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    $14.93 $13.67 list($21.95)
    1. Fearless Golf : Conquering the
    $17.00 $15.33 list($25.00)
    2. Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret
    $10.50 $7.69 list($14.00)
    3. It's Not About the Bike: My Journey
    $16.32 $12.50 list($24.00)
    4. Cinderella Man : James Braddock,
    $10.75 list($11.95)
    5. Ernest Jones' Swing the Clubhead
    $9.60 $7.24 list($12.00)
    6. Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals
    $19.51 $15.10 list($22.95)
    7. Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete
    $18.00 $15.25 list($30.00)
    8. Golf Annika's Way
    $16.47 $16.40 list($24.95)
    9. Six Secrets of Successful Bettors
    $22.36 $18.62 list($27.95)
    10. Understanding the Golf Swing
    $13.26 $12.40 list($18.95)
    11. Triathlon Training in Four Hours
    $10.50 $8.69 list($14.00)
    12. ChiRunning
    $10.17 $8.42 list($14.95)
    13. The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer
    $26.39 $26.37 list($39.99)
    14. The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text:
    15. Inside the Postal Bus: My Ride
    $14.95 $12.87 list($21.99)
    16. Golf for Dummies
    17. The Wing Chun Compendium
    $11.86 $10.84 list($16.95)
    18. Tao of Jeet Kune Do
    $13.80 $13.38 list($23.00)
    19. The Golfer's Mind : Play to Play
    $14.00 list($15.00)
    20. The Sixteenth Round: From Number

    1. Fearless Golf : Conquering the Mental Game
    by Gio Valiante
    list price: $21.95
    our price: $14.93
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0385511922
    Catlog: Book (2005-05-03)
    Publisher: Doubleday
    Sales Rank: 1842
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (4)

    5-0 out of 5 stars WOW!

    Wow!This is an unbelievable book. Dr Gio Valiante tackles fear by grabbing it and reaching deep so that you know every facet of its power - but more than that he provides very practical steps to overcome and transform these feelings into feelings of "self-efficacy" or confidence. I love this book - it is a classic and it is a must read. Be prepared to mark it up because there is so much to discover you'll defiantly want to refer back -- if not re-read the whole book many times. Thank you so much for this important piece of work Dr. Valiante.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Target Golf
    These are tough reviews to write, giving prospective reader enough to want them to read, yet not tell them the jist of the book that they won't need to purchase and read.

    It's about the target, keeping your mind not on the previous outcome or the potential outcome but one's target.To do this one needs to bring efficacy, which is achieved by working on the right set of attributes of previous failures and modeling each barrier as a potential hurdle to overcome.

    Valiante provides this target golf mental game by revealing where previous "mastery" golfers as opposed to "ego" golfers have their orientations.This he accomplishes with classic champs such as Nicklaus and Hogan and current mental game champs such as Wooks, DL3 and DeMarco.

    This is a good read, encouraging the journey as much as anything to keep the joy and challenge of the game and courses at the forefront.Will confront all golfers with their mental approach.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Transcending Psychology: Valiante'sgroundbreaking success
    Dr. Valiante makes his mark as the superstar he is becoming within the world of golf psychology.With a decisive assertion that fear is eminent within every golfer of every ability level, Dr. Valiante revolutionizes our learning of how to positively respond to these emotions.Dr. Valiante's exemplary book combines a tremendous amount of personal research with stories of golfing superstars such as Nicklaus, Hogan, Woods, Mickelson, and Love III, that effectively complements his vast knowledge of the game of golf.As a student of the game, I strongly believe that this book can transcend every golfer into a fearless competitor.Dr. Valiante should be commended on such an incredible accomplishment, as the game of golf is about to see an explosion of the effects of how intregal this book will be to golfers of every level.Congratulations Gio on a job superbly done!

    5-0 out of 5 stars the new standard for golf's mental side and beyond
    valiante takes golf psychology to a new level with this book. whereas rotella's message is very anectodal and breaks down to something like "equipment and your swing don't matter, stop trying to be perfect and accept things more," valiante's message has more a lot more depth. he acknowlegdes the importance of a good swing and the right equipment and his message is well grounded in psychological research.although breaking his message down to a few points is no easy task (as a matter of fact, he goes out of his way at the end to say it's really up to the individual to frame a message in their own context), it would be something like:

    - don't attempt to try and control emotions by pretending they don't exist and that you're not nervous, rather condition yourself to respond productively when these feelings arise;
    - focus on things you can control such as preparing properly, developing a plan for the course and the target for your next shot, rather than things you can't control such as what other players are shooting or the weather;
    - practise makes permanent rather perfect, so be realistic about what it is you need to work on to get better and how accurately your practise routine reflects these items;
    - strive to maintain a light grip, because when the nerves tense up you will lose feelings in your outer extremities and without realizing it, you will grip the club much tighter and hit poor shots as a result.

    there are other important elements of this book that from someone else's perspective might be prioritized differently (consistent with the notion of what's key for each individual), but these are the keys for me.clearly, the principles laid out in this book transcend golf and provide a framework for success in life.this is one of the few books of any kind that i am certain to re-read from start to finish -- it's really so powerful that you'll want to make sure you don't miss anything and are left with the right plan for you.

    my one criticism is the book's format: several exemplarystories about golf professionals (nicklaus, woods, dimarco, stewart, toms, mickelson, etc etc) are inter-woventhroughout the chapters but in odd spots where if you want to read the story it interrupts the flow of the chapter or section.most of them are worth reading, however it would have been a lot better to put them at the end of sections to reinforce the point(s) that had just been fully articulated.

    but that said this is clearly an instant classic and becomes the new standard that replaces the works on golf psychology that preceded it.

    bravo gio! ... Read more

    2. Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed
    by John Novosel, John Garrity
    list price: $25.00
    our price: $17.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0385509278
    Catlog: Book (2004-04-27)
    Publisher: Doubleday
    Sales Rank: 2598
    Average Customer Review: 4.78 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    As an avid golfer and inventor, John Novosel studied films of the PGA greats, searching, along with countless others over the last century, for the key to what made certain golfers' swings so effortless, artful, and effective. Viewing the films, Novosel made a startling discovery. Nearly every champion demonstrated identical timing in their swings. An extensive review of archival footage of the greats throughout confirmed his findings. From Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods, whether the swings were fast or slow, the winning rhythm remained constant.

    In this breakthrough book, Novosel and Sports Illustrated writer John Garrity lay out exactly how to achieve this tour tempo. Enhanced with photographs and illustrations, this clear, step-by-step method teaches golfers how to resynchronize their swings and play like a pro. An accompanying CD-ROM vividly illustrates the full swing sequence and features a calibrated soundtrack that readers can use while practicing at a driving range or in their backyards.

    Novosel's teaching technique has resulted in tremendous and rapid improvement for players of all levels. In a world of gimmicky, quick-sell golf instructionals, TOUR TEMPO is the real thing.
    ... Read more

    Reviews (9)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A must for a golfer's library
    I was skeptical about the claims made by others regarding the information found in Mr. Novasel's book, "Tour Tempo." I learned of the book from another avid golfer. I decided that I would give it a shot and purchased the book. I have been working with the CD and book for roughly three weeks now. I play two times a week. Before digesting the information, I was shooting in the mid to upper 80s. I am now shooting in the upper 70s and believe that with additional tempo work I will see my score decrease more. The book is well-written and easy to understand.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed
    Tour Tempo - It Works! I got the Tour Tempo book less than two weeks ago just out of curiosity. I've read the book twice, I've viewed the DVD for a short while, and I have listened to the CD repeatedly in my car.

    I have played since I was a kid, but not being a natural golfer, I have been burdened with too many swing thoughts. The best I have ever been is a 16 handicap; in the last two years playing once a week I have not broken 90. I do not belong to a club so I don't have easy access to a practice range; I sometimes swing a club in the yard. I have only played 9 holes 4 times this season. Yesterday I played in an outing at Little Mountain in Concord, Ohio. It has a reputation for being a difficult course.

    In preparation for this round I listened to the Tour Tempo CD in my car on the way to the golf course. I arbitrarily picked the 24/8 tempo (27/9 sounded too slow & 21/7 seemed like it might be too fast). I alternated between track 5 (3 tones) and track 6 "Swing, Set, Through".

    There is no driving range at this course, so a few swings on the first tee had to suffice.
    On the course, before each shot, I took two practice swings silently saying "Swing, Set, Through" in my head.

    I missed only two fairways, shot a 40-43-83 but more importantly, my biggest swing flaw was entirely eliminated. I have had a tendency to not finish my swing. With Tour Tempo, I found myself accelerating through the ball with the club swinging to finish naturally. My bad swings, which were few, were not bad swings at all, but alignment errors. Even my few mis-hits had decidedly better results.

    I always knew tempo was important, but no one was ever able to tell me what good tempo is. You have not only solved the mystery, but made great tempo almost instantly accessible. I am obviously looking forward to even greater improvement. Thanks!

