! This book not only talked about coaching but about life and philosphy. I though Coach Phil was just a talented Coach with many rings, but this books explains why he wins so much! It makes you feel like you know him and it's just an amazing read, I've recommended it to friends who don't like basketball and they loved it! I recommend to everyone!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Zen and the art of Basketball
    This book by Phil Jackson offers an interesting insight into how he has successfully managed to incorporate Zen and Native American philosophies into his coaching style. The traditional Zen concepts of 'compassion and selflessness', 'living in the moment, 'emptying the mind' etc. might not appear to have any place in the modern sports world, but after reading this book, I am convinced that they can be applied to almost any walk of life. Phil also talks about his own internal conflicts with his very Christian upbringing and his fascination with Zen concepts and how he has finally managed to embrace both, and now considers himself a 'Zen Christian'. He walks us through the Chicago Bulls championship years using some very interesting anecdotes and aphorisms, and overall the book is a great read. ... Read more

    11. Basketball for Dummies
    by Richard "Digger"Phelps
    list price: $21.99
    our price: $14.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0764552481
    Catlog: Book (1999)
    Publisher: For Dummies
    Sales Rank: 24551
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Basketball is the most popular participatory sport in the United States. As simple as the game often seems—throwing a ball through a hoop—there are many aspects of the game that go unnoticed. But with Basketball For Dummies, Second Edition, you’ll get the inside scoop on hoops.

    Whether you’re a player, a fan, or a coach, Basketball For Dummies, Second Edition will get you better acquainted to the game, so you can play it better, coach it smarter, or appreciate it more as a spectator.

    Former Notre Dame head coach Digger Phelps begins with the fundamentals and quickly moves up court from there. From playing a pick-up game to watching March Madness on TV to the excitement of the NBA Playoffs, Phelps has come up with a game plan that shows you how to have fun with the game, while you become familiar with it. By the final buzzer, you’ll have pulled down pointers on how to play the game, how to look good on the court, how to coach it, how to watch it, ho w to strategize, and even how to talk trash on the playground.

    Within these pages, you’ll also discover how to:

    • Suit up for the court
    • Get into basketball shape
    • Play effective offense and defense
    • Use signature moves from NBA greats
    • Shoot quality free-throws
    • Join fantasy leagues and get great stuff online
    From the basics to the latest coaching drills and techniques, this friendly reference offers you expert advice on the plays, strategies, and moves on and off the court—from high school to college hoops, to the WNBA, and beyond. ... Read more

    Reviews (14)

    5-0 out of 5 stars This book is a definite "trey"
    I remember watching some Notre Dame games that Digger Phelps coached. The games were always entertaining and top notch. You could tell Phelps was excellent at getting the most from his teams. This book is a continuation of that, he combines his knowledge and occasionally humor to write an excellent guide about the sport. In an early chapter, he points out that you can play the game almost anywhere and equipment costs are low. Who wouldn't enjoy it? In later chapters, he discusses rules, stats, shooting fundamentals and offense, defense and rebounding, specific plays run during games, the various levels of play (from pickup games up to the pros and international basketball), as well as chapters on coaching and getting into "playing shape." He even lists his choices for "Ten Greatest Games" and "Ten (well eleven) Greatest Players." The book even contains a glossary of terms and drills to use in practices.

    Truly a complete "instructional guide" to basketball (if there ever was such a thing).