    Jeffrey S. Young
    Cleveland, Ohio

    5-0 out of 5 stars ENDING OF PERFECT SWING SEARCH
    I have Played Golf for over 3 years now. So many golf books I have read but my breaking 90 seems so impossible until I bought the Tour Tempo. I practice just 30 minutes a day and after 2 days practice, my driver soaring to 270 yards and straighter(before I was just 240 yards). I have to change all my iron yardage by adding around 15 yards each. Now breaking 90 is easy. Its incredible book. Must buy for anyone who has played golf more than one year ( I do not think it will do much for a beginner)

    5-0 out of 5 stars My Homage to An Incredible Discovery
    I, being 17 years old, an avid golf addict and an absolute beast on the course, lol (the latter being untrue) have had nothing but skepticism for training aids to come out in the past few years. Kallasy's Swing Magic? SwingWeights? These things promoted too much thinking about swing mechanics, and not enough about what makes really good golfers good; the fact that they swing so slow to the eye, but yet generate so much clubhead speed. I bought the book and read it, listened to teh CD and did teh exercises for a week. As I stated above, I'm pretty young, so I have always swung pretty hard (117 mph) but I always had issues with my tempo, because it looked like I accelerated too much coming back. In one week, after doing the program, I hit two drives over 355 yards. 300 was always pretty attainable, but not 350. And even more impressive, I shot even par, which isnt bad for an 8 handicap. I thoroughly recommend taht you try this book, because there is no sense in clogging your mind with swing magic, or any of that, the only important thing that really matters; Tour Tempo.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Golf's "holy grail" has been discovered!
    This book contains the answer to all of the questions about golf. It explains why people have such a difficult time playing the game consistently. It shows you what the professionals really do differently than amateurs.

    The book provides a training aid that will produce dramatic improvement in clubhead speed, accuracy and consistency.

    The amazing thing is that the answer is quite simple. The training aid is easy to use and results are immediate.

    This is a remarkable discovery by John Novosal. ... Read more

    3. It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life
    by Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins
    list price: $14.00
    our price: $10.50
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0425179613
    Catlog: Book (2001-09-30)
    Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
    Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    This is the story of the Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year's journey through triumph, tragedy, transformation, and transcendance. It is the story of Lance Armstrong, the world-famous cyclist, and his fight against cancer. ... Read more

    Reviews (521)

    5-0 out of 5 stars It's Hard Not to be Inspired by this Story
    Say what you want about Lance Armstrong but if you read this book it's hard to consider him anything but an inspiration.

    Last summer I was in Austin, Texas during the end of the Tour de France attending the Texas Age Group Swimming Championships my younger brother was competing in. That city loves Lance and there wasn't a person in the streets who wasn't eager to talk about the Tour; yellow banners supporting him were more common than Texas flags, and anyone who knows Texas knows that that's saying a lot! Following that experience I knew I had to read this book and I wasn't disappointed in the least.

    Having read the book, I can't regard Lance Armstrong as anything less than a miracle. He didn't survive cancer - he conquered it. He proved that a cancer diagnosis doesn't have to mean an end to anything unless you allow it to. This book is a very blunt and unapologetic account of his life before, during, and after his diagnosis and treatment. He's not the nicest guy ever, he's not the humblest guy ever, he's just a guy (who may or may not be the greatest cyclist in the world, it's not my sport, someone else will debate that).

    If Lance Armstrong had never competed in another race again, his survival would still have been incredible. But he did compete, and he's sure to be a legend.

    5-0 out of 5 stars No, It's Not About the Bike or Cancer. It's Pure Lance.
    I know I'll catch it for this review. The book itself gets 5 stars from me. I enjoyed the read, I shed a few tears and I kept hoping that somewhere it would eventually turn Lance Armstrong into one of my heros. It never did. In fact, I pray to God I never meet Lance Armstrong and never get in his path, and I pray anyone who ever has to does survives the encounter. Sally Jenkins gets kudos on pulling off what was a difficult task. How to write his biography and story with him watching over her and to tell the truth. She did it. She pulled it off by writing between the lines like no other. She is truly the hero here. Make no mistake, the book is good, the hero is not. He is, without a doubt the single most arrogant and egotistical person I've ever read about in my life. I wanted him to be my hero so bad too. I have just gotten into cycling and was looking forward to having someone to watch, follow and emulate. Lance is not that guy. You'll read things that will blow you away. How he fully expected his French sponsor to pay him his 5 million dollar contract even when he was taking chemo and was not riding for them, they even offered to give him a contract, just not 5 million and he was outraged. He freaked on might having to sell his $300,000 worth of furniture and "art" to pay for his treatment. Why oh why have all forsaken poor Lance he wonders. Supposedly a boy that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Plano, Tx, but give me a break, there is no "wrong side" of the tracks in Plano. Even though he was only raised by his mother, it's obvious people took care of Lance. Riding his expensive cycles that were given to him out of the goodness of one man's heart, and then he doesn't speak to this guy for years on end. I could continue, but I think the world needs to read this book to learn about this. Lance's story is not over, he still hasn't learned what he probably was meant to learn. I do not suggest buying this book for someone with cancer or a teenager. It's not inspiring in the least, no one can afford what Lance had to get him through his terrible cancer ordeal. And, if a teen reads this, he or she will expect the world to give them everything on a silver platter just like Lance expects. One curious note I can't yet figure out. Never once does Lance tell the world he didn't check himself monthly for testicular cancer and that if he had, he could have caught it before it spread to his brain and lungs and recovery would have been comparably easy. With many pages devoted to pictures of he, his wife, his baby and mother not one single page printed a diagram on how to check yourself for testicular cancer. Seems a hero would have had that thought first and foremost in his head, especially since testicular cancer never has gotten the same PR as checking for breast cancer. I might read his other books. Maybe he's learned something along the way, but that is highly doubtful.

    3-0 out of 5 stars A new focus for Armstrong..
    I value Lance Armstrong's story, he is a driven and talented athlete who has had to battle through a life threatening illness. The story is incredible but you wish that Lance wouldn't be so in love with his own story!
    Humility is the virtue that Lance needs most. Maybe that could be his next focus. I'm sure if he put his mind to it, he could tone down his ego. He accomplishes every thing he puts his mind too..... maybe improve his writing as well....

    4-0 out of 5 stars It's not about the bike: It is about the being the best!
    I am a beginner runner. I picked up this book because I wanted to know more about Lance Armstrong. This book has taught me how much mental and physical training are required to be the best, consistently. I have enjoyed reading this book because of the humor, the clear and direct expression of ideas, and Lance's candor in his failures and triumphs. I am sure I will pick it up and read it again periodically.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Bike is Not Important
    There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said. A fantastic book about an interesting character that has little to do with sports and more to do with the human spirit. This book details Lance's early life as he addresses his cocky, immature nature that quickly goes out the window when he begins his cancer battle. Lance is alive because his is famous. His cancer was so aggressive and mature that IMO what saved him is the unsolicited email from the doctor at Vanderbilt that eventually led him to the doctors at Indiana University. I like sports and would never have read a book just about cancer survival but this book was so highly recommended and for good reason.

    The book finishes with Lance mentally battling to get back on the bike and on to greater glory. There is much to learn here also but the one downer would be listening to him describing his ideal marriage when of course it has already broken up.

    I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK HIGHER. You will not be disappointed. And yes, you will start following the Tour de France. ... Read more

    4. Cinderella Man : James Braddock, Max Baer, and the Greatest Upset in Boxing History
    by Jeremy Schaap
    list price: $24.00
    our price: $16.32
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0618551174
    Catlog: Book (2005-05-03)
    Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
    Sales Rank: 945
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Lost in the annals of boxing is the sport's true Cinderella story. James J. Braddock, dubbed "Cinderella Man" by Damon Runyon, was a once promising light heavyweight for whom a string of losses in the ring and a broken right hand happened to coincide with the Great Crash of 1929. With one good hand, Braddock was forced to labor on the docks of Hoboken. Only his manager, Joe Gould, still believed in him, finding fights for Braddock to help feed his wife and children. The diminutive, loquacious Jew and the burly, quiet Irishman made one of boxing's oddest couples, but together they staged the greatest comeback in fighting history. In twelve months Braddock went from the relief rolls to face heavyweight champion Max Baer, the Livermore Butcher Boy, renowned for having allegedly killed two men in the ring. A charismatic, natural talent and in every way Braddock's foil, Baer was a towering opponent, a Jew from the West Coast who was famously brash and made great copy both in and out of the ring. A ten-to-one underdog, Braddock carried the hopes and dreams of the working class on his shoulders. And when boxing was the biggest sport in the world, when the heavyweight champion was the biggest star in the world, his unlikely upset made Braddock the most popular champion boxing had ever seen. Against the gritty backdrop of the Depression, Cinderella Man brings this dramatic all-American story to life, evoking a time when the sport of boxing resonated with a country trying desperately to get back on its feet. Schaap paints a vivid picture of the fight world in its golden age, populated by men of every class and ethnic background and covered voluminously by writers who elevated sports writing to art. Rich in anecdote and color, steeped in history, and full of human interest, Cinderellla Man is a classic David and Goliath tale that transcends the sport. ... Read more

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Could not put it down
    It is the best sports book I have ever read! The author pulled no punches in detailing the amazing story of Braddock. The boxer's highs and lows were vividly portrayed. You could smell the gym, feel the training, and taste the victory. Moreover, the political, economic and social state of the world in those times was marvelously woven into the fabric of the story. This book was truly a joy to experience. By the end of the story, two champions emerged, Braddock and Schaap.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This has been a great read!!!
    I am in the process of reading this book. It is a great story told by Jeremy Schaap. (Yes the son of the late Dick Schaap)

    Jeremy Schaap has done a masterful job of weaving this story together and giving us the cultural perspective that was present in early 20th Century of the United States. As with all great stories there will be a movie made about Braddock. It should have the same type of commercial success as Seabiscuit. Read this book before going to the movie theater because it really does a nice job of telling us about the background of Braddock.