    2-0 out of 5 stars Digging around for something nice to say
    This is a flawed book in many ways. It claims to be written for people who know little about basketball, but there are too many diagrams of plays and tips for coaching. There also is too much information about statistics. Nowhere in this book do you find anything that conveys the sheer joy of watching two excellent teams battle it out for the conference championship. It also is a big mistake to put in so many Notre Dame references; couldn't Digger have asked some of his many coaching friends for anecdotes? (And what's with all the plugs for Bookstore Basketball?) The only Dummies here are the people who buy this book!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Decent
    Based on the limited rule coverage and lack of text and diagrams covering the differences between the various levels, I was tempted to give no more than three stars. However, the tips on how to improve your basketball play were worth five stars, so I averaged the two. It is not quite up to the caliber of other "for Dummies" books, but it is worth a read.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Uninformative about any technical details
    I bought this book hoping to get some insight into some technical issues that cause endless arguments between my buddies when we play (most often about whether a particular play involved a foul or not). If you have the same idea, forget about this book as it has next to no in-depth explanations for this kind of situations. For example, a defensive foul is defined as "a player engaging in illegal contact with an opponent". And this is it! There are no examples, no explanatory diagrams, nothing more. How's that for completely useless for you?
    Or take this very common situation where you're watching a game on TV, then something quick happens that you don't quite follow, and the referee signals something. What exactly does the signal mean? The book has ZERO information on signals.
    So what does the book contain?
    - Hundreds of anecdotes, some of which make a good read but very few improve your understanding of the game.
    - Very, very basic and shallow introduction to the game and the rules.
    - Descriptions of playing strategies - this comes right after the introduction, leaving a big logical gap in your knowledge. If you are indeed a dummy about basketball (as the title suggests) then this part is too advanced for jumping right into it.
    - Lots and lots of coaching suggestions and drills. Again, this would be a good idea but I'd assume that better knowledge of game rules would be a pre-requisite of successful coaching. And since the book is very sparse on the actual rules and jumps from very basic introduction straight to strategies and coaching, it leaves the latter parts hanging in the air.
    Also, it has next to no information for practicing on your own, almost all the drills assume that you do it with many people.
    - Lots of trivia on basketball history and players. Again, some of it is interesting but it doesn't improve your play or understanding of the game.
    So all in all, the book was a disappointment. It might be useful if you're mostly interested in trivia but it doesn't help with anything substantial.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good reading
    Basketball for Dummies is more than a reference, it's a catalog of rhetorical greatness. Phelps does a great job at getting his point across while keeping it interesting. Players from all levels can benefit. Hours of fun. ... Read more

    12. Blackboard Strategies: Over 200 Favorite Plays From Successful Coaches For Nearly Every Possible Situation
    by Edited by Eric Sacharski
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $12.71
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0944079318
    Catlog: Book (1999-08-30)
    Publisher: Lessiter Pubns
    Sales Rank: 12758
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    This compilation of "Blackboard Strategies" from 13 years of our popular Winning Hoops issues offers just what it says: over 200 tried-and-true offensive plays used by 120 basketball coaches at all levels of play.Coaches found these strategies so useful they had to write us about them, so you're bound to love them too. ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Loaded with plays
    A great book! Loaded with easy plays to run for all ages. Detailed plays for all scenario's as well (different zones, man to man, etc.) Provides diagrams of plays as well as a glossary of terms and symbols used in the book. Great for the beginner coach. ... Read more

    13. The Carolina Way: Leadership Lessons from a Life in Coaching
    by Dean Smith, Gerald D. Bell, John Kilgo
    list price: $24.95
    our price: $14.97
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 159420005X
    Catlog: Book (2004-02-01)
    Publisher: Penguin Books
    Sales Rank: 6563
    Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    The most successful coach in college basketball history, and among the most beloved, offers his comprehensive program for building and maintaining winning teams in sports, business, and life.

    For almost forty years, Dean Smith coached the University of North Carolina basketball team with unsurpassed success, both in victories won and in shaping the lives of the players he led. Well known are the Michael Jordans, Kenny Smiths, and George Karls, but overall more than 96 percent of Dean Smith's players earned their undergraduate degrees, and more than 33 percent earned graduate or professional degrees. Now, in The Carolina Way, Coach Smith fully explains his entire coaching philosophy and shows readers how to apply it to the leadership and team-building challenges in their own lives.

    In his wry, sensible, wise way, Coach Smith takes us through every aspect of his program, illustrating his insights with vivid stories. Accompanying each major point is a "Player Perspective" from a former North Carolina basketball star and an in-depth "Business Perspective" developing some of the wider applications of Smith's precepts from Gerald D. Bell, a world-renowned leadership consultant and a professor at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School.

    Each year Coach Smith gave his team the same three goals:

    € PLAY HARD: Insist on consistent effort. The final result is often outside your control. Create a system that demands effort, rewards it, and punishes its absence.

    € PLAY SMART: Execute properly. Understand and consistently execute the fundamentals. Reward their execution and punish their absence.

    € PLAY TOGETHER: Play unselfishly. Don't focus on individual statistics. Recruit unselfish players, reward unselfish play, and punish selfish play and showboating.

    Coach Smith taught all his teams that if they kept their focus on these three goals, winning would take care of itself.And more times than any other coach in history, he was right.
    ... Read more