    P.S. This book reminds me of how the sport of boxing has changed over the years. Boxing is now perceived by Americans more for its actions in the court room and greed by its promoters. Community identity with a boxer like Braddock is non existant in this American culture. Maybe it is not fair to compare this generation of boxers with those of Ali. Yet Ali stood for something that a society rallied around other than money. You can disagree with Ali but the respect I have for this man is incredible. Braddock might not have talked that much but he represented something that all of us could identify with. Hard work. A work ethic that people could identify with no matter where a person lived, their religion or their race. ... Read more

    5. Ernest Jones' Swing the Clubhead
    by E. Jones
    list price: $11.95
    our price: $10.75
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0976017407
    Catlog: Book (2004-05)
    Publisher: Skylane Publishing
    Sales Rank: 27393
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    The teachings of Ernest Jones are of a distant generation, yet no one with the possible exception of Percy Boomer, has such an influence on modern day golf instruction. Jones is quoted in countless magazine articles, and golf instruction books by well known players and teachers, including Jack Nicklaus, and Gary McCord. McCord, most well known for his humor in golf broadcasts, is a very intelligent and serious student of the golf swing. In his book Golf for Dummies, McCord lists Swing the Clubhead as one of his Top Ten Golf Books. ... Read more

    6. Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
    by Ben Hogan
    list price: $12.00
    our price: $9.60
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0671612972
    Catlog: Book (1985-09-20)
    Publisher: Fireside
    Sales Rank: 1547
    Average Customer Review: 4.68 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Ben Hogan's premise in this 1957 classic is driven home in bold letters: "THE AVERAGE GOLFER IS ENTIRELY CAPABLE OF BUILDING A REPEATING SWING AND BREAKING 80." Religions are founded on less, and Hogan's detailed analyses and illustrated demonstrations of grip, stance, posture, and the two basic components of the swing make up a sacred book. Though its very simplicity seems dated, this is the tome of technique that should serve as the foundation of every golf library. ... Read more

    Reviews (78)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The authoritave book on the basics
    As a kid I took a few lessons from a top notch instructor, and I always found it helpful to think back and swing the way he taught me. Now in my early 40's, after years of infrequent play and bad advice, I lost my game. I read Hogan's book, and realized that it was the Hogan method - grip, stance, everything - that I was taught as a kid. This book was a godsend.

    Hogan doesn't just tell you what to do, he explains why. He shows how to make the basic REPEATING swing that can be used with ALL clubs, driver through PW. This makes the game so simple. You can use this book to quickly learn the correct swing, and confidently hit a good shot every time because you know you are doing it the right way. This lets you think less and less about swinging mechanics and more and more about strategy, and the game becomes immensely more pleasurable.

    Put this book and a 9 iron by your bedstand, practice as you read it, and you will find youurself hitting with more confidence and consistency after the first chapter.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent resource to learn golf fundamentals
    Ben Hogan goes over, step by step, the fundamentals of a solid golf swing. Hogan is regarded as one of the all time greats of golf (one of only four golfers to win all the major championships (Gary Player, Gene Sarazen and Jack Nicklaus are the others)). His attention to detail in this book is absolutley incredible. He covers the proper grip, stance, swing plane and everything else for perfect mechanics. There are few people today who would question the value of this book since Hogan's swing ranks as one of the all time greatest swings in the history of golf. This book may be slightly advanced for the beginner. Bryan McDonald Apple Computer 7 Handicap

    3-0 out of 5 stars Great book - If you've got a Hook
    This classic is an exceptional, readable, and all-encompassing study of the golf swing. I learned much about my swing studying this book. The only problem I encountered was none of the information was very relavant to me or the vast majority of golfers who suffer from a slice.

    Ben Hogan had a strong hook and much of this book includes his corrections to overcome this deficit and straighten out his swing. However, for the slicer, these corrections do the opposite - my slice was worse than ever after following Hogan's advice and I couldn't correct it.

    An excellent book, for starters or as a follow-on to Hogan's "Five Lessons", is Leadbetter's "The Fundamentals of Hogan". Leadbetter reviews the Hogan swing, then tells why it doesn't work for most (Hogan was double-jointed, Hogan was correcting his hook, etc.) and what you should really do. After Leadbetter, I did straighten out my swing.

    Both books break the swing down into 5 parts: Grip, Stance, Backswing, Downswing, Summary.

    While Hogan's book was groundbreaking and certainly deserves a read, if you want to learn a basic swing, Leadbetter's is far more encompassing and just as readable.

    2-0 out of 5 stars These people sound like golf infomercials.
    There's only so much you can learn from a book. Ben Hogan basically invented the modern golf swing but I think lessons would be more helpful. Save your money and go play a round or two, its the best way to improve.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Instant Game Improvement
    Not to be too overly gushy but this book revolutionized my golf game. I have shot in the 100+ range my entire life (35) and after reading this book a few times and practicing the techniques at the range I instantly started to shoot in the 90's. His instruction is simple to understand and the pictures are a great help to visualize the actions. I know refer back to this book at least once a month if my swing starts to get out of whack. It is the best $10.00 you will ever spend on your game. ... Read more

    7. Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts
    by Sang H. Kim
    list price: $22.95
    our price: $19.51
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1880336839
    Catlog: Book (2004-01-10)
    Publisher: Turtle Press (CT)
    Sales Rank: 14033
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Ultimate Flexibility is the book you've been waiting for. More than a collection of exercises or an explanation of technique, Ultimate Flexibility is a complete guide to stretching for martial arts, from the very basics of why you should stretch to detailed workout guidelines for every style and level of martial arts practice.

    Written by acclaimed author and martial artist Sang H. Kim, Ultimate Flexibility is your guide to achieving maximum flexibility in your training. Begin with an in depth look at the hows and whys of flexibility and stretching. Learn about the many types of stretching, which methods are best for beginners, when to graduate to advanced techniques and why you should completely avoid certain types of exercises. You'll also find information that you wont find in any other martial art book, including a detailed exploration of how your body works for or against you in your training and how flexibility can make you stronger and faster.

    Building on this foundation, Sang H. Kim teaches you nearly 200 flexibility exercises that he has personally used to achieve the highest levels of flexibility. You'l get detailed instructions, workout planning guides, goal setting tips, difficulty levels, injury prevention and recovery, and over 400 photos to guide you. Special bonus sections: 10 Tips for Full Splits, 20 Tips for High Kicks and 10 workouts for specific martial art types.

    Includes Exercises and Workouts for:

    Core Workout
    Warm Up
    Cool Down
    Light Contact
    Full Contact
    Mixed Martial Arts
    High Kicks
    Splits ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    5-0 out of 5 stars At Last!
    This is easily the best and most significant book ever written on flexibility. Dr. Sang H. Kim provides the reader with a life-long foundation of achieving and maintaining peak flexibility. Brilliantly laid out and easy to follow, this fantastic book will have you stretching immediately, focusing solely on your individual goals and needs. If you have only dreamed about doing full splits, kicking high, or obtaining a grappler's flexibility, this book clearly illustrates the step by step process to achieve these dreams. Ultimate Flexibility is simply superb! ... Read more

    8. Golf Annika's Way
    by Annika Sorenstam, Golf Magazine
    list price: $30.00
    our price: $18.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1592400760
    Catlog: Book (2004-10-21)
    Publisher: Gotham
    Sales Rank: 2040
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Annika Sorenstam is the world’s greatest woman golfer—a dominant force in the game who hasalready captured a career Grand Slam and become the all-time LPGA money leader. Her rigorousmental and physical dedication has changed the face of her sport, and her fierce determinationand unparalleled preparation have won her tournaments and fans the world over. In 2003, shemade international headlines by becoming the first woman in more than fifty years to play againstmen in a professional event, bringing her trademark game and competitiveness to a whole newlevel.

    Now for the first time Annika takes you inside her extraordinary success and shows every golferhow to play and win like a pro. She breaks down the fundamentals of her game and shares herwinning course strategies in one complete, easy-to-follow instruction book.