    Reviews (5)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great!, if you're a Carolina fan...terrific if you're not!
    On the way to a conference in New Orleans, my flight from Raleigh to Charlotte was cancelled due to mechanical problems, and I was booked on a flight to D.C. As I boarded the plane with "The Carolina Way" under my arm, a gentleman seated at the front of the plane asked how I was enjoying the book. I explained that I had not yet started the book, so I could not give an answer. The gentleman followed me to my seat and introduced himself as Dr. Gerald Bell, the co-author of "The Carolina Way". Myself a Carolina fan, I was pleased to meet Dr. Bell, as he spent several minutes talking about Coach Smith, whom I have admired for over forty years, and the UNC basketball program, which is presently undergoing a much needed resurgence under Coach Roy Williams. Dr. Bell's contributions to the book tie Coach Smith's leadership philosophy to practical business applications by relating wonderful anecdotal references from Carolina's storied history to today's business situations. Surely, Coach Smith, given his ability to recruit top players, has been criticized by many for his failure to win NCAA championships in the manner of Coach John Wooden at UCLA, but winning two NCAA championships, winning at a consistency high level unmatched by any program without violating strict NCAA rules, and coaching top players that graduated at a +90% rate and have gone on to be successes in their chosen professions underscore the unique successes of Coach Smith's "system". Teamwork, integrity, loyalty, and hard work, are the cornerstones of the Carolina Way, and anyone in the position of managing, leading, or molding young people today would benefit from reading this book, corny as it is at times. This book is not just for Carolina basketball fans.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Ignore the delusional "Grifterbob" clown...
    It's par for the course, but the slime still manage to advertise their stupidity in the face of excellence.

    A leadership book that's one of a kind, missing the redundancy so prevalent in so many leadership books. The fundamentals are broken down into sections, such as:

    Part Three:

    Chapter 11: Teamwork
    Chapter 12: Defining and Understanding Our Roles
    Chapter 13: Why Unselfishness Works
    Chapter 14: Team-Building Techniques

    An excellent read, well off of the typical mundane management path that we've all seen and heard too many times.

    5-0 out of 5 stars CEO's, President's, VP's - Start your reading
    I've heard Jerry Bell speak before, so I was thrilled to see him collaborate with Dean Smith on this book. Bell frequently uses words like caring, honesty, integrity, and discipline on his lectures on leadership and it's obvious from reading the book that these were the cornerstones of Coach Smith's teams. I wish more business leaders would understand that there is a correlation between investing in their people and sustained success. So many companies look at employees as disposable commodities, so it's refreshing to hear two men who have achieved so much in their careers say that it starts with genuine care for your people. Smith's philosophy, though simple in word, is truly applicable to the business arena because it promotes thinking intelligently, working extremely hard, and a committment to a greater whole than just oneself. That approach, combined with the real concern for each and every member of his program, created the most successful coaching career in college basketball history. If more CEO's would adopt these principles in their companies, then their work environments would improve, their employees would be more reciprocal in their committment, and bottom lines would increase.
    Kudos to Bell and Smith for a thoughtful book with an important message - good guys do win!

    2-0 out of 5 stars The Underacheiving Way : Getting the Least from the Most
    I have to give Dean Smith credit -- he's one hell of a salesman. The fact that so many people have bought into his hokum despite a truly dismal track record of on-court performance is impressive. As my old high school coach said, "My grandma could have coached Carolina to 5 National Championships by now." Somehow, Dean has managed to prevent some of the most talented teams in history from even making it the Final 4. Also, while Dean may pontificate about "loyalty" and "honor", here is a coach that would run off a bench scholarship player to free up a scholarship for the next season.

    Look, I'm a big college hoops fan and some of the antecdotes about the game were cool, but the reality is that Dean Smith is, at best, a decent college coach who doesn't know anything more about leadership than the McDonald's night manager.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This is a tough book to put down
    I'm biased because I'm a basketball fan, a Tar Heel fan, and a big admirer of Dean Smith, but this is one of the 2 or 3 best books I've read in the past 10 years. The entertainment value of the book is very high, especially if you love the game of basketball. Additionally, There are valuable lessons in leadership for coaches to be learned in this book, regardless of the sport one coaches. One of the primary goals of the book is to take Coach Smith's philosophies as they apply to basketball teams and, with the help of Dr. Gerald Bell, with whom he co-wrote the book, to transfer them to business "teams" for leaders in business. Most of those principles are easy to transfer, but some of them can be a bit of a stretch. Regardless, it's a great book. I give it the highest recommendations. ... Read more

    14. 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball: A Legacy of Achievement
    by Bill Brill
    list price: $29.95
    our price: $23.96
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1582611300
    Catlog: Book (2004-11)
    Publisher: Sports Publishing
    Sales Rank: 13371
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    No college in America has dominated the basketball scene over the past 20 years like Duke has. The Blue Devils have been to 10 Final Fours under Coach Mike Krzyzewski, winning the national championship three times. They played in five consecutive Final Fours and for four consecutive years finished the season ranked number one in the country. Duke won five consecutive Atlantic Coast Conference championships through 2003, and since 1986, the Blue Devils have had six national players of the year. No other school has had more than one. As Duke enters its 100th season of basketball, it will be the 25th year for Hall of Fame coach Krzyzewski. He has been honored 12 times as national Coach of the Year and is acknowledged as the top man in his profession. Duke has had numerous other famous basketball names, including coaches such as Vic Bubas and Eddie Cameron and All-Americans Dick Groat, Art Heyman, and Jeff Mullins.