    Golf Annika’s Way features:

    •All you need to know about how to use every club in the bag, from fairway woods to shortirons to the putter
    • The secrets of the power behind her potent swing, from the essentials of grip and posture to herunconventional form on the follow-through
    • Hundreds of full-color photos, including high-speed shots that capture the elements of Annika’spowerful swing frame-by-frame in a foldout spread
    • An insider look at the unique weight training and dietary regimen Annika has developed forbuilding a stronger physique—and a longer drive

    Filled with insights and stories from throughout her colorful career, Golf Annika’sWay gives you priceless advice from a champion’s perspective. It’s a must-have forAnnika’s millions of fans—and men and women golfers of all ages and skill levels whowant to lower their scores on the course and bring their game to the next level. ... Read more

    9. Six Secrets of Successful Bettors : Winning Insights into Playing the Horses
    by Frank R. Scatoni, Peter Thomas Fornatale
    list price: $24.95
    our price: $16.47
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1932910964
    Catlog: Book (2005-04)
    Publisher: DRF Press
    Sales Rank: 7091
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    After interviewing more than two dozen professional players the authors have put together six secrets that all of these successful individuals have in common. ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Full of interesting insights
    I have read several 'betting psychology' books and, being something of a skeptic, I expected to come away disappointed by 'Six Secrets'.I didn't/wasn't.Since I've gone from tyro to serious amateur, I know this book will help both.Will it help a pro? I don't see how it couldn't help anyone.

    Especially useful to me was the almost universal view of those interviewed that, whatever the game (in my case, thoroughbred racing) 'it's one long game'.A winning bet or day doesn't make you a genius, nor does a losing bet or day make you a dummy.Each bet you make is like the flip of a coin: some come up heads, some tails. A single outcome isn't as important as the reasoning which led you to make the bet in the first place.If your overall methodology is sound, if you know why it's sound, if you know yourself and what works (and doesn't) for you, profits should follow.A fair degree of competence at your game of choice is assumed.

    My biggest knock on the book is with a couple of those chosen for the interviews; I have known one of them and have friends who have known another.I just don't think that they're as expert or as successful as they are purported to be. For me, this came out in their interviews, which seemed weaker than the rest, as if they weren't really speaking from experience.It might just be my take, though.

    Don't think that this book is just a list of rules and homilies. Many other areas are explored in addition to what I found most useful.After a complete read, I think you'll walk away with a good perspective of what makes a winning gambler.

    As with most of these self-help books, execution is the hard part....

    ... Read more

    10. Understanding the Golf Swing
    by Manuel De LA Torre
    list price: $27.95
    our price: $22.36
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1886346518
    Catlog: Book (2001-06)
    Publisher: Warde Publishers
    Sales Rank: 37121
    Average Customer Review: 4.18 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Understanding the Golf Swing will show you a different, simpler approach to the golf swing.Manuel de la Torre, twice named by Golf Magazine as one of the top 100 golf instructors in America is the leading modern day proponent of Ernest Jones’ Swing Principles method of golf instruction. The book includes a passionate Foreword by Carol Mann, Member LPGA, Hall of Fame.

    The de la Torre (and Jones) system presents a simpler approach to the golf swing, the emphasis being on the development of a true swinging motion, devoid of energy robbing leverage. In this view, “if the club is used properly the body movements take care of themselves.” This simple statement has the power to bring aobut profound improvements in your game.

    While presenting a simpler approach to the golf swing, the book is also a comprehensive resource for all levels of golfer, from the beginner to the professional. It includes:

    • The most thorough analysis of ball flights found in any golf instructional book.

    • Detailed discussion of special shot play, including sand play, pitching, chipping, putting, and playing unusual shots.

    • Coverage of the mental site of golf, effective course management, and a formula for taking your best practice tee shots to the golf course. ... Read more

    Reviews (28)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Tested in Golf School
    Having attended his seminars and studied his teachings for two years, we revised our golf school's curriculm to comply fully with Manuel's approach to the game. Students are relieved by its simplicity and delighted by its effectiveness. As opposed to the typical golf description that is too often dispensed for teaching the game, we call his work "poetry of golf instruction." It is brief, vivid, and gets the job done.

    From a discipline that comes from 60 years of teaching, Manuel is very careful with his words and that pays big dividends when reading his book. All of our students buy the book and find it to be a valuable reference.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Swing back with the hands and down with the upper arms.
    Manuel de la Torre has written a wonderful golf book. His simple method really is simple and it makes so much sense. A number of the reviews here have described this swing as swinging the clubhead over your shoulder with your hands and the club down with you arms. However, de la Torre defines arms as the upper arms and says that the forearms should not take over. I found this very helpful as when I focus on swinging the club down with the upper arms I don't cast or come over the top. When I focus on my arms rather than my upper arms I have problems much more often.

    Being able to focus on a simple method to swing correctly rather than on what "mistake" I made is great. If I have a poor shot I simply focus on swinging as de la
    Torre recommends rather than trying to figure out what I did wrong. This book is worth reading more than once as there are some subtleties to his simple swing that are worth understanding.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Former Apprentice
    I worked for Manuel at MCC in 1996, which was my second season as a PGA Apprentice. Prior to that, I had heard mixed reviews about his concept. I asked him to help me with my swing, a sorry 6 HCP at the time, so that I could pass the Player Ability Test, PAT, and move forward in the program. He graciously allowed me to take lessons from him on his "sacred" practice tee. And he allowed me to observe him working with students from beginners to Tour professionals. I have never witnessed anything more awesome in golf instruction than his ability to diagnose and prescribe and then communicate. He possesses a style and skill like no other person I have met. We asked Manuel to write a book like so many before me had asked. He told us how difficult it was to organize and present the concept in a way that would be effective and entertaining enough for people to want to buy. He was working on it at age 75 in his mind. He finally finished it and we should all thank him like we all have thanked Harvey Penick, Ernest Jones, Percy Boomer, and Tommy Armour. This is a book for ALL players. It will take you into a new and powerful "zone" mentally. And free you from the mechanical thoughts so many of us are trapped in. After working with his concept for one summer, usually at night after a 14 hour day, I was able to experience a repeating swing and shotmaking ability that allowed me to come within one shot of obtaining my PAT during that one year. I only want to say that all of us should read and study this concept. "Thank You" to Manuel for his tremendous work. I think it is a masterpiece as do many who have learned from him including Tommy Aaron, Carol Mann, Bobby Brue, Martha Nause, Patricia Kimball, Sherri Steinhauer, and my fellow assistants Bob Pudlock, Mike and Kris. I pray that Manuel will be selected to the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame in the next few years for all of our sakes.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A classic from the "swing the clubhead" school
    I think this book is a classic and I recommend also getting the companion DVD; however it does belong to the small muscle swing theory school - an approach that some disagree with. The small muscle school emphasizes the swing through the smaller muscles of the hand and arms rather than the large muscles of the legs, back, hips and trunk.

    De La Torre's swing thought is that you swing back the club with your hands over your right shoulder (you DON'T lift the club as another reviewer erroneously remarked) and then swing forward with the upper arms (the portion of the arm between the shoulder and elbow). The rest of the body should move in response to that action. For example, you don't concern yourself with the weight shift. If you swing properly (as De La Torre defines it) and your body is responsive then you will shift your weight naturally and in proper rhythem.

    I found this to be a great help because it removes the complication of trying to time the weight shift to the actions of the swing - and it works.

    For me.

    But I have noticed that just about every golf instruction book works for someone for some length of time. In the end the secret of the golf swing is to learn the proper feel of the true swinging action and to be able to replicate that feel with consistency. Everyone's path to learning that feel will differ because we are all individuals.

    Still, De La Torre's work follows in the footsteps of one of the pioneers of swing theory - Ernest Jones. This book and the companion DVD is a great followup to his original theory and anyone who is interested in learning the swing should definitely study this book.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Not what I thought
    I was expecting a fundamental approach to golf, not here. I did not find any practical knowledge to apply to my own game. If you looking for a story buy this book, if your looking for help with your hogan...... ... Read more

    11. Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week
    by Eric Harr
    list price: $18.95
    our price: $13.26
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1579547486
    Catlog: Book (2003-05-16)
    Publisher: Rodale Books
    Sales Rank: 3821
    Average Customer Review: 4.86 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    The Transforming Power of Triathlon

    Training for a triathlon will get you in the best shape of your life, not to mention give you a new and exciting fitness pursuit. More than that, it will change your life in ways you never imagined.

    In 1994, when Eric Harr decided to train for his first triathlon in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the extent of his exercise was walking to the local mango stand for lunch. That one simple step set in motin dozens of other positive steps. Eric began eating better, had more energy, and grew more sensitized to the joys of everyday life.

    You hold in your hands the key to unlocking a healthy, passion-filled life. All the motivation and practical advice you need to train for and finish a triathlon is within these pages.

    Four separate training programs to accommodate every fitness level

    A complete list of all the gear you need, with money-saving tips on how to get it for less

    A 40-minute stretch-and-strenghten workout you can do at home--plus an abbreviated 10-minute workout for those days when you're pressed for time

    A complete menu plan with delicious, healthy meal choices to fuel your active body

    Strategies to stay motivated and injury-proof your body

    Discounts on triathlon gear, race entry fees, travel expenses and lodging

    A minute-by-minute guide to your race day
    ... Read more

    Reviews (14)

    5-0 out of 5 stars So, SO Much More Than a Triathlon Training Guidebook
    I have been reading Eric Harr's column in The New York Daily News for many months now. I am a very big fan of his, so I decided to pick up his new book, even though I have no aspirations to finish a triathlon. I knew there would still be lots of information in there for me. That's because he always writes for a wide audience; he makes things apply to us all. That's why I love his writing.

    I was right.

    Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week is indeed a book any person will benefit from. It has something for everyone, even those who do not want to do a triathlon. For example, it lays out 20 common excuses one might give not to do a triathlon ("not enough time," "too overweight," etc) and then Eric Harr provides compelling solutions to those a way that applies to us all. I love this man.

    Eric Harr has a remarkable ability to make it sound it like he just sitting next to you coaching you through this. His book is motivational yet extremely easy to read as well being personal. He has given us a gift by writing this book.

    The workouts and the philosophy in the book DO work and not merely because of the dietary guidelines and workout schedules. Eric Harr's philosophy can and will change your life if you take it to heart.

    The only problem I have is with the title: Triathlon Training. Of course, it's a great book for that, but this book is so much more than a triathlon book! It's an AMAZING GUIDE!! It's packed with important wit and wisdom about health, nutrition, stretch training, aerobic workouts AND living life to the fullest, bonding more with your friends and family, being more confident and having more fun. I do like the back cover saying "The Transforming Power of Triathlon."

    I am buying copies for everyone I know. If they decide to "take the leap" and do a triathlon, great. If not, they will love this amazing guide to living a happier, healthier, fitter, more enriching life.

    This is a stellar book and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Much More Than Meets the Eye
    This book should be titled "Training to Live a Better Life (by Doing a Triathlon)" The author talks about excuses we all give about fitness -- and how to overcome them. He explains how to use exercise to live a better life, rather than simply burn calories. He advises you to view workouts as a golden opportunity to "bond" with those you love every week. He explains how, when you finish your triathlon, mentoring others can be rewarding for you...and for them. He provides inspirational stories about people who did this and how it transformed "much more than their waistline." There is also tons of nuts-and-bolts information in this book, too: how to choose the right running shoe, how to avoid injuries, how to get properly fit on your bike, how to execute the proper swim stroke, how to choose gear without over-spending, how to eat, how to lose fat, etc, etc, etc.

    I believe triathlon is going to be taken up by hundreds of thousands of Americans because of this book. And we need that right now. Nice work, Mr. Eric Harr. And thank you.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great 1st Tri manual
    I just finished my first triathlon this month, used this book to get me started and keep me motivated. It has different training levels for different people, great workouts and stretches, even advice for what to eat while training. There's also a bunch of inspirational stories and reminders which are very helpful for novices. Great raceday tips and checklists too! Like some of the other readers, I used this book to get me started and now i'm searching for more triathlons!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Book Didn't Just Change My Life...It SAVED My Life!
    I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, after being overweight and eating too much sugar for years. This was a devastating blow to me, emotionally and physically.

    My doctor actually suggested I pick up a copy of Eric Harr's book -- to work my way slowly back to exercise. I began with the basic, Level I program in the book and it was a nice, gradual process. I am feeling so good these days. My doctor says my "good cholesterol" is up and "bad" is down. I've lost 14 pounds and I am aiming for my first triathlon in 3 weeks.

    I feel like Eric Harr's book has saved my life, because I used to hate exercise and I always ate poorly. Now, I'm on a new track because of this book. I can feel myself LIVING again.

    If you want to change your life -- and have fun learning how to be healthy again -- buy this book. It is a lifesaver.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Book!
    This is the perfect book for the beginning triathlete or even the recreational/working triathlete. The book focuses more on using your head for training instead of joining your local running club for sprint sessions, and I can claim to that. A clydesdale swimmer for 12 years, I was suddenly lapping everyone by the 'chest push' advice and felt like I was cruising in the water with little effort. The book focuses on spiritual efficiency, and building on what you can do with your god given abilities rather than a mentality of tendon crunching, muscle wrenching, lung bloating and crying god training. ... Read more

    12. ChiRunning
    by Danny Dreyer
    list price: $14.00
    our price: $10.50
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 074325144X
    Catlog: Book (2004-04-19)
    Publisher: Fireside
    Sales Rank: 5496
    Average Customer Review: 4.56 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    More than 24 million people run in the United States alone, but 65 percent will have to stop at least once this year because of injury. Still others will choose to run through the pain. But in this groundbreaking book, ultramarathoner Danny Dreyer teaches us the running technique he created to heal and prevent injuries and also to run faster, farther, and with much less effort at any age.

    ChiRunning employs the deep power reserves in the core muscles of the trunk, an approach that grows out of such disciplines as yoga, Pilates, and t'ai chi. This excellent step-by-step program offers training principles and is easily learned.

    Dramatically reduce your potential for injury Make knee pain and shin splints a thing of the past Greatly reduce post-run recovery time Create a safe and effective training programMake running any distance enjoyable whether you're a beginning runner or a seasoned competitor ... Read more

    Reviews (16)

    5-0 out of 5 stars I am the suspicious writer
    I am the suspicious writer, yes, a long time friend of Katherine Bergin, now Dreyer, but I've never met Danny. I stayed at their home in California while on a trip from where I live in Stamford, Connecticut, while they traveled. I am a long time runner and I still say I've never read a better book about running, but now it's the third review I've written and that too probably won't look good. However I feel obligated to straighten out the mess I created. I wrote the review from Katherine's it's showing up as her...a terrible mistake on my part. I've never done this before. I tried to cancel it, thought I had and wrote my second review minutes later from my own email thinking the first one was deleted.

    I mostly apologize to Katherine and Danny but also to everyone who thinks they've done something underhanded. I wrote because I think people should know about this book and this technique. Lousy with computers, I am an OK athlete and I was able to quickly pick up on Danny's suggestion and now I have less pain. Again, my apologies for making a mess of this.

    Seems I've created a problem that was not my intention.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Rediscovered the joy of running
    I had given up running years ago, because of the pounding, and pain to my joints that it had caused. After learning this method of running and taking the time to practice it, I can run again, but without the pain and impact! The book is easy to read, easy to understand, and has alot of great illustrations. Danny has shared alot of personal insite from his running and tai chi experiences. I highly recommend this book as a must for anyone who is serious about running, and especially for those who would like to run, but are afraid it's too hard, or who have given up running, and miss the benefits of it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars World of Difference! A Testimonial
    I recently purchased the book "Chi-Running" while in Boston to run the marathon. What a difference it has made in my world! Following Boston, I completed the 8 mile run of a team event in our area called "Ski-to-Sea." There are 8 member teams consisting of skiing (cross country & downhill), running,canoeing, biking (road and mountain biking), and kayaking. The run portion is an 8 mile run from the base ski area near the top of Mt. Baker, in Washington state, to the Dept of Transportation center, near the bottom.
    The entire 8 mile downhill course consists of a grade of about 3 - 5%. I was envisioning total quad damage, shin splints, and other aches and pains. Fortunately, the night before I ran, I skipped ahead in the book and read the section about techiques for running down hill. To make a long story short, I ran the 8 mile course in 56:07 (not bad for age 51)and have experienced little, if any, residual aches and pains. These techniques really work! Chi Running is a highly effective program for running (not to mention a nice philosophy of life and living!). Sincerely, Dr. Tim Wittman, School Psychologist, NCSP.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Book!!
    This book is the best book on the market that I have read. It is more than a book though as it takes you through a step by step process. It gives you the proper form and then gives you exercises that allow you to feel how your body should feel when you are running. A very, very, practical book! I have read other book on running and tried to incoporate the form into my running, but without success. With this book I have had very good success as well as gotten rid of my shin splints. The clincher in the book is the picture of the footprints left behind when you run properly which show no forward movement in them compared with regular running which shows a ton(see Tom Brown jr. books for info on reading tracks). I love this book and highly recommend it to anyone interested in successfully learning how to run better and easier.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Danny's Methods Gave Me Back My Running Life
    Ignore the one negative review. This book is a brilliant print presentation of Danny's methods which are revolutionary. He deserves the much wider following he will get with this (his CD is great too).
    My story: I've been a runner for 45 years. I nearly gave up running at age 57. The pain in my knees and lower back made me seriously think of quitting. I literally saw an ad in the newspaper for Danny's class and took it as a last resort. He was at the time in his 50's and a nationally ranked ultramarathoner. I figured he ought to know something about efficient running.
    I learned his initial techniques in two hours. It took about five or six runs to feel comfortable with the changes in my stride, but from the first day, there was no back pain and such minimal knee pain at the end that I couldn't believe it. I've taken his advanced techniques workshops too (all in the book). The "sidewise" stride up steep hills is another brilliant technique that literally makes running hills fun.
    I went from struggling to run for 30 minutes at a time to 1.5 hour runs on steep hills without pain. I'm not a ranked runner. I run for fitness, for weight control, and for the sheer joy of it. I did finish third in my age group in a local race a year ago -- first medal I've ever won (I'm 62 now). But I got my running life back, and that's priceless. I plan to be running into my 80's now -- pain free!