    The Blue Devils play in Cameron Indoor Stadium, which has become a basketball shrine. The vociferous student body, the Cameron Crazies, camp out before home games in a tent city they call Krzyzewski-ville. From the first game in 1906 through yet another Final Four appearance following the 2003-04 season, 100 Years of Duke Basketball provides fans with an insider’s look at Duke basketball and the people who have made it a national legend. ... Read more

    15. The Winner Within: A Life Plan for Team Players
    by Pat Riley
    list price: $13.95
    our price: $11.16
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0425141756
    Catlog: Book (1994-10-01)
    Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
    Sales Rank: 33769
    Average Customer Review: 4.53 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (15)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Great Book
    Pat Riley has Proven how to Win on the FLoor and here he shares Team Work to the's a very Solid Book that Allows all to shine in work together.very well put together.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pat Riley has written an excellent business management book
    When I am asked by business counterparts to describe my favorite business philosophy, I give them a copy of Mr. Riley's book. When applied to Sports, it obviously works. When applied to business, it profoundly works. We live in a day and age when the word "I" is used to exhaustion. This book allows one to feel honor in teamwork -- in promoting and supporting the efforts of the entire business group, and shows us how personally rewarding the dynamics of being on a great business team can be. Excellent!

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Very Wise Man
    You go Pat!!!! Testify!!! This man speaks the truth, ya dig? True like buttah in yo popcorn and just as salty. Diggety bing!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Success and leadership
    This book is a book about teamwork and reaching your full potential as a person. Pat Riley discusses what it takes to make dreams come true. This book is great for anyone who wants to be successful with their life dreams.

    5-0 out of 5 stars An MBA For The Rest Of Us :-)
    When you see Coach Riley on the sidelines, the perception is one of a model straight from the pages of GQ. His suits are always custom-tailored, and his hair is slicked back. But when you read his words, you will discover another dimension that perhaps is not congruent with his tough-guy media image.

    Mr. Riley demonstrates a high degree of common sense both on and off the basketball court. You will feel the toughness of his spirit, but also the kindness in his approach. This book is a great resource, since it demonstrates how to lead and how to follow to ensure maximum success.

    His lessons from the hardwoods can be applied to any business or team-oriented situation. He describes in great detail his approaches with both the Lakers and NY Knicks. He discusses in very frank terms his own failures as a coach, but more importantly, presents the reader with examples how to reach our own peak performance levels.

    His motivational techniques were very informative. He takes us inside of intimate situations that forged his winning ways. From tense playoff day game meetings, to providing custom towels for his players, Coach Riley spares no detail to win. The reader will realize that Mr. Riley learned from the best, and was able to succeed at the highest levels of his sport. He shows us that being a team player starts at the top, and that leaders need to set the proper example.

    He also includes several non-basketball related events that provide added motivational value. The story about Jan Scruggs, the force behind the Viet Nam War Memorial, is compelling. This book is not about basketball; it is about finding the winner within each of us as we navigate challenging life events.

    Out of his many enlightening quotes, two stand out: "You can respect your opponent too much." "Don't compare your performance versus other teammates; compare it against others in similar roles on other teams."

    Thank you for the opportunity to review this book. ... Read more

    16. I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It
    list price: $12.95
    our price: $9.71
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0812966287
    Catlog: Book (2003-10-14)
    Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
    Sales Rank: 131860
    Average Customer Review: 3.55 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Charles Barkley has never been shy about expressing his opinions. Michael Jordan once said that we all want to say the things that Barkley says, but we don’t dare. But even die-hard followers of the all-time NBA great, the star of TNT’s Inside the NBA and CNN’s TalkBack Live, will be astonished by just how candid and provocative he is in this book—and just how big his ambitions are. Though he addresses weighty issues with a light touch and prefers to stir people to think by making them laugh, there’s nothing Charles Barkley shies away from here—not race, not class, not big money, not scandal, not politics, not personalities, nothing. “Early on,” says Washington Post columnist and ESPN talk show host Michael Wilbon in his Introduction, “Barkley made his peace with mixing it up, and decided the consequences were very much worth it to him. And that makes him as radically different in these modern celebrity times as a 6-foot-4-inch power forward.”