    And for what it's worth, I have a doctorate and I'm trained in physics. Danny's techniques are scientifically valid. There's a spiritual side to his methods too. If you don't think running has a spiritual side, I feel sorry for you, but don't ignore his methods just because of that.

    Jerry L Fletcher ... Read more

    13. The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer
    by David A. Whitsett, Forrest A. Dolgener, Tanjala Jo Kole
    list price: $14.95
    our price: $10.17
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1570281823
    Catlog: Book (1998-01-11)
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    Sales Rank: 6093
    Average Customer Review: 4.88 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Athlete. Runner. Marathoner.Are these words you wouldn't exactly use to describe yourself? Do you consider yourself too old or too out of shape to run a marathon? But somewhere deep inside have you always admired the people who could reach down and come up with the mental and physical strength to complete such a daunting and rewarding accomplishment?It doesn't have to be somebody else crossing the finish line. You can be a marathoner. The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer is based on the highly successful marathon class offered by the University of Northern Iowa, which was featured in a Runner's World article titled "Marathoning 101." The class has been offered five times over 10 years, and all but one student finished the marathon. That is approximately 200 students -- all first time marathoners and many with absolutely no running background. This book follows the same 16-week, four-day-a-week workout plan. What makes the success rate of this program so much higher than any other? The special emphasis on the psychological aspects of endurance activities. You don't have to love to run -- you don't even have to like it -- but you have to realize that you are capable of more than you have ever thought possible. One participant in the program explained it like this:"I'm doing this for me -- not for others or the time clock. I just feel better when I run, plus it helps me to cope with things in general. The skills we've learned in this class don't apply just to marathoning -- they apply to life! Just like you never know what the next step in a marathon will bring, so too, you never know what will happen next in life. But if you don't keep going, you're never going to find out. By staying relaxed, centered, and positive you handle just about anything that comes your way."This is marathon running for real people, people with jobs and families and obligations outside of running. The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer has proven successful for men and women of all ages. Now let it work for you. ... Read more

    Reviews (72)

    5-0 out of 5 stars I'm a Marathoner
    This is the first review I've ever written on Amazon. This book made such a difference in my life, I had to comment on it. Six months ago I decided I needed to do something to get in better shape. I was in decent shape, I played raquet ball a few times a week, but I couldn't run more than a mile and really didn't have any interest in doing so. I came across the book title on Amazon and decided to check it out. I read the book while on vacation and decided I was going to run a marathon. I did the pre-training for a week and then began the program. Then the most important part, I started telling friends and family I was going to run a marathon.

    I finished my first marathon yesterday( 10/28/01) in Mystic, Connecticut, in four hours and 51 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I learned that the marathon was the reward and the training was the goal. During my training I read a number of marathon books, they all had helpful advice, but none were as important as this book. It was a guide, a reference and logbook. Its no longer just a book, its a memoir of the journey to my first marathon!

    5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT FIRST TIME MARATHON BOOK!!!!!!!!
    This is my first review for Amazon. The book The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer is a WONDERFUL BOOK!!!! I got the urge to run my first Marathon about 6 months ago and my stepsister recommended this book to me. So I signed up for my marathon (Rock 'n' Roll Arizona 1/11/04) and started the training. This book was AMAZING!!! It gave me a really easy to follow schedule for running as well as valuable nutrition tips, stretching tips, and some wonderful and inspirational stories that helped me not only finish my first marathon but finish it in under 5 hours!!!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever thought about running a marathon, you WILL be able to finish a marathon after reading this book!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars If you buy it, You will run!
    I ran a few miles several times a week before I bought this book but really didn't think my knees or lungs could go much farther than about six miles. I had been talking about running a half-marathon for years. Finally I was talking to a runner who said if I was serious about it I should buy a book and start training. So I upped my goal to a full marathon, bought this book, read it, followed it, and 16 weeks later I finished a marathon. Other than a commitment to do it, it was almost that simple. The book's approach to staying healthy, staying positive, and finishing the marathon was right on the money. As I trained alone, the stories by other runners really helped. Most amazing was the timing of advice. Often I would get off track or start to set unrealistic goals and about that time, the book would get me back focused on my goal - stay healthy, stay positive, finish. The four day per week approach is also a big plus. With my travel schedule I don't think I could have stuck to a more aggressive schedule. If you follow the plan, four days a week is all you need. Amaze your friends. Commit to this and do it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome training tool!
    This book enabled me to complete a marathon without ever hitting "the wall" and provided an in-depth and safe training plan. Anyone who plans on trying a marathon needs to have this valuable resource. If you listen to everything the authors say and believe in yourself, it is guaranteed to work for you!

    5-0 out of 5 stars You can do it!
    Four friends and I all used this book to train for our first marathon. When I first bought the book, I hadn't run a step in more than 5 years. Some of the other women had never been runners. The training plan is sound and easy to follow. The psychological impact of this book is incredible. It absolutely makes you believe in yourself. We all successfully completed the marathon and felt great about the whole process. This isn't the book for you if you have speed goals in mind, but for anyone whose goal is to simply finish a marathon, this book is the best! ... Read more

    14. The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text: History, Philosophy, and Gung Fu of Shaolin Ch'an
    list price: $39.99
    our price: $26.39
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0975500902
    Catlog: Book (2005-01-15)
    Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
    Sales Rank: 93417
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    During a time of upheaval and destruction, Shaolin's abbots and priests scattered to the corners of the Earth. This book is an important part of their martial and Buddhist legacy.

    Beginning in 1901, the most senior priests of the Shaolin Order fled a war-ravaged China. Over a period of several years they gathered in New York City's Chinatown, which the Shaolin congregation called home until 1974, and developed a plan to preserve the Order's heritage. For the last 100 years, the Order of Shaolin Ch'an has worked quietly to preserve the traditions, philosophy, and arts of the Order in the United States of America.

    This text, written by Shaolin monks, explains the core of Shaolin philosophy to a public audience for the first time since the Order was founded in 520. Since 1970, Shaolin and its martial arts have increasingly become a focal point of popular culture. Misinformation and disinformation have anchored this growing notoriety. In contrast, this volume strives to accurately share what is spiritually meaningful and martially significant about Shaolin. ... Read more

    Reviews (5)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Marvelous resource
    On the whole, I thought this book was fantastic - although I certainly have a few quibbles. Since the quibbles are minor, I'll hit them first. I found the section on Daoism kind of sparse, and I would have liked to see more verifiable historic information.

    Other than those things, I found this to be the most comprehensive book on Shaolin (and Chinese martial arts in general) that I have ever read. Much of the book is about martial styles, but substantial space is also given to a discussion of Shaolin Buddhism, Qi Gong, history, and Shaolin traditions. The authors say that they represent a genuine Shaolin Buddhist tradition that has existed outside of China for the last 100 years. This could be true, as it is a very detailed and insightful book. Even if it isn't, the book has a wealth of information. As I alluded to already, most of the history is oral history - which is very common in Chinese martial arts - and that has its pros and cons.

    The presentation of Buddhism is straightforward and helped me understand the Shaolin approach to the Eight Fold Path. I also liked the fact that the book didn't read like some books and magazines that seem to be all about ego inflation. Most of the information is presented in a mature and humble manner, and this was refreshing.

    This book is a hefty yet accessible read, but is not a technique manual. Although there are some exercises detailed, there are no forms or martial techniques illustrated. There is a nice glossary.

    This book is a gem, and now sits next to Bruce Lee's "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" in my personal martial arts library.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Rating Manipulation
    The quality of a product should stand on its own without people manipulating their own user ratings. Almost all the user ratings are posted by someone who only posted one time for this particular product.