    If there’s one thing Charles Barkley knows, it’s the crying need for honest, open discussion in this country—the more uncomfortable the subject, the more necessary the dialogue. And if the discussion leader can be as wise, irreverent, (occasionally) profane and (consistently) funny as Charles Barkley, so much the better. Many people are going to be shocked and scandalized by I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It, but many more will stand up and cheer. Like Molly Ivins or Bill O’Reilly, Charles Barkley is utterly his own thinker, and everything he says comes from deep reflection. One way or another, if more blood hasn’t reached your brain by the time you’ve finished this book, maybe you’ve been embalmed.
    ... Read more

    Reviews (44)

    3-0 out of 5 stars A Good Read
    In this book he talks about how he is making the transistion from basketball to something else, political commentator or something like that, now that he has retired from the NBA. He is at his best AWAY from basketball in this book, and even though he talked a lot about wanting to move beyond it he still talked about it a lot.

    I recommend this book because of his comments on racism, which I found interesting in that they would be hard to characterize as liberal or conservative. I hope Charles does do something political because based on what he says here I think he could be a valuable inbetween sort of person that both sides could trust to help sort some issues out. He talks frequently about the need for more discussion and I agree with him. This book really did make me think, I tend to be conservative on the race issue, but I did not find his views about where racism lies to be at all race baiting like so many black leaders out there, or excessively small minded, but rather thought provoking and things I have gone back to in my mind since reading the book and noticing racial things on TV, etc.

    All in all a good read, easy reading, and enough juicy basketball stuff if that is what you are up for to go with the meatier stuff about social and racial issues.

    4-0 out of 5 stars You are mainly right
    I really enjoy Charles Barkley. He was an amazing player and he proves to be an entertaining writer and social commentator.

    Suprisingly the book makes little reference to his basketball playing times. No inside stories on basketball games won at the buzzer or anything of that nature. His references to hoops are limited to the advice passed onto him by the older players (mainly Moses Malone and Dr J) and some commentary on the young players today (see: comments on Steve Francis and his last year in Houston and the worthlessness of an entourage). I do wish he expanded on the problems which developed on the Suns after losing to the Bulls in the Finals (1993)...he hints at the problems but does not, perhaps to his credit, identify the problem people.

    This is a book which, as the title and other reviews foreshadow, are Charles' thoughts on issues (in summary, the interesting analysis of African American culture of success and jealously, racism outside of sports, the power of the NBA owners and being smart before, during and after an NBA life). I did not agree with everything he said but it provoked thought (which is one of his stated objectives).

    The negatives to the book, it contains a series of simple spelling mistakes (the ebook). Someone was asleep at the computer (see: Keith Van doesn't have an e on the end).

    I would recommend the book to anyone because, as always, Charles has some interesting things to say. Well worth the effort.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great book. The Chuckster rules
    I really enjoyed this book. Reads quick, but doesn't lack substance as Charles has a lot to say.

    My biggest surprise was in the political area: For years, I have heard that Charles is a conservative, and I always see GOP big shots try to capatalize on his fame. After reading the book, however, I don't think Charles is as much as a GOP man as even Charles himself seems to think. His views on race, wealth, big business and several other issues are light years away from anything I hear republicans in power espousing these days. His positions are much more left leaning in everything but name- which is fine.

    In the end, its all good no matter what your politics. Charles has much to offer here, and thankfully leaves the nuances of breaking down the pick and roll on the weak side to other books. He talks about things that matter, and for this I thank him and show up here to recommend his book.

    4-0 out of 5 stars keep talking
    the thing about the book that stands out the most, is that charles barkley took out time to " write a book " on some things that were important; not only to him, but to the average person that relates and understands those concerns. how many pro sports figures even care to do something like this???

    3-0 out of 5 stars Depending on what you're looking for....
    How much you will enjoy this book depends entirely on you. If you are a basketball fan looking for playing-days anticdotes, this is not for you! If you are a Charles Barkley fan seeking a little more understanding of this wondefully open individual, you are likely to enjoy this book.
    Contrary to reviews of the book, what Charles has to say is by no means offensive but rather quite logical and fair. He has a wonderfully down to earth view of the world and his views on children are absolutely superb. He does drag on a little too much about racism but beyond that, what he has to say is interesting.
    However, unless you disagree with his views, this book is not likely to make you think, and except for the intro, it is not particularly funny. Charles uses the book as a platform to discuss serious issues he can not speak about on television.
    A great book, truly, but being a basketball fan I was dissapointed by the lack of basketball content and hence only 3 stars! But this does not mean it is a 3 star book, I can understand someone other than myself loving it.
    Also, 250 pages of double spaced print, pretty short book, can be read in no time at all. ... Read more

    17. Five-Star Basketball Drills
    by HowardGarfinkle, WillKlein
    list price: $16.95
    our price: $11.53
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0940279223
    Catlog: Book (1998-01-11)
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    Sales Rank: 6324
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Over 5,000 talented players have completed the Five-Star program and received scholarships. Distinguished alumni include Isiah Thomas, Moses Malone, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Mark Aguirre, John Paxson, Jim Paxson, Jeff Ruland, Darnell Valentine, and Mike O'Koren. Here, in print for the first time, is a compilation of 131 drills they practiced at the nation's premier basketball camp.The book includes the following:

    • 131 of the best drills used at the Five-Star camp
    • Conditioning, one, two, and three player drills for men and women
    • Proven regimens from a star-studded galaxy of NCAA and NBA coaches
    • Step by step instructions with pictures and diagrams to maximize your potential and practice time

        "Howard Garfinkel and Will Klein are as well organized in their presentation of drills as they are in their camp. This book is a great contribution to your basketball library." -- Bob Knight

        "Owning one of the most varied sports libraries in the country, I consider myself an expert on sports books. Nowhere on my shelves is there anything approaching the value of these drills for youngsters and young coaches. It's the best drill book in America." -- George Raveling

        "With the advent of the three-point shot, there's now a high priority on the skill parts of the game. This book will help the dedicated user become a fundamentally sound player." -- Mike Fratello

        "A must for all young players and coaches who want to learn the game the way it should be taught." -- Rick Pitino

        "Five-Star has done a great job helping kids. I admire the way they've emphasized teaching the concepts and maintained the personal touch in dealing with youngsters. This book carries on that great tradition." -- Mike Krzyzewski

        ... Read more

        Reviews (3)

        5-0 out of 5 stars ONe of the two best ever on coaching basketball
        This book and Coaching Basketball by Jerry Krause are the two best coaches books out there. 5-star has drills that we use daily in our practices and coaching basketball as some great plays and ideas regarding the game. Get both these books ASAP!

        5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book
        This book is a classic. I can not believe that there are not more reviews giving this book the priase it deserves. If you want to become better at basketball you must not only practice consistantly, but you must know the correct techniques and moves to practice. This book is basically a complete reference of drills for every position that have been used at the nations premire basketball camp - five star. When Trajon Langdon started out as a freshman at duke this book recieved a lot of attention because Trajon, being from Alaska, did not have great exposure to a wide variety of basketball camps. Trajon bought this book and used the drills in it to make him the player he became. Every highschool player and coach should own a copy of this book if they are serious about improvement.

        5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent for either an individual or team training
        I used this book, after being placed on the J.V. team at my high School my junior year. I had very little skill at all, but wanted desperately to become a better ball player. After purchasing this book, I used the drills in it for only 2 months and improved my game to a whole new level. I not only made the varsity team that next year, but was a starter and had a very good senior year. Since graduating, I have coached at the high school level, and this book worked wonders for the team. I have also used this book to work with younger individuals, and seen drastic improvement in their abilities. I would recommend this book to any young person who wants to better his/her skills, and to any coach to strengthen their teams fundamental abilities ... Read more

    18. Sole Influence : Basketball, Corporate Greed, and the Corruption of America'sYouth
    by Dan Wetzel, Don Yaeger
    list price: $24.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0446524506
    Catlog: Book (2000-01-11)
    Publisher: Warner Books
    Sales Rank: 590657
    Average Customer Review: 3.85 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    On city playgrounds and in high-school gymnasiums, the search goes on for the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant - potential superstars who can bring millions in sales to the athletic shoe companies they endorse. Now an explosive and controversial expos6 at last reveals the ongoing exploitation of college, high-school, and even junior-high-school players by profit-minded sneaker companies ...

    Thirty years ago pro basketball players wore modest-looking canvas high-tops. Today, sneakers are a billion-dollar worldwide business, with companies constantly developing flashy new designs, new looks, and new multi-million-dollar ad campaigns. Why? Because one hot shoe - worn by a popular pro basketball player - can become a license to print money. And because the potential payoff is so big, these companies scour the country for the basketball stars of tomorrow, handing out free footwear, free sports gear, and the lure of six-figure contracts - just to wear a certain brand of shoe.

    Some young players choose brand loyalty by the time they are fourteen, as sneaker companies not only try to secure the allegiance of players, but also attempt to control coaches, teams, even whole universities.

    Written by two of the most knowledgeable journalists in sports, Sole Influence takes you into this battle for the hearts, minds, and feet of young athletes-at any price. Along the way, it shows how criminals, including drug dealers and sex offenders, have ended up on a shoe company's payroll. More frightening, this book reveals how corporate money funneled into amateur sports has created black-market professionalism among college and high-school athletes, with promises of fame and fortune that for most players will simply never come true.