    4-0 out of 5 stars An Authoritative Source for Knowledge of Shaolin Chan
    Without repeating the comments in the reviews above, I will further support them by saying that this is perhaps the single best treatment on the history, philosophy, and practice of Shaolin Chan I've seen.I would highly recommend this book for anyone seeking an insider's, "one-stop shopping" treatment of the subject.While I do not want to give any criticism inappropriate weight, I must say that I do agree with their own disclaimer that the read is somewhat disjointed, given that several different author's sections were put together to form the whole volume.As a result, it's almost a literary collage rather than a smooth end-to-end read.Additionally, given the heavy use of American vernacular at times, I am sure that some of it at least had to have been written by Occidentals...nonetheless, I do highly prize this read and I enthusiastically recommend it to any serious student ofShaolin Chan.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Enhanced with charts, photographs, and themed artwork
    The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text: History, Philosophy, And Gung Fu Of Shaolin Ch'an is a richly informative and very strongly recommended survey of Shaolin history, Buddhism, and the martial arts associated with Shaolin practitioners. The authors purport to be two Shaolin monks with a direct and unbroken lineage to the Shaolin Order of dynastic China. Enhanced with charts, photographs, and themed artwork, this 304-page compendium is informed and informative as to Shaolin martial arts practices and the Buddhist philosophy that undergirds them. Especially commended to the attention of dedicated martial artists, The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text will also prove to be of particular interest to students of Buddhism and will correct a great deal of modern misinformation put out from the People's Republic Of China's attempted commercialized resurrection of Shaolin -- as well as the American cinema's distortions of authentic Shaolin practices.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Worth the wait
    This book is the best account of Shaolin and its practices available. It appears to be the only book written with inside knowledge of the real Shaolin order. Wong Kiew Kit's "Art of Shaolin Kung Fu" is one of the better "outside looking in" books dealing with Shaolin, but it is clearly not authoritative. "Bodhisattva Warriors" by Shifu Tomio Nagaboshi, - and even though it denies the existence of Shaolin - gives an excellent look at the esoteric union of Buddhism and martial arts, but it is a mess organizationally and delves a little too deeply into esotericism.
    The Grandmasters' text has the most complete package of history, philosophy and martial practices of the Shaolin order available to anyone. It is destined to raise controversy as it challenges many of the current assumptions about the state of Shaolin in the world today. Definitely a must-read for anyone interested in Shaolin, Buddhism or the martial arts in general.
    ... Read more

    15. Inside the Postal Bus: My Ride with Lance Armstrong and the U.S. Postal Cycling Team
    by Michael Barry
    list price: $21.95
    our price: $21.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1931382611
    Catlog: Book (2005-04-10)
    Publisher: VeloPress
    Sales Rank: 3478
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    During the professional cycling season, the members of the United States Postal Team live, train, and work together for weeks on end while traveling to competitions throughout Europe. With wit and singular insight, Michael Barry, a professional cyclist and member of the United States Postal Team, shares his first-hand knowledge of the sport and of his fellow cyclists, describing intricate pre-race orchestrations; the efforts of the coach, mechanics, team chef, and other staff members; the personalities and idiosyncrasies of his international teammates, including six-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong; and the thrilling races themselves. ... Read more

    Reviews (3)

    4-0 out of 5 stars I'm new to cycling, so this helped
    Michael Barry's peek inside the world of the former US Postal Pro Cycling Team was a fun read for me.I'm new to cycling and don't know much of the inside scoop, so Barry's vignettes entertained and educated me about life on a pro team.

    Maybe an editor could have given the stories more "flow." However, I read the book in one sitting, laughing all the way through.Barry is a cyclist, not an author . . . and the stories show just how much he loves what he does.

    I recommend this book to other cycling newbies and will read more from Barry, should he choose to put pen to paper again.


    3-0 out of 5 stars average at best
    I liked the inside look at a pro team but the writing was simplistic and reminded me of someone writing home from summer camp.Very little here outside of "what I did today."

    5-0 out of 5 stars View From the Inside of the Team
    This interesting title comes from the fact that the US Postal Service sponsored the professional cycling team that included Lance Armstrong and the author Michael Barry. There have been several (make that many) books on Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France last July. However, for an insiders viewpoint, how can you do better than have one of his team mates write the book. From this point of view you can get a story of the personalities of the members of the team as well as an understanding of what it takes to win, even to compete at this level of competition.

    You also get a much better insight in what it takes to staff a team. They travel with their own chef, and of course they have to have bike mechanics. Bikes at this level are not the simple fat tire Schwinn's that never required any maintenance.

    Now that the next racing season is beginning, and Lance Armstrong has already announced that this is his last Tour de France, this book provides an insight that will make the next season more enjoyable. ... Read more

    16. Golf for Dummies
    by GaryMcCord
    list price: $21.99
    our price: $14.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0764551469
    Catlog: Book (1999-04-15)
    Publisher: For Dummies
    Sales Rank: 5976
    Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    Golf is a simple game. You have a bunch of clubs and a ball. You have to hit the ball with a club into a series of holes laid out in the middle of a large, grassy field. As simple as it is, many people believe golf is the hardest game in the world. If you’re like most golfers, you play the sport for fun, relaxation, and a chance to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, or Tiger Woods, you get to do all that – and make a gazillion dollars to boot!

    Golf for Dummies, 2nd Edition, is a valuable tool for men and women of all ages who want to know more about golf or improve their game. Whether you’re new to golf or a long-time duffer, this updated version of the bestselling guide will get you into the swing of things by helping you to:

    • Master grip, stance, and swing
    • Fix common faults
    • Improve your putting
    • Know the score on rules and etiquette
    • Take advantage of high-tech equipment
    • Shape up with golf-specific exercises

    Discover how to take strokes off your game by improving the technique of your swing with step-by-step photos. Then master the all important putt to even better your score. Golf For Dummies, 2nd Edition, also covers the following topics and more:

    • How to choose your golf balls and clubs
    • Getting and staying in golf shape
    • Getting the most from your lessons
    • Where to play and who to play with
    • Developing your own swing
    • Putting, chipping, and pitching
    • Special shots, conditions, and considerations

    Author and CBS television golf analyst Gary McCord is a PGA Senior Tour champion and a golf instructor to many celebrities. ... Read more

    Reviews (28)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Beginners Look No Further
    As a complete novice to the game of golf I needed a guide to get me started. This book gave me the information that I needed to know in order to start playing the game of golf. In this book you not only learn the fundamentals of the golf swing, but you also learn the language, the rules, and the do's and don'ts of the game. That way you don't make a idiot of your self out on the golf course. Gary also gives advice on everything from buying clubs to tipping the caddie. Gary lays down a common sense approach that is easy to follow and fun to read. I picked it up and could not set it down. This book put me on the right track in my golf game, and after a short while of applying the instructions that Gary suggests I have already seen a dramatic improvement in my game. The main reason for this improvement is advise from Gary's book; 1.Know your game, 2.Stick to your strengths, 3.Work on your weaknesses, 4.Don't compare yourself to other golfers. My first golf outting I couldn't hit a fairway to save my life. After reading this book, and practicing a lot as Gary suggests, I saw a dramatic improvement. I have since hit my first two greens off the tee, one of which resulted in my first par. And the only reason I didn't birdie either one of those holes is that I DIDN'T follow Gary's advice; practice putting a lot. If you are new to the game of golf I know you will enjoy and appreciate this book. I gets my highest endorsement.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great book for a beginning golfer!
    This is a great book for a beginner or someone not sure if they want to start playing golf. The book gives a brief overview of golf history, an explanation of golf equipment, and lessons on how to build a golf swing, and some tips on how to play the game. Although Gary McCord peppers this book with some corny jokes, his knowledge and enthusiasm for the game make the book a great overview for a beginner.

    I just recently started playing golf and the book gave me a quick and entertaining overview of the game. Although the lessons to build your swing are well written and informative, I would recommend looking for books devoted to teaching the golf swing, watching videos, or taking lessons from golf pro if you are serious. The instruction in the book is inadequate as a sole source of information for learning how to correctly swing a golf club. Get this book as an introduction, but find something else to learn a great swing.

    2-0 out of 5 stars OK on the basics.
    Had a good section on grip, alignment, etc. Equipment and fitness sections in my oppinion haven't kept up with the changes in the game.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Book
    There are more to these For Dummies books than many people would think. The author's sense of humor, knowledge, and clear descriptions combined with the easy to understand and follow, For Dummies format make for an informative, enjoyable, and useful book. I think this book would also be useful for intermediate golfers. The illustrations would be a good review.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This is a good one.
    I borrowed this book from my cousin who just had it sitting on the shelf gathering dust. I am an intermediate golfer and have read many books. This is one of the best ones I have read. I think the reason I like it is because it reinforces things I have already learned. The statements regarding "balance" and the "pivot point" are superb. ... Read more

    17. The Wing Chun Compendium
    by Wayne Belonoha
    list price: $43.95
    our price: $43.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 1412028191
    Catlog: Book (2004-05-07)
    Publisher: Trafford Publishing
    Sales Rank: 72906
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    18. Tao of Jeet Kune Do
    by Bruce Lee
    list price: $16.95
    our price: $11.86
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0897500482
    Catlog: Book (1993-07-01)
    Publisher: Ohara Publications
    Sales Rank: 2386
    Average Customer Review: 4.68 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    To watch Bruce Lee on film is an amazing experience. Those who have read Tao of Jeet Kune Do, however, know that Lee's prose can also be exhilarating. This praiseworthy and enduring bestseller (mainly written over six months when Lee was bedridden with back problems) compiles philisophical aphorisms, explanations on technique, and sketches by the master himself. ... Read more

    Reviews (118)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best
    I had the opportunity to see Bruce Lee in action at an East Coast karate tournament in 1969. He wasn't competing but was there as a celebrity guest.

    I stood with others at the back of the tournament hall and listened in awe as he talked about having just finished filming Marlow and his plans to leave soon for Hong Kong to begin filming a movie.

    Later, I watched him warm-up a great tournament fighter named Luis Delgado. Lee's speed was absolutely incredible. His backfist was nearly imperceptible and his footwork for closing the gap was a blur.

    What a loss to the martial arts world that he left us so soon. But we still have this book of his notes. It a wonderful bible, if you will, that will make any martial artist look at his own training to see how some of Lee's ideas can fit.

    There will always be the Jackie Chans and Jet Lis who will come along and dazzle us with their screen antics. But Bruce Lee was a seeker of knowledge, a true master of the fighting arts and philosophy. Some of it is in this wonderful book.

    As an author of 13 books on the martial arts, I highly recommend this book for every MA library.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding!
    I had the opportunity to see Bruce Lee in action at an East Coast karate tournament in 1969. He wasn't competing but was there as a celebrity guest.

    I stood with others at the back of the tournament hall and listened in awe as he talked about having just finished filming Marlow and his plans to leave soon for Hong Kong to begin filming a movie.

    Later, I watched him warm-up a great tournament fighter named Luis Delgado. Lee's speed was absolutely incredible. His backfist was nearly imperceptible and his footwork for closing the gap was a blur.

    What a loss to the martial arts world that he left us so soon. But we still have this book of his notes. It a wonderful bible, if you will, that will make any martial artist look at his own training to see how some of Lee's ideas can fit.

    There will always be the Jackie Chans and Jet Lis who will come along and dazzle us with their screen antics. But Bruce Lee was a seeker of knowledge, a true master of the fighting arts and philosophy. Some of it is in this wonderful book.

    As an author of 13 books on the martial arts, I highly recommend this book for every MA library.

    5-0 out of 5 stars It is better than any other martial arts teaching
    I have seen a little of 9 different types of martial arts and am a black belt in tae kwon do, and I know that bruce lee is deffinetly on to something. This is pure genious.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Interesting but Jumbled Insights To Bruce Lee
    This book was never actually written by Bruce for book form. This is a compilation of his notes and drawings. While this creates somewhat of a jumbled reading experience, Tao of Jeet Kune Do is still an interesting insight to how progressive Bruce Lee was for his time. What he created, which was carried on by Joe Lewis in the ring, was a practical, functional method of fighting that inspires martial artists to this day.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Be Like Water?
    Bruce Lee, got his foundation in Wing Chun Kung Fu. When you read this book, don't misunderstand Bruce Lee's philosophy: he is offering you concepts. The concept of throwing out everything in an art that you can't use and adding what you think is useful often leaves a watered down version each succeeding generation of new students depending upon what their teachers think useless. Some- how I don't think that was Bruce Lee's intention or meaning! The individual can however, develop his or her own repitoire by training in more than just one style, which was considered disloyal, when Bruce Lee was alive. Bruce Lee, wasn't about style he was about concepts, but don't forget he already got his foundation from Wing Chun, so pick an art to stay with and develop your foundation as you grow in the martial arts. Buy this and read it several times.
    Train hard and have fun!
    Guro Dennis Servaes ... Read more

    19. The Golfer's Mind : Play to Play Great
    by Bob Rotella
    list price: $23.00
    our price: $13.80
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0743269756
    Catlog: Book (2004-11-16)
    Publisher: Free Press
    Sales Rank: 1942
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    For the last decade, golfers of all abilities have been drawn to the writings and teachings of Bob "Doc" Rotella. His books Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, Golf Is a Game of Confidence, The Golf of Your Dreams, and Putting Out of Your Mind have all become classics for golfers everywhere. Weekend golfers and pros like Brad Faxon, Darren Clarke, Padraig Harrington, Tom Kite, and Davis Love III all read and listen to the man they call Doc because his teachings are simple and direct -- and in the end, what Doc says makes them play better golf.

    The Golfer's Mind was actually first suggested by Davis Love, Jr. -- Davis Love III's dad -- who encouraged Doc to write an instruction book on golf's mental challenges, organized by topic. Love thought that golfers could keep the book with them, or at least nearby, at all times. When they needed a refresher on a certain issue, they could consult the book, read for a few minutes, and take away solid guidance regarding their difficulties. Doc heard what Love said, and twenty years later, The Golfer's Mind is that book. From his Ten Commandments (Commandment I. Play to play great. Don't play not to play poorly) to just about any topic a golfer might imagine, this is the ideal way for players to get all of Rotella's teachings. Doc covers topics including:

    • Butterflies
    • Practicing to Play Great
    • The Rhythm of the Game
    • Routine
    • Setbacks
    • How Winning Happens

    In the perfect format for the busy golfer, The Golfer's Mind is the concise and convenient quick-reference tool to appeal to Rotella's millions of followers and is sure to become a golf classic. ... Read more

    20. The Sixteenth Round: From Number 1 Contender To #45472
    by Rubin Carter
    list price: $15.00
    our price: $14.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0140149295
    Catlog: Book (1999-12-01)
    Publisher: Penguin Books
    Sales Rank: 15651
    Average Customer Review: 4.53 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Book Description

    On May 26, 1967, the spiraling career of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, then the top contender for the world middleweight boxing crown, came to a shuddering and tragic halt: he and a young fan were found guilty of murder of three white people in a New Jersey bar.The nightmare knew no bounds as Carter traded his superstar status for a prison number and the concrete walls of some of America's most horrific institutions.Originally published as an attempt by Carter to set the record straight and force a new trial, The Sixteenth Round is timeless.It is an eye-opening portrait of growing up black in America, a scathing indictment of the prison system Carter grew up in and out of, and a mesmerizing re-creation of his furious battles in the ring and in the courtroom set against the backdrop of the turbulent sixties.The liveliness of Carter's street language, its power and ironic humor, makes this an eloquent, soul-stirring account of a remarkable life not soon to be forgotten. ... Read more

    Reviews (43)

    5-0 out of 5 stars What a book
    I'm not an avid reader of books. I think that in my life I've read about 6 books from start to finish. This book is one of them. His life is an amazing/tragic yet inspiring one. The feeling I got after reading this book is that it teaches alot about the human sprit and what it can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

    His writing style pulls no stops, He's direct and to the point.

    The writing style he adopts gives you a real look at the Rubin Carter, in a way the Movie or other books about him can't.

    Want to Know the real Rubin Carter! - Read this book

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hurricane:A political injustice
    I heard of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter from the inspirational film "the hurricane" starring Denzel Washington. After seeing the film I became enthralled in the story of a man framed for murders he did not commit and locked away in a cell for 20 years. I decided to get the autobiography of the hurricane entitled the 16th round. The book starts by exposing the life of a child sentenced to a state home for boys from the brutality of the kids and gaurds to the racism and segregation of the prison system in America. Rubin was in prison for most of his early life filling him with hate and rage from the gaurds and other inmates. So he started boxing. His pure power and skill made him an unstoppable talent. That is until he shared his thoughts on the racist Police forces that patrolled the american ghettoes. From then on the police set out to destroy his life. Rubin was pulled over after the murder of 3 white customers of a patterson bar.After 3 witnesses claimed he wasn't the murderer he was released. Five months later He was about to take on Dick Tiger for the middle weight title.But it was not to be and he was arrested and sentenced to three times life after the admitted liars Bello and Bradley said that he was the murderer. And so Rubin entered the familiar walls of Trenton state prison once again for a crime he did not commit. This story of injustice is exellently written. It is an inspirational book that will fill you with love and compassion for the amazing fighter of battles in the ring and battles of political injustice,Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. By Owen Clark.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant and Touching
    Obviously no one can write his story better than Rubin himself. This story is both and inspiring story of a man who has never stopped fighting and a terrifying reality check into the American judicial system. This book is filled with an anger that is only kept in check by the author's own love and compassion.

    The reader whould of course keep in mind this is an autobiography and therefore is skewed to the writer's point of view and emotional state.

    2-0 out of 5 stars The rounds go on and on...
    I purchased this book, after viewing the much celebrated movie, "The Hurricane." The book is mediocre. I found it difficult to believe much of the writer's exaggerated boasting regarding his many talents. I had erroneously gathered from the movie, that this was a self-effacing, self-made man, not so. The reader is ever searching for the "real meat" of the story, however, the bulk of the story is about the author as a "ghetto-bad boy." The last few chapters of the book are short and quickly race you through the actual murder and trial. Overall it is not well written and disappointing.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A touching story inspires child.
    This story reached out and touched the lives of many people. It also made people realize not to be racist. I know that I used to be racist and this turned my life around. The fact that rubin was in jail for a crime he didnt commit just because he wasnt white isnt at all fair. His story inspired me not to be racist and to get others not to hate the non-white. It has touched many lives and i like that. I am one of Rubin's biggest fans. ... Read more

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