    Hard-hitting, thoroughly researched, and deeply troubling, Sole Influence sounds an important alarm to a society that for too long has ignored the dark business behind amateur sports-and what it does to the young people who play them. ... Read more

    Reviews (13)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Not a "fast break" book but a worthwhile subject
    Interesting and thought provoking. You will learn in-depth information about recruiting and why athletes may look at certain colleges. There is a lot of sleaze in college recruiting and this exposes quite a bit.

    The book eventually became repetitive as he continued to build his case against the shoe companies. Yes, there is a problem but no alternative solution was really suggested. I'm glad I read it and would encourage college basketball fans to read.

    A friend of mine played D1 basketball and pro overseas. He toured America including Hawaii before he was 16 even though he came from the worst ghetto in Memphis where he say 6 people killed and was robbed twice himself. Although he started as a Prop 48, he eventually received his degree. While I don't like the influence of shoe companies, he is an example of a productive man that the shoe companies may have helped. It's not an issue with easy answers.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Powerful and Eye Opening
    As a pretty dedicated fan of college basketball, I had heard coaches rail on about summer recruiting, AAU middle men and shoe companies. Now I know why. I encourage anyone who cares about the game to read this. It details not only how things have gotten corrupt, but why. Instead of using broad strokes to declare summer recruiting as a bad development, Sole Influence shows why in detail. Myron Piggie stuff alone is worth the read. The solutions are complex, but given the amount athletic directors and college coaches are working on it, something is inevitable. After reading this, fans will know why the sooner the better. The best basketball book I've read in years. Authors make a complicated story very readable and easy to follow.

    1-0 out of 5 stars i dont like what they say about my friend myron piggie
    Hi my name is quin and I live in Missouri. I dont like what they say about myron piggie. he is a good man. otherwise the book was pretty good. i recommend it for college basketball fans.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Interesting delve into amateur athletics ...
    However not always balanced, SOLE is a page turner for sports fans that enjoy the stories off the playing arena.

    Wetzel and Yaeger provide interesting cases and a great work of journalism, however the line between reporting and storytelling is often blurred.

    The best way to enjoy this book is to come away entertained, informed, but not disillusioned.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Excellent companion to "Raw Recruits"
    Read "Raw Recruits" first, then this. This book is a seamy, at times sick tale of how the athletic shoe companies run amateur basketball. Worth the price alone for the sad saga of JaRon Rush, Myron Piggie and the boosters in Kansas City. ... Read more

    19. Surface Modes in Physics
    by Bo E.Sernelius
    list price: $185.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 3527403132
    Catlog: Book (2001-07-11)
    Publisher: Wiley-VCH
    Sales Rank: 712398
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Electromagnetic surface modes are present at all surfaces and interfaces between material of different dielectric properties. These modes have very important effects on numerous physical quantities: adhesion, capillary force, step formation and crystal growth, the Casimir effect etc. They cause surface tension and wetting and they give rise to forces which are important e.g. for the stability of colloids.
    This book is a useful and elegant approach to the topic, showing how the concept of electromagnetic modes can be developed as a unifying theme for a range of condensed matter physics. The author concentrates in finding out the basic origin of the force and how they are developed from the collective excitations of the solids. Different materials are treated, e.g. metals, semiconductors, plasmas, liquids and gases all with different collective modes. In close relation to the theoretical background, the reader is served with a broad field of applications. The book servesreaders who are concerned with applications to real world problems with a deep knowledge on surface modes, and inspires new developments of the field.
    ... Read more

    20. My Losing Season
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $10.17
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0553381903
    Catlog: Book (2003-08-26)
    Publisher: Bantam
    Sales Rank: 3572
    Average Customer Review: 4.61 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (18)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A 'Losing' Inspiration
    I'm not a sports fan (okay, I like some hockey but that hardly counts). I never have been a sports fan and, at this point in my life, I think I might have run out of time to make myself into a sports fan. However, while I was reading this book and ever since, I think I finally get the amazing complexity of truly loving a sport. I think I just might have missed out on something by never learning to adore basketball.

    But I didn't have to miss out on this book. Having a knowledge of basketball might have enhansed my appreciation of this book but I don't see how anything could have enhansed my enjoyment. This is a story about passion in it's purest form. Not passionate romantic love but a passion just as valid, just as beautiful and, often, just as heart-breaking. And it's written as only Pat Conroy can write: honest and without needless window dressing. It's a story that could have been so mediocre in the hands of anyone else. But Pat Conroy, who lived and loved and hurt this season, delivers a novel that is so compelling anyone can love it.

    I'm still not a sports fan but, I have to admit, lately, when one of the men in my life flips the channel to a basketball game, I'm more inclined to pat him on the head and cluck lovingly than beat him with the remote control.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Rivetting, Intriguing Memoir
    Mr. Conroy is arguably one of the best writers living. This memoir focuses on his senior year at The Citadel, The Military College of SC-recently in the headlines for the losing battle to remain all-male. It offers keen insights into his life through writing of the highest level.

    Conroy's tale follows his senior year but also delves into his life as it centers around his basketball and academic careers. At the forefront of the scenes from his life is the maniacal behavior of his father, an abusive, sadistic marine who was a tortuous figure throughout Conroy's youth.

    I found the story of Conroy's development as a lover of books and as a writer extremely interesting. One could even surmise that all the events of his life served as ingredients to making him a great novelist.

    One cannot help but to ride on the emotional rollercoaster that this book creates as it follows Conroy's ups and downs on and off the basketball court. As he writes about specific games he played, it reads like the play-by-play to the NCAA championship game, which every game was to Conroy.

    The book offers great details about his relationships to other players and people in his life, including teachers, who made a lasting mark on him.

    As a Citadel graduate and athlete, I found the memoir to paint accurate illustrations of life as a Citadel athlete, trying to excel in a sport when everything seems to be against you-the school, the coach, the students-everything.

    I don't think any reader will be disappointed in this book. I highly recommend it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Not enough stars for this one, folks . . .
    As with all of Conroy's books, he makes you love the story even if you're not interested in the subject material. The only other author I know of that does this is Jackson McCrae. "My Losing Season" is a true story of how a college basketball player trying to get the approval of his father. Yet, getting that approval is hard due to his father's expectations. Conroy tells a wonderful story that may leave some teary-eyed. One cannot help but to ride on the emotional rollercoaster that this book creates as it follows Conroy's ups and downs on and off the basketball court. As he writes about specific games he played, it reads like the play-by-play to the NCAA championship game, which every game was to Conroy. As usual, this novel is brilliantly constructed and well-done---as all his novels are.

    Also recommended: "The Bark of the Dogwood," and "Prince of Tides."

    4-0 out of 5 stars Lacerating. . .
    There's a scene in a 1970s movie in which Gene Hackman tries to grind up a broken wine glass in a garbage disposal. Reading this book is a lot like that.

    I picked up "My Losing Season" not as a great fan of Pat Conroy or as a former athlete. I was attracted more by the theme of loss and its lessons. And I expected a different personal story than the one Conroy tells. The losing basketball season in his last year as a cadet at The Citadel in Charleston, SC, is a pretext for a much deeper theme - survival in the face of humiliation.

    And it's not the losses of the games that are humiliating. On the one hand is the brutal and unrelenting contempt of his marine colonel father, a child abuser and wife beater. On the other hand is the withering scorn of Conroy's arbitrary and capricious coach, Mel Thompson. Both, in Conroy's account, do their best to beat the spirit out of the boy who has grown into an indomitable (though undersized and modestly talented) point guard for his team. And all of this takes place in the regimented, fierce, all-male environment of The Citadel in the 1960s, where incoming boys are routinely broken by the merciless hazing of their upperclassmen.

    Humiliation is a much more difficult subject than loss to deal with. Loss leaves scars, but humiliation remains an open wound, and in writing about it there is the risk of slipping into the tug of war between self-pity and self-blame. Conroy takes us there sometimes, and those are the parts of his story that are lacerating. But win or lose, the ups and downs of the season are fascinating and the accounts of the games are thrilling. As a writer, he has a gift for hustling the reader with suspense and drama and sudden shifts of mood. As an observer of character, he vividly brings to life the individual boys who make up the team. As someone deeply wounded, he is able to freely and convincingly express the many articulations of the heart - especially love, admiration, and gratitude.

    Once I started into this book, I could not put it down. It kept me reading late into the night. And when I wasn't reading, it filled my thoughts, as I'm sure it will for a long time. It's a troubling book that wants to resolve a host of dark memories. And it may well want to show the reader how to do the same. I'm not sure that it's completely successful in either regard. And maybe that's the point. It's enough to recast humiliation as loss. That is a wound that can eventually heal.

    5-0 out of 5 stars My losing Season
    Pat Conroy's book My Losing Season Is about Pat in his early years trying to take his basketball team to the championship but he finds it hard. He has to determine whether or not his family is more important to him than basketball. He deals with his father's abuse and disapproval of what he is doing. This has been one of the best book that I have ever read. Anyone who likes basketball or has played any sport would love this book. ... Read more

